January 6, 2014

In theory, there might be a reason to tell a commit that if he is making the commitment, then he should not still be taking recruiting trips to other schools. This despite the fact that a verbal commitment is non-binding. One of those reasons might be a promise by the coach of the program not to recruit any more players at the same position.  A show of good faith by both sides.

But when you are  a program getting ready to leap from the Big East to the Big Ten. When you are a coach that has seen strained relations with your local recruits and some of the coaches in the area. You might want to be a little more flexible.

Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood is not that kind of flexible. It has cost him a few de-commits this year with his belief that recruits need to shut down visits even as he keeps recruiting others. Back in November, that cost him Adonis Jennings.

Pitt was the source of the rift then, as Jennings took an unofficial visit to Pitt for the Notre Dame-Pitt game. Pitt was the final beneficiary last night.

Like many local sportswriters, I found myself slogging through the Semper Fi All-Star Game just for the announced decision of Jennings and his quotes.

“First off, I’d like to thank every program that gave me a chance to attend their university. I’d like to thank my parents for their love and support and the coaches as well for coaching me to be the best I can,” said Jennings. “For the next four years, I’ll be attending the University of Pittsburgh.”

Jennings went on the explain the reason why he selected Pitt, although he had yet to take an official visit there.

“I think I fit well in that offense,” he said. “I’m gonna come in ready to compete and that’s all it comes down to.”

Jennings’ “official” visit to Pitt is scheduled for next Friday.

Obviously, there is an expectation that Jennings will be able to come in as a freshman and compete to start opposite Tyler Boyd.

Timber Creek coach Rob Hinson said Jennings, who also attracted offers from Clemson, Virginia Tech and Arizona, has attended and dominated many of the top camps in the nation. Jennings set a Timber Creek record for receiving yards this season (1,434) in New Jersey’s second-largest classification.

Hinson believes Jennings can be successful in college.

“He is a very explosive wide receiver,” Hinson said. “He is physical, polished. He has a lot to learn, but on the high school level, he’s pretty much unguardable. When he gets one-on-one matchups, he can dominate.”

Now after the Maryland-Pitt basketball game (I’ll be getting to it soon), there is the whole BCS Championship game. Since ESPN loves overkill they are doing a multi-platform, multi-media spectacle. One of which will include the “BCS Film Room.”

“BCS Film Room” on ESPNEWS will feature Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin, Louisville coach Charlie Strong and Boston College coach Steve Addazio as well as ESPN analysts Matt Millen, Chris Spielman and Tom Luginbill providing in-depth X and O analysis of the game as it happens from a film room equipped with multiple camera angles and touchscreens.

Well, Charlie Strong begged off after taking the Texas job. Coach Paul Chryst is taking over the spot. So if you want to see/listen to Coach Chryst talk football this is the channel to watch. I admit, this has me a bit intrigued.

I’m putting the 0ver/under at number of times he says “neat” at 6.5 right now.

He looks like a badass to me. Pro Ball plus shot put. Still hungry.

Comment by gc 01.06.14 @ 12:40 pm

LMAO on the sweatshirt gate! Thanks for a Monday laugh

Comment by Dan 72 01.06.14 @ 12:49 pm

I’ll pass on the thong and gladly take 5-6 wins a season.

Comment by Jbizz 01.06.14 @ 12:53 pm


Comment by Frankcan 01.06.14 @ 1:02 pm

Regarding Adonis Jennings…

Watching last night’s Semper Fi Game, Jennings was barely mentioned… outside of course his verbal commitment to Pitt. Don’t remember a pass actually going his direction.

But that’s nothing to use as a barometer. I believe Tyler Boyd had similar results from his appearance in a U.S. Army All-American Game a year ago.

But this kid (Jennings) looks to be a REALLY GOOD get… much better than Jamil Kamara on paper and on tape.

Listed at 6-3… last year Jennings was the wide-receiver MVP at the Nike Football Training Camp in Landover, Md. and the offensive MVP of the Camp Series at Pitt.

His speed has been a bit of a question with Jennings running a 4-7 at Nike. But watching him last night, he plays faster than 4-7, a point emphatically made by the analyst for the game.

And his track numbers from High School would seem to suggest that this kid is not slow. Jennings was a member of the Timber Creek 4X100 Relay Team that ran a 42.31, the fastest time in the State of New Jersey last year.

We’ll see how he fits into the mix next year. Obviously a kid with potential… I would not be surprised to see an attempt to redshirt him this fall with all of the other wide receivers already on the roster.

But who knows?

Comment by PittofDreams 01.06.14 @ 1:03 pm

I dont know what makes him a strength coach except he played at wisconsin but there you are

Comment by Frankcan 01.06.14 @ 1:05 pm

I don’t get the constant issues people have with PCs low-key personality. Gus Malzahn makes PC look like the life of the party, and he’s done pretty well.

