May 19, 2015

You have to say one thing about our new Head Coach; he knows how to work a room.

PITT hosted a Pat Narduzzi Alumni Meet and Greet evening in Washington DC last night and approximately 220 PITT Alumni and fans showed up for the festivities.


(Note: here is a late addition of all the photos taken by the PITT media department of the event – pretty interesting and try to play “Where’s Reed”  Hint: I’m taller than everyone else.  Look at photos #26, 46, 55 and 56.

It was a nice evening and was intended as an avenue for PITT to re-awaken the alumni – athletic department connections. There is really no telling how well that went over, I’m sure PITT will contact the attendees later to further the money side of the equation. It was very well produced, people were happy to be there, and Narduzzi used his oversized image and personality to get a good and excited feeling going with everyone to take home when they left at 8:00.

The plan was set up like this.  Schedule the evening in late May when DC is starting to really heat up so that in addition to the high temperatures you also get the springtime mugginess that permeates DC.  Then, arrange to have most of the event outdoors; the check-in line (with a five minute wait),  two  tables with PITT advertisements and information publications, a table of PITT shirts and hats for sale and two other tables with the ‘light appetizers’ which were actually substantial and well presented.

The only thing missing was the Red Cross station where one could get intravenously re-hydrated due to sweating every drop of water out of your body. A lot of the attendees parked outside of DC and took the Metro in and that four block walk on hot concrete was a killer.  It was nice later in the evening though and no matter how talented Narduzzi is he really can’t control the weather.

But honestly, the place was well arranged and attractive and because PITT rented out a smaller conference room at the most famous and expensive hotel in DC, The Willard, space was at a premium so they adapted well to the size allotted.

So much for the event planning.  What the evening actually was meant for, and did, unfolded like this: they had a reasonable priced cash bar on one side of the room and the alumni/attendees mingled among themselves with Pat Bostick, former PITT QB, now PITT Radio co-host and Director of Athletic Development, glad handing the room as the event MC.


Chris LaSala (Assistant Athletic Director for Football Operations) was also there working the crowd and was available for questions I believe, at least I saw him in a lot of conversations. Ronald Idoko, former PITT DT and now the Director for Alumni Clubs and Councils, was also there and drumming up business.  Here is a nice website about PITT’s alumni relations.

From 6:15 or so onto 7:15 Coach Narduzzi was having his photo taken with anyone who wanted one. That was very popular and there was a long line of people waiting to do it.  After that PITT’s Director of Alumni Relations welcomed everyone with a short piece about the importance of the alumni to the university, then Pat Bostick took the stage for introducing Pat Narduzzi.

Narduzzi welcomed the attendees and said that as the HC he needed strong support from everyone, especially the alumni, if he was going to be successful here. That went over well and he expounded on that for a while.

Note: After a big build up Narduzzi was introduced and when he was walking toward the stage there was complete silence – I was actually the only person who applauded- for him, which is kind of ironic don’t you think given my attitude of ‘wait and see’ with Narduzzi.  I started laughing and got some weird glances from people around me.

So, what was said and done as it pertains to the actual football program and the team in particular?

Coach Narduzzi started out welcoming people with the standard schmoozing and joking to make himself and everyone relax a bit.  Here are some of the following highlights:

He started off talked about what he inherited from former HC Paul Chryst and he is genuinely appreciative of the state of the program and of the “high caliber of players Paul left me”.  He mentioned that when he first met with the players he was struck by how quiet, respectful and forthcoming they were towards him… and about now that everyone knows each other how loud and boisterous the players are.

Talking about the need for better attendance at the games he related a bit about a nameless player who got him aside and said “You know coach I play better in front of large crowds” then Narduzzi rolled his eyes which cracked everyone up.

He went on about how the players weren’t the type to feel that PITT owed them anything, and he himself felt it was more like what Narduzzi owed them in return for coming to PITT.  It is obvious from his talk he is really thankful and impressed with the roster as is in terms of overall quality and character.

He segued into the remodeling of the Southside facilities and how they are gearing it to specifically impress the prospective recruits who are visiting (below is the Post-Gazette’s artist rendering of the design).


