September 5, 2013

Using the Boyd

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One of the biggest positives coming out of Monday night — and there were a few — was that Tyler Boyd might be better than believed.

On the fourth play of the Panthers’ opening drive, he took off on a “jet sweep” around right end and gained 18 yards.

The drive resulted in a short-lived, 7-0 lead.

Boyd ran the play twice more for 20 and 16 yards. His 54 yards on three carries led the Panthers in rushing.

“I was very surprised,” he said. “When I got that first jet, I didn’t think I’d be as open as that. And the second one, they just kept opening it up for me. After that it was, like, totally comfort. I was ready for them to put the ball in my hands.”

After a first half with no catches, the 6-foot-2, 185-pound Boyd in the third quarter turned an apparently errant sideline pass from Tom Savage into a diving, highlight-worthy grab worth 17 yards. He later plucked a pass off his shoe tops for a 9-yard gain.

One of 12 first-year freshmen who played, Boyd also accounted for 71 yards on three kickoff returns, including one for 35 yards.

“I could have made more plays, but I made enough plays to do right, do good,” he said.

He was given kick-off return duties at the end of the 2d quarter. As a freshman receiver he had five touches. And the issue now, is that he needs to get the ball in his hands even more. Yeah, that’s a good problem.

A very good problem.

Pitt coach Paul Chryst won’t deviate too much from his traditional pro-style offense and do anything crazy with Boyd, but he admitted that it was important to find ways to get the ball in Boyd’s hands.

“I feel real confident that we can do it within the parameters of the offense,” Chryst said. “I don’t feel like we’ve got to get out of box. We want to make sure that the guys that can make plays are continuing to get touches.”

The thing that surprised me was seeing what a natural receiver he is. We knew he had speed and versatility. But how to translate/utilize that athletic ability to the college level was still a bit of a question mark. Justin and Reed both stated that he looked tremendous in practices catching the ball, but seeing him do that in game was still a very pleasant surprise.

That’s important since, as FSU showed, teams are going to be all over Devin Street. Manasseh Garner and the other TEs can help a little. To really open the field up, though, having a second WR is vital. Boyd has already made it obvious that he is that guy.

if chryst is helping house with the D it is the
same as saying house is not up for the job i made a
bad hire.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.05.13 @ 5:30 pm

I agree but at least he’s doing something about it and is swallowing his pride.

Comment by TX Panther 09.05.13 @ 5:55 pm

I would understand this level of negitivity if we opened the season with a home loss to Rutgers but FSU was the most talented team Pitt has played in years. Yeah the d was troubling but it was more an amazing game by that QB. Nothing else looked bad and a true freshman kicker looked solid. Just wait a few games before you snap to judgement here. Side note I too am from Philly and the criticism of this team is worse than I can ever remember except maybe the 94 phillies

Comment by Dacs 09.05.13 @ 6:00 pm

Lets move Boyd to running back. That will help open up the passing game.

Comment by alcofan 09.05.13 @ 6:45 pm

could boyd run the wildcat.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.05.13 @ 6:54 pm

how is boyd at throwing the football can he pass
does any one know.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.05.13 @ 7:07 pm

could boyd be are tim tebow just asking do you think so i dont know if can pass do you.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.05.13 @ 7:15 pm

We need a Boyd at QB, RB, WR, DE, CB, and LB and then we’d be top 10. Remember Boyd may have the talent and upside but the FSU’s get ten of those guys each year. Pitt needs to find more Boyd’s. Pitt will find them down south. What Pitt coach recruits Florida? I already know the answer and that’s the problem.

Comment by TX Panther 09.05.13 @ 7:19 pm

So, did Ray Rice just say his high school instead of Rutgers during the lineup intro? That’s not nearly as bad as our beloved qb from last year, though.

