May 9, 2014

The actual amount of time I spend watching the second and third round tonight likely correlates strongly to where and when Tom Savage gets drafted. If he goes early, it is very likely I will be done watching the draft for the night within 20 to 30 minutes. The later it goes, the longer I will probably keep watching simply because I will be tired and comfortable on the couch.

We will find out how much of that smoke about Savage rocketing up to near the top of the 2d round really holds. Oakland picks at #36 and could use a QB for the near future.

Cinci might go for a QB with their pick at #55 because of questions with Andy Dalton — both in terms of contract extension and the question of whether he really is their best long-term option. It’s not worth much, but Mel Kiper is predicting Savage to Cinci.

Then there are the Patriots down at #62. They have been a popular rumor for Savage, and a couple more mocks have him going to them.


Pats take a kid out of Eastren Illinois with tiny jazz hands before Savage hmmmmmmm!

Comment by Steve h 05.09.14 @ 8:54 pm

Shows what the real experts thought of him and his 3 teams in 4 years. Not some 87 year old GM.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.09.14 @ 9:03 pm

Upitt saw you got bashed hard for not liking Savage, I just don’t understand why Its ok to hate Tino and if you think Savage isn’t any good your a troll, the guy sucked against Navy,UNC,Virginia,V Tech, and Georgia Tech. That’s half a season of sucking! I also contend we lose the pizza bowl if Voytik doesn’t come in and win it. It’s not personal he’s just a guy with a big arm that’s it. I wish him success but I’m glad he’s gone!

Comment by Steve h 05.09.14 @ 9:21 pm

Steve h, Savage no doubt has issues but his name has been mentioned by several sources as a 2nd to 4th round pick. Again, it is not so much of what he has accomplished, it has more to do with being 6’5 and having a cannon for an arm. So high expectations are not being made up by the patrons this site, as sometimes happens here.

I just don’t understand why a handful of alleged Pitt fans here would seemingly take joy if Savage slips to late round or would not be drafted at all.

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 6:44 am

off topic — in 18 minutes last night, Adams only had 4pts (acceptable since Durant and Westbrook is on the same team), but also had 9 rebounds and a few blocks. Meanwhile, the more experienced H Thabeet once again DNP.

Come playoff time, both Adams and Blair still continued to get their minutes and come up with decent numbers this year.

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 7:12 am

Steve H – couldn’t agree more. Upittbaseball hits it square on the head when he infers that sometimes having height and a ‘big’ arm doesn’t erase the negatives a QB drags along with him.

I suspect Savage’s hissy fit at RU effected his draft prospects more than anything else. Granted his leaving wasn’t a bad idea but his journeyman credentials – topped off with an average senior year – put a doubt in some people’s minds.

I didn’t think he had any chance at getting drafted at all prior to the 2013 season and now I wouldn’t he shocked if his name gets called in the later rounds. He does have some positive attributes to his physical makeup. It seems like at the least he’ll get into some team’s camp and have a chance to stick on a NFL roster somewhere. You know what? That ain’t chopped liver either but a real accomplishment considering 95% of college players never get a whiff of the pros.

We PITT fans do this wishful thinking on a regular basis both with the NFL drafting and HS recruiting as we tend to overstate a player’s worth based on the fact that we like them and are rooting for them to do well. I do that all the time especially with our PITT recruits, i.e. Pat Bostick – I really thought he’d be a three year starter for us and we saw how that turned out.

Comment by Reed 05.10.14 @ 7:30 am

Why do people always dump on chopped liver?

Could it be that it looks like, um, dump?

I happen to love the stuff.

Comment by steve1 05.10.14 @ 7:59 am

Dan, I’m humble enough to not crow about my Rangers.

One game at a time.

And I hope you mothers out there like hockey.

Comment by steve1 05.10.14 @ 8:01 am

Several months ago we discussed the feminization of the NFL at length on this site. Ever since the 70’s they have been softening up the game, and between the rule changes and now gays being openly welcomed to the locker room, an argument can be made that it isn’t the same game. Further evidence of more pussification was in full view as several 1st round draft picks could be seen crying as their names were called. It was more like the Miss America Pageant than an NFL draft.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 9:03 am

Wbb, it’s not taking joy in watching Savage fall, it’s an opinion stated by some that he is not worthy of a draft pick, he is worth signing as a free agent tho. If Savage is being drafted on his size and arm strength how does that help Pitt recruiting? It wasn’t the coaching that’s getting him to the NFL, although I think HCPC did a hell of a job with him.

Comment by Steve h 05.10.14 @ 9:22 am

If pro football becomes any more wusified we could have a swimsuit competition among the 1st round picks.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 9:33 am

Spirit – I wouldn’t mind a swimsuit competition with the player’s wives and girlfriends.

link to

Comment by Reed 05.10.14 @ 9:37 am

Steve h, I disagree. I think if Savage is drafted, PC can point to both Wilson and Savage as reclamation projects that appeals to the pros. But even if you don’t buy into that, why wouldn’t you want to see any Pitt player get drafted?

(and again, if you look back on this site in the fall, there was little talk about TS being a high draft pick. It all started after the season with Gil Brandt and then seem to explode with many, many sources …. so this is not something we fabricated here)

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 9:41 am

Hey – I didn’t realize that Paul Chryst coached Tom Savage’s brother Ryan at Wisconsin in 2005. I wondered where the connection with Savage came from.

“His brother, Bryan, was a quarterback for Wisconsin (2004-05) and Hofstra (2007-08). ”

link to

Comment by Reed 05.10.14 @ 9:42 am

Wbb, Kiper has Savage going early today also so it wouldn’t be a shock. However if the Steelers take Savage with their 4th pick it would only add to another horrible Tomlin pick. Ask yourself do you want the Steelers to draft Savage? If you don’t want your team to take him why do you think anybody else should. I would have loved to see Donald in black and gold and if they take Street that would also be a good pick.

Comment by Steve h 05.10.14 @ 9:51 am

One thing Chryst can do is get the best out of his QBs even if it is only for a one year stint. Wilson asked Chryst to be accepted at Wisconsin specifically because he wanted to learn the Pro-style QB play the Badgers ran and be coached by Chryst as QB coach/OC.

That turned out very well for both guys. We saw what Chryst did with both Sunseri (best year at PITT in 2012) and then Savage last year. So HCPC has a very good reputation of working with QBs in college football.

For instance, Scott Tolzien made the NFL and is on the Green Bay Packers – 4th year in the NFL – and he doesn’t have any better physical attributes than Sunseri or Savage. Which makes me look forward to what Chryst can do with Voytik getting all the QB1 snaps in summer camp and during season practices. At the very least Voytik will understand the position better.

Comment by Reed 05.10.14 @ 9:53 am

@Reed, Voytik can have the “understanding” of Rockne and HCPC can teach ’til he turns purple and it won’t make any difference unless our offensive line shows some improvement. Savage is lucky to be alive for the draft after the beating he took playing behind our line last year.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 10:02 am

Steve h, Donald would not do well in the 3-4 that Steelers run, as evidenced in the 3-4 year he had to play in 2011 which was his worst collegiate campaign. But Savage could fit into a number of pro teams because many of the NFL rules favor a drop back style QB.

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 10:21 am

I see….all the “I told ya so” crowd is out.

Amazing !

As far as Sunseri and Savage and I’m guessing those comments were directed at me.

World of difference between what we had to put up with for 3 seasons and last season.

Last season most of us (sans the trolls) actually enjoyed watching Pitt football for the first time since around 2009. Well 20122 was kind of entertaining watching tino trying to run the spread. At least the first 3 quarters of the Iowa game was fun.

And no I don’t really want Savage taken by the Stillers, as QB is the highest profile position on the field and with all the Pedo’s & Hillbilly Alumni in Pittsburgh, they would like nothing more than to make a Pitt player the focal point of any loss. As this board is even infested with them after each and every Pitt loss.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 10:34 am

Well 2011 ^^

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 10:35 am

@ sos22

Couldn’t agree with you more, the NFL is getting like a sports soap opera. And there’s way to many agendas being promoted, nurtured and developed.

