January 8, 2014

Morning, everyone. The deep freeze may be coming to an end but a third day of no school for the kids further disrupts life.

Amidst the hoopla for the last BCS Championship game, the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) released their Freshman All-American Team.

Tyler Boyd made the squad, so one more accolade for him and this Pitt squad.

After the Maryland-Pitt game, I flipped over to the BCS Championship and checked out the Film Room, thing that ESPNnews had running. Mainly because Paul Chryst was part of it. I got hooked because it was pretty interesting.

I saw some complaints that Chryst wasn’t as dynamic and active as Texas A&M’s Sumlin and BC’s Addazio, but that shouldn’t have surprised anyone. And I mean anyone. Not only are both more personable in their press conferences and interviews, they had a lot more time to prepare. As in a couple of weeks at least. Chryst was a last minute switch over the weekend. It was supposed to be Charlie Strong, but after he left Louisville for Texas he also bailed on the gig. Naturally the already taciturn Chryst isn’t going to just, um, blather too much.

As for any complaints that he missed out on a chance to be recruiting kids through the TV. No.

The actual ratings were miniscule (though, it got plenty of Twitter buzz). I’m not buying that high school recruits for 2015 and beyond were watching this game with coaching commentary going. The best it did with recruiting for Sumlin and Addazio is it reinforces to the recruits they already have, that that is their coach. Maybe, gives them a little more juice to make their pitch to kids — though, it is unlikely Sumlin needs it. Primarily, it sets up Sumlin and Addazio for TV studio or analyst work after they are done coaching (or fired).

It gives all three programs some extra exposure which is good. Chryst may not have been smooth, but he clearly looked to be in his element. Just talking about football and the game. He had no glaring screw-ups. He didn’t pick his nose on TV or scratch inappropriately.

I’d rather have him doing that, and getting some more exposure for Pitt than not doing the gig.

Was he dressed in a grey hoody?

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.14 @ 9:04 am

We also have a guy who made the All-Bowl team … and his name is not Conner, Boyd or Donald

link to

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 9:06 am

I watched a little bit of the ESPN telecast and while Adazzio and Sumlin were very eager to offer their opinions, it seemed that PC only spoke up when asked. Again, I just watched a small portion but he remains the total antithesis of his predecessor. This is refreshing for me but maybe not so for a young recruit.

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 9:11 am

Good find, wbb. Artie Rowell caught the attention of people in the know, which is a good sign for the state of our OL for the next two years.

Comment by 2$Chuck 01.08.14 @ 9:18 am

I watched little of the game – only the fourth quarter was interesting – and I watched only the film room but my take on HCPC was that he didn’t feel the need to speak unless he had something worth saying. Others in the room, particularly Matt Millen, felt the need to speak continuously irrespective of whether there was anything that needed saying.

That being said, I much preferred the perspective offered by the film room group to the chatterboxes on the main broadcast.

Comment by Pitt Dad 01.08.14 @ 9:40 am

Millen during the Orange Bowl was enough of a dose of him and his blabbering for the next decade.

Whatever his connections are, they are indeed good, I’ll give the schmuck that.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 9:49 am

Spielman is another one. Oy vey ! Something must be in the Big 10 water.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 9:51 am

I actually like Spielman. Maybe because that when the telecast he was on a few years back promoted ESPN’s presenting the Best 25 College Players of all time, he immediately said that Hugh Green better be on that list … didn’t see that coming from tOSU alum

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 9:57 am

Just noticed that Teryl Austin is linked to be DC in Detroit if Caldwell or Whisenhunt are hired. I’m sure if Pitt had offered he would have snatched it up with the meager income of $180K. To my point, I’m sure Austin was out of Pitt’s league last year and is content matriculating the NFL ranks.

Comment by Bones 01.08.14 @ 10:10 am

People make way too much out of Chryst’s low-key personality. Like I wrote the other day, Gus Malzahn makes Chryst look like the life of the party and he’s done OK. I think most recruits at the D-I level these days have a lot of street sense about football, and are more concerned with what a coach does on the field and how they will fit into the program. Even though they are young, I don’t think they are as easily seduced by hype and personality as fans seems to believe.

Obviously, Pitt needs to start winning more games before they can expect to attract the best recruits, but I think most of these guys want to get on the field and get as much playing time as they can, and not ride the bench for three years. So, the fact that Chryst has shown that he’s willing to get the best players on the field even if they are freshman is going to be a much bigger draw for most recruits than whether or not he has a flashy personality.

Don’t get me wrong – there may be plenty of reasons why the top recruits go elsewhere that need to be examined, I just don’t think Chryst’s personality is one of them. Personally, if I were a player, I’d rather play for a genuine guy like Chryst who is worthy of my trust, than for an insincere wind-bag like Todd Graham or Bobby Petrino, even though they are highly successful coaches on the field.

Comment by Steve S 01.08.14 @ 10:22 am

i watched almost the entire game ont hat cast…who the f*** wants to listen to Herby and Creepy?

Hell no.

Chryst was Chryst, they were all drinking..bored as hell by the end of the game.