Comment by panther94 09.05.13 @ 8:25 pm

One thing that stood out to me on Monday night was that we could have used 1 more deep threat/offensive weapon. If only we could have landed Foster – just imagine (so close) . Chryst must also recruit speed & athleticism outside of the WPIAL in addition. If we land Mckenzie , Nicholson , Henry & Bookser we could possibly experience the same result next year only because FSU has thier entire team back plus the # 2 ranked 2014 recruiting class. We must intensify recruiting / the days of Dorsett, Marino, Fralic, Davis, Gilbert in the WPIAL are long gone,

Comment by daddylonglegs 09.05.13 @ 8:53 pm

Still think if we can figure the defense out the offense will be fine. I just hope we get the recruiting targets mentioned because we really need those kids. I am very excited about our oline moving forward.

Comment by Shawn 09.05.13 @ 8:54 pm

Say what you will about the recruiting and class rankings my eyes told me that the sophomores and freshman looked good out there against tough competition.

Comment by Dacs 09.05.13 @ 9:24 pm

Boyd’s to thin to play RB at this time.

Connor will be fine and Bennett, once recovered, where he has his speed back, will be fine as well.

Plus Street graduates this year, so Boyd will be the ‘go to’ WR next year.

WE need to get PC up in the coach’s box calling the plays. He doesn’t really offer anything ont he sidelines, as he’s not an emotional type ‘fire up the troops’ type of guy.

His biggest asset is as an OC calling the plays, whether it’s from the sidelines, (like Walt) use to do or up above, I don’t care.


Comment by EMel 09.05.13 @ 9:34 pm

@ FRankie

PC’s offense’s at Wisky never ran a ‘Wildcat’ offense. So I would forget about that. As PC seems like the type of guy who doesn’t go much out of his comfort zone. If Ever !

We need PC calling ALL the plays, as that is what he was known for.

Comment by EMel 09.05.13 @ 9:37 pm

Re: the recruits at the game, ok the game didn’t go well, but better for them to be at the FSU game than at a 12:30p start vs. New Mex with 20,000 in attendance. It was the right call to go all in for this game.

Re: the booing of the flags, it really wasn’t that loud (except for ND and the U), and to me it sure seemed more good natured than nasty. It was a silly exercise to begin with.

Reed, I agree with your point about Savage’s issues being more a result of his inherent shortcomings than rust. He is not a great QB; but he’s not awful either, and I am hopeful that Chryst and Bollinger can minimize those shortcomings much like they did with our QB last year.

Boyd needs as many touches as possible. I’d like to see him line up as a back, he’d be dangerous on a wheel route, or with a swing or screen pass. And somebody asked, he did pay some QB in high school and threw a handful of passes…

Comment by Iron Duke 09.05.13 @ 10:00 pm

Hoops question…Anybody know if Mostella is at school?? He’s on the roster according to Cardiac Hill but not the Athletic Dept roster.

Comment by The Hagen 09.05.13 @ 10:01 pm

EMel i got that but do you think boyd could run it
do you know if he can pass hell if he would even do it 4 times a game it would get the ball in boyd hands more.
and the outher teams would have to worry abought it
i think boyd would be good at it.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.05.13 @ 10:02 pm

lol idk, i think I did read somewhere he threw a couple times at Clairton.

But even Larry Fitz never threw it. But hey it’s alright with me, can’t be any worse than Tiny was.
Best pass we saw in 3 yrs of that nightmare was from Ronald Jones against Iowa in 2011.

Why isn’t PC calling all the plays Frankie ?

Comment by EMel 09.05.13 @ 11:22 pm

The playcalling wasn’t the problem against FSU, the disparate levels of talent on the field was what did us in.

I’m not using this game as a litmus test for this 2013 team. The factors involved; first ACC game, Labor Day night, FSU’s superior speed and talent, 11 FR playing their 1st game, made it a one off. We’ll all know a lot more about how this team is built and coached after the first four games.

I think we fans are getting ahead of ourselves with Boyd when it comes to using him this year. I agree with PC when he alludes to the fact that the offense will basically remain the same and he’ll use Boyd as much as he can ‘inside those parameters’. Boyd is not the only offensive weapon we have.

