June 4, 2013

Among the roughly 70 programs in the 5.5 major conferences only a handful of programs have just two recruits: Nebraska, Colorado and West Virginia. At one solitary recruit: Oregon State, UCLA, Indiana and Pitt.

Yes, Pitt is in the mix for many key players. In their top-3, -4, -5, -8. So far that hasn’t done much good. Pitt struck out twice over the weekend with two important targets. They weren’t 5-star elite talent, but they were good players in areas of need from Pennsylvania. They were players that it had at least appeared Pitt had placed something of a priority on securing their commitments.

Is there reason to panic? Absolutely not. There’s an entire summer. There are the camps. Most of Pitt’s biggest targets have not made a choice. Not to mention, unlike last year, Pitt can’t give out 25+ scholarships. There are only 18 seniors on this roster. This is not going to be a particularly high volume class.

But is there reasons to be concerned? Oh, hell yes.

Justin laid out some of the concerns last week. But over the weekend Pitt missed out on two linebackers. Chase Winovich from Thomas Jefferson. A local kid decided to go to Michigan. Then there was Zaire Franklin from the Philly area. Both of them were high 3-star recruits with the potential to finish their high school careers as 4-stars.

In both cases Pitt finished in the top-3, but not the final choice.


“What I liked is that I got a sense from the Syracuse coaches that they needed me instead of just wanting me,” Franklin said. “They made it clear how important I was to them.”

Franklin visited Syracuse from Thursday to Saturday morning.

“I woke up Sunday and knew this is what I wanted to do,” he said. “Everything just felt right about it.”

The 16-year-old, who lives near Broad and Ogontz in West Oak Lane, said Temple and Pittsburgh were the runners-up. He called off possible visits to Connecticut and Arizona, which contacted him Wednesday.


Winovich, rated a three-star prospect by, had 21 scholarship offers, but recently trimmed his list to Michigan, Ohio State and Pitt. He said he telephoned Pitt offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph and Ohio State co-defensive coordinator Luke Fickel with the news.

“Those were two of the toughest conversations I’ve ever had,” he said. “Rudolph is one of the greatest coaches, most trustworthy coaches I have met through this process. He said he was disappointed in my decision, but he appreciated the call.”

Winovich called Fickel “one of the greatest linebacker coaches in the United States.”

“It was an honor to be recruited by schools such as Stanford, Ohio State and Pitt,” he said. “It’s never an easy process, but I had to do what was best for me.”

In reading these kids comments, I couldn’t help but think back to what may be the best piece written on Chryst and how he views recruiting.

“To me, getting guys to buy in means you’re trying to sell something, and we’re not trying to sell anything,” Chryst said. “We’re in a process of creating a culture and we’re here to help players be the best players they can be and to represent this University with the best football team it can (be) and do it the right way. But I never felt like we had to sell anything or get them to buy in.”

For Chryst, the key to affecting real change in the players is not through convincing them or persuading them; it comes from a personal choice made by the players. The players have to decide for themselves, Chryst believes, if they are truly going to commit to an ideal.

… It’s not a “soft sell” or a passive approach; rather, Chryst believes a coach should provide express his interest in a recruit, provide information about the school, and let the prospect make his own decision. Only then, in Chryst’s opinion, is a recruit truly committed to a school when he makes a decision.“I think your job as a recruiter is to identify and then inform,” Chryst told “They should pick the best place for them, and I’ve never thought that coaches should tell someone what’s best for them. Our job is to inform, paint an accurate picture of who we are, how do you fit in; I think there’s that. But I think it truly is, you have to inform them of who you are and what you are, and they need to know who you are and what you’re about, and I think they then pick.

“I don’t want to say that’s the purest way, but I think it’s done right when people are picking it because it’s the best fit for them. Our job is to let them know everything, who and what is Pitt.

[Emphasis added.]

The piece includes some interesting quotes from some recruits back in December.

Among the recruits were Cincinnati (Oh.) La Salle cornerback Jaleel Hytchye and Deland (Fla.) running back Jojo Kemp; each is at the top of Pitt’s recruiting board at his position, and each heard the same points from Chryst on the visit.

“He said he’s really confident in Pitt and the coaching staff, but you have to do what’s right for you,” Hytchye said. “So he said if I have to take more visits, then go ahead and do what’s right for me. But he wants me to come to Pitt.”

“He wants me to make the best decision for me,” Kemp said. “He wants me to visit the other schools so that when I pick them, I do it because I want to do it, not because they forced me.”

Whether that approach is effective with Hytchye and Kemp remains to be seen.

It wasn’t, as both chose Kentucky and the new coach there, Mark Stoops.

And when I read the comments by these kids after they verbal elsewhere, Chryst’s words about wanting them to have the information and make the decision for themselves almost feel like they are thrown back at him (and Pitt).

It’s a noble ideal. Very respectable. Clearly it makes an impression on these kids to think long and hard about wanting to play for him. Playing for Pitt. Franklin knew Pitt wanted him, but Syracuse made him feel needed. Winovich said he chose Michigan because it was best for him.

Chryst has a luxury most other recently hired coaches don’t. Time. For all the talk of coaches not getting enough time anymore. The money, the demands, etcetera. He came into a Pitt situation where the coaching situation had become so unstable that there is no choice but to give him five years. Barring an absolute Paul Hackett/Johnny Majors II performance on the field, he’s got that time simply to make sure the program isn’t undergoing another round of churn so soon.

He has has the time to really do it the way he thinks it should be done. Pitt is his own laboratory experiment.

Pitt football Prospect Camp this weekend!!
Next weekend also.
If we don’t have at least 5 commits by mid-June then we are in trouble.
I don’t know how many players with offers are attending. Typically those without offers attend these camps.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.04.13 @ 7:53 am

Chryst should do some reading and studying on this generation of kids. They are called milennials and I have hired and fired over 75 or so. They react and are motivated differently than Gen X or Y. We pay a guy 1.6M and he doesn’t know how to read the kids today and how they tick. U have to know who you are buyer is Paul. These kids are good kids ou just have to know how they tick,

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 7:54 am

Paul Chryst is a bumbling idiot.

End of story.

Comment by yup 06.04.13 @ 8:00 am

Tremendous insight there Yup! Please elaborate. I’m sure other readers, like myself, would like to hear your first hand knowledge that backs up your statement.

Comment by srb 06.04.13 @ 8:11 am

Oh man, I had to go to a meeting in Denver a couple weeks ago and one of the speakers they brought in was one of those “generational consultants” who drones on for an hour about how boomers are this way, Gen-Xers are that way, and Millenials are some other way while sprinkling in a bunch of not-funny jokes. Yuck. An hour of my life I’ll never get back. At least I got paid for it, anyway.