Comment by NOPE 01.08.14 @ 10:30 am

Chas, I watched the game so I didn’t see the film show. But thanks for the news, none of realized that Paul Chryst wasn’t a flashy guy. Regardless, he is sincere in what he says and he’s a solid football coach. I’d take him any day over a guy like Matt Millan who talks a good show and has never been a succussful coach.

Comment by Justinian 01.08.14 @ 10:32 am

Steve S, once again, Pitt has 4 or 5 four-star recruits, all on the offensive side. It helps to have OC Rudolph and WR Coach Engram, plus the rep that PC has since Wisc had developed so many OL in recent years.

The issue is on the defense. Look at the Pitt commitment list on any web site, and you will see a large disparity.

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 10:35 am

Where would we be without Tyler Boyd? Especially after Street went down, Boyd was it. When our running game had it’s funk (most of the year) Boyd was it. Apologies to Savage, but without Boyd….

Watching the big bowls it was pretty obvious that great wide receivers are the difference makers.

Sammy Watkins at Clemson, the trio at FSU, the great one at Auburn. These are the playmakers.

Thank you Tyler for being a home town kid.

Many props to Artie Rowell who fought and won, one of the only position battles in camp. Who anchored the line and when Gabe Roberts went down, Artie and Clemmings were the only ones that played every game. I guess his blocking for Conners got noticed. The probable line next year, Rowell, Clemmings, Rotherham, Bisnowaty, and Johnson. Hit the weight room boys!

I guess there is no confirmation on Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Comment by gc 01.08.14 @ 10:44 am

I watched it, by no means did PC make a bad showing. That is complete BS.

Wbb, I would love it if Pitt landed a bad ass LB for once. I think they have plenty of lineman that a few will step up.

Comment by notrocketscience 01.08.14 @ 10:46 am

Steve S. You’re absolutely right. Four and five Star kids coming into a program, if they’re smart, should be considering the opportunity to play. Paul Chryst has shown that he will play freshmen over upperclassmen if they have the ability. Look at Robert Foster who chose Alabama over Pitt. He has yet to see any playing time at Alabama while Tyler Boyd at Pitt was named to the All-ACC team and to the Freshman All-America team.

Comment by Justinian 01.08.14 @ 10:46 am

Think abought this the cincinnati bengals asst strength coach was hired as the head strength coach at eastern michigan a mac school. you cant get much better strength coach then that.
which means if he want to a mac school he would go to a ACC school like pitt. But i forget he did not go to wisconsin no we get a wisconsin grad with no strength Experience who was a grad asst on the d line at wisconsin last year not a asst strength coach.

Comment by Frankcan 01.08.14 @ 10:47 am

@Frankcan don’t you think Coach Chryst knows what he is doing by hiring someone who he believes can make Pitt fit for the 2014 season? Sometimes credentials can be deceving. Look at our AD…

Comment by MariettaMike 01.08.14 @ 10:54 am

wbb, Do you know of any good defensive coaches who are great recruiters out there? Maybe we can send Paul Chryst a resume’ or two. Signing day is still a few weeks away, maybe there’s a player or two on the defensive side who’s looking play early?

Comment by Justinian 01.08.14 @ 10:54 am

The S&C hire has not been confirmed that I have seen. It will be quite funny if it is false and so many people have bitched and complained about it.

Comment by notrocketscience 01.08.14 @ 10:57 am

Agree 100% wbb, Chryst has been doing fine in recruiting offensive players. Way below the line on defense. We won’t be competitive until we stockpile 4 and a couple of 5 stars on the defense. Did you see the hitting and the speed in the championship game? Other than Donald, and a few others we looked like a high school team compared to them.

We have not had superstar linebackers since Green and Jackson, McKillop and Olsalvsky were above the line and the duo from Florida were decent, but that’s about it.

We are counting on 2 and 3 star players currently on the roster. House and Co. need help.

Comment by gc 01.08.14 @ 10:58 am

A belated comment on the CNN report, does it surprise anyone that when $$$ is involved that people will break the rules.

This is a problem that will never go away.

Do you really think that the majority of Pitt players would be admitted if not for football. Stanford, Notre Dame?

Even that is bending the rules.

Admitting kids with a third grade reading level is what happens when you don’t care at all about the rules.

But what is the option. Pay the kids and run the minor leagues for pro football. Then, do we have a draft and salary cap like the NFL. What about benefits, pension, car allowance, disability insurance.

When you add other types of cheating and breaking of rules, you find that big time college sports is a dirty business.

So what else is new?

Comment by gc 01.08.14 @ 11:12 am

Could someone call me a cab?

Comment by Dan 01.08.14 @ 11:14 am

Comment by MariettaMike 01.08.14 @ 11:18 am

MariettaMike, Do you remember when WVU won the NIT and the players were all wearing t-shirts with West Virginia miss-spelled on ESPN? What a moment!

Comment by Justinian 01.08.14 @ 11:31 am

When I was at Pitt the football players attended class as I sat next to one or more of them. I think parents have a role even in college by at least checking on their kids and getting their grade reports. They should see if a coach has a past problem with academics. The NFL and NBA are for very few.

Comment by Frank MD 01.08.14 @ 11:32 am

Under HCPC the caliber of student appears to be very good. Not sure to many of the last two classes are if he can find the building type.

Comment by chethejet 01.08.14 @ 11:33 am

@wbb, I think that you’ll see Mike Herndon show up on the “D” rather than the “O” when it’s all said and done. And I think that he would be a good one on the DL.