And it gets worse every frickin year. To the point where besides the occasional Steeler game, I rarely even watch it anymore. Just like the NBA.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 10:40 am

@Emel, Were you touched by all the tears at the 1st day of the draft? Can football get any more feminized? I see the draft now is held over Mother’s day.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 10:45 am

I wasn’t making up any of these ‘hopes’ of Savage being drafted in the 2nd round based on me being a Pitt man.

I did watch enough NFL football over the last several seasons to see plenty of NFL QB’s who couldn’t throw a deep ball nearly as well as Savage.

And here is just one example of where a major sports operation with their experts thought Savage would go.

5th best QB prospect….2nd Round

link to

I believe Kiper had him going in the 2nd or 3rd round as well.

So if you want to crow to someone, crow to them.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 10:50 am

@ sos22

Really didn’t watch it on TV, followed it via the internet while I was doing something else.

Did see a few ‘highlites’, if that’s what you want to call them, and that was plenty.

It’s just a Dog & Pony show for the real fan-atic.

It’s become so overblown it’s actually nauseating anymore. At least to me.

Give me 1960’s and 1970’s football where the games played pretty much for the love of the sport, as they didn’t make much money (especially in the ’60’s) and actually had real jobs in the off season to make ends meet.

And they actually thought leaving the field due to a minor injury was something below them. And wouldn’t miss a game due to a hangnail or a cracked bone.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 10:57 am

One thing about Savage is he is tough enough. I promise if he gets picked or not, he won’t start crying about it. I don’t know if he has what it takes talent wise, but heart, effort and desire all favor him being a success. I sure hope he gets a good shot because he sure earned our respect around here.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 11:00 am

Oh and the Draft with 12 rounds mind you was all completed in 1 (one) day.

4 days….of this….are you kidding ! :-)

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 11:04 am

Think about Savage besides his toughness, is he’s only played 2 full seasons of college football.

And even those were not back to back years. So you would think he would only get better with more practice, coaching, etc.

Yea and he earned it, which in my book is most important. It wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 11:10 am

Emel, Speaking of off season jobs of 60’s players, maybe you recall one of my all time favorites. The Houston Oilers of the AFL with George Blanda at QB had a fullback named Charlie Tolar. Charlie was 5’6” in spikes and weighed about 210. He was a human cannonball and very effective at keeping the rush off Blanda with the drawplay. His off season job was putting out oil well fires. The job required that he suit up in an asbestos suit and run into the fire and set up a dynamite charge to try to blow the fire out. He couldn’t even get life insurance the job was so dangerous. Needless to say he was fearless at hitting the hole as football was his least dangerous occupation.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 11:11 am

That’s funny. Little before my time, as my fist recollection of Blanda was being the FG kicker for the Raiders and Darryl Lamonica’s backup. Did know however that Blanda had some big years with the Oilers before that.

I remember we (a couple of us kids) use to go to one of the movie houses in East Liberty on weekends and one Saturday afternoon, they had this John Wayne movie called ‘Hellfighters’. Which I thought was going to be a WW2 movie about aerial warfare.

Little did I know it was about a guy named Red Adair who fought oil well fires. haha

link to
Not a real great movie when I was expecting a WW2 movie !

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 11:21 am

Emel,Tolar worked for Red Adair.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 11:24 am

Emel, I was a 9 year old kid when Blanda half invented the 2 minute drill. With short passes and draws he would deftly move the Oilers down the field in the last minute and then kick the game winning field goal as time expired. The guy was every bit as lethal in the last minute as Montanna and he kicked the field goal too. He was a straight away kicker and deadly inside 50 with the game on the line.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 11:32 am

How about that.

Makes sense though.

The Oilers star RB after Tolar was Hoyle Granger.

link to

Tolar is mentioned in this article as well !

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 11:32 am

Yes Blanda was certainly a ‘clutch’ player. He would come in for Lamonica if Lamonica was injured or ineffective and usually lead the Oakland Raiders to a ‘come from behind’ win.

George was one, of many local HS players, Pitt let slip away. Led Kentucky to some of their best seasons ever under Bear Bryant.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 11:35 am

The Steelers cut Tolar, I guess he wasn’t tough enough.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 11:36 am

Check this out sos22:

“After starring in football for Northwestern State of Natchitoches, La., his hometown, Tolar was picked in the 1959 N.F.L. draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was released by them, then signed by the Oilers.

Barreling ahead, his helmet with the oil derrick logo bouncing off defenders, Tolar was a fan favorite with the Oilers from 1960 to 1966.”

The Human Bowling Ball !

link to

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 11:39 am

The Steelers were really bumblers back then.

Besides releasing Tolar they released Johnny U.
Among others.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 11:41 am

Blanda played late for Lamonica in the Immacculate Reception game but couldn’t generate the magic that day. One of the few times I ever saw him faulter.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 11:42 am

Good thing too, or the Stillers might still be bumblers.

The big thing about the Reception is it transformed the Steelers from perennial losers to perennial winners.

We being older know that, but I don’t know if the younger ppl are quite aware of the significance of that play.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 11:52 am

Emel, My Dad made me go to the game. I didn’t want to go because the Steelers always screwed up. I was home on leave from the Army at Christmas at the time. Roberto Clemente died that New Years. 1972

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 11:59 am

Yea you know growing up as a kid in the 1960’s Steeler football in Pittsburgh was pretty much irrelevant. Pittsburgh was a baseball town !

I don’t think anyone below the age of around 45 can fully grasp that.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 12:13 pm

Which is why I watched the AFL games like 90% of the time.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 12:14 pm

All the old NFL did was run the ball, the AFL flung it around. I can remember in 1971 having 4 good seats to see the Steelers play the Giants at 3 Rivers Stadium on a Sunday afternoon. We got about 6″s of snow and I couldn’t give the tickets away. Nobody wanted to see the Steelers. They were a joke.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 12:23 pm

I think I recall Chuck Noll winning 1 game his first season as coach. The motto wasn’t “here we go” it was “same old Steelers”.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 12:30 pm

good place for Savage under Bob O’Brien

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 12:54 pm

Savage in the 4th round. UPittbaseball, Unless I’m mistaken the 4th round comes before the 6th round!! Really happy for Savage and I hope he is successful. H2P

Comment by Tmgpanther 05.10.14 @ 1:13 pm

Congratulations, Tom Savage. May you succeed which I know you will.

Oh, and please take UPittbaseball with you to denigrate as you wish.

A tackle dummy comes to mind.

Comment by steve1 05.10.14 @ 1:18 pm

Couldn’t have gone to a better place for TS. Can’t wait to see him after his Redshirt year.

Comment by tedsptman 05.10.14 @ 1:18 pm

4rth round, not bad for kid who played only 1 season essentially. As I think they discounted his freshman year since it was so far back.

I believe, Pitt’s first drafted QB since Alex Van Pelt. A long time.

Congrats to Mr. Savage.
And of course Mr. Donald.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 1:20 pm

Street to the Cowgirls.

Comment by tedsptman 05.10.14 @ 1:21 pm

Can’t believe VT’s Logan Thomas was picked before TS.

That kid is terrible, VT game would have been a blowout loss had they had a competent QB. And he lost to tino. Nuff said.

Well there’s this too:

Logan Thomas | QB, Virginia Tech
Thomas fits the mold of the big, tough gunslinger that Bruce Arians loves. His lack of development and improvement over his career at Virginia Tech has been extremely disappointing though, despite rare athleticism for his size. Has a lot to improve on if he’s ever going to be a starter in the NFL. Footwork and decision-making aren’t where they need to be.

Pick Grade = C

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 1:26 pm

4th round ehh??