Along with that he demonstrated how the meeting rooms were now (like the venue that evening) and how he is getting stadium seating so the back row can see as well. He also discussed getting Telestrators in the positions coaching rooms making the teaching and visual learning easier to do.

An interesting point he made leading up to that facilities issue was that the Steelers, because they draft and pay their players, don’t really care what their side of the facilities look like as they don’t have to impress anyone into joining their organization as PITT does.  That is a good point and when you see the two in comparison PITT blows them away – but again, for us it is a necessary tool to advertise our past players and glories.

Narduzzi talked a bit about Heinz Field (more on that later) and made a short and oblique reference to the on-campus stadium (non-) issue.  In essence he said Heinz Field is it and will be it for a long time, which echoes what I’ve now heard the Chancellor, the new AD and anyone else at PITT I’ve discussed this with about the chance of a Oakland stadium happening… which is close to nil.

He started in on the actual football stuff and said ‘I’ve had three losses in the last two years and want that to happen here’ which cause 53% of the attendees to faint. He went on about how PITT has all the necessary things in place for a successful football program, meaning in terms of winning games.

He talked about the support he has gotten from Chancellor Gallagher and related a story about how he sat down with our new ADS, Scott Barnes, and after five minutes he said to himself, ‘this guy has got it and wants to win as badly as I do.’ That went over well with the crowd.

After about 15 minutes of expressing all the things he was feeling as the new HC, all positive of course, he and Bostick opened up the evening for questions.

Naturally the first question was…. wait for it… ‘When are we getting new uniforms and going back to the Script logo?  That got applause and he took the question head on by saying, ‘It’s Nike’s fault!”.  That’s not really true; what he said was it was Nike’s call for ‘at least a year’.

That is exactly what we heard from other sources and it is obvious that the contract we have with Nike is firm in their designs until the contract runs out or is modified.  I’ve a feeling that it’s also when all the PITT gear with the old logos and text on them are sold.  In essence he and the administration have already picked out and designed the new uniforms but they won’t come to fruition for a year.  He likes them “Pretty cool!” and thinks fans will be happy with them also.  This coming year’s uniforms were chosen by Chryst last year.

According to a commenter’s wishes I called out to Pat Bostick that I had a question and asked “Coach, you have talked a lot about the new look of the Southside facilities but is it possible to get the field at Heinz to be more PITT-centric an games days… some logos on the field and such.”

To which he answered that there were some small things they could do… really hemming and hawing because it isn’t his decision to make and then he finished his answer with a joke about “Maybe we could take this down there” referring to the back drop screen on the stage with the PITT logos on it….


To which I answered back “Hey, that was how PITT would do it in the past…”.

We then had an interesting back and forth where Narduzzi said “That’s a good question.  You look like a reporter… taking notes about what I’m saying” which made everyone there turn and look over at me (glad I wore my best earring) and I replied “Well… I kind of am coach.”  I think either Pat or Chris let him know that I wrote for a PITT blog beforehand which is fine with me.

I did notice that there were no other media types around which struck me as peculiar as this was the first one of these highly advertised meetings and would make a good article for the sports pages.

Next question was about the lack of talent and depth on the defensive line and you could see he was more comfortable with this subject. He acknowledged that there were some shortcoming at some position, which was really refreshing to hear a PITT HC tell the truth about a team’s real and actual talent – other than Todd Graham throwing our QB under the bus that is.

That led to his discussing the transfers he has coming in and how we should see some help at the DT position with Ex-MSU Mark Scarpinato of the ‘Do I want to play or don’t I want to play… I guess do!’ fame.  BTW – does everyone know that Rivals’s Panther Lair is the official internet outlet for PITT football?  That is why Chris Peak gets all the good stuff before everyone else.  With that contract Peak’s podcasts are also run in association with PITT and are great places to get the football information.

I think the audience wanted more details on the new additions to the roster but Narduzzi’s hand are tied as far as the 2016 recruits go although he did introduce the two PITT “Maryland Area Recruiting Coordinators” who I didn’t recognize and who didn’t say anything.  He spoke about the push they have and are making in recruiting.  It is obvious that the recruiting budget shot up given the amount of time and area covered by his staff.