All of our designated “ATHLETES” recruits could end up adding depth to the defensive backfield too going forward. I wouldn’t be the least surprised to see acouple of them show up and contribute as Freshman, just like the two Clairton true Freshman did last season.

So the defensive recruiting isn’t really as poor as it looks like on paper for this class, IMO.

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.08.14 @ 11:34 am

@Justinian — once attended a GA Tech home game against FL State and a guy in front of me held out a card with “Florida State school of ‘excellance'”. Ouch!

Comment by MariettaMike 01.08.14 @ 11:36 am

@Justinian i nissed it but not suprised coming from Hoopieland where they give MBA’s without attending class. Only in Wast Virginia. šŸ˜‰

Comment by MariettaMike 01.08.14 @ 11:46 am

Well Dr Tom, guess I’ll take your word for it since you were 1 for 1 last year (Blewitt)

From what I understand, Herndon may also be our short yardage back

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 11:47 am

Comment by Pitt Dad 01.08.14 @ 11:48 am

Is FSU the 2013 or 2014 champions?

Comment by gc 01.08.14 @ 11:51 am


Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 11:56 am

First congratulations to Tyler Boyd. Well Deserved.

I watched the entire game on “Film Room”. I wanted something more than the normal game commentary. The format didn’t work as well as I hoped because of Auburn’s and at times Florida State’s hurry up offenses that didn’t allow for in depth analysis. The best example of what I wanted more of but didn’t happen is when Fl St scored a running touchdown. They spent a good amount of time explaining the Olines blocking and how the right guard swung his hips & got his big butt to seal off the hole.

Format would work great for the pro game and their slower pace of action

And no PC didn’t wear a gray sweatshirt. More of a green zippered sweater with PITT on chest.

Comment by PITT-cocks fan 01.08.14 @ 11:58 am

Dr. Tom, we all hope Herndon is great as are the rest of the two and three stars. They may well be.

But guys get 4 and 5 stars for a reason, they don’t always pan out, but it is important to get some. Ohio St. has 12 4’s and 1 5 ready to go.

We need to up our defensive recruiting if we are to up our game.

Comment by gc 01.08.14 @ 12:09 pm

We need a recruiting ace on D first. And Pitt needs to market hard what AD did. Still need more speed and beef on D. Florida’s got some good under recruited LB’s. Who recruits Florida for us?

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.14 @ 12:22 pm

what is it with dropping successful logos for Pgh sports teams?

Just heard on the Fan that the Pirates are dropping the Jolly Roger and going with the traditional P, whatever that is. I know, like Pitt, that they are operating on the cheap but they couldn’t afford a better marketing consultant than Smiley?

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 12:28 pm

gc, Yes, unfortunately we know that, but many of the 4 & 5 guys have more interest and to go the top programs. Pitt has to get best players they can and they have develop them. They have to make the 3 star kids better. That was pretty much what Jamie Dixon had to do on the basketball side. How many Mc. Donald’s All-Americans has he gotten. Chryst is going to have develop his players to put a winning team on the field and think he’s beginning to do that. As they win more, they will become more attractive to the top prospects.

Comment by Justinian 01.08.14 @ 12:30 pm

Here are a few takeaways after watching the BCS Championship Coaching Analysis on ESPN…

– Matt Millen contaminates anything he’s involved with (Detroit Lions included). Just like with his game analysis, Monday night he constantly trying to walk a fine line between giving analysis and complimenting the Refs and Coaches for both teams. One Host and Three Coaches (minus Spielman) would have been a much better setup. After all, it was the COACHES we really wanted to hear from.

– That said, in my opinion Chryst did a good job of representing himself and Pitt. He came across like he is… a person totally at ease with who he is. Without Millen constantly injecting himself into the conversation, there would have been more opportunity for Chryst to elaborate on the solid points he made, like, for example, the choice Florida State had in the first half as to whether they should “scrap” trying to put pressure on Auburn’s quarterback because it wasn’t working. Hey, maybe Chryst should call Defenses and Offensive plays?

– Lastly, I was really impressed with Sumlin. How could you not be? He clearly came off as the most astute and charismatic of the coaches. The fact that he says Manziel is by far the smartest football player he has ever coached… carries a lot more weight knowing now just how sharp Sumlin is as a Coach.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.14 @ 12:39 pm

Lets hope Dr.Tom is right about athletes becoming defensive stars.Paterno was known for his defense and the name Linebacker U.. A lot of his linebackers and defensive backs were recruited as quarterbacks/athletes.I heard him once say he did this with H.S. quarterbacks because they were athletes who had good understanding of the offenses the were looking at and usually good speed. Thats why he recruited Jeff Hostetler ,who went to school with my kids. The sale was play quarterback for Penn State but when he got there he started prepping him for linebacker (big, fast and very smart, generally athletic).Most around here though know how the bait and switch did’nt work and Jeff’s mom negotiated him into WVU after Jackie Sherrill said no thanks I have Marino. So there is a pattern for athletes to bcome good defenses.

Comment by Pitt 60 01.08.14 @ 12:41 pm

Regarding Mike Herndon…

The kid has Offensive Guard written all over him. Aggressive and NASTY.