Like I said, big guy with a cannon always gets drafted.

Let’s see, what will it be now??

“what a lousy team he got drafted too”. “what a lousy coach he’s gonna have to play for”.

“he’ll never make the team though”. “the Texans have no idea what they’re doing”.

LMAO, please, go ahead, amuse us!!! LOL

Comment by Dan 05.10.14 @ 1:27 pm

4th does come before 6th or even undrafted doesn’t it??


Comment by Dan 05.10.14 @ 1:30 pm

Our players going to Texas NFL teams doesn’t do much in regards to recruiting help. Since we don’t recruit Texas.

Funny about, that Dorsett(both of them) played out there, Stepnowsky, Antonio Bryant, Dorin Dickerson, and several others.

But hey, Congrats Mr. Street. Kid could have been a problem but he chose to get with the program.
And now he’ll have a nice pay day !

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 1:30 pm


Congrats to Tom Savage and Devin
Street two talented classy kids who
were the leaders of last year’s team.

Best wishes for success and make a pile
of cash! H2P!

Comment by JR 05.10.14 @ 1:31 pm

@Steve1, you know how a series goes. When you’re stepping on the neck of the snake, gotta chop his head off.

Pens got buzz-sawed last night, no doubt about it.

I knew the Rangers would come out smoking because it was do or die, and then with St.Louis’ mother passing away, and him playing………….

Should be an interesting game 6.

Comment by Dan 05.10.14 @ 1:34 pm

@Emel, Fraud Graham was starting to recruit Texas and Louisiana!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha

Comment by Dan 05.10.14 @ 1:34 pm

Yes very good draft for us.

One in the upper half of the 1rst round.

and 2 more before the 6th round. (maybe Hendricks will get picked, as he’s a playmaker)

Not anywhere like the latest glory years, but after the last couple years hopefully this is a sign of good things to come for us. A turnaround if you like.

H2P !
Good luck to all the Draftee’s and FA’s.
VeV !

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 1:37 pm

Right Dan-o

We use to pull a kid or two from the Lone Star State.

Remember Swervin Curvin Richards !

And of course we have Trey now from Pearland HS 5A State Champions courtesy of Toad.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 1:40 pm

Check out the color of the pants.

Would almost perfectly match the seat color of Heinz.

Please someone forward this link to Cornhole. ha

link to

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 1:43 pm

I see the Stillers still haven’t taken a DB yet.

With aging Ike Taylor and an unproven Cortez Allen, that is very strange.

2 WR’s for Big Ben !

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 1:48 pm

Bite me tongue….a DB from Arizona in the 5th.

Well unless he really is a miss, should make the team.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 1:50 pm

Dan, it also helped that Ryan McDonagh finally woke up.

Comment by steve1 05.10.14 @ 1:52 pm

Sounds like maybe a reach…..

04/29/2014 – Five players who should be on Miami’s draft radar: CB Shaquille Richardson, Arizona: Miami invested at the cornerback position in last year’s draft, but don’t be surprised when the Dolphins look to add another young piece at the position in this class. Richardson is an intriguing athlete for his size with enticing length, but is a streaky player with finesse tackling technique and undeveloped recognition skills. Richardson has some traits that translate well, but is still more of an athlete than polished defensive back right now. He’s worth a late round flier and will need to prove his worth early to hold onto a roster spot. – Dane Brugler,

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 1:53 pm

All my S’s live in Texas

link to

(sorry, couldn’t resist)

Comment by steve1 05.10.14 @ 1:58 pm

.. that’s why I lay my hat in Ohio

Don’t care if it helps or doesn’t help recruiting .. I am happy for Savage and Street, and hope both do well. (I’m not concerned about Donald)

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 2:07 pm

We’ve had several Pitt players go in the 1rst round to the Rams.

Ironhead, Sean Gilbert and now Aaron Donald come to mind.

(I use to have a poster on my wall when I was kid with Bob Waterford of the Cleveland Rams, don’t ask me why or the significance of said poster, but it seems to work for Pitt players).

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 2:15 pm

Blanda was a decent QB well before Lamonica came around, but by mid/late 60s was primarily the FG kicker, and was retired by Dec ’72, when the Immaculate Reception occurred.

It was Stabler who replaced Lamonica in that game and he scored on a (approx.) 40 yard TD run… I remember all too well as I was in the 6th deck endzone at 3 Rivers and that SOB was running right towards me with no Steelers on that side of the field at all. His TD put the Raiders ahead 7-6 with about 2 minutes left, setting up all of the dramatics

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 2:15 pm

and BTW, like Blanda, Stabler also played for Bear Bryant in college

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 2:20 pm

Meanwhile….down in the Big Easy they just took Vinnie Sunseri. :-)

Comment by Jackagain 05.10.14 @ 2:23 pm

Yea that was unbelievable since Stabler wasn’t exactly fast and I think the Steelers were pitching a shutout up to that point.

Blanda did kick an Xtra Point on the Raider TD.

link to

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 2:24 pm

I stand corrected, but I did know Blanda’s days at QB was in the past at that time.

An item on Street … he ended his career as the all-time leading receiver at Pitt …. and here is how his current write-up ends on Pantherlair: Street was a two-star prospect according to and picked Pitt over offers from Akron, Connecticut, Eastern Michigan and Temple.

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 2:28 pm

Vinnie Sunseri | SS, Alabama

Sunseri is a tough, gritty defender best suited in the box where his athletic limitations aren’t as amplified.

Pick Grade = C+

(Vinnie had the least written about his selection attributes)

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 2:34 pm

Too strange. (coincidence ?)

Steelers take a player (center) from of all places Vanderbilt.

The other Penna. team (Eagles) took a Vandy player in the 2nd round.

Wow, well well doesn’t this help out the Charlatan up in Creepy Valley.

Don’t ever remember the Steelers EVER drafting anyone from Vanderbilt. Would have to research the E-girls.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 2:37 pm

just looked up Blanda’s stats

from 1965 on, he was primarily a kicker … however, in his last year (75) at age 48, he threw 3 passes, and was 1 for 4 the year before … in ’73 he didn’t throw any passes.

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 2:41 pm

Jordan Matthews | WR, Vanderbilt

I think there were better options, but Matthews is a good player. He doesn’t play as fast as his time, but he will catch a lot of balls in that offense. Trading up with other receivers on the board is a bit of a mystery.

Not much mystery going on here !

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 2:42 pm

Thru 5 Rounds.

Only 2 Vanderbilt players drafted.

And both were selected by Penna. NFL teams.


Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 2:45 pm

Vinnie is 6′ according to his Bama bio .. wonder if he is standing next to his brother, who is taller?

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 2:47 pm

lol the colleges always stretch them. Savage is listed at 6’5″ on Pitt’s site.

I don’t believe any of the sunseri’s were over 5’11” in reality.

But 2 of 3 of them got drafted..except for…….

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 2:54 pm

You gotta love those pants with the Pitt script on the helmet and the sleeve. Curvin was a fumblin’ machine.

Comment by TonyinHouston 05.10.14 @ 2:55 pm


Yea I didn’t remember that about Curvin, getting cut after a game cause he coughed it up twice. By Jimmy Johnson (former Pitt Asst) no less.

The bright neon yellow pants are cool, we need to bring that back, as a lot of colleges are wearing brighter colors now. Perfect for Heinz.
But it makes too much sense.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 3:01 pm

The NFL draft did have a swimsuit competition. It’s called the weigh in and it used to be televised. Apparently, it drew too much attention as some of the lineman weren’t ready for their summer photo set. Man boobs generate laughter.

However, I wouldn’t cast the NFL guys on Sex in the City just yet. The player who came out at Missouri is still waiting for his call. I guess it’s not that sissified yet.
link to

Comment by TonyinHouston 05.10.14 @ 3:02 pm

I look at Sams ‘coming out of the closet’ in the NFL, as what would happen to a well known actor in Hollywood, ‘coming out’?