However, the main point he made about PITT’s recruiting is that he wants every PITT fan to be a ‘recruiter’ within NCAA boundaries.  That means that he wants any info we may have on a player and would like us to get in touch with his staff, also any players who may want to go to a PITT camp, etc… Running Backs and Special Teams coach Andre Powell join him on stage to talk about recruiting also.

When asked about getting our ‘rivals’ WVU and PSU back on the schedules on a regular basis he  mentioned that he wasn’t involved in scheduling but he felt that every ‘in-state’ rivals should play every season “for 400 years”.  He asked the crowd who they would rather see and the response was overwhelmingly Penn State.

He started free talking about his approach to the game of football.  In a nut shell it was “There is something called time of possession which means we have the ball and the other team can’t score.”  Gee, who knew that?  That led to him talking about using James Conner and running downhill most of the time.

The show ended pretty abruptly with a last question and I didn’t get a chance to ask specifically about Nate Peterman’s transfer and an ‘actual QB competition’ which I really wanted to do but he would have given a stock answer I think.

Overall Impressions:

Pat Narduzzi is a highly energetic, too much so sometimes when he’s speaking – he goes a mile a minute and it is hard to grasp his speech sometimes. He’s a highly confident guy and it comes across in public.  He is the antithesis of Todd Graham in that you believe what Narduzzi is saying because he relates on a human contact level.  While there is still coach speak he knows he’s doing it and tries to flesh out his conversations with actual information.  He is an easy guy to like and I do.

The evening was both well done and fun to attend. PITT can be proud that the arrangements they made were in a great venue while also setting the bar high for alumni relations to be discussed.  The Willard is one of the most famous hotels in the US and was a top shelf place for the show.

That wasn’t a coincidence either, they are asking for big money from the alumni and what better place to make someone feel like they ‘want to be part of this’. Using the New York Athletic Club for the next meeting is high class move also.  The Victory Beer Hall in Philadelphia is a bit more casual but looks to be a great venue for this type of meeting and the Ft. Lauderdale Hyatt looks nice also.  Then to top it off PITT will be in the College Hall of Fame in Atlanta which would be an especially cool place to hang out.

In my casual conversations with the attendees I found three main themes; they like Narduzzi’s hire and believe he can get the job done at PITT; they understand that it won’t happen overnight but are confident he’ll be a winner here and finally – they think we’ll win between 7-8 games this season.  All those are reasonable and understandable given what we did and heard last night.

There were a few ‘wait and see’ some skeptical guys but they also liked the hire. It was just that they, as alumni and fans, have been burnt by the Same Old PITT syndrome too many times to go all-inn on Narduzzi.  Again, understandable also as I hold that same view.

PITT should do things like this more often. To me it was ten times more enjoyable then the canned presentations and short time of the LOI Day festivities. Even though there were over 1,000 fans at the LOI Day event it truly paled in comparison.  Granted, this series of three out of town Meet and Greets with Narduzzi is very expensive but if I wasn’t so much of a cheapskate I’d have opened my wallet and thrown all my money at then last night.

I highly recommend attending these if at all possible; attractive venues, free food, great people and conversations and PITT football… what more could you ask for?

Here are the other dates and places.


Wednesday, May 20 –  (7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)
Xfinity Live – Victory Beer Hall
1100 Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Tuesday, May 26 – (6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.)
New York Athletic Club – President’s Room
180 Central Park South, New York City 10019
(located on the right just after 7th Avenue)

Tuesday, June 9 – (7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)
Hyatt Regency Pier 66 – Penthouse/Pier Top

2301 SE 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Wednesday, June 10  – (7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)
College Football Hall of Fame – The Quad/Hall of Fame
250 Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Oh – and specialy thanks to Toni Lee (Something Italian) for making the evening so enjoyable…


… and the reason that he doesn’t shave every night is?

Comment by wbb 05.19.15 @ 10:07 am

Reed…a prolific piece of writing. Thank you!

If I took notes as a student at Pitt as well as you do, graduation
wouldn’t have been such a struggle!

Comment by Dan 72 05.19.15 @ 10:44 am

I echo Dan 72’s comments (despite the fact you didn’t ask him about shaving as promised)

As far as this season’s expectations … 7 or 8 wins would be satisfying (to me) considering the schedule.