The point is Paul Chryst may or may not be an effective recruiter, but either way it isn’t because of some generational gap. His whole job description is working with young people! He did not ascend to his current position by being bad at it.

Comment by Jeff 06.04.13 @ 8:15 am


1) cannot string together more than two sentences
2) soft sell on recruiting
3) interviewed for several HC positions before landing at Pitt(Pitt had already passed on him for heyward, lololol)
4)Ran the ball to the sideline to set up Kevin harper from wrong hash at ND.
5) mishandled 5* local RB; subsequent transfer and black eye to local kids
6)Hes a bumbling idiot.

Want more? I’d love to go on…

Comment by yup 06.04.13 @ 8:17 am

Jeff, just because your presenter was a moron or bored you to death doesn’t mean there aren’t good ones who know their stuff. I have employees that are in a few age groups 35 to 40 and 26 to 35 and under 26 and all of them are motivated differently. Some money, the older and some a pat on the back vs money. Discount it if you want but if you do it’s a mistake.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 8:18 am

You can be concerned (i am a little), but is it impossible to actually discuss what is going on instead of throwing out child-like insults that add nothing to the discussion.

By the way, UCLA and Oregon State (each 1 recruit) had pretty good years last year.

Comment by srb 06.04.13 @ 8:19 am

Just in case you guys aren’t aware we have the worst D1 AD in the nation. I’d take either Rutgers AD over the moron Pederson. At least they have passion lol.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 8:20 am

His communication skills are very bad for anyone in a leadership position. If you are passed up for a Job by Haywood that’s pretty telling.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 8:22 am

btw, Very Realistic piece.
The only site to address Chryst recruiting. Rivals and scout went silent after Winovich.

I would have to say Chryst has 3 years. If 2015 season doesn’t have at least 7 wins, Chryst may be out the door. I also expect Pederson to “strongly” recommend coaching changes and to hire a “recruiter coach” after 2014 season. I believe Pederson did the same to Dixon to get Slice back.

Also, Chryst lab experiment isn’t going so well. He obviously never took Sales & Marketing 101 at Wisky. His recruiting philosophy is different from any BCS HC which is why he is getting his butt kicked in recruiting. Everyone else is “selling” their program and why the prospect should “purchase perse” versus the competition.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.04.13 @ 8:27 am


1) That is just false. Early on, he struggled with press conferences, but has improved. He’s very genuine and funny in person. Ever speak with him?
2) This may be true, but i’ll wait and see how it finishes.
3)This is completely wrong. He was never interviewed before Pitt. He turned down an interview with Purdue. Pitt did not interview him until after the Heyward debacle, and SP chose Graham.
4)Please watch that play again. Play was designed to go to the middle of the field. Ray G cut back towards the sideline. I’m not sure what you want the coach to do in that instance. Your SR rb should know better.
5)Seriously? Shell didn’t want to work. You want him to get special treatment?

Comment by srb 06.04.13 @ 8:34 am


Recruiting is selling. The soft sell approach
may work with some kids others want to be
sold. One sales pitch to all kids won’t work.
An effective recruiter/salesperson does
homework on the prospect to gain insight
and understanding prior to making a sales
pitch. Encouraging a kid to look elsewhere
may work for a powerhouse program not
a program mired in mediocrity.

Comment by JR 06.04.13 @ 8:42 am

Phew! We got the totally unrelated jab at SP out of the way.

As a Pitt alum and fan, I cannot help but be convinced based on decades of experience that PC is going to fail and recruiting might be the reason why, though the possibilities for failure as a Pitt head coach are endless. That said, of course, again as a Pitt fan, I find a way to maintain a glimmer of hope (if only so I can be crushed later!!)

But I will say, consider that one aspect about younger generations today is the need to find a way to get them to convince themselves. The hard sell does not always work and often will backfire. You need to persuade kids without them knowing you are persuading them. Any good parent is probably good at this. Is that what PC is trying to do? Maybe. I guess if it works, we can label him “brilliant” in 2-3 years. If not, its on to the next head coach.

Comment by DD 06.04.13 @ 8:44 am


Never spoke to him, thanks for insinuating you are close to him or the program.

Kids need to be coddled, soft sell wont work.

ill look but he def interviewed several places for HC.

i know the run design was correct, but he’s gotta tell his RB to run left no matter was only 29yrds.

Shell is a bitch IMO but chryst has to handle it better…the local kids see that and are saying WTF?

Bottom line, the guy is a bumbling idiot who simply doesn’t have the pedigree for a HC, its ok, just accept it.

Comment by yup 06.04.13 @ 8:48 am

Not close to the program. Heard him speak to a small group that I was in once. Came away with a entirely different opinion of him. Totally different what you see in press conferences and what you see in person.

Comment by srb 06.04.13 @ 8:52 am

Chryst represents the kind of guy you want your kid to play for. Trouble is that, as we saw in the Fosetr case, the kid usually makes the final decision.

Yup,srb, the play was designed to go to the middle but Graham is an instinctive cutback runner (and not sure if he was given specific instructions not cut outside – but doubt it)

Fact is that if you are going to play for the FG, then Pitt was much better off running the Walh Harris slide play … despite the criticism he would probably receive from this site.

HCPC made his share of both strategic and tactical errors this year but this was his first year of final decision maker. He deserves at least 2 more years to prove his worth …. although I admit to be discouraged by just about everythig that has transpired this off-season so far.

Comment by wbb 06.04.13 @ 8:59 am

There is an endless pool of three star recruits, not a big deal.

Only a bumbling idiot would call Chryst an idiot. He is very well respected in college football for a reason.

Comment by notrocketscience 06.04.13 @ 9:00 am

You guys realize there’s a big drug problem at Pitt, right? These coaches are doing their best to get rid of some of these guys but its not easy. It’s going to take time to get this straightened out.

Comment by DL 06.04.13 @ 9:04 am

lets talk about this in feb 14 not june 13. whens summer basketball starting?

Comment by alcofan 06.04.13 @ 9:08 am

DL, sounds like excuses…
and what does that have to do with recruiting?
Next we are going to hear from the optimists about Wisky recruiting 2stars and being successful.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.04.13 @ 9:11 am

That would be tooooo late.
There are very few players who change their committment unless there is a coaching change.
You should read the profile of the most recent player to get an offer from Pitt. We are competing against ivy’s and subdivision teams for players!!!

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.04.13 @ 9:13 am

DL, guess I’m naive. Didn’t know there was a big drug problem. Knew that it was an issue especially in the urban college environment, but didn’t know it was big.