Both would create massive image problems.

One for the league as a whole, even though we all know their are homosexuals playing in the NFL.

And the other image problem for an actor would kill any leading man parts with female co-star.

Which is why nobody in Hollywood as far as male leading actors have come out.

Does the NFL want or need an ‘image problem’ at this time ? They have enough problems now imo.

Comment by Emel 05.10.14 @ 3:12 pm

I think Street was a two star with only MAC offers, but I may be wrong. Congratulations to him. The fast turf at Jerrydome will help his game.

I worry that the qb situation currently there may hang him out for some big hits. Will be good to watch him on tv as Dallas gets plenty of air time.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 05.10.14 @ 3:17 pm

dhuffdaddy, see my post above @ 2:28

Street was a two-star prospect according to and picked Pitt over offers from Akron, Connecticut, Eastern Michigan and Temple.

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 3:40 pm

Swervin Curvin opted out of college after his sophomore year. He might have been better to wait and mature because he was a pretty good college player. He might not have been mature enough to make the transition. Sometimes kids get bad advice.

@Tony in Houston, When they are sueing each other for saying mean things in the locker room and every other 1st round draftee is tearing up when his name is called it’s time for gonad check. Don’t hit above the shoulder or below the knee, and what would be wrong with welcoming our gay ball players into the locker room. Even the song they kept playing at the draft— I’m the man ,I’m the man ‘I’m the man…….. REALLY????

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 3:47 pm

Savage has an excellent QB coach in O’Brien at Houston.

Comment by Frank MD 05.10.14 @ 3:56 pm

@FRankMD, Equally important he has a coach that can not only teach him but one that will put him in a situation whereby he can succeed. I hope he does, because I like how Savage handled himself at Pitt.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.10.14 @ 4:01 pm

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Do Pitt proud Savage and Street. Meanwhile Upittbaseball’s internet connection mysteriously does down during the fourth round! Once again proven misinformed, it’s obvious that he must be a slow learner, huh?

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.10.14 @ 4:02 pm

Solid draft for Pitt, congrats to our guys. Maybe a while till we see our next first rounder. Boyd probably with the best chance.

Who gets drafted next year? Candidates include, Garner, Rotherham, Clemmings, Thomas, and Vinopal.

I’d say they all have a lot of work to do.

Comment by gc 05.10.14 @ 4:36 pm

possibly add Gonzalez .. he’s a really good athlete and was very consistent last year

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 5:21 pm

Doc he goes in the 4th round. Great for him. I dont think he is worth it but goood luck. Im glad you are here with your expert opinion after thinking he would go higher. Stick to teeth.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.10.14 @ 5:22 pm

FYI according to Dokish, in 2010 Texas ranked 3rd in national recruiting rankings … right now, not one Longhorn has been drafted

Comment by wbb 05.10.14 @ 5:52 pm

I missed Gonzalez, he did improve a lot.

Comment by gc 05.10.14 @ 6:19 pm

On the fertile Houston prep football stage, Chryst’s program gets some nice P.R.:
link to

Comment by TonyinHouston 05.10.14 @ 6:42 pm

Locals – Pitt (3), PSU, (3) WVU (2) drafted.

Comment by Frank MD 05.10.14 @ 6:48 pm

If the song is “I’m a man” it should have been playing nonstop for the late great Manziel. I don’t think there are any gay dudes who can strut and dance like that cat, all the while belting out “I’m the man.”

Comment by TonyinHouston 05.10.14 @ 6:52 pm

Matt Yoklic signs w/ the Falcons, Ty Ezell signs w/ the Texans.

Comment by Nick 05.10.14 @ 7:13 pm

Jason Hendricks signs w/ the Browns.

Comment by Nick 05.10.14 @ 8:18 pm

K’Wuan Williams signs w/ Browns

Comment by Nick 05.10.14 @ 9:31 pm

Call me whatever you want but if I have to see Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend one more time on ESPN. This is such a staged deal. Am I old school or normal? Who knows but its all a show and the cool thing in this warped world.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.10.14 @ 11:41 pm

As usual, I chiefly blame ESPN which has for years overexploited the main storyline. Whether it be the superstars (Manning, Brady, Koby, Lebraun, Jeter, etc), the superteams (Alabama, Kentucky, Yankees, Red Sox, etc) or the story du jour (Sterling, ARod,, etc) they will talk about it or show it over and over and over

Comment by wbb 05.11.14 @ 7:32 am

@ UPB, Misinformed yet again, the only prediction I ever made regarding TS’s drafting was that he would go later than the 2nd round, simply because this draft was flush with talented QBs.

Savage will determine by his future actions whether, in fact, he is worth his draft rank or not. Our opinions on the matter are meaningless, especially your’s.

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.11.14 @ 8:04 am

Funny if Sam and Donald would be competing for a roster spot, not that Donald has any worry about making the roster.

Great draft showing for PITT after two years of drought. I’m surprised that Street got drafted but he’s a good WR. Donald will be really fun to watch – I wish the Ravens could have gotten him.

Savage in the 4th round is about right given his 2013 season at PITT. Honestly, I don’t see him as a starter in the NFL but just getting drafted is a great start to a professional career.

So now nothing of substance until camp? I can’t wait.

Comment by Reed 05.11.14 @ 8:08 am

Since when, just because you like other men to cornhole you, make you a sports hero? Am I missing something?

Comment by Pittman4ever 05.11.14 @ 8:14 am

Reed, with a handful of senior NFL prospects this coming season as well with a current coaching staff that utilizes pro style offenses and defenses, I would expect Pitt to have a string of years with players being drafted (note the plural)

Comment by wbb 05.11.14 @ 8:29 am

@Pittman4ever, that is a very narrow minded question that you just asked. You should adopt a more liberal attitude and become more open minded to alternative lifestyles. For all you know Mr. Sams may be an exclusive cornholer, He may not be a cornholee at all. Just because he’s fallen in love with antoher guy doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes to take it up the pooper shooter himself. He may be a one way kind of guy.
More tolerance and understanding goes a long way to remaining politically correct in our modern society, don’t you think? We shouldn’t stero type people.

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.11.14 @ 8:39 am

The Steelers rebuilding their D with a linebacker and D -End. I hope House is paying attention. I don’t know if Shazir and Tuitt will work out for the Steelers but it has been their formula for Championship Teams.

I hate to keep harping on the same thing, but Pitt needs to recruit more talent at these positions if they want to be competitive with the top teams in the ACC.

Steelers should have signed Hendricks and Williams.

Comment by gc 05.11.14 @ 9:35 am

Blanda’s nephew went to Pitt in the 80″s

Comment by Tallahassee Panther 05.11.14 @ 11:16 am

@ upitt

Can’t disagree with you on that one bro ^^.

Thankfully I haven’t witnessed that vulgarity being played out on a National Stage.

Sports should be used to push agendas of any kind.

Once upon a time, it was pretty pure. They have really managed to take something pretty pure and just about destroy it.

Comment by Emel 05.11.14 @ 11:28 am


Sports should NOT be used to push agendas of any kind.

Comment by Emel 05.11.14 @ 11:29 am

First year since 1937 no players drafted from Texas.

Including Big 12 D player of the year, Jeffcoat.

Kinda strange since they had 6 pro prospects.

Probably setting up a big entrance for Charley Strong.

Much like Charlatan being setup in Creepy Valley.

Comment by Emel 05.11.14 @ 11:34 am

@ gc

Stillers don’t have a good history with Notre Dame players. Willie Fry & Terry Hanratty come to mind.

Tuitt was good in 2012 when massive NT Nix played, but he stunk last year as Nix was oft injured.

The interesting Steeler pick to me is the massive mountain of a man NT from Tennesshee, Daniel McCullers. This kid is 6’7″ and 350 lbs.

That mountain could clog up the middle pretty good and let the LB’s roam to do what they do !