If he were to move to Defense… Nose Tackle might be a place where he could compete for playing time.

Keep in mind the competition he’s playing against in his highlight reel. Lost of small kids who can’t run very fast.

Unlike Herndon, Riverheads High is tiny… with a total enrollment of 520 for Grades 9-12.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.14 @ 12:49 pm

gc, no doubt!!!! Pick Alabama, FSU, Ohio State whatever “elite” program that you prefer to use as an example, they’re all swimming in the deluge of committed 4 & 5* recruits. It’s the old “the rich get richer” in that rarified air of the top programs.

Pitt, by contrast is slightly above bottom feeders at this point and have been criticized by multiple posters for competing for recruits against the likes of MAC schools. It’s all true!

Tx Panther speaks the truth as well, that Pitt needs to head South for those fertile states like Florida and Georgia, where even the passed over second best recruits are still solid players with plenty of upside.

But to be realistic, you crawl before you walk, you walk before you run, and you run before you fly. Pitt right now are toddlers in the recruiting department. “Winning” sure would help but improving the brand is only part of the solution.

You have to believe in what you’re selling but you also have to promote the hell out of what you believe in if you ever expect to up your recruiting results against the big boys.

Right now that is the 800 lb gorilla in the room,. Maybe at some point, as Chryst says, “we can just offer”, but for now we have to step up our recruiting game with some dynamic recruiting individulas as well as a very coordinated energetic recruiting PLAN to hit the correct areas of the country, now that we’re in the ACC, move beyond where we are right now on the recruiting trail and on to better highly ranked classes in the future.

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.08.14 @ 12:52 pm

It doesn’t even matter what was said. PC was chosen out of the MANY coaches to sit next to several rising star coaches. It absolutely can’t hurt to bring that type of thing up when recruiting. I don’t know if it will help a ton, but is definitely doesn’t help to be in the same breath of the other coaches.

Comment by Big Time 01.08.14 @ 12:56 pm

gc… you make great points above regarding the ridiculous notion of paying College Players.

It would be opening Pandora’s Box. Once open, there would be no end to the problems created.

What about the other athletes in school. In the name of “fairness” and “political correctness”… why should members of the Women’s Volleyball make any less than Football Players just because their sport does NOT generate as much revenue?

Proponents of paying College Football Players… many of them ex-Players… do not realize how shortsighted they really are.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.14 @ 12:57 pm

The Pirates traditional P is the one on the hat. They’re scrapping the Pirate logo(the Bucco with the big wad of chew in his lip) to go with the P. They started it last year by wearing the alternate black jersey with the big P on the chest more than the white/gray unis. They even wore the black jersey for the team pic. The announcers commented that they never saw a team wear anything but the home whites in the team pic. It’s the Bucco equivalent of going back to the script. The jolly roger has only been around since the mid 90’s.

Comment by Nick 01.08.14 @ 1:02 pm

Jim Kelly was recruited by Joe as a LB. That makes sense when it works. He might have made a good LB. Just sayin that this approach might work for Pitt even in this day and age. Pitt really needs some playmakers at LB. I actually think the future DL looks good. Can always use an elite CB though. If Pitt gets faster and more aggressive on D, it just might work as long as the players remember how to tackle or look back for the ball.

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.14 @ 1:09 pm

Nick, Script Pitt was not original either … it began in 1973.

Im sorry but ‘raise the Traditional P’ doesn’t quite cut it with me

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 1:13 pm

It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of Defensive Line House is able to assemble.

Several Redshirt Freshmen coming on line.

One thing for sure, Soto has one the DE positions sewn up.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.14 @ 1:19 pm

Dr Tom, I think I speak for most, if not all, unsweetened tea drinkers that I’m pretty satisfied with what PC and staff has been recruiting on the offensive side.

But if you look at the Pitt current commits, you will see all of the 4-stars on the offensive side. If you look at ESPN which lists highest to lowest, you have to go the 8th recruit before finding a defender, on on 247, you have to go to the 10th one before you find a defender.

People on this site can scoff all they want at Henry’s mom, but what she said appears to be the opinion of many key recruits like it or not.

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 1:21 pm

PittofDreams, so stick with the current system which is basically indentured servitude? No one would ever argue that political correctness would make you pay volleyball players. Political correctness doesn’t make WNBA players earn as much as NBA players etc etc.

Football players makes schools millions and millions of dollars. Why should they be the only ones not making any money? They are the ones putting their own health on the line. It makes no sense. Why should a coach like Jimbo Fisher makes millions and millions but Winston is forced to play in college for nothing.

Comment by Wardapalooza 01.08.14 @ 1:28 pm

Regarding Unis for 2014…

The Stripe on the helmet made the Block-style “PITT” looked so good, it probably has taken any discussion of the “Script” off the table… at least for the time being.

That said, what they really need to do now is build on the good they did with the helmets and complete the look by adding STRIPES to the JERSEYS.

Here’s what I’m talk’n about…

link to

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.14 @ 1:28 pm

The jolly roger refers to the skull & crossbones flag that Pirates would raise before attacking a ship. They’re still going to do that. My best guess is that they want to dump that Bucco emblem that was synonymous with losing for all those years. I always liked the Pirate emblem from the 80’s, the one they used to have laughing on the jumbotron at the beginning of games.