Comment by Steve S 01.06.14 @ 1:11 pm

About Lambeau yesterday “We grew up in that stuff. First day we had a paper route, it was 75 below” — HCPC on The Fan

No wonder he wears hoodies!

Comment by wbb 01.06.14 @ 1:11 pm

FBS teams are limited to one head coach, nine assistant coaches and two graduate assistants. Let’s see how this plays out. The S&C coach doesn’t count against those limits if they don’t coach during a game. Maybe HCPC has some other changes in mind.

Comment by Pitt Dad 01.06.14 @ 1:14 pm

To those not happy with the selection of Kolodziej as S&C Coach… my suggestion is that maybe you go up to him and tell him face-to-face he’s NOT RIGHT for the job.

Stay Safe.

link to

Comment by PittofDreams 01.06.14 @ 1:14 pm

@Dan, The great sweatshirt debate stems from a loss at Navy and would not have occurred if we had won. Since then it has become a debate whereby many think some blatherites are too tough on Chryst. Those who generally exspousing that position didn’t see how dumb he looked in this particular sweatshirt. I did. It was about a 4X in drab grey with plain black PITTSBURGH lettering across the front. It wasn’t a hoody nor did it have any style at all. It was just plain and stupid looking much like our performance at Annapolis. Most here agree that if he wins 10 games a year we will all be wearing them.

Comment by spiritofsection22 01.06.14 @ 1:22 pm

I think they hired this Koolaidiaj guy to build up our lineman. Obviously he knows what it takes to succeed in that area.

My question is how he would handle the rest of the team. I guess he can’t do any worse than TR. Sounds like most halfway competent high school gym teachers can come up with a more effective program than Todd.

I call your attention to Exhibit A: Andrew Tagliantti’s twitter feed.

Andrew Taglianetti ?@Andrew_Tags 20 Dec
Rumors Todd Rice is no longer head strength coach at Pitt. Hallelujah. He was incompetent

Andrew Taglianetti ?@Andrew_Tags 20 Dec
@Butor11 didn’t know shit about strength and conditioning and truly thought he was the man. He’s a n00b

Andrew Taglianetti ?@Andrew_Tags 20 Dec
@giubilato_43 sets of 10 all day everyday. How is your power clean technique?

I’ll take an ex-Wisconsin lineman with NFL pedigree any day.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 01.06.14 @ 1:25 pm

Speaking of Wisconsin….. Yesterday I watched the rerun of Glory Road the story of the West Texas basketball team that started 5 blacks and beat all white Kentucky for the National championship. Last night I watched Wisconsin beat Iowa. One announcer said he thought Wisconsin would be a Final 4 team. Wisconsin starts 4 whites. When was the last time a team made the Final 4 starting 4 whites? I really don’t think anyone cares anymore but I thought it was ironic.

Comment by spiritofsection22 01.06.14 @ 1:30 pm

Get the point that Ross Kolodziej does not have a resume as a S&C Coach. On the other hand, Todd Rice had the “perfect” resume on paper and according to Andrew Taglianetti was “incompetent.”

Keep in mind that Kolodziej was a Two-Time Captain at Wisconsin which tells you he knows something about leadership and putting in the work.

Now looking at Kolodziej numbers from the NFL Combine… his bench was not overly impressive with 25 reps of 225.

But everything else suggests as a Defensive Lineman… this guy was pretty athletic which says he might know something about conditioning.

Ross Kolodziej NFL Combine Results

Height: 6025
Weight: 290
40 Yrd Dash: 4.87
20 Yrd Dash: 2.85
10 Yrd Dash: 1.73
Vertical Jump: 34 1/2
Broad Jump: 09’03”
20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.36
3-Cone Drill: 7.32
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 25

Comment by PittofDreams 01.06.14 @ 1:34 pm

POD – that’s a heck of an analysis.

I’d want to see how many reps of 225 RK could do when he was an 18 year old freshman. Progession means a lot.

For the record the 6th best total in the 2013 combine was 29 reps (D-Lineman), it was 26 reps for O-lineman. 25 reps isn’t bad.

link to

Comment by Atlanta Panther 01.06.14 @ 1:40 pm

Atlanta… you’re right.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.06.14 @ 1:44 pm

What are the restrictions on S&C coaches theses days? It used to be teams like Alabama would hire a staff of ten and actually have practices in the winter. Using the loop hole that they were S&C coaches, not football coaches. I thought they put restrictions on it now.

Either way, you can’t rip on the guy until you know his philosophy, how the players feel about him and what methods he uses. Hoepfully he is half crazy and makes them mean as hell, lol.

Comment by notrocketscience 01.06.14 @ 1:51 pm

NCAA Article 11: Conduct and Employment of Athletics Personnel:

11.7.2 Football Bowl Subdivision – There shall be a limit of one head coach, nine assistant coaches and two graduate assistant coaches who may be employed by an institution in bowl subdivision football. Exceptions to Number Limits FBS – No individual other than coaches designated to fill the coaching categories set forth in Bylaw 11.7.2 may participate in any manner in the coaching of the intercollegiate team of a member institution during any football game, practice or other organized activity, with the following exceptions: Weight or Strength Coach FBS – A weight (strength and conditioning) coach may conduct flexibility, warm-up and physical conditioning activities prior to any game and prior to or during any practice or other organized activities without being included in the limitations on number of coaches. Undergraduate Coach FBS – The limits on the number of coaches in this section do not apply to undergraduate coaches.