Comment by Emel 05.11.14 @ 11:44 am

Could be a steal, as McCullers was projected to go in the 3rd round !

Comment by Emel 05.11.14 @ 11:46 am

Emel, I agree. 1000%. My problem is if you are against it or at least the agenda of it you are interolent or not forward thinking. I accept and love everyone but doesnt mean I agree with that lifestyle. ESPN is 1/2 the problem. Well here in Texas I will see lots of Street as it is all about the Cowgirls and sometimes Texans. I can see Jerryville from my house, live up high about 25 miles away. How awful for a Steelers fan.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.11.14 @ 11:54 am


learn to spell……..

Comment by Tallahassee Panther 05.11.14 @ 12:18 pm

Funny, but those they claim tolerance, are the most intolerant when you don’t agree with them.

Comment by Emel 05.11.14 @ 12:24 pm

Its a message board. Get a life.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.11.14 @ 12:25 pm

Emel, don’t forget Rocky Bleier, but mostly you are right. However, Tuitt had a hernia last year and put on 25 lbs, perhaps another steal. Time will tell.

Comment by gc 05.11.14 @ 12:32 pm

As far as the much maligned ACC.

2nd in draft picks to only the much ballyhooed SEC.

SEC 49
ACC 42
Big Joke 30
Big 12 17
MWC 16
AAC 12

Clearly the NFL doesn’t think much of the Big 12 and their pass happy offenses and no defense.

Comment by Emel 05.11.14 @ 12:37 pm

oh yea, Bob Bleier, ie. Rocky. How could I forget about one of the all-time great football stories.

I even had his Steeler jersey at one time.

My bad…

Comment by Emel 05.11.14 @ 12:39 pm

Plus he sported a killer stach!

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.11.14 @ 2:05 pm

“Call me whatever you want but if I have to see Upittbaseball posting his trolling one more time on Pitt Blather. This is such a staged deal. Am I old school or normal? Who knows but its all a show and the cool thing in this warped world.”

Comment by Gordo 05.11.14 @ 2:52 pm

Congrats to Savage and Street! Their hard work paid off! Hey they’ll have a good weekend, unlike some folks from the shores of Cheat Lake. I know this is a Pitt blog so I’ll be brief but how many beers does it take to cope when your two best MBB players, both juniors Eron Harris (17.2 ppg) and Terry Henderson (11.7 ppg) eject out the transfer door in a matter of a week? UCLA is already after Harris! As a chaser Remi Debo is thinking about forgoing his senior season to play pro in France. Huggs, Texas beat you to a pulp three times last season with those guys, how about next season? Hail to PITT! UPone

Comment by UPone 05.11.14 @ 2:56 pm

Went to a wedding of a panther “O” lineman last night. For 4 years he protected, Rutherford, Palko and Stull. He’s now a secret service agent protecting the President of the United States. Proud to be a Panther fan.

Comment by alcofan 05.11.14 @ 3:30 pm

Congrats to Aaron Donald, Tom Savage, and Devon Street! Best of luck in the NFL! We hope to see all three of you do great things in the years to come.

Comment by Justinian 05.11.14 @ 3:56 pm

alcofan, congratulations to Carl Hagins.


Let’s go, Rangers!

Comment by steve1 05.11.14 @ 6:02 pm

alcofan. not Carl, I poo-googled.

Comment by steve1 05.11.14 @ 6:18 pm

Worst call I’ve ever seen.

Comment by steve1 05.11.14 @ 7:19 pm

Goaltending the difference in the last two games.

Lundquist is stellar, Fleury not so much.

Comment by gc 05.11.14 @ 8:45 pm

Reed — 21 TDs and 9 INTs, especially under intense duress, is hardly an “average senior year”. Jeez, was he supposed to chuck 50 tds and no interceptions after basically not playing in a game for three years?! Not saying the kid was perfect but damn, cut him some slack…especially given two of those pics were vs FSU, the best team in the country, in his first game back since 2010 — so only 7 picks the rest of the year despite chucking a lot of longer passes.

Who knows how he will do, but what he did under some pretty difficult circumstances was impressive and far from “average”.

He also gave Pitt its first serious downfield throwing threat since Rod Rutherford, which definitely opened things up for the running game…just wish we had had Ray Graham for another year to see what he could have done with that extra space. If the OL in Houston is any good, he might surprise some people if he gets a shot.

Comment by Matt N. 05.11.14 @ 10:04 pm

Charlie Casserly, former GM on NFL Network, thinks Savage has a good chance of starting early in the season. He believes Savage fits O’Brien’s plans on offense better than the other QB’s on the roster.

Comment by Boubacar Aw 05.12.14 @ 7:11 am

Well said, Matt N.

I know what I’d have done if I was QB-ing this past season: Gather in the snap, do a 180 and hightail it to my own end zone.

I daresay Tom’s detractors on this site would’ve done the same damn thing.

Comment by steve1 05.12.14 @ 7:34 am

Matt N. – I was stating that in terms of what the NFL scouts and teams would be looking at in terms of drafting him, not how he actually played in terms of the PITT Panthers. Since the discussion has been draft-ability on this thread then that was my lens

Given our QB situation over the past seven years Savage’s year was certainly above average.. again for PITT. As far as the NCAA national rankings go, listed as the top 100, Savage is ‘average':

Passing Yards 37th

Passing Eff 49th

Passing % 49th

Yards per comp 49th

Yards per game 41st

So, regardless of how much we PITT fans appreciated Savage’s play for us last season, and he pleasantly surprised me with his play, IMO he was most probably drafted solely on the strength of his physical attributes and potential rather than his actual production on the playing field during his college career. Pretty much what everyone else in the world has been saying.

Don’t take what I’m stating as insulting to Savage – that isn’t my intent at all – but our conversation has been all about the NFL draft and his place in it, not how he played for the Panthers.

Comment by Reed 05.12.14 @ 8:43 am

@steve1, what’d I say and hockey fans know this, 7 game series.

Pens had the foot on the neck.

Knew the Rangers would come out firing just because it was do or die, add St. Louis’ Mom passing away, they were smokin’.

Even so, you give a team 5 minutes or even 10 of the first period to be all over you, but you’ve gotta get back into your game and stop that momentum.

Rangers kept it up all gave 5, and came right back out with it game 6.

Game 7’s, one team could totally out play the other, and a strange bounce, a oddly timed penalty, a ricochet, and the other team pulls out a win.

That’s why when your up 3 games to 1, you want to end it, then and there.

Pens didn’t, and they are on the ropes now.

Comment by Dan 05.12.14 @ 8:46 am

Really Boubacar? Seriously Mr. Ow?

We PITT fans went from being dead sure Savage was a 1st or 2nd round pick last week to now quoting someone saying that Savage “has a good chance” to start early in his rookie year.

OK folks, since some guys already owes me a cold beer I’ll double down. Two beers to my Blather friends if Savage starts at all this coming season with the exception of an injury.

Seriously, this is why I love this website – unbridled optimism on just about anything PITT related. We’ll take bets on his being in the 2015 Pro Bowl later this season :)

Hey, how about we look at Savage’s accomplishments during a very up & down college career and just say that he’s done a good job for PITT and a good job getting drafted in the 4th round.

Comment by Reed 05.12.14 @ 8:53 am

Savage was definitely an improvement over what we had the previous three years, if not statistically, certainly he was much more fun to watch.

Whether he makes it in the NFL depends largely on whether he can make better and faster decisions, learn how to move in the pocket and when to throw the ball away to avoid the sack.

A solid offensive line and running game would certainly help.

Ben and Flacco’s early success was due a lot to the rest of their teams talent. Both had great defenses.

Although Ben had a sixth sense about avoiding the pass rush, that is rarely seen. IMO, this is Savage’s greatest weakness.

Comment by gc 05.12.14 @ 8:57 am

A fourth round pick was worth the risk, for a guy with his arm strength and size. There is plenty of room for debate on what the future will bring. I’d agree that the odds are against him, but the skills he possesses definitely earn him a shot.