I believe the 4th straight 6 and 6 record last season is the reason for the discontent of HCPC we’ve been reading here lately, especially since last year’s schedule was so doable. We lost 4 games (including the bowl) in final minutes .. and then there was Akron.

Comment by wbb 05.19.15 @ 10:58 am

Thanks Reed, I feel like I was there!!!

Comment by pittman4ever 05.19.15 @ 10:59 am

“This coming year’s uniforms were chosen by Chryst last year”

so, they will be plain gray and baggy?

Comment by wbb 05.19.15 @ 11:33 am

The good news is at least there will be some mustard color drops on the gray sweat shirt. :>)

Comment by pittman4ever 05.19.15 @ 11:40 am

Well Alex Officer may or may not start at center (he and Artie are both listed) but he is included on the Rimington Award watch list.

Comment by wbb 05.19.15 @ 11:51 am

ESPN has Pitt ranked 8th in the ACC.

Comment by markp 05.19.15 @ 12:19 pm

well, for all of you complaining about The Fan and the PG, Franklin is joining Ken Laird and Guy Junker (WTAE) for a Triblive podcast … anyone interested can connect via the Trib online.

Comment by wbb 05.19.15 @ 12:21 pm

Reed, well written. Thanks for the info.

Looks like we will see those white uniforms a lot this year 🙂

Comment by notrocketscience 05.19.15 @ 12:54 pm

Great stuff Reed. Thanks. Sounds like no cheerleaders were there—so you could focus on football stuff.


Comment by pmdH2P 05.19.15 @ 12:56 pm

@Reed, exceptional coverage. Thank you.

Comment by Dan 05.19.15 @ 12:56 pm

Ty Reed. I am still trying to figure out how to justify adding pigskin to my hoops season ticket habit. Your cautiously optimistic/natural cynicism has helped me re gain interest in the gridiron. Cant help to come back to the script issue. For years I thought the urban legend was that the script licensing rights were held by the University at large & the block logo was held by the Athletic Dept. I never bought that entirely. That said now I am even more curious.

New street talk is that the reason the helmets got done is because the swoosh has nothing to do with helmets…Nike is capitalistic. Our script is the orthodox definition of a “throwback” which accounts for major cash in the “apparel” category. I can’t see how any “brand manager” at Nike wouldn’t realize there are MM’s to be made by bringing tons of new script to the marketplace. Perhaps there is more to this. Additional hurdles, etc. Sorry the current “inventory” of block logo merchandise is a non issue. And I’m not suggesting the block logo goes away (just toss the dinocat)the margins in that business are scary (as we all know). could something else really be at play?

I also don’t buy that our new uni’s were already designed – they could whack up some new designs & push them out – isn’t it done all the time? We all want the damn script back in some form or fashion. we can wait till next year just keep it on the helmets (at least for a few games) Match up the 50 at Heinz with “that beautiful pitt script” (HCPN) real big and continue integrating it into the “apparel” offerings (throughout the AD). IMO

Comment by ptbreezeb 05.19.15 @ 12:56 pm

My lord….Oregon has a different uni for every day of the week.

Ditto Baylor….and just down the dirt road a bit…so do the hillbillies. No reason Pitt cannot have 4-5 sets of units for football. So are we going to be a first class football program or not?

Comment by Dan 72 05.19.15 @ 1:12 pm

Actually, most of the first class units in
the college football top 25 or top 30 have classic uniforms right down the line.

Maybe one alternate for the year.

Don’t be a gimmick!!!!

Comment by Dan 05.19.15 @ 1:19 pm

And dear God, don’t do an “all-black”. That has
been done ad nauseum, that train has left the

Besides, after the first couple, you realized that the “all-blacks” all looked the exact same except for some that had some piping colors on them.

Comment by Dan 05.19.15 @ 1:23 pm

ptbreezeb, may I suggest the 3-game package? We did it last year, and am trying it this year also. Depending on where you choose to sit, it can cost less than $100 per person.

Comment by wbb 05.19.15 @ 1:43 pm

thanks wbb. If Im going to do it I want to make sure I have a seat for the PSU game!