Comment by wbb 06.04.13 @ 9:19 am

Someone answer me this? What coach on our roster is from a South Florida? Knows South Florida? recruits South Forida and or relates to kids in South Florida? Charlie Strong beat Florida with South Florida kids. Why is this hard to understand there are great LB’s and skilled players there and we have no one on staff with connections. Oh but we have 8 people with farmlands ties across the Midwest and all farms in between. What’s the average farm kid run a 40 in? Chryst has no plan, it’s apparent.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 9:29 am

For Chryst sake! He is the inspirational leader of the program. His job is to “Sell” the program. The days of simiply talking X and O’s has long gone. The CEO of the football program has a job of creating a vision and selling that vision to the recruits, players, coaches, alumni, and fans. It requires ENERGY and yes a “HARD SELL”.

Can you imagine Coca Cola saying “hey, you have to want a coke. It isn’t our job to sell you on why you “must have a coke”. BTW- why don’t you stop the local Kroger and pick up a few other sodas”.

Look, he is the HC and CEO of the football operation at Pitt. His job is the do a Hard (but accurate and transparent) sell to recruits. He must compete against others schools. Someone he must believe that he doesnt have to compete against other programs.

I like Chryst but he should be advised to get some energetic recruiters on staff at PITT if he want to succeed.

Comment by Pitt Fan In Atlanta 06.04.13 @ 9:32 am

I disagree with you. Chryst does have a plan.
It’s called, “Just Offer”.
Give them information to make a decision.
It’s not that hard.
He has been beating the drum on his recruiting philosophy since his first day on the job. Obviously many disagree with that philosophy.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.04.13 @ 9:36 am

My own example in selecting Pitt over PSU to go to college. Pitt wanted me, PSU showed some interest.

Comment by Frank MD 06.04.13 @ 9:40 am

WE will see his way might work but i dont like it
becuse most of the kids will go were the outher coach says i really need you like franklin did.
but we will see how things go.
but there are 4 recruits that are must have

3 of them in are baack yard if he gets 2 of them
i will say he had a good recruiting class
but if he lets them all get away or gets just one i am done with him as a recruiter
dockish would like to hang him now but i will wait
but he most get at least 2 of them and if he does
not he sucks.
they are the best OL men we have had here in pa,
in years.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.04.13 @ 9:57 am

Four names put them in your head.

all OL men 3 of right here in are back yard
chryst must get at least 2 of them should get
they are the best OL from here in years
if he should lose the 3 from are back yard
then he is a idiot.

and his way of recruiting sucks
he must get at least 2 .

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.04.13 @ 10:30 am

If you judge a coach’s personal skills by press conferences you’re doing it all wrong.

Take a look at Andy Reid. He has far and away the most boring, monotone voice in press conferences. Behind closed doors, he’s a completely different person. He’s a very good (won’t be great until he wins a title) coach.

The way a person acts in a small group vs. a large group can be very different. Chryst is taking a soft sell approach. I think I understand why. There have been too many transfers and malcontents here and if you’re hard selling players, they may regret coming. There’s a lot of instability here.

I don’t agree with him (assuming my thought process is right) but I think he’s hesitant to hard sell and lose guys 1-2 years later.

Comment by Justin 06.04.13 @ 11:01 am

I understand the differences in philosophies. But what I don’t understand is that some of these local kids have an opportunity of a lifetime to play FB at Pitt. They can come here and play in year 1 or 2 and be on the field in the ACC for 3 or 4 years of playing time in major college football. Instead, some opt for the allurement or prestige of the “bigger, popular” schools and go sit the pine for 2 or 3 years and realize that they may not play (or at least have to wait until year 3 or 4 to see the field). Why not come to Pitt and be part of the class that put Pitt FB back where it used to be (and should be year in and year out).

Comment by JJ 06.04.13 @ 11:09 am

By the way, that’s what I would be selling if I was Chryst. Sell the truth – sell the values/standards/work ethic you have as a coach, the playing time, the opportunity to make a difference, etc. Don’t sell something that isn’t true or straight up like a lot of the big time programs do.

Comment by JJ 06.04.13 @ 11:12 am

I’ve tried to maintain optimism, “have to wait till signing day”, and “he gets 2-3 years to show what he can do”.

I still maintain that.

This article opened my eyes a bit on Chrysts approach.

There is a difference between “soft selling” and “hey, this is what we have, let us know”.

Soft selling still entails a great amount of “we want your business” if done properly.

Also, you have to be hands on, and get to know the kids.

A lot of these kids need to be “wanted”. As adults, after years of life experience, we may react positively to Chryst’s approach if we were being recruited. An 18 year old??

As someone said above, you have to be adaptive also, wherther it’s to the client, or to a prospective recruit.

Noble indeed, may not be the right place for it though.

Good Lord, I hope someone down there is telling these kids how much they are wanted, how much they will be a big part of Pitt football and how wonderful of a school Pitt is.

If we’re just telling them we have good pizza, go try the other 20 pizza places, then let us know, that is not good.

Comment by Dan 06.04.13 @ 11:13 am

I went to Michigan for undergrad and Pitt for law school. Michigan is my team, but I root for Pitt and follow them closely, so I suppose you’d call them my number 2.
I love Pitt, but I still think of myself as an impartial observer here; I watched Chryst for many years as OC at Wiscy; I watched Brady Hoke come in and rebuild a team in oblivion from his very first recruiting class.
My opinion here is: Chryst is, at a minimum, a top notch OC. Whether he can be the Man at head coach is in the air, but he’s worth the gamble. As to recruiting- he can’t cut it. His methodology is flawed, and I guarantee you he knows it, because he’s striking out and his list of options are shrinking. His one success? A Michigan lineman that neither UofM or MSU wanted…the kind of player Chryst has done well with, to be sure, but not enough to rest your laurels on.
He’s going to change his tactics. He has to. He can’t stick with what got him here, because ability as a recruiter didn’t get him here. What that will look like down the road is the real question.
Hail to Pitt.

Comment by Belisarius 06.04.13 @ 11:19 am

Worried? I am hitting the panic button!!! Yes I know Pitt had a decent class last year and it is still early but these kids and their statements just confirmed my fear about PC. Young men at this age want to be inspired and challenged! They want and NEED it! If you simply take a relaxed attitude and appear not to be passionate these kids will not come! They need the challenge! They need the inspiration! They need a coach that has fire and that is what they respond to! Let face it, PC and the staff are nice guys and that is why a lot of these kids have them as a final 3. But when the final decision comes and it is between a pipe hitter and a nice guy these kids will go with the pipe hitter 9 times out of 10.

Comment by Shawn 06.04.13 @ 11:27 am

Justin, if he doesn’t win in 1-2 years he won’t be at Pitt anyway for it to matter whether kids transfer.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 11:29 am

Your pizza analogy, that is what Chryst said to Kemp and Hytchte. We know what the end result was.
Bad analogy with an NFL HC who drafts players versus college coach who has to recruit players.
And transfering has nothing to do with hard or soft selling. It mostly has to do with riding the pine.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.04.13 @ 11:35 am

what should be obvious is that large packed stadiums and programs with a lot of TV exposure will always do well with recruits … how else do you attribute PSU’s current success (all things considered?)