Comment by gc 05.12.14 @ 9:04 am

I have no problem with an openly gay player in the NFL. A sexual orientation is ones personal business and should remain that way. I do have a problem with making him out to be some kind of hero. I think the whole thing is strange. Call me what you want but seeing 2 grown men macking on sports center is a disgusting sight from my viewpoint. I guess if Michael Sams doesn’t make the team they will send him packing. Fudge packing.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 9:05 am

Why are those of us who find man on man sex disgusting made to feel like we are somehow being unfair for not embracing the idea. I don’t favor denying those who do any rights or opportunities, but expecting me to feel comfortable watching two men swap spit and grab each other is nasty. When it gets to the point that they start that crap on the sidelines during the game, I will find another sport to watch.

Now what I could go for is watching some hot cheerleaders expressing their lesbian tendancies on the sidelines. I have always found that fascinating. See I am open minded towards gay rights.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 9:24 am

Maybe that’s why Casserly is a FORMER general manager.

These coaches see some attributes they really like in QB and think they can coach the rest. Clearly Savage has the size and the arm. Certainly it takes a lot more to succeed in the NFL. It remains to be seen if if O’Brien can coax any more out of him. I’m skeptical.

Comment by Boubacar Aw 05.12.14 @ 9:25 am

My point on Savage was that many smart football people love his potential. Not that I necessarily agree.

Comment by Boubacar Aw 05.12.14 @ 9:29 am

sos22, I can appreciate why you and others are uncomfortable with the Sams’ exposure especially if it contradicts your religious beliefs. I was raised in the 60s in a homophobic environment and thought it was abhorrent behavior then, although I am much more tolerant now … of both the lesbian/gay platform as well as those who oppose it.

However, one thing that is rarely exposed is what many consider the ‘anti-gay’ macho behavior of athletes have children with multiple women, a situation that is more common than people think. I find this every bit as objectional as anything else.

Comment by wbb 05.12.14 @ 10:00 am

I know this is off topic but it was too good not to share. From this morning’s Post Gazette:

link to

Comment by dinosaur 71 05.12.14 @ 10:04 am

On one hand … in one year, Bill O’Brian turned walk-on Matt McGloin from a below average QB to one who currently is fighting for a starting position.

On the other hand … the 2 strongest armed QBs to come out of the combine in this millennium, Kyle Bollar and Jamarcus Russell, turned out to be busts.

I suspect Savage will be serviceable at worst … but who knows? Ryan Leaf was the 2nd pick in the 1st Round and Tom Brady was a 6th Round pick … so who in the heck really knows.

Comment by wbb 05.12.14 @ 10:08 am

dinosaur, luv it!

Comment by wbb 05.12.14 @ 10:11 am

Dinosaur, Last week on this site I suggested a similar statue when there was talk of a new Paterno statue. I had Sandusky hands covering his privates , Paterno covering his mouth, and Saner holding his wallet.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 10:14 am


It would be great if they ran a competition for design of the new statue.

Comment by dinosaur 71 05.12.14 @ 10:25 am

Tom Savage went right where he should have gone and where the majority saw him going.

Truth is, after Bortels and Manziel, Houston really wanted BRIDGEWATER. And so did Minnesota, which is precisely why the Vikings jumped ahead of Houston into the end of the First Round to take Bridgewater.

We all know Savage’s shortcomings. While he’ll get an opportunity to compete, his lack of Pocket Awareness, Limited Mobility and Difficulty in Reading Defenses will all be exposed once things hit the Fan in August.

Again, hope I’m wrong. But see Savage as being a CAREER BACKUP… albeit one with a CANNON FOR AN ARM.

Comment by PittofDreams 05.12.14 @ 10:30 am

Pittofdreams, Career backup is one of the best jobs in all of football. The pay is great for standing around holding a clip board. I hope Savage has a long career and banks a bundle.It couldn’t happen to a nicer kid.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 10:36 am

Speaking of the Houston Texans…

If it weren’t for the drafting of David Carr, it would be Derek Carr and not Tom Savage.

It’s become known that prior to the Draft the Texans COMPLETELY CROSSED OFF Derek Carr as a Possible Pick.

But STUPID and WIMPISH at the same time.

The Texans SHOULD have SHOWN SOME GUTS and taken Carr given the fact that he was clearly the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE at the time and at a POSITION OF NEED.

The Odds of Success are PRETTY GOOD that “Derek” is going to find success where his Older Brother did not. Not to mention that “Carr the Younger” is clearly a BETTER TALENT.

Comment by PittofDreams 05.12.14 @ 10:44 am

See where Jason Hendricks has signed with Cleveland.

Really thought he had a chance to be drafted in a Late Round. A 4.8 Forty obviously did not help make this come to fruition.

However, have seen Hendricks play enough to know he’s a Pretty Good Safety with ABOVE AVERAGE INSTINCTS and BALL SKILLS.

The Browns are obviously going heavy on the Defensive Secondary. Would think they see the same.

Practice Squad may be where Jason is headed.

Comment by PittofDreams 05.12.14 @ 10:51 am

Dinosaur, Actually I would prefer they just let Jopa rest in peace but, there seems to be an attitude at Penn State that they have been over penalized and that they have paid for the crime and now it is back to business as usual. The fact that they would pay 5 million a year for a coach with a rape investigation hanging over his program says a lot about what those running things really feel in the way of remorse over what happened. They can erect all the statues they want and it doesn’t change the fact that they covered up for a pedophilac maniac to protect their football program. That stain is part of any legacy and doesn’t wash off after a few years of sanctions. The shame remains, and people don’t need a statue to help us remember.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 10:51 am

Biggest COME-AWAY from the Draft is just how much the “Expert Analysts”, McShay and Kiper among them… don’t get right.

Obvious that they RELY HEAVILY on information they get from sources such as GM’s and Coaches. Much of it is clearly MIS-information.

For example… McShay pinning Savage as the First Pick of the Second Round for Houston.

Comment by PittofDreams 05.12.14 @ 10:59 am

Experts are valuable views but they are opinions. I am sure O’Brien knows what he wants his QB to be like so let us see how it works. Good luck to Savage and all Pitt NFL hopefuls.

Now on to Pitt recruiting news.

Comment by Frank MD 05.12.14 @ 11:17 am

If O’Brien REALLY COVETED Savage, NO WAY would the Texans have waited so long to take him.

With Carr off the table for the Texans, it was Bridgewater not Savage that Houston would have LIKELY chosen if they had gone Quarterback with the First Pick of the Second Round.

Thus the move up passed the Texans by the Vikings who wanted Bridgewater after Cleveland took Manziel.

Now that the DUST has settled, it is clear that BORTELS was FAR and AWAY the Quarterback everyone wanted.

After Bortels, it was Manziel by a SLIGHT MARGIN over Bridgewater followed by Carr… with Savage WAY WAY DOWN the list of priority.

Comment by PittofDreams 05.12.14 @ 11:42 am

Savage was drafted 135th overall…be happy for him!

Comment by markp 05.12.14 @ 11:49 am

The first RB taken in the draft was selected #58 which was towards the end of the 2nd Round which is why I prefer my autumn Saturdays over Sundays. The NFL, with its rules, almost mandates that you need a dropback QB with a strong arm, even though Russell Wilson is the current SB winner. (good defense almost aways beats good offense in the big game.)

Thus, for once, I am almost looking forward to watching the home team here in Cleveland. Most of the NFL have mediocre QBs (despite the rules) and thus the product is mediocre. Even if the Browns continue not to win, it should be at least a little entertaining.

Comment by wbb 05.12.14 @ 12:03 pm

@PittofDreams, career back up QB, one of the best jobs in America.

Always cheered for, even if you come in and do bad, people aren’t too hard on you.

Average back up in the NFL makes about 2 million.