Comment by Nick 01.08.14 @ 1:37 pm

@Nick, respect your opinion but, there are some caveats with the “Pirate guy”, compared to the Pitt script.

By the way, wbb is correct.

The Pitt script, although not the original, was what became most synonymos (sp) with Pitt athletics, as well as the university overall.

It was Pitt. Here, and across the country.

It was beloved by fans.

This isn’t a Pitt script rant however.

Going to the dinosaurus or whatever that thing was, and going with “Pittsburgh”, was not popular with anyone. I mean anyone, I don’t know one person that liked it.

I’m sure, someone, somewhere did, I guess.

Now, I do not know any details about this Pirate “P” story, but I would have to believe, that they would not totally take away the Jolly Roger guy.

Maybe off the uniforms, ok. But off the scoreboard, around the stadium, not selling souveigners with it, that could be the most ridiculous marketing blunder that there could be.

The Jolly Roger, the skull and crossbone flags waving in the stands, became iconic, to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The blackout game, with the skull and crossbones flags waving, were talked about nationally by sports people for days.

I would have to believe, that possibly they are going to make the gold “P” the uniform, but there could be no way, that someone would rid the Pirates of being “Pirates”.

@wbb, any links to any stories, or only on the radio??

I’m gonna look.

Comment by Dan 01.08.14 @ 1:37 pm

Wait, did the Pirates sublet out marketing to Smug Smilin’ Steve???

Comment by Dan 01.08.14 @ 1:38 pm

Dan, I know of one individual that loved the chiseled features of the Panther head on the helmets and the “Pittsburgh” leaderhead across the jerseys of the Pitt football uniforms, his name was Steve Pederson.

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.08.14 @ 1:45 pm

Ward… How ’bout this?

To make things REALLY fair for the AVERAGE Kids and their Parents who incur incredible debt to pay the TUITION that is the TRUE LIFEBLOOD of Major Institutions… how about we make the application process a “DOUBLE-BLIND” process in order to avoid any chance of BIAS. This would go for both ATHLETES and NON-ATHLETES.

It would work something like this…

1) A kid gets recruited for Football or any other sport just like today.

2) Once offered… the prospective Student-Athlete would have to apply just like any other students based purely upon grades, test scores, extra curricular activities, etc. Any information that might give away the Applicants TRUE IDENTITY would be scrubbed from the application before being reviewed.

3) If accepted and only after being accepted… could the Athletic Scholarship be OFFICIALLY Awarded and then Accepted.

Now, isn’t this REALLY FAIR?

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.14 @ 1:48 pm

They’re getting rid of the Pirate emblem. They announced it last summer. They’re going to use fan input to create a new one. They’re keeping the P & coming up with a new emblem. The skull & crossbones flags aren’t an official emblem, but you can bet they’ll still sell them & fans will still wave them proudly. The Pirate P isn’t original either, I think it came about in the 50’s, but it is known worldwide to represent the Buccos. The P hat has been the 2nd best seller behind the Yankees for years.

Comment by Nick 01.08.14 @ 1:51 pm

Dan, here is a tweet from one of the PG Pirates writers

Michael Sanserino ? @msanserino #Pirates make official their decision to adopt gold “P” as primary logo, replacing Jolly Roger pirate design.

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 1:51 pm

By the way Ward, you’re wrong on the point about Volley Ball Players demanding EQUAL PAY.

No question, as soon as the NCAA agrees to paying athletes… how long would it be before we would see the formation of the College Athlete Players Union?

Then what about those DAMN Strikes?

Comment by PittofDreams 01.08.14 @ 1:53 pm

I like Paul Chryst. If he manages to win seven or eight games a season, he’ll probably go the way of Pitt’s other successful football coaches – Gottfried, Harris, and Wannstedt years ’08 – ’10 – be fired.

Comment by TonyinHouston 01.08.14 @ 1:59 pm

The Pirates need to go back to the ‘Dave Giusti’ Pirate of the early 70’s with the tri-corner pirate hat.

The current one looks like a lowlife street bum.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 2:07 pm

For those of you not of this Earth in the 1970’s.

link to

scroll down a little

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 2:09 pm

Wow, and education. There are official logo’s, hat logo’s, alternate logo’s, other logo’s.


Ok, Nick, think I got it. They’re gonna go with the gold “P”, instead of the word “Pirates” with a pirate caricature as their official logo???

Confusing wit the “P” on the hat. Only difference I would see with that logo, is it has some white trim compared to back in the 30’s and 40’s.

Sounds good, I think there will still be some “Pirate guys” and skull and crossbones around.

@wbb, thanks.

Comment by Dan 01.08.14 @ 2:13 pm

Jameis Winston was forced to play college football???

Who forced him?? Someone needs to dig into this.

Comment by Dan 01.08.14 @ 2:15 pm

They should never mess with the ‘P’ gold letter on the black hat. If they do they’re idiots. All these other teams with no black traditionally in their uni’s, now have black featured.

Unless they also bring back the Pillbox bicentennial caps of the ‘We are Family’ era.

Everybody loved those and they also became synonymous with the Pirates.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 2:18 pm

The solution to the CNN article is quite obvious.