The other things to sell are (1) playing time, (2) ticket to the pros, (3) education, and/or (4) staying local. Another thing that I have been hoping for a long time at Pitt is stability … knowing that the HC and much of his staff will be around in 4-5 years.

Comment by wbb 06.04.13 @ 11:57 am

Wbb, I don’t know if we can chalk PC’s on field decisions to him being a first year HC. I think he has a little bit of Les Miles in him…i.e. he will make the occasional bizarre calls (like the play calling at the end of the first half vs. ND)…BTW, I’m OK with that.

Comment by HbgFrank 06.04.13 @ 11:58 am

Frankcan how did you come up with this list?


What about


These are all kids in our own backyard. We already lost Apke, Beh, Winovich, and Franklin. If we could have signed just these guys that would have been a great recruiting class.

Comment by Shawn 06.04.13 @ 11:58 am

By the way we lost Noah Beh to PSU over the weekend as well.

Comment by Shawn 06.04.13 @ 12:02 pm

The idea of soft-selling Pitt is laughable. Let’s do a little math…

You are informing a kid who is about 18 years old and has parents that are most likely in the 40-50 year old range. Pitt has not had consistent National notoriety since the early 1980’s. OK there were a couple good years here and there but nothing like being ranked in the top 10 for multiple years. This means that the kid’s PARENTS were only 10-20 years old the last time Pitt was relevant. Do you expect to talk to a recruit and his parents and just throw in a couple facts and then turn them loose? How many times do you think a kid from the West coast has seen Pitt on TV in the last decade? He’s better be up by 9AM! How many times has Pitt been the ESPN regional game in SEC land?
“Hey we have a cool practice facility that we share with the Steelers, but you’ll never see them. We also play in a big stadium that we share with the Steelers but people only visit the stadium on Sundays. We won a National Championship 37 years ago! Half of our nine championships were after the airplane was invented! Did I mention that the weather generally sucks? So you want to sign up?”

These guys need to remember their ABC’s. Always Be Closing.

Comment by Yeti 06.04.13 @ 12:06 pm

Yeti good post but most of the yinzers koolaide drinkers don’t want to hear it because they never travel out of the burg and if they do its a vacation in ocean city. We cannot be relevent only recruiting in the PA market and mid west farm boys. Pitt on a national scope hasn’t been relevent in years. You want to change that culture and you need a plan. A plan that includes west pa, Tx, Florida, the sorest and the Deep South and California. D exactly what Charlie a strong has done at LVille. I dare to say he owns Florida more than Miami and possibly Florida State. The Gators are one but Charlie isn’t far behind…

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 12:14 pm

L’Ville has 32 kids from Florida on the football team.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 12:17 pm

Pitt has 3 from Florida. Tell me anyone how that makes sense.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 12:18 pm

Upittbaseball- We can’t even get the PA market anymore. We already lost Winovich, Apke, Beh, Franklin, Rogers, and it doesn’t look good for Henry and Nicholson. If you can’t get the kids in the backyard who do watch Pitt then how do you get the kids in Florida or on the West Coast? I get your point but it is going to take a much different approach than what we are seeing right now.

Comment by Shawn 06.04.13 @ 12:19 pm

Long term, Pitt will be fine .. but regardless of how much of a fan/homer I am for the team .. it is hard for me to see Pitt (at least in the near-term) “stealing” a recruit from Michigan or Ohio State….or many other programs for that matter.

Comment by Tomas 06.04.13 @ 12:45 pm

Hey we are tied for FIRST for fewest recruits!! We are #1!!!!

Comment by Shawn 06.04.13 @ 12:57 pm

Pitt must sell academics as well. June 2nd 60 Minutes TV from Sunday shows why.

link to

Comment by Frank MD 06.04.13 @ 1:03 pm

Precisely because of Yeti’s description that the ‘hard’ sell will not work as opposed to the ‘soft’ sale….. there is not much to ‘sell’ right now!

So the kid better want to come here. Until Pitt starts winning, playing a type of football that creates “winners”.. i.e. attitude, motivation… when Pitt is building college players into pro players and we can sell that….

The whole last two months shows (as well as the last few seasons) that when you do not have totally 110% bought in kids, then the team does have it.

If Chryst wants to build a team around physical football, smart/heady play, pro style, enough speed but not great speed… then he needs right now kids who are totally bought in.

I also just reject this label of Chryst as not being a ‘communicator’… go watch the videos on pitt’s website. Low key does not mean non-communicator.

At the same time we talk about “Fraud” graham… he was a greeeat “communicator’ that we now call oily, slick, dishonest, phony…. etc. etc.

This next season has to play out to see how this team plays… and wins 6-7 games, and then see how things go on signing day…

Comment by Pittscript 06.04.13 @ 1:04 pm

I read/hear a lot of criticism on Chryst’s approach and some of it seems to be justified. But I’d like to know with how many kids that same approach proved to be the difference and was the reason they did sign on.

Maybe that down-to-earth, honest approach is also what convinced Dorian Johnson and Tyler Boyd to come here. Maybe it’s what kept Challingsworth locked up all year, or meant the most to a guy like Shakir Soto – who according to most has personality and character that is exceeded only by his motor and work ethic.

We focus so much on the kids that got away, but that system has also managed to retain some decent talent as well.

To that end, by virtue of living in the area and having a nephew on his high school team, I got to see UCLA’s newest RB transfer for the better part of six years and with that, I also saw the off-field circus that accompanied him. When he couldn’t cut it at Pitt and decided to bail, I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

Pitt is better off without kids like that. If he doesn’t want to be here, fine. Let kids like that go be passengers in another program.

There are Division I-caliber players talented enough on their own to contribute in a power conference, but they can be coached and molded into even more because they genuinely want to be a part of something. We’ve seen them here before – Scott McKillop, Gus Mustakas, Stephens-Howling, Greg Romeus, Jabaal Sheard, Dion Lewis, Jarred Holley, Mike Shanahan, just to name a few. I have no real issue with this coaching staff identifying players they think fit their program and system, both on and off the field.

Chryst and Rudolph cut their teeth at Wisconsin turning rosters of less-heralded kids into conference champions because they coached several of these kids up to that level. The results they had at Wisconsin spoke for themselves.

Will it work here? That remains to be seen.

I agree with those who say you still need talent. You still need to recruit elite-caliber players. That’s true, but I’m not sure Pitt’s at the point right now where that can be a drop in the bucket for Chryst. As Yeti said above, the program has been a shambles for almost as long as a kid like Shai McKenzie has been in high school. Coaching changes. Half-empty stadiums. Few high-profile bowl games to speak of. Hell, this is the first time since 2010 that Pitt will open a season with the same coach it had the previous year.