Usually last forever, how many back ups have we seen playing 12, 13, even 15 years collecting a check.

Set for life at the end of your career, set for life comfortably.

Ya, if the guy is a true competitor, he may not be happy, but seems like a lot have done it, and not bitched too much about it.

Pretty good gig!

Comment by Dan 05.12.14 @ 12:05 pm

I hope we one day look back on 2014 draft as the 1st of many that saw multiple Pitt kids being drafted. I think that would be the best thing that could happen to help recruiting.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 12:13 pm

Don’t get me wrong, I am REALLY HAPPY for Tom Savage and how he’s turned things around for himself.

The point is… despite all the reports of Savage SHOOTING UP the DRAFT BOARD prior to the Draft… he got picked right where he belonged.

And now that he’s been drafted… let’s not get carried away with what is meant by his selection by the Texans.

Nothing wrong with being a Fourth Round Pick… or with being a CAREER “MILLION DOLLAR MAN” as a BACKUP.

Comment by PittofDreams 05.12.14 @ 1:18 pm

However, there is ONE THING that does STINK about Tom Savage’s Draft Experience.

He got picked after Logan Thomas… who does STINK when it comes to throwing the football.

Comment by PittofDreams 05.12.14 @ 1:22 pm

When considering Tom Savage’s QB stats from last season don’t forget to factor in the strength of schedule issue. Last year Pitt had a very tough schedule. Even the so called ACC doormat, Duke ended up being a force to be reckoned with. And unlike many other opinions, I considered Navy a pretty decent team last season as well. Throw in the fact that we opened against the eventual National Champion team and I think it is pretty obvious that this was no run of the mill Big East schedule.

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.12.14 @ 1:30 pm

Ya, oouldn’t ever figure Logan Thomas out.

Had a great year didn’t he? Looked like he was gonna tear it up.

Then, looked like he was in some kind of fog the past year or two.

I mean, really lost.

Comment by Dan 05.12.14 @ 1:31 pm

Wow. I came on here to check on the Pitt draft and I get “cornhole” and “homo” throw about. If you don’t like thinking about 2 men or watching w men together, then DON’T GODDAMN THINK ABOUT IT. If it’s against your religious beliefs, your religion is wrong and bigoted.

I guess I’m done here. Nice job Pitt alum.

’04 Pitt School of Law

Comment by Crackbaldo 05.12.14 @ 1:33 pm

ACC staying at 8 conf games & permanent crossover rivals. Each team must play at least 1 team from the 5 power conferences. If you play Notre Dame on the rotating schedule it counts as that game.

Comment by Nick 05.12.14 @ 1:51 pm

Why not just play a 9 game conference schedule and count Note Dame as one of those 9 when you play them. Should not be rocket science.

Comment by JP 05.12.14 @ 2:07 pm

Thank you Crackbaldo, glad to accomodate you.

Note that I am not religious and wasn’t as offended with the Michael Sams video as some here are … but you are wrong to tell anybody their religion is wrong, especially when it is a long time tenet. You have the right to disagree and even tell why you disagree, but these people have every right to disagree with you.

It is probably good that you are done here.

Comment by wbb 05.12.14 @ 2:37 pm

@wbb, You aren’t wrong to notice the lack of character among many modern athletes. You are also right to point out that there is plenty of objectionable behavior by heterosexual athletes that is far more damaging than anything recent social adjustments have brought on. I just find it very odd that those who are uncomfortable watching such behavior are some how hateful because of it.

From a religious standpoint my read on it says its something they will have to answer for. As to if they will have any more answering to do than the rest of us, that isn’t my call. I just get a little freaky watching them make out.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 3:22 pm

There seems to be a little confusion with a few of our fellow bloggers.

Cornhole is an affectionate name used in correlation with the man who got Pitt into the ACC. (according to some in charge)

And it is honoring both his past, (you see he’s a Cornhusker) and a term used for someone who managed to not only tear down, the much wanted and necessary campus football stadium, that EVERY other school in America cherishes and does everything in their power to keep(as in remodeling & updating), but also managed to muck up the Pitt football program at a time of unprecedented opportunity, the likes of which will probably never been seen again. That of course were the problems/scandals of our friends over in Creepy Valley. Not to mention the upheaval that occurred in Morganhole at about the same.

When you combine just those 3 major f8ckups, one would certainly be known as an a-hole.

And combining Cornhusker with a-hole, one gets Cornhole.

Again this is done with the utmost affection for Cornhole.

Comment by Emel 05.12.14 @ 3:38 pm

Dan re: Rangers vs. Pens.

What’s interesting is the absence of stars making a difference (with the exception of Lundqvist).

I can’t think of any other team sport (maybe soccer, which I don’t follow?) that involves supporting cast members as much as hockey.

Comment by steve1 05.12.14 @ 4:02 pm

I haven’t seen a post from Frankcan in about 6 weeks. Somebody dump a bucket of water on him and wake him up, he’s been passed out long enough.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 4:33 pm

Funny I was thinking of Frankcan as well.

Hope he’s alright !

Comment by Emel 05.12.14 @ 4:38 pm

Hey sos22, did you happen to see this ?

link to


Comment by Emel 05.12.14 @ 4:40 pm

Crackbaldo, I find your handle offensive!!!


Comment by Dan 05.12.14 @ 4:58 pm

Emel, Could have survived without the pleasure, thanks.

Looks like the Bucs are starting to settle down a little. I hope they can have another good year.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 5:02 pm

Frankcan probably is doing 10 years for taking care of the cornhole who made fun of his spelling. That guy was a dickbag that made fun of Frankie.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.12.14 @ 5:05 pm

sos22, what you didn’t like Conchita ? :-)

Yes I watched the Bucs/Cards game last nite, had to turn down the sound since the ESPN announcer were like Cardinals network announcers.

Only thing that shut them up on their continual Cardinal drivel was God forbid, Jordy Mercer hit a homer.

You couldn’t even call the main announcer a ‘play by play’ guy. As the game only interrupted his continual monologue, which was 80% Card centric.

Pirates will be alright, baseball is a marathon and we’re only two game behind St. Louis in the loss column. Who in the long run is the team to beat in the Central.

Comment by Emel 05.12.14 @ 5:18 pm

Last I saw Frankcan had started using capital letters and punctuation. As hard as his stuff is to read ,he knows recruiting about as well as anyone posting this site, and I hope he is OK and will be back posting soon.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 5:20 pm

One thing that I want to bring up is the possible double standard That I (and I suspect others here) live by. While I wasn’t disturbed by the kiss, I also didn’t care to watch it either.

It’s funny that if I’m watching a movie where 2 attractive girls are getting it on, I continue to watch. Yet, if 2 guys are about to do it, I will most likely change the channels.

Comment by wbb 05.12.14 @ 5:48 pm

I’m expecting a post from frankcan anytime now to lament how PSU recruiting is so far ahead of Pitt’s, and that we haven’t had a commit in nearly 2 months. Almost worried about him

Comment by wbb 05.12.14 @ 5:51 pm

I have a confession. I am a lesbian. :)~

With regard to Sam, I turned the tv off after Street was drafted. It is the only way to send a message to espn. Same when Costas went off on his rant about the redskin name being offensive. The more society let’s the media control, the worse it will get.

America is soft. Everyone isn’t a hero. You want a hero, thank your servicemen and women. A hero is not a person that discusses openly his sexual exploits. There is no honor in that. Now let’s go recruit some players cupcake! Looks like the attention shifts to Shurmur since Malzone verbals to Michigan. I would stay on him because Hoke is gone if Michigan falters.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 05.12.14 @ 5:52 pm

The one that is going to be a real circus is the Clippers. There is no way they can make ownership sell their interest in the team. He may be a racist bigot as they portray him. That might be a bad and despicable thing but it doesn’t give anybody the right to take his property. They can talk about Oprah and every other wealthy black interest wanting to buy them but unless Sterling agrees, they belong to him, and his wife certainly can’t be forced to sell her half either. Just a bunch of wishful thinking by a bunch misguided liberals.