Only allow those who can meet the regular academic standards any other applicant must meet, into that university.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 2:21 pm

Any universities found ‘gaming’ the system gets the death penalty.

See how simple this is.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 2:22 pm

Auburn vs FSU had to be almost the epitome of what is wrong with college sports.

Be willing to bet, 50% of more of those starting lineups were 4rth grade readers.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 2:25 pm

Bobby Petrino is reported to be the new HC at LVille after one year at WKU. This will be his fifth HC position in last 8 years.

Your move, Fraud!

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 2:28 pm

lol L-ville is such a dirtbag college. Bringing back Motorcycle Bobby. Wonder if the Mistress will get a job at L-Ville too !

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 2:31 pm

Two scumbag head coaches reunited.

Petrino & Petino

Reunited and it felt so good…..

link to

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 2:33 pm

Signing of a Strength/Conditioning coach is official…

link to

Comment by Mailman 01.08.14 @ 2:36 pm

Well.. I guess it wouldn’t be a signing. Regardless, it’s official.

Comment by Mailman 01.08.14 @ 2:37 pm

Emel the problem with your suggestion which I assume is facetious is that the only schools with good football teams would be those with low academic standards. If you had one NCAA standard, which I think we are supposed to have now, and you really enforced it, the pros would have to pay for a minor league.

Comment by gc 01.08.14 @ 2:39 pm

The Pirate gold P on a black hat is worn by many people (celebrities) to support gangs. That’s why the Pirates hat is so popular.
Pittsburgh Pirates: Colors – Black/Gold for Latin Kings; Bloods – Initial ā€œPā€; for Pirus (Bloods)

Comment by Caw Miller 01.08.14 @ 2:39 pm

If the NCCA put in too rigid standards, all the FB powers would break away … and the networks would follow.

Maybe a good thing for Pitt

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 2:42 pm

As to Paul Chryst’s selection to the TV show, that likely is because he was the coach of an opponent of FSU this year. The only other coaches available would be Maryland, Clemson, NC State, Wake Forest and Syracuse. ESPN could also have chosen a head coach from the opponents of AU, too, which still makes it a choice of about 16-18 total.

Comment by Caw Miller 01.08.14 @ 2:43 pm

@gc well we had FSU, Auburn, Central Florida, Oklahoma State, Clemson, Alabama & Oklahoma in the BCS bowls. Pretty close to what we got now.

While academic standards aren’t exactly high at these ‘schools’, their standards are still higher than most of their football & basketball rosters would meet.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 2:45 pm

@Emel, they sure aren’t Harvard and Yale.

Maybe like a drug test we could test reading skills before an after a game. LOL

Comment by gc 01.08.14 @ 2:49 pm

Alumni of the schools and ppl in general will still watch college football if we had real students participating. I know I would.

Here’s a case where the colleges could dictate their terms instead of being led around by the nose by the TV Networks.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 2:51 pm

Something is going on at Harvard though, for basketball at least. They were ranked last year and are 13-1 this year.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 2:53 pm

I didn’t get a chance to see it. I heard one of the coaches called the fake punt before it happened. Anyone know which coach it was?

Comment by Pittastic 01.08.14 @ 2:54 pm

Up for your consideration:

link to

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 3:00 pm

Haaaaaaaaavard plays at Uconn tonite, btw.

Getting 4.5 points

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 3:01 pm

@ward and others–it’s really simple. Give every player recruited a guaranteed 5 year (or until graduated-whichever happens first) ship plus sufficient stipend that there is no out of pocket cost for anything. Also include free access to tutoring services whether player continues to play or not. That’s becomes the guaranteed minimum compensation. It should be worth about $50 K per year. Anyone able to do better by turning pro prior to graduation is welcome to do so. Academically, admission standards should reflect an ability (with tutoring factored in) to be capable of completing a degree in 5 years.

IMHO, that would be completely fair.

Comment by Pitt1972 01.08.14 @ 3:08 pm

Didn’t see Pittastic, the thought of hearing Matt Millen again made me quite ill.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 3:09 pm

Free access to tutoring. Don’t they get that now.

Guaranteed 5 year scholarships? What if they don’t play, or pan out or even care to practice after 1 year ?

Why do we have to change the academic standards for new applicants at all ?

Do we for any other applicants, because they’re a virtuoso pianist or a girl that can twirl the baton ? Of course not.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 3:16 pm

Just enforce the standards the other 95% of college applicants have to abide by.

And like I said before, if a school get’s caught cheating, they get the DEath Penalty.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 3:18 pm

Thanks Emel. I’ll try to find a repeat. Just wanted to see PC breaking down film.

Comment by Pittastic 01.08.14 @ 3:22 pm

YW Pittastic, if you find it, let me know. Maybe we can edit out Millen’s comments. Of which I heard there were many.

Comment by Emel 01.08.14 @ 3:25 pm

No tutors
No punishment for flunking out
Make them take regular classes with no help.
It would take about 3 year, but the teams would look drastically different.
The NFL can start a minor league.
As stated above we will watch the college teams play even after the teams are filled with players that can do college academic work.

Comment by kevin 01.08.14 @ 3:32 pm

@wbb, thanks for remembering the preseason banner that I was carrying for Chris Blewitt. He turned out OK, but I have to tell you, I thought he was going to be even more impressive, especially on kickoffs.