Comment by Pitt Dad 01.06.14 @ 2:15 pm

Good post Pitt Dad.

I wonder how loose the definition of “flexiblity, warm-up and physical conditioning” could be? Sometimes those agility drills can look an awful lot like football, and that’s not a bad thing.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 01.06.14 @ 2:22 pm

LOL, to each their own, I myself have had enough 5-6 seasons the last 30 years!!!

Whatever it takes!!! H2P!!!

Comment by Dan 01.06.14 @ 3:23 pm

@ Dan, picture this for some future motivation from the S&C coach. OK, so Ross takes you up on your wardrobe dare and shows up in his thong, now tell me when he spotting you on on your last set of bench presses that you ain’t going to give it your all, cause the alternative to finishing is getting tea bagged when he’s forced to snatch that 300+ barbell off your scrawny chest!

Now that’s a motivational image! LMFAO!

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.06.14 @ 3:34 pm

I don’t know what happened between the Miami game and the Bowl game. But PC’s interview on TV at the Bowl game was 10 times better than just a few weeks earlier.

Maybe he’s a night/evening person as opposed to a morning person. All those nooners, he slept walked thru, ala a zombie.

That or he took a Dale Carnegie class (do they still have those) post Miami game.

Comment by Emel 01.06.14 @ 3:47 pm

When was the last time a team made the Final 4 starting 4 whites?

Utah Utes in 1998. They lost to Kentucky in the championship game. Emel was a witness 1

Comment by Emel 01.06.14 @ 3:54 pm

Texas Western became UTEP under the legendary Don Haskins.

Guy coached 38 years at UTEP going 719 wins and only had 5 losing seasons in 38 years. Pretty amazing at such a small school.

The Miners were 28-1 in 1966 and as sos22 noted beat Kentucky in the NC game. Side note, Pat Riley was on that Kentucky game along with ABA 3 point sharpshooter Louie Dampier. Who I remember seeing play in Pittsburgh against the Pipers and the Condors. Loved the tri-color ABA basketball.

Comment by Emel 01.06.14 @ 4:03 pm

@ Emel, I’m not sure why, but I find this Wisconsin team to be disconserting, if this trend continues, those white cheesehead types are going to take over the sport!

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.06.14 @ 4:05 pm

Keep in mind that Kolodziej was a Two-Time Captain at Wisconsin which tells you he knows something about leadership and putting in the work.

Surprise, surprise. Another Wisconsin guy. PITT football must be employing half the state of Wisconsin. 🙂

Comment by Emel 01.06.14 @ 4:06 pm

Another transplanted cheesehead. Wait a minute, do they incorporate S&C programs in the NFL these days? Maybe Ross took notes during the half dozen years or so that he played during his professional career and now wants to do something productive in his post NFL career while still remaining in the game of football.

Even though he only has one year under his S&C coaching belt at Wiskey, just maybe he might know something about this gig because of his on the job training? Guess we’ll find out.

The new drink on campus,,, out with the Gatoraid and the Pitt Koolaid now it’s nothing but Kolodziej from here on out in the Iron Works.

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.06.14 @ 4:27 pm

I’ll take Wisconsin football for the next 15 years. May not produce a National Championship, but BCS bowls 3 years in a row and contending for League Championships is ok by me!

Comment by JBizz 01.06.14 @ 4:28 pm

How does one pronounce that Doc…Kolodziej.

I’ve been away from da Burgh so long my linguistic skills with those types of names is failing me.

Comment by Emel 01.06.14 @ 4:40 pm

And here I thought PC was coming ‘out of his shell’ after those Dale Carnegie classes, Tony Robbins tapes. haha

Comment by Emel 01.06.14 @ 4:42 pm

I do not care if Pitt employs everyone from WI or what Chryst wears as long as Pitt WINS.

Comment by Frank MD 01.06.14 @ 5:53 pm

@ Emel, Doc looks perplexed and shrugs shoulders.???

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.06.14 @ 5:58 pm

I can tell you Amara is the real deal and he loves Pitt he’s not even here yet and he’s been recruiting other players hard.

Comment by Togatogatoga 01.06.14 @ 7:29 pm

Heya toga, nice to hear about Amara but who is he going after?

I took a look at the Louisville verbals and they have two nice linemen (DT Nelson and OT Burns). Both had offers from Pitt and both are talented. Would be worth a follow-up in my opinion. Good job with Jennings HCPC!!! Now go do some follow up work on the two above, a couple penn staters and a CB that for some reason picked the community college of Morgantown.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 01.06.14 @ 8:14 pm

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