The team needs to win first. Everything follows from that. If the team wins, the crowds will show up. If the crowds show up, the gameday atmosphere improves, and now you’re on more equal footing with programs that have been more visible over the last 5-10 years.

Comment by Stoosh 06.04.13 @ 1:06 pm

d’ville is in Louisville Kentucky… southern feel, great town… milder weather… closer to home… beautiful people.

Pitt is in Pittsburgh…. in it is really ‘in’ Pittsburgh… Oakland…

Just is what it is and I love living here, ‘in’ the city, after living elsewhere for several decades.

There are no reasons for kids from Florida to come here… .maybe when/if we have a reputation of developing kids into pro players that would be a real reason why.

Comment by Pittscript 06.04.13 @ 1:08 pm

louisville has to recruit Florida but to their credit, they hired a coach with great ties to the state. Pitt is building a program that is first and foremost not taking any shortcuts and in fact is substance over style. Would I like HCPC to be a balls to the wall recuriter, yes. I do think he will combine getting players who he feels fit his system and can be developed to become assets who are at Pitt for all the right reasons. I think we have had enough of recruits looking for a free ride and when asked to make a greater contribution balk. No local recruit gives a rats a** about Shell. In fact many will see that discard as a positive for the program.

Comment by chethejet 06.04.13 @ 1:13 pm

Apparently PC’s recruiting style is working just fine. They come to Pitt for a visit. He tells it would be nice if they came to Pitt, but they should also visit other schools.

They take PC’s advice and they visit other schools, who promptly sign them.

So all in all it’s working out.

We will have plenty of 2 star recruits who no major D1 programs offered. And yes, these kids WILL ALL WANT TO BE AT PITT !

So you see it will all work out. lol

Comment by EMel 06.04.13 @ 1:19 pm

say what you want line up for chryst or agenst
his recruiting.
i will just say this .

get them to pitt you are a great coach if they
go some were outher then pitt he sucks
the proof is in the pudding.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.04.13 @ 1:25 pm

I laughed so hard at your post I fell off my seat.
Truth hurts.
I’m waiting for the punch line, but at Wisky this is what Bielema did and look at his record.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.04.13 @ 1:33 pm

EMel you remmber last years list of must have kids
on this years list
if he does not get at least 2 of them i go on
a 4 day drunk and prey for a the AD TO MAKE HIM HIRE A REAL RECRUITER.

before we go down the drain if you read
dockish tweets chryst will drive dockish to the nuthouse soon.

i know his soft sell is killing me hope it works but it is puting me in the nut house with dockish.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.04.13 @ 1:42 pm

I can’t believe it’s June. Where the hell did March, April and May go?

Comment by Dan 06.04.13 @ 1:44 pm

Here’s the historical perspective (from Scout):

As of June 4th the number of commits Pitt has had since the Class of 2003–


This certainly indicates there is no cause to worry just yet.

Comment by pitt1972 06.04.13 @ 1:45 pm

As far as L-ville. Their academic standards are almost as low as Wvcc or lower, so most of those kids they get from Florida probably couldn’t get into Pitt. Which doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be recruiting it. He should have hired Todd Orlando as DC who had 3 things going for him. 1 he had ties to Florida. 2, he is a Pittsburgher. 3, he’s thought of as a pretty good DC, at both Uconn and FIU. The thing he didn’t have, he wasn’t a friend of PC or a friend of a friend or known associate from Wisconsin. So, instead we got a 30 yr old kid with no experience as a DC, no contacts in Florida, but hey PC knows him.

As far as cities, Pittsburgh is so far nicer than Louisville it’s not even close. Don’t remember seeing L-ville mentioned in ANY magazines that rate cities. Pittsburgh is constantly in the Top 10 and even the Top 5.

I was just on campus for the first time in years, 2 weeks ago. It’s a beautiful campus which is why the condo’s on N. Bellefield are super expensive and why the homes on Bigelow do nothing but go up in price every year.

Oh and by the way, I’ve lived all over the country, which ONLY makes me appreciate Pittsburgh even more. You can have all these cities in the South, their heat, their humidity, their crime rate, their franchise restuarants, Pittsburgh blows them all away !

Comment by EMel 06.04.13 @ 1:45 pm

Emel…I agree with you 100%.

Frankan – Bookser is picking OSU

He has hinted this various times for what that’s worth

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 1:52 pm

@ pitt1972

That list makes it appear.

We are always behind the 8 ball.

Comment by EMel 06.04.13 @ 1:58 pm

Can you do a comparison to other like schools?
Say Rutgers, Maryland, VTech, UNC.
Because the trend is top players are committing earlier than ever before. I’ve never seen this many players committ before.
I think (in fact I know) Pitt is behind in recruiting when compared to competition.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.04.13 @ 1:59 pm

Here’s more historical perspective (from Scout):

As of JULY 4th the number of commits Pitt has had since the Class of 2003–

2013–1 + ?

This shows that Pitt usually gets a modest boost in commits after the June camps but not before.

Comment by pitt1972 06.04.13 @ 1:59 pm

DAN yes were did it go.
EMel you are so right once agein you hit the nail on the head. you are the best.
upittbaseball you are killing me he better get the outher 2 if that is true i hate the way he recruits.

i dont have it in me to wait for ever he better win at least 6 games this year.
and 8 the next or i am done with him
a good coach wins he does not say every year wait till next year.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.04.13 @ 2:02 pm

pitt1972 were did you get your info last year on may 31 we had 4 commits all ready.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.04.13 @ 2:05 pm

@Pitt.Dan83–Would be an interesting exercise but it take to long unless I am on vacation and bored. However, anyone with time could do what you suggest. Just go to Scout, commits and click on the header on top of the commit date column for any school in the data base for any year from 2003 onward and count how many guys committed prior to any given date you choose.

Comment by pitt1972 06.04.13 @ 2:05 pm

@Frankcan–That’s not what Scout’s data base says:

link to

It only shows Javonte Pitts and Trenton Coles as committed by that date. Then it has three July commits (the two Davis brothers and Chad Voytik).

Comment by pitt1972 06.04.13 @ 2:10 pm

Oh and Pittsburgh is one of the few cities in America to have it’s own:

Hofbrauhaus (on the River)

That place is incredible, with it’s tiered and lit outdoor deck going down to the Mon. Wow wish we had that when I was at Pitt. That whole new Southside Works neighborhood is incredible. Pittsburgh has so many places, to hang out in. We also were in the revitalized Market Square, which was great to see, since it was always a vibrant area when I use to live in Pittsburgh back in the 70’s, 80’s and even early 90’s. That was place was bustling at Midnite with lots of outdoor diners/drinkers. Had some really excellent food at Mallorca on E. Carson. What an incredible menu that place has. I highly recommend it, the service is excellent as well and the drink pours are almost Froggy sized from the beautiful antique bar. What a place !

link to

Didn’t even get a chance to check out the new restuarant’s on the North Shore like Jerome Bettis’s place or the Rivers Casino. Nor Mike Ditka’s restaurant or Dan Marino’s restaurant out in Robinson. Next visit, next visit !