Devin Street had a career high receiving yardage total last game and is still our #1 WR, as it should be at this point. He had 141 yards only receiving which was almost as much yardage as Boyd had doing three different things. 141 yards is a big deal and shows what strength we have with Street in the lineup.

Conner and Bennett also have good skills at RB and our OL will firm up and allow the running game to progress also. We have two TE in Holtz and Garner who need to get touches also, especially Garner. Those aspects of the offense will be what wins us games ALONG with Boyd playing well as WR2 and getting the ball at appropriate times.

At this point Boyd is not going to be the sole point of a opposing DC’s focus. They’ll have to acknowledge his presence and talent but once we put the ball in his hands every other time and the DCs know that we, do it will be a whole different story. It isn’t only Boyd’s talent which surprised FSU, it was the use of his talent in timely ways that made those jet sweeps work.

He’s going to be a large part of our offense no doubt, but just because he does well doesn’t automatically mean that the rest of the offense has suddenly become less talented.

Comment by Reed 09.06.13 @ 5:02 am

What about the D? How much was it coaching and how much lack of talent? I think 50/50.

Comment by TX Panther 09.06.13 @ 5:40 am

House interview on

Comment by PittofDreams 09.06.13 @ 5:50 am

Does anyone remember Dakota Conwell from USC. Sad to see his career come to end.

link to

Comment by Winedogs 09.06.13 @ 5:52 am

Definitions – Merriam-Webster

Bash (verb)

: to attack physically or verbally <celebrity bas-ing

Analyze (transitive verb)

: to study or determine the nature and relationship of the parts of by analysis (see analysis)

Predict (verb)

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Comment by PittofDreams 09.06.13 @ 6:02 am

Zeise deep threat in high school – could be deep threat at Pitt

Comment by anony 09.06.13 @ 6:16 am

Corey Clement

16 carries… 101 yards… TD…

The caveat… Clement averaged 6.3 yards per carry. Whereas Wisconsin’s two starters averaged 11 and 13.

Does Pitt have UMASS on its schedule?

Comment by PittofDreams 09.06.13 @ 6:37 am

I think it’s clear that, at best, Matt House was a marginal hire as DC. And it’s fair to say he was promoted for his potential, not his resume (there’s nothing in his background to suggest he was nearly ready to be DC on a BCS-AQ team).

And at worst, if the FSU game is any indication, House is so hopelessly lost and clueless, in so far over his head, that it would actually be merciful to end this woebegone experiment before it results in a season so awful that it takes Chryst down with him.

I would love to know who made that call to promote House to DC. Did HCPC take DCMH under his wing as a project and fight to hire him, or perhaps was fearful to hire someone as DC he never worked with before?

Or did ADSP give Chryst such a small budget to fill the position that nobody but a glorified (and recent, in fact…) high school coach would take such low pay?

Somebody somewhere knows the answers to those telling questions. And those answers (I think) will speak volumes about where the main problems lay with this program. And thus the solutions to solving them.

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 09.06.13 @ 7:39 am

Money cannot solve all of the world’s problems but better football players will make Pitt football much better

Comment by rayhpgh 09.06.13 @ 8:13 am

And better coaches.

Comment by TX Panther 09.06.13 @ 9:31 am

@panther94. Yes, I believe he did. I’ve seen other guys do that over the past years. Probably have a beef with their college or something.

Actually, I like it. Always thought it was a farce for some of the players during their introduction to say the name of their college knowing they never even graduated.

Wonder what the actual percentage of NFL players actually completed their degrees?

Comment by Dan 09.06.13 @ 9:36 am

NEED $$ life blood of any endover!

Comment by Punxy Panther 09.07.13 @ 11:42 am

Is it that hard to get out of this coach’s dog house? I am ok with dismissing player’s for committing crimes, but how about playing TT. We need talented players. Please

Comment by DocJLK 09.09.13 @ 7:21 am

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