Are high school field yard marks still 36 inches like on the college field. I only ask because Chris routinely kicked off into the endzone in HS, is the HS field just SHORTER????

I don’t have a sleeper that I consider a sure ringer lined up in this class yet. Emotionally, I’m pulling for either Quintin Dintino or Rori Blair to roar onto the field come fall and make an impact simply because both are way under the radar because of their previous medical issues that have retarded their development in HS due to reduced playing time.

Especially Blair. He had a congenital vascular defect in his brain that kills most of those who are unfortunate enough to be cursed with the problem but not Rori Blair. He strokes out, is completely incapacitated and comes back in a couple years to be playing BCS level football for Pitt this year. Freakin AMAZING!

He would be a perfect Cinderella story if he could produce results while at Pitt.

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.08.14 @ 3:33 pm

@Caw Miller

The Pirate hat (Black, Gold “P”) showing support for gangs goes back to the 60’s/70’s in Chicago.
The Blackstone Rangers after a lot of well deserved bad media attention, tried to change there image and become a “community action group” & change their name to the Black P-Stone Rangers. The “P” stood for PEACE. They adopted the Pirate hat as an identifier.

Didn’t work. Leaders & members ended up in jail.

Comment by PITT-cocks fan 01.08.14 @ 3:38 pm

FWIW, my 2 picks for a freshman seeing action on defense next year are:

Shane Roy 6’5 220 DE from Cincy

Pat Amare 6’2 180 CB from Philly

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 3:39 pm

BTW, Rori Blair is the only commit that is in school now and will practice in the spring

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 3:43 pm

Pittofdreams, I like that blind admission process. It would really put the student back into student-athlete. But the NCAA doesn’t really want that.

Winston is forced to play NCAA football. He’s not allowed to go into the NFL right now is he? The NFL uses college football as a minor league system without having to pay anything or take any risk.

There is tons of money in college sports right now and everyone from coaches to bowl oragnizers to the NCAA are making millions on millions. Everyone accept the actual reason why people watch.

BTW I have on very good authority that the all hires by Chryst are his decision and have absolutely nothing to do with money.

Comment by Wardapalooza 01.08.14 @ 4:05 pm

High School kicks off from the 40 vs the 35 in college. It’s only 5 yds, but could make a difference. Heinz Field isn’t the greatest place to kick in either, especially when kicking toward the river.

Comment by Nick 01.08.14 @ 4:09 pm

also, kickoffs are always shorter come November up north

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 4:14 pm

Re: recruiting – right now it’s great that HCPC and Co. can sell kids with the enticement of early playing time. However…at some point you would hope those opportunities dwindle; if not then perhaps we’ve not been recruiting very well. Eventually you hope the sell is a chance to be part of a successful program where you have to learn the ropes behind a talented and experience starter.

For surprise frosh of 2014, I’ll go with Amara – there will be opportunites in the secondary, maybe he gets a shot. For long term, I think James Folston could surprise. He needs to bulk up, but his dad was a pro, his bro plays for ND, and he’s very quick to the ball.

Emel, rarely disagree with you but I hated the Buccos pillbox caps. I am partial to the mustard yellow caps with the black “P” of the early 70’s. I must have a thing for mustard-colored uni’s…

Comment by Iron Duke 01.08.14 @ 4:16 pm

I do like the Clemente ball cap as well.

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.14 @ 4:38 pm

FWIW, my 2 picks for a freshman seeing action on defense next year are:

Shane Roy 6ā€™5 220 DE from Cincy

Pat Amare 6ā€™2 180 CB from Philly
Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 3:39 pm


From what Amara has been tweeting, Cal and an unnamed SEC school are giving late offers recently..seems he really impressed at the HS bowl-whatever it was. Seems like he has a good work ethic and really wants to be at Pitt..(pretty much the model of PC’s recruiting tactic)

I also think he’ll play next year.

And ofcourse Roy at DE..need bodies on the ends for sure.

Good call wbb

Comment by NOPE 01.08.14 @ 5:00 pm

Surprise freshmen will be Avonte Maddox returning kicks.

He’s got some jets!

Comment by Jimbo 01.08.14 @ 5:09 pm

Herndon was recruited to play DT i have posted this many times a 325 pound DT

Comment by Frankcan 01.08.14 @ 5:43 pm

Does Chryst trust anyone without Wisky ties?

Comment by TX Panther 01.08.14 @ 6:17 pm

Anyone see, or hear what Michael Young put on his twitter??

Just heard the end of a conversation on The Fan, they had been talking about it.

Comment by Dan 01.08.14 @ 6:29 pm

@ Nick, DUH, I feel sooo stupid, thats it right there, plus like wbb says a cold November football up in Pittsburgh doesn’t fly like a warm October football in Virginia, actually Maryland.

@ Frankcan, well that’s where Herndon belongs, the ESPN recruiting sight has him listed by position on the Offensive Line.

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.08.14 @ 6:35 pm

Dan, I just did:

Mike Young ?@ShowtimeDeuce 7h
I’m better than I ever was but treated as if I never was

Mike Young ?@ShowtimeDeuce 18h
Never been told not to shoot the ball til I got here #SMH

If true, I’m surprised he is unhappy. He seems like a team player.