Comment by ptbreezeb 05.19.15 @ 1:45 pm

HAAL TO PITT. This email from the Athletic Dept is one of my favorite things of the week.

Comment by tacocat 05.19.15 @ 1:54 pm

Off topic but I know how much Reed loves BB posts on his blog threads.

Caleb Swanigan 5-star PF has just picked Purdue. Thus, he and the 7′ high scorer from last year will make a pretty imposing front court …. that is until 12/1 when they run up against Rozelle Nix and Rafael Maia.

Comment by wbb 05.19.15 @ 2:03 pm

Good recap – I wish I could have attended but my son was supposed to have flag football practice that ended up being cancelled late afternoon. Would have like to go. I’ve had several holiday parties at the Willard. Always good times and a class act.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 05.19.15 @ 2:03 pm

Pt Breeze – if I’m remembering correctly someone on here said a while ago that the athletic department didn’t actually own the Script trademark. If that is true then maybe there is ongoing negotiations regarding that. I’ll have to ask around.

Dan72 – I’m of the mind we get what we want and stick with it forever. In the past when we didn’t have the bigger ACC money coming in (compared to the Big East) we probably needed to maximize apparel sales by switching things around every so often.

For the fans who don’t understand why PITT has to align themselves with an apparel company like Nike (or Adidas, Under Armour, etc.) it is simply a matter of economics. Here is an article that explains the relationships pretty well. For instance Nike follows along these lines, albeit probably less for a school like PITT:

“Football players at the University of Nebraska aren’t the only ones who benefit from the school’s multimillion-dollar Adidas contract.
The five-year deal includes $40,000 per year in Adidas gear for student sections and another $50,000 for ushers at sports venues. It even includes $10,000 for an annual campus event that promotes “student life.”

Of course, the athletic department gets the bulk of the benefit: $1 million in cash and $3 million in footwear and apparel annually.”

When you think of it the ability to have a outside company pay for ALL the uniforms and shoe wear for EVERY athletic team PITT has, from Football to volleyball, is a great break – thus we bend over backwards to fulfil the contract we have with Nike. Before anyone thinks PITT would generate that equivalent amount in “Script sale” that would never be even close.

On this same issue here is a great piece about re-designing new PITT uniforms on Cardiac Hill.

Comment by Reed 05.19.15 @ 2:04 pm


I have seen Chryst speaking at a Panther function and I will go to a Narduzzi event, it really sounds like they are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Comment by WLAT radio and the Big Beat! 05.19.15 @ 2:11 pm

Apparently someone over at Cardiac Hill addressed this some time ago:

“Athletic dept does not own the rights to Pitt script, it belongs to the University’s General fund. All reproduction of the script results in payments to the General Fund at Pitt . Pederson does not want to share revenue with the University so they hold the rights to the block Pitt currently in use. All revenues raised from the reproduction of block Pitt goes to the Athletic Dept. Steve prefers 100% of the pie not paying the University for the script.”

Maybe the change in AD is going to be the tipping point for return of the ‘full Script’ as it could be that Barnes doesn’t hold the same singular view.

Comment by Reed 05.19.15 @ 2:26 pm

Reed, thanks for the report form last night. Always great to read your posts, really appreciate your efforts! H2P!

Comment by Panther Fan in Hoopieland 05.19.15 @ 2:31 pm

Guys – I just added some pictures, check them out.

Comment by Reed 05.19.15 @ 2:56 pm

WLAT Radio – I was think about that point on the drive home last night and I see what you mean as far as outward appearances go. But as I addressed the Narduzzi – Graham differences in the article above I also feel like Narduzzi ands Chryst are pretty much cut from the same mold in that you can tell the honesty and integrity is there as is the desire to succeed for PITT. Not the desire to succeed AT pitt only to better your personal position as we all feel Graham did. Chryst just delivered his thoughts in a different package.

Others will disagree, especially those who feel Chryst somehow screwed over PITT by leaving, but I don’t think that way. I appreciated what Chryst said and what he meant, as I do Narduzzi. No fish oil smell on either of them.