Comment by EMel 06.04.13 @ 2:17 pm

Yes, yes, being the football coach at Pitt is just different from everywhere else. We expect all kinds of trials and tribulations and make excuses regularly. Bad luck and losing has tainted all of us.

Chryst finished 6-7 and did not have his team prepared to play against Youngstown State, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Connecticut, and Mississippi. We’ve heard the excuses at least 100 times.

Right now he defines mediocrity. If he flops and Heinz Field attendance slips back into the 30,000 range (that’s with the usual exaggeration) he’s in trouble.

I would take the Penn State head coach over Chryst any day.

Comment by TonyinHouston 06.04.13 @ 2:18 pm

pitt1972 i type in pitt blather may 31 2012
it said we had 4 commits om may 31 2012

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.04.13 @ 2:34 pm

the BIG differnce between Pittsburgh and Louisville is Charlie Strong

Comment by wbb 06.04.13 @ 2:36 pm

pitt1972 it was a pitt blather from may 2 2012
it read as of today pitt has recived it 4th football recruit.not may 31 sorry

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.04.13 @ 2:45 pm

Wbb yes strong is the reason and we dont have strong
we have forest gump.
well we will see this year if gump can get us a good recruiting class
and we will see if he can win in the ACC this year
and if it turns out bad for both of them.

then it will be time to say run forest run right out of town.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.04.13 @ 2:55 pm

Ditkas sucks. Steaks are like rubber dogshit.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 2:57 pm

I bet the bar is good though. And the football paraphernalia. Probably a bar food type place.

I rarely order steaks out, for they’re vastly overpriced. But when I do, it would be at Capital Grille or Mortons. Overpriced, for sure, but a real quality cut of beef and it’s consistently good.

Comment by EMel 06.04.13 @ 3:03 pm

Pitt’s program wasn’t like it was back in the late 1960’s. That was 3 wins in 3 seasons.

We have been to 5 straight bowl games and we came within a couple boneheaded plays from coach & qb from keeping Notre Dame from playing for the NC and knocking them from being ranked #1.

Realistically even with said QB, PITT should have been at least 8-4 last year. (only counting losses that should have been wins against YSU & Syracuse) One could also easily argue that had PITT taken care of business and beat UConn and held on against ND, that would be 10-2.

The difference between 6-6 and 10-2 was very slight. As I see, we didn’t play with confidence.

Confidence usually comes down the chain of command.

Comment by EMel 06.04.13 @ 3:12 pm

oh yea, we also got jobbed by the refs in the ND game. Naturally !

Comment by EMel 06.04.13 @ 3:13 pm

Emel….but that was in the big least. We will get an idea this year where we are.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 3:28 pm

It wasn’t my intention to demean our coach as much as it was to point out the fact that Charlie Strong has great credentials — he was a long time defensive coordinator for 2 national title teams at Florida, a team that won primarily due to its defense which was ranked annually in Top 10.

He apparently has a lot of credibility in that state judging by his recruiting, and it would be hard to believe that Louisville will not be near the top in the AAC and ACC in the near future.

Comment by wbb 06.04.13 @ 3:29 pm

ACC announces Football Rotating Crossover Opponents.

We get Syracuse every year…..blah

link to

Comment by EMel 06.04.13 @ 3:45 pm

@ upittbaseball

As Louisville proved in the Sugar Bowl (tearing up the SEC #2 team Florida), the Big Least wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be by the national nitwit media. Cincy won their bowl game too, and Cuse tore up the Hoopies of the supposed vaunted big 12 in the Pinstripe.

Pitt’s bowl game was in effect, the Notre Dame game. As most of the Nation was tuned into that and 80k were in the stands. We also proved the big least wasn’t the least.

I believe Rutgers also won their bowl game.

ESPN could have been backstabbing the BigEast all these years, by portraying the conf. as a weak one in football, thereby leading to it’s demise and ultimate breakout. Thereby they could then let their other more valuable conf. partners cherrypick the more viable tv ratings bigeast schools into their conferences.

Comment by EMel 06.04.13 @ 3:55 pm

lol…typo….to much caffeine me thinks.

3rd line from last….and ultimate breakup !

Comment by EMel 06.04.13 @ 3:57 pm

So, has anyone come to the conclusion yet that chryst is a bumbling idiot? (besides me)

NOBODY WANTED THIS GUY FOR A HC…even Pitt didnt want him the first time around….but he was the safe date; the guy who wouldn’t hurt the vulnerable girl. lolololol

Love that one.

Comment by yup 06.04.13 @ 4:03 pm


Net net PC has to recruit AND win games
particularly conference games and those
games against legitime non conference

Comment by JR 06.04.13 @ 4:24 pm

Here we are having a nice hysterical conversation about our recruiting woes, and pitt1972 has to come in and ruin it all with his facts!

Comment by HbgFrank 06.04.13 @ 4:42 pm

Not be a Debbie downer or anything but I really don’t think we will land any of those local recruits. If we get more than two i will be shocked. I’m hoping like everybody else we get five or
more but I really don’t see it happening.
I thought from the beginning of the Shell saga that it would hurt us more with the locals than our overall recruiting. I hope not though!!!

Comment by QuipScript 06.04.13 @ 4:44 pm

Other than the lack of recruiting I am also worried about the tranfers. Losing Shell sucks but then Rippy goes and that is a cause to worry.

Comment by Shawn 06.04.13 @ 5:13 pm

@yup, who did PC interview with? Curious as too whom turned him down?


Comment by Dan 06.04.13 @ 5:25 pm

@Emel, nice link.

Not to upset at Syracuse, for the simple reason, I had heard that last year. Maybe they finally put it down on paper, I guess??

Would have liked to have someone new, but you gotta give a little.

Personally, I love our division. Some nice road trips!!!

Don’t forget, we’re gonna play a team from the other division at the end of the year in the championship game too!!

Comment by Dan 06.04.13 @ 5:33 pm

link to Chryst didn’t get the job at Illinois so that’s one he didn’t get.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 5:36 pm

Nice to see our logo with those other thirteen logos.


Comment by Dan 06.04.13 @ 5:37 pm

Chryst also didn’t get the Texas Longhorns OC position or the same with the cowboys. So 0 for 3.

link to

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 5:37 pm

The trailer trash at Morganhole can enjoy their trips to Lubbock, Waco and Stillwater!!! LOL

As for PSU, the situation they’re in is such a bummer, I can’t even make fun of them.