Speaking of misguided liberals and while I’m on my bigotry rant, what happened to Rooney’s N-word rule. That was about the dumbest idea I ever saw. Seriously only idiots of either race still talk that way. Rooney can’t do enough to show he has no racial partiality so he sits around and dreams up stupid ideas like that.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 6:26 pm

lol dhuff

Concur, the word hero should be reserved for ppl willing to put their lives on the line for the benefit of others.

Think I posted this the other day, regardless, sports shouldn’t be about pushing political or social agendas.

Costas also burned me with his rant on gun control last year as well during halftime of an NFL game. I don’t even own a gun, but I do support the rights of those that do want to own them for self protection.

Just as I support ‘free speech’ rights no matter how egregious I might feel that speech is.

If you don’t believe in these 2 basic American fundamental rights, perhaps you need to rethink if you’re truly an American. And then take some history classes to find out how and why this country was formed.

Comment by Emel 05.12.14 @ 7:00 pm

Emel, I don’t own a gun either but clowns like Costas make me think I’d be wise to pick up a few.
Not so much for personal protection , but as a hedge against a time when our freedom is in jeopardy from those who know what is best for the rest of us like him.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.12.14 @ 7:14 pm

I’m assuming Cornhole voted for eight conference games today.

Has anyone heard?

Comment by TonyinHouston 05.12.14 @ 9:01 pm

News from the Great Northwest:

“Former UCLA Bruins coach Ben Howland has withdrawn his name from consideration for the vacant Oregon State Beavers job, a source with direct knowledge told ESPN Monday night.

Howland talked to Oregon State about the vacancy and spoke with AD Bob De Carolis Monday that he was no longer interested. ”

Apparently Ben doesn’t think it’s that great !

Comment by Emel 05.12.14 @ 9:10 pm

I have no problem with a gay player on any team, but I think the show that Sams put on with his partner, set the gay movement back a decade.
I felt that he slapped in the face many of the people that were in his corner with that display, and would expect his stay in the league will be short. He turned what was a good story into fuel for the anti gay faction that exists.

Comment by Jimbo 05.12.14 @ 9:31 pm

Pederson did vote for the 8 game conf schedule. I’m fine with 8 if they’re going to play 2 meaningful non con games. I get the feeling we wouldn’t see psu & Ok St in the same season if they played 9 conf games. Pederson also expressed interest in continuing the psu series past 2019. That will be harder to do if all the major conferences go to 9 league games without extending the season to 13 games.

Comment by Nick 05.12.14 @ 10:39 pm

“Emel, I agree. 1000%. My problem is if you are against it or at least the agenda of it you are interolent or not forward thinking. I accept and love everyone but doesnt mean I agree with that lifestyle. ”

“I have no problem with an openly gay player in the NFL. A sexual orientation is ones personal business and should remain that way. I do have a problem with making him out to be some kind of hero. I think the whole thing is strange. Call me what you want but seeing 2 grown men macking on sports center is a disgusting sight from my viewpoint. I guess if Michael Sams doesn’t make the team they will send him packing. Fudge packing.”

“With regard to Sam, I turned the tv off after Street was drafted. It is the only way to send a message to espn. Same when Costas went off on his rant about the redskin name being offensive. The more society let’s the media control, the worse it will get.

America is soft. Everyone isn’t a hero. You want a hero, thank your servicemen and women. A hero is not a person that discusses openly his sexual exploits. There is no honor in that.”

“I have no problem with a gay player on any team, but I think the show that Sams put on with his partner, set the gay movement back a decade.”

“Concur, the word hero should be reserved for ppl willing to put their lives on the line for the benefit of others.

Think I posted this the other day, regardless, sports shouldn’t be about pushing political or social agendas.”

Just a selection of the absolute crap some of you are posting. I’m ashamed of all the racists and homophobes commenting on this website – you should have gone to another school instead of making the rest of us look like uneducated backwater idiots. Please turn in your degrees you lowlifes.

Comment by Krayz 05.13.14 @ 12:44 am

Congrats to Aaron Donald, Tom Savage and Devin Street and all the rest of the seniors. And congratulations to Michael Sam, standing up to the hatred of who he is for reasons unrelated to his actions.

Comment by Krayz 05.13.14 @ 12:45 am

Sam’s & Manziel’s shirts are the best selling NFL jerseys at this point after last week’s draft. That sort of tells us something about how football fans and people in general feel about a gay NFL player.

Correction: Openly gay NFL player. There have been homosexuals in football since the inception of the game. I’m surprised that at this time in our existence anyone even cares about an individual’s sexual orientation or if two men kiss on TV. It has no negative impact on me or on football itself, quite the opposite in fact. The “gay Movement” hasn’t been set back one second let alone a decade. If anything it has just been normalized a bit more.

It does make the phrase “wide stance” more applicable to the NFL though.

Bottom Line: Big freakin’ deal. I’m more interested if Sam can actually make the roster and contribute alongside Aaron Donald or not.

Comment by Reed 05.13.14 @ 6:24 am

Wow, I hadn’t heard that Manziel was gay until just now!

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.13.14 @ 7:15 am

@Krayz, I’m offended and outraged by your comments!!!

Comment by Dan 05.13.14 @ 7:52 am

@Krayz, I see anyone who doesn’t feel the same as you is a racist. I would suggest that who designated you to decide what is acceptable and what isn’t? In an effort to show tolerance you have none for anyone who doesn’t share your perspective. Your position is equally narrow as those you are rejecting.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.13.14 @ 8:27 am

If being disgusted by seeing two grown men in a groping romantic embrace makes me an “uneducated backwater idiot” then I guess I should have gone to WVU because it did. If it requires being comfortable watching that then I am guilty as charged. I submit however, that if you are a heterosexual male of my generation ,and not put off, you are only pretending to not be bothered to be politically correct. I prefer backwater idiot to phoney.

Comment by spiritofsection22 05.13.14 @ 8:53 am

Dr. Tom – obviously I meant Sam but who really knows? Even Rock Hudson had tons of beautiful women around him all the time.

?? When does summer camp start??

Comment by Reed 05.13.14 @ 9:37 am

Thank you for those words of wisdom Krayz, or whoever you are …….

When one can not make a favorable argument, one usually resorts to name calling. So it’s nice to see we have some 8-10 year olds on the blog.
And what are you going to be when you grow up kido ?

Comment by Emel 05.13.14 @ 1:03 pm

Thanks Steve1 — I agree, his most ardent critics would probably ball up in the fetal position when facing an FSU rush…walk a mile in another man’s shoes, right?

Reed — not sure what you’re trying to say but seems like you’re trying to have it both ways. Either he was average or not in your view. In my view, he was above average given the talent he was surrounded with, his schedule, and the fact he hadn’t taken a meaningful snap in three years. I guess because he wasn’t John Elway or Danny M. he was a disappointment to you. From what I saw, he was about the third or fourth best QB in the ACC this year — out of 16 teams — which ain’t bad. Spare me the statistical regurgitations…Tino had better numbers the previous season — does that mean he was the vastly superior QB who should have been drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round?

Comment by Matt N. 05.13.14 @ 1:04 pm

By the way, Danny M. had a not great senior year after a stellar junior season — statistically speaking — so the critics were right I guess, and Don Shula the poor clown who wasted a 1st round pick on him. My guess is Fitzpatrick probably starts the season as the number one QB, but Savage gets a few starts by the end of the year…unless Fitz has an unconscious year. My view is put the kid in there and see what he can do — if they don’t think Fitzpatrick will lead them back to the playoffs — and having dumped Schaub — why not give it a go. If he’s totally overmatched, start evaluating QBs in next year’s draft.

Comment by Matt N. 05.13.14 @ 1:12 pm

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