Comment by Reed 05.19.15 @ 3:02 pm

It was great seeing Narduzzi and during the time when you could get pics with him, he was really talking to people and not just making small talk. He came off as very genuine and aware of the strengths/weaknesses of the program. Also impressed by Pat Bostick who seems very down to earth and willing to just stand around and talk to fans. Overall, the event was handled very well! (not SOP)

Comment by CalvinHobbes 05.19.15 @ 3:06 pm

It sucks that I couldn’t attend.

BTW, they changed the shirt so that the CofL is the “A” instead of the “I”. It looks much better now.

Comment by Yeti 05.19.15 @ 3:10 pm

Chryst didn’t screw Pitt at all. He just wasn’t a good Head Coach. He recruited high character kids after a debacle of a couple of years and hopefully PN can maximize the talent he inherited. Chryst led teams wouldn’t have peaked much higher than what we had already seen. Three straight 6-6 season speaks volumes. Average coaching = average results. I think this team wins 9 games this year in the regular season with a chance at 10 in the bowl.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 05.19.15 @ 3:12 pm

Paulie made the current uni choices.

Explains then, why they are so kinda drab.

Especially the faded gold pants. Helmet gold is also kinda faded.

And expand upon Toni Lee….Reed. How enjoyable ?

At the least you would think the could ditch the pants for a brighter variety, closer to the empty seats color at Heinz.

Hard to believe Narduzzi can’t have some input on the uniforms as Head Coach. Crazy !

Comment by Emel 05.19.15 @ 3:18 pm

Stark reality bro’s.

Pitt could be much better this year and have it not reflect in the win column. As in 6-6.

Only 2 of the first 7 games are at home. That is a tough gig for a very good team, let alone us.

Comment by Emel 05.19.15 @ 3:23 pm

@Yeti Thanks for the update about the shirts!

Comment by Benzene 05.19.15 @ 3:27 pm

Emel – that is a good point, it is a tough schedule for a 1st time HC. Toni Lee is a 30 something girl (PITT ’05) who was visiting her cousin in DC and decided to go down to the event. She and I talked and made jokes the whole time and yes – she is very pretty but I kept my hands off like a good boy should. But there was a lot of ‘women of a certain age’ eye candy there.

Comment by Reed 05.19.15 @ 3:32 pm

Question for the commenters all – do you like articles with photos in them when they actually mean something, like above or would you prefer the ‘whole text’ articles?

Comment by Reed 05.19.15 @ 3:33 pm

lol Reed.

The rooms at The Willard are very pricey as well.

Comment by Emel 05.19.15 @ 3:36 pm

The pics are great….you have to click on them…so they enlarge.

The 2nd one must have been when you were asking Nard Dog a question and he asked you if you were a reporter and they all turned around.

Comment by Emel 05.19.15 @ 3:39 pm

Who would wear a backpack into the Occidental/Willard ? ha

Comment by Emel 05.19.15 @ 3:41 pm

The pics also break up the text…so it makes it an easier read.

Good job Reed !

Comment by Emel 05.19.15 @ 3:45 pm

Emel – we could have easily ended up in one but I pledged all my money to the PITT Athletic Fund so I couldn’t afford it.

Comment by Reed 05.19.15 @ 4:02 pm

Maclean Pantherguy – I took that story of the staff asking players to ‘leave’ until they got their minds straight as the coaches asking certain players to leave the training facilities only – not to leave the program itself as that would be very dramatic and newsworthy.

Plus I don’t think there are the bad apples on the roster any longer – not after the 2012-13 purge by Chryst.

Comment by Reed 05.19.15 @ 4:05 pm

Damn, Reed, I planned to go to the NYAC function but maybe I’ll watch it on Netflix instead. Great info.

Kidding, I have a special present for Coach.

Dan(s), Can we work a trade for St. Louis?

Comment by steve1 05.19.15 @ 4:27 pm

DCDog76 – I just sent you an email and thanks for doing this.

Steve1 – go to the event at the NYAC and hang around criticizing everything Narduzzi does in a loud voice and see how many people get pissed off at you. Great fun!

Seriously – it’s free and it’s well worthwhile… and I’m the guy who bitched greatly about the last Narduzzi ‘show’ at the LOI Day event. Completely different and much more focused.

Comment by Reed 05.19.15 @ 4:53 pm

Alright … lets look at the schedule. I made my prediction without looking 🙂 Sticking to it though … 9-3 going into a bowl.