Comment by Dan 06.04.13 @ 5:43 pm

Most coaches in college football have been turned down for tons of jobs throughout their career.

Yup is speaking of head coaches, which is what I was asking.

So 2 I guess. Illinois and Pitt the first time???

The way he was talking, I assumed he had been passed over by 20 or 30 schools.

Ok, 2. Keep me updated.

Comment by Dan 06.04.13 @ 5:45 pm

link to

Throw in Kansas. Looks like 0 for 4 but don’t know if Chryst was or was not interested to be fair to him.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 5:46 pm

Chryst has been a candidate at several schools the past two years and probably would have gotten a head-coaching job earlier if not for his low-key personality. He interviewed at Pitt in January but did not impress the selection committee, who instead went with the more energetic — and, it turns out, completely phony — personality of Todd Graham. Just to show he was passed over the first time. I didn’t know if that was true..

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 5:50 pm

Buy a nice dog.

Certify him/her as a Therapy Dog.

Take him/her to schools, nursing homes, hospitals, wherever. Enjoy the smiles your dog brings.

Then with the time you have left over, come here to bitch and moan. You’ve deserved it.

Comment by steve1 06.04.13 @ 5:54 pm

@Upitt, I agree with you a lot of times.

I’m not even really defending Chryst, I stated above I’m concerned about his recruiting style.

However, when I see something silly like “no one wanted him”, I have to call it out.

You said you should be fair to him, and you’re right, doesn’t say anything about being interviewed by Kansas.

Again, I’m talking about head coaching positions which is what yup was talking about.

So, we’re back to Illinois and Pitt previously.

That’s 2.

The way his post read and the bumbling idiot comments I thought Chryst was blackballed or something??

I don’t want “he was interviewed by many” from yup.

I want the names of the schools, since “no one” wanted him.

As a matter of fact, in the linked articles, it says………

Paul Chryst is one of the hottest head coaching commodities out there!!!

Again, no problem with you, and I’m not even sure I believe that Chryst can do anything here, I’ll know more in a year or two.

Actually have no problem with YUP, start listing the schools please, because the way you’re commetning, it’s like he had the plague or soemthing.

No one wanted him list for head coach.
1. Illinois
2. Pitt the first time.

Comment by Dan 06.04.13 @ 6:12 pm

By the way, being turned down by Texas for O.C. isn’t like being turned down by Sacremento State or something.

Texas, Ohio St. ND, Michigan, Alabama etc. pretty much have their pick of the litter when it comes to them wanting a coach and recruits.

Like a guy being turned down for a date by Cindy Crawford. I mean how bad can your ego be bruised or your reputation be tarnished??

Comment by Dan 06.04.13 @ 6:15 pm

YUP and other boneheads, PC has been on the job for a year and a half. Turning a program around isn’t an overnight sensation like most of you who are so naiive believe. He is doing it the right way. Get off his back and try to have an intelligent conversation although it is very difficult for some of you. Also, Pittsburgh is a wonderful, unique place and those of you who don’t appreciate it JUST LEAVE. Belly-aching from some of you is becoming very boring! I love Pittsburgh and my alma mater!

Comment by barreman 06.04.13 @ 7:53 pm

I find UCLA having a ticket on this boat the most concerning thing out of all this. If this means they’re in a tough situation I can’t even imagine what it means for us.

Comment by Cool Hand Nuke 06.04.13 @ 8:12 pm

Well stated barreman

Comment by notrocketscience 06.04.13 @ 8:17 pm

@frankcan–the recruiting class years were those signing LOIs in February of that year. So the 2012 class was the class whose early recruits were signed in spring of 2011. I did goof up in omitting the 2013 class (which I think is the class you actually referred to) and confused it with the start of the current class which is the 2014 class. I will post a correction as soon as I have time to look it up.

The bottom line however remains that the lack of numbers of commits as of today (June 4) is not necessarily a problem based on Pitt’s past history overall.

Now, the fact that some local recruits of Pitt interest have committed elsewhere is of at least some concern (even though it has never been possible for Pitt to land all or most of the best local prospects); but that’s a topic separate from the numbers issues.

Comment by Pitt1972 06.04.13 @ 8:36 pm

@Frankcan–Here is the correction:

June 4


July 4


The 2003 to 2012 numbers remain unchanged.

Comment by pitt1972 06.04.13 @ 9:01 pm

barreman, keep drinking the koolaid.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.04.13 @ 9:07 pm

Dan….. the Wisconsin State Journal says he talked to KU. See below. just a fyi. Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst has been one of the hottest names in the head coaching rumor mill over the past year or so. Chryst, who has seen his team average at least 40 points per game each of the last two seasons, has been connected to head coaching gigs at Illinois and, now, Kansas, writes the Wisconsin State Journal.

A source close to Chryst told the State Journal that Chryst spoke with Kansas about the head coaching job that became open when the school fired Turner Gill after two seasons.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.04.13 @ 10:12 pm

It doesn’t matter what jobs Chryst was considered for. We know some alum and Wisky AD pushed Chryst and that’s fine. I hope he is successful but my concern is his recruiting tactics.

The issue is about recruiting not whether or not Chryst should be hired. The article by Chas is quite clear. It is near “alarming” status.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.04.13 @ 10:26 pm

barreman-What, people can’t disagree with PC and how he is doing things? If we don’t love every aspect of the coaching staff we should leave? FYSA I think most people on here loves Pitt and is on here because they do. Why don’t you stop your crying and try actually contributing? There are a lot of good points to both sides and this is a discussion board on Pitt football. Calm down.

Comment by Shawn 06.04.13 @ 10:57 pm

Should have known this topic would have brought out the worst.

Comment by panther94 06.04.13 @ 11:00 pm

Don’t forget, we’re gonna play a team from the other division at the end of the year in the championship game too!!
Comment by Dan 06.04.13 @ 5:33 pm

Yea I forgot about that Dan-o !

Comment by EMel 06.04.13 @ 11:51 pm

Based on what pitt 1972 posted, I guess we all need to chill until like August or Sept.

Unless all the top local recruits (like the ones Frankcan posted) commit to someplace else before then.

As Dan posted some time ago, we have been beat down so long, most of us feel like schleprock.

link to

Comment by EMel 06.05.13 @ 12:01 am

In case pictures won’t suffice. haha

link to

Comment by EMel 06.05.13 @ 12:04 am

Lots of sturm und drang over something that 1) won’t be even realized until LOI Day and 2) won’t affect the play on the field for two or three years.

