January 6, 2014

Okay. You may be ready to panic and scream if you saw this:

KolodziejS&C doesn’t do permalinks, so it is in their ticker for today.

Naturally Ross Kolodziej played at Wisconsin and spent2012 as a grad assistant at Wisconsin before becoming Pitt’s Assistant S&C Coach (PDF, pg. 35).

But, no way. No way could he be made the Strength and Conditioning Coach at ANY 1A school. Not these days. That would be gross incompetence. The job is too important these days. He’s had one year of experience as an assistant. That would be like promoting a young guy after his first year as a position coach to be a coordinator…

Oh. No.

Per his Pitt bio:

“He owns a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Wisconsin and also has a certification in USA weightlifting, level 1.”

Okay, maybe “level 1” is something significant. Surely it means something good:

Level 1 Sport Performance Certification

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to take all participants through complete technical progressions of the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and all associated movements including Power Snatch, Power Clean, Power Jerk, Squat variations, and pulling progressions. Participants will gain base line knowledge about the programming of training and technical rules. The course includes theoretical classroom, and practical hands-on portions. Course duration is over one weekend and lasts approximately 13-14 hours with up to 9 hours being practical and 4-5 hours lecture based. It is suitable for Strength & Conditioning /Sports Performance, Health & Fitness and beginning level competitive Weightlifting Coaches alike.

Included Materials: Course manual, video and one (1) year USAW membership and certification.



Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course and no level of education or coaching background required.

I really, really, really hope this is a bad source. In the mean time I need to hyperventilate into a paper bag for a few minutes.

Hire Tim Beltz, s/c for men’s bball among other Olympic sports at pitt for maybe 15 yrs. He has a MS in exercise physiology, you need to know your stuff

Comment by Pants 01.06.14 @ 6:03 pm

For whatever it’s worth, some posters at panther’s prey have mentioned that the Pitt website lists him as ‘assistant s & c coach’.

Comment by Bowling Green Panther 01.06.14 @ 6:10 pm

Pants – I know Tim really good and he would have been a great fit. He is a good guy and cares about Pitt. Pants – you play ball at Pitt?

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.06.14 @ 7:52 pm

Funny thing…I was eating some Wisconsin cheese this AM while wearing a sweatshirt that was 1 size too small. The phone rang. I am now on the coaching staff for Pitt.

Comment by Yeti 01.07.14 @ 8:14 am

Another possible candidate for S&C… and another Wisconsin connection.

Hopefully 13 years experience and accolades from players such as Russell Wilson will be enough to calm some of the critics.

link to

Comment by PittofDreams 01.07.14 @ 11:30 am

stop it stop it it could have been worse it could have been the ball boy from the wisconsin basketball games o wait he is in line to be the new RB coach my bad.

Comment by Frankcan 01.07.14 @ 11:42 am

YETI a free piece of advice, never go to Texas for any reason. AOL yesterday had a story about a Texas hunter that shot a BIGFOOT in 2012 and then had it sent out to labs for testing. This year the hunter plans to take it on tour and show it across the Country. You cannot make this stuff up.

Comment by joel 01.07.14 @ 12:08 pm

INFO for you if franklin takes the penn state job we are screwed as far as recruiting goes if he wants a kid and we want same kid he will get him.

he will take who he wants he is very good i kind of wish golden had got the job.
chryst could hang with golden but not with franklin

Comment by Frankcan 01.07.14 @ 2:19 pm

Russell Wilson saying he was an ok GA is pretty worthless. These guys get to the NFL almost every comment is positive to do no harm and move on. He probably barely knew the kid. Russell Wilson was only at Wisconsin for a three or four months. The continuing Wisconsin thing is really bothersome. The infatuation is leading to the situation that could occur in another season or two – Wisconsin comes open and “Wisconsin South Campus” located in Pitt departs en mass. It appears we aren’t searching far and wide to bring in the most qualified or anyone who might bring in a new ways of thought.

Comment by PittMan 01.08.14 @ 11:59 am

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