Comment by steve1 01.08.14 @ 6:54 pm

Watch Herndon on Utube. Played a lot of middle linebacker. Looks fairly quick for a man of his size. Doesn’t appear to be fat. He looks like a Giant against the Lilliputians.

Be a little surprised if he doesn’t redshirt.

The new S&C coach is a promotion from within. It looks like that is Chryst’s style. I always found that it was a good way to manage when possible.

When you promote from within it makes everyone work harder. It also shows loyalty which is always to be valued.

Comment by gc 01.08.14 @ 6:55 pm

I hate Twitter

Comment by gc 01.08.14 @ 6:58 pm

Blair had 15 and 9 on Monday. He returns to San Antonio right now on ESPN

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 7:04 pm

DR Tom i have read on recruiting sites he is recruited as a DT and if you go to rival commit site you will see he is listed as a DT
i dont go to espn very much i think rival has better info,

Comment by Frankcan 01.08.14 @ 8:12 pm

Watching John Johnson. Ho hum.

Comment by steve1 01.08.14 @ 8:38 pm

Petrino & Petino together now huh….Infidelity U.

I’ll bet the Papa John’s pizza dude had something to do with this…

Comment by Jackagain 01.08.14 @ 9:02 pm

UMass just came from behind to beat St. Joe’s at home. Of course fatso will still say they’re better than Pitt on Sunday…

Comment by Jackagain 01.08.14 @ 9:08 pm

both Hendon and Dontino are listed as OL and DL on different sites. They are both big boys

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 9:09 pm

Is Mike Young really unhappy?? If so, that sucks! You would think that a freshman would be happy about starting and getting major minutes on a team as good as PITT.

Comment by Jason 01.08.14 @ 9:25 pm

some sites say franklins plane went to penn state i hope it is a fulse report franklin will kill us at recruiting.we will be toast.

Comment by Frankcan 01.08.14 @ 9:42 pm

Young better not be unhappy, starting as a freshmen and getting tons of minutes and we are winning! I hate twitter too! He probably got yelled at practice and had a knee jerk reaction on twitter. Hope he isn’t too upset, I like him and Artis! Feel good about the team. That’s just what we need!

Comment by Sweet Caroline 01.08.14 @ 9:45 pm

if mike young is pissed it could divide the team and screw this year up dixon needs to show some love and get this fixed

Comment by Frankcan 01.08.14 @ 9:46 pm

One of these yahoos calling the OK State/Texas hoops game just blabbered about the strength of the Big 12 and how they have three teams with an ESPN “power index” in the top 10. OK State’s is #10 in the BPI and is ranked 11. Pitt’s BPI is #5.

Comment by CNorwoodAZ 01.08.14 @ 9:47 pm

Tyrique Jarrett at 350 pounds and Mike Herndon at 340 pounds should be run stoppers and pocket collapsers. Dintino will probably come in at 310. Great defenses are predicated on a great pass rush or run blitz scheme. Those are two hefty bodies with talent that will actually e much bigger than their OL counterparts. Exciting news if you ask me. We will not be undersized on the DL that is for sure.

I thought Pitt controlled the twitter and actually had rules against the athletes using twitter? If they don’t, they should. Nothing kills a locker room faster than uncontrolled social media. Underclassmen should not be able to tweat, twerp, twang until they are juniors. No my facespace either.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 01.08.14 @ 9:48 pm

the trouble with twitter is you share all of your feelings which normally are only shared with close friends. I hate my job and boss at least 3 times a week but always in retrospect, they’re not really so bad after all.

He may have had a really bad time at practice yesterday and let his emotions get the best of him. I wouldn’t make a mountain out of a molehill … just yet

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 9:48 pm

Thought this was about football.I get sick and tired of on pro sports all the time and I cant stand pro baseball, besides who gives a ~~~~~~~ about pirate logos or even old Pitt ones. Some of you guys are starting to sound like verbal diharia.

Comment by Pitt 60 01.08.14 @ 9:49 pm

Here is some updated diharia (lol) diarrhea. Alabama just lost their offensive coordinator to Michigan. This could be problematic for Robert Foster with a new offensive regime coming in. Another new system, which will be two in two years. Time will tell but if he is looking to get out, now is better than next year if the wrong OC is hired.

Maybe I am just sayin, or maybe I am just hopin…Would be great for a change of heart. Time will tell.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 01.08.14 @ 10:02 pm

pitt 60, I’m sorry you are being held hostage in your own home with a gun to your head forcing you to read this blog.

Perhaps the best solution is to change the discussion to a subject that better suits you.

Oh, I see Chas may have done that for you

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 10:06 pm

Wait, you guys can hear me?

Comment by CNorwoodAZ 01.08.14 @ 10:08 pm

dhuff, Maybe this would motivate Foster to come back. In addition to a fine WR, he was a heck of a DB which Pitt can always use.

I was disappointed that he chose Bama but I never held it against him for choosing arguably the best FB program

Comment by wbb 01.08.14 @ 10:23 pm

Foster is long gone guys. No way he transfers anywhere, simply because he can’t afford to sit out an additional year waiting to become eligible at another school.

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.09.14 @ 7:08 am

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