W: Youngstown State
W: @Akron
W: @Iowa
L: @Tech
L: @GT
W: @Cuse
W: @Duke
L: Ville
W: Miami

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 05.19.15 @ 5:52 pm

Guys – I posted a late link to all the PITT Media photos of the event… they can be found here also:

link to

Comment by Reed 05.19.15 @ 6:47 pm

Rich Walsh KDKA @RichieWalsh · 3h 3 hours ago
I have some info on Pitt’s new football uniforms. I know what they will look like. I’ll share it with you at 6 on KDKA-TV.

Was anyone watching and taping ???

Comment by Emel 05.19.15 @ 7:09 pm

Or was this the infamous….tune in at 11….media ploy (sham)…with no relevant info at all.

Comment by Emel 05.19.15 @ 7:32 pm

The Pitt brass must read the Blather. I got an email from the ath dept that they changed the Cathedral to the A on the Hail shirt that was option #2 in the new shirt vote. It looks better that way, but I’m still sticking with option #1.

Comment by Nick 05.19.15 @ 8:38 pm

Lancaster event, very sincere one on one , genuinely nice , will sell recruits,his speech although great message, presentation needs work at least 37 ums ,sat with former players,they want wins not rah rahs,I think we made possibley a very good coach and poor speaker a millionaire

Comment by paul shannon 05.19.15 @ 9:39 pm

Look Reed, you do well to report to us fans. Points of interests, sure.. But I’ll he damned if you need to keep an earring in your ear. Why. Seriously, just take it out of your ear. –Neil


We then had an interesting back and forth where Narduzzi said “That’s a good question. You look like a reporter… taking notes about what I’m saying” which made everyone there turn and look over at me (glad I wore my best earring)

Comment by Neil 05.19.15 @ 10:02 pm

With respect to the general fund owning the Pitt Script and why Pederson was an idiot. As long as PITT is the name, Pitt owns the rights and could have told Pederson that he couldn’t use Block Pitt, or any Pitt without money going into the general fund coffers.

Also, if you know much about university accounting, they are always changing buckets around and “sweeping” funds from one bucket into another. So you think the law professors played hide the ball? Accounting is all smoke and mirrors on campuses.

Nice event. Glad to see the Blather was represented! Now let’s get ourselves a signal!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 05.19.15 @ 10:59 pm

So, even with the Athletic dept getting the residuals for block Pitt and the attendance increasing, the FB staff was still the lowest paid in the BE?

Comment by wbb 05.20.15 @ 5:58 am

The sad thing is I believe Pitt FB would still be lowest paid in BE … this is from today’s Trib:

Dixon, who signed a 10-year contract extension two years ago through 2023, received $1,384,755 in base pay, plus bonus and incentive compensation totaling $1,672,500 for the fiscal year from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.
In addition, Dixon, who has been Pitt’s head coach since 2003, was paid $31,183 in other reportable compensation, $130,600 in retirement and deferred compensation and $15,399 in non-taxable benefits.
Three of the five highest-paid employees at the university in that time period worked in the athletic department, including former football coach Paul Chryst and former athletic director Steve Pederson. Both men left the school in December.
Chryst was No. 2, with a total compensation of $1,684,720, including bonuses, retirement and benefits. His base salary was reported at $1,042,079.
Pederson was the fourth highest-compensated employee at $892,950, with a base pay of $588,620.

Comment by wbb 05.20.15 @ 6:07 am

Next year at this time, Pederson will be reported as the 2nd highest compensated Pitt employee for this past year, 7/14-7/15

Comment by wbb 05.20.15 @ 6:09 am

Guys – I just posted this on Chas’ article today…

“NEWS BREAK!!!!! Straight from the horse’s mouth at PITT – The athletic department gets the royalties from the sales of PITT gear. My source at PITT said this as a preamble: “That is an internet myth that has somehow, beyond logic and comprehension, been perpetuated….”

So case closed on that subject

Comment by Reed 05.20.15 @ 8:17 am

Willard – >>> Best hotel in DC. Love staying there.


Comment by Pitt Dad 05.20.15 @ 8:30 am

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