Comment by Reed 06.05.13 @ 5:46 am


Comment by Wayne 06.05.13 @ 6:20 am

Wayne, I agree.
Everyone was looking at 2014 to be the class of good recruits. There were excuses for 2012 and 2013.

2012 class, everyone said that was remanents of Graham class that Chryst didn’t have enough time to make it his.
2013 class, everyone said he got a late jump on recruiting because he couldn’t do anything on 2013 recruiting until after Feb due to signing and final push for 2012 class.

So, what are the excuses going to be for 2014?

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.05.13 @ 6:41 am

Jury is out on the 2014 class. Calling it a failure at this juncture based on a few local 3-stars committing elsewhere early is simply paranoia. The same kind of paranoia occurred when Wanny lost a legacy or two early in the recruiting season and was ultimately meaningless in the long run.

I will reserve all judgment until Labor Day, at least, further judgment until January, and final judgment until LOI day.

Comment by Pitt1972 06.05.13 @ 7:24 am

Pitt1972, I didn’t call it a failure, but clearly Chryst recruiting tactics don’t work.
I could care less about where the recruits come from but if Chryst can’t land the top recruits from his backyard then he can’t land them from outside of wpial.

The basis for evaluating the 2014 recruiting efforts is to compare #commits of Pitt to other like programs. Most have 7-10 commits so far and mostly highly rated.
And before you say, commits don’t matter only LOI day matters. Over 95% of commits will stick unless there is a coaching change.

So, to quote Chas.
“But is there reasons to be concerned? Oh, hell yes.”

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.05.13 @ 7:39 am

This is my first time ever commenting on this board. Saying Chryst can’t seal the deal on these recruits is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if he is a great recruiter or not. I read the posts on here countless times talking about why would the best players in WPA come to Pitt? For the last 30 years, Pitt hardly ever gets the best player from WPA anymore. Do you guys really think Chryst isn’t trying to get these players?

These young guys who are being recruited by schools like Mich, OSU, ALA, etc are not going to choose Pitt over any of those schools at this point. The man has coached one single year, and people can actally predict what the man is going to do going forward?

We should all be happy that the man stayed around to try and clean up the mess that the football program has become. You all called Graham a snake oil salesman and all sorts of names, by the way he sold Pitt to the players, and most if not all of you was pushing for Pitt to get someone who would promote Pitt, and get players who wanted to come here. Now Chryst is trying to promote Pitt and you guys are now complaining that he should be a snake oil salesman.

If you all think that these players are not coming to Pitt, because Chryst is a soft sale and not promoting Pitt, then that goes to show you, how stupid it is to come on and post some of these insane comments. I now this is a discussion board, but no-one is discussing anything. It’s all about people acting like they no how to do something that they’ve never done themselves. It would be like Chryst, making comments about how you all need to do this or that at your jobs.

Give the man a chance before we make these out of the world statements about what kind of a coach, and person he is

Comment by outoftown 06.05.13 @ 7:45 am


and Upitt, points taken, enjoy your banter, agree with both of you lots of times.

No problem with criticisms of Pitt, I do it myself.

My thing wasn’t even with Chryst or recruiting.

When a commenter starts to sound like a 12 year old, or a troll though, I gotta call them out.

Comment by Dan 06.05.13 @ 8:56 am

to follow up on Pitt1972’s post … in the spring of 2010, two Pitt legacies, Tom Ricketts whose dad played at Pitt and Miles Dieffenbach whose dad coaches tennis at Pitt. Further, at this date in 2010, Pitt only had Aaron Donald and Derrick Burns committed, and us natives were getting very wreckless.

Pitt went on to sign TJ Clemmings, Pat Murphy, Todd Thomas, K’Waun Williams, Mark Rotheram, Shane Johnson, KK Mosley Smith, Art Doakes, Anthony Gonzalez and Brandon Ifill … all who have contributed or should play a prominent role in this year’s team.

On the other hand, Wanny took a chance on 2 kids with already-troubled backgrounds (Knox and Peeler) that blew up in his face. This class also produced Carswell and Eric Williams who saw a lot of action the past 2 years before the recent drug bust.

All in all, a lot of talent was reeled in after June 5th … so the jury should still be out on HCPC.

Comment by wbb 06.05.13 @ 9:11 am

clarification: legacy Ricketts and Dieffenbach commited to PSU

and, us native were getting ‘restless’ … (and probably wreckless also)

Comment by wbb 06.05.13 @ 9:13 am

outoftown – don’t waste your breath.

This blog has become nothing but know-it-alls incessantly spewing the SAME nonsense over and over and over and over. I used to post a few times a week, now I barely post 1 or 2 per month because of it.

PC and Pitt had a recruiting class ranked in the 21-40ish range this past year (really can’t believe Scout has them at 21 for the 2013 class). For all the coaching turmoil since DW left, that’s about all one can expect. It just amazes me the folks expect the recruits to line up outside the SouthSide office chompin at the bit to sign with Pitt.

It’s really time to face reality. Right now, no one in their right mind could expect Pitt to keep up with OSU, Mich, Ala or even PSU!

Unless Pitt has less than 6-8 wins the next couple years, PC will still be here. So will all the recliner coaches dribbling suds on their keyboards while cutting and pasting the same crap on this blog.

Comment by pghFred 06.05.13 @ 9:54 am

pghFred, I believe the prupose of these blogs is for ‘know-it-alls’ to spew their thougths, and to counter-argue other ‘know-it-alls’ who has opposite viewpoints. You can either join the fray, or if it bothers you that much, don’t pay attention.

I have been saying for a few years now that there has been a delusion of grandeur from the Pitt faithful who believe things can revert back to late 70s glory days … and that the stability of a coach like Wanny was underappreciated … especially considering he provided the program its best 3 year run since those glory days.

Comment by wbb 06.05.13 @ 10:49 am

Pitt was ranked 35 in Rivals for 2013, however, it was a huge class of 27. You get more points for quantity.
However, if you look at the “quality” or average star, the ranking is in the 50’s.
Just say’in

Rivals and Scout boards delete any comment that is negative. This board has both which I appreciate.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.05.13 @ 10:52 am

pghFred and Outoftown….amen! I’ve been a Blather reader for many many years and the comments have become increasingly painful. At first I rationalized that it coincided with the changes and the adversity facing the football program (despite our good fortune with landing in the ACC). But the comments these days are dominated by a handful of posters whose tone and approach are challenging. I no longer read comments with any consistency and Pitt Blather is not the must stop blog that it once was….I read Chas’ posts and move elsewhere. It’s too bad.

Comment by FG 06.05.13 @ 11:27 am

I still donate to Chas’ campaigns, though! Everyone should!! Thanks for all you do Chas.

Comment by FG 06.05.13 @ 11:29 am

I appreciate and fully support everyone’s right to post whatever they wish, but with only one season at HC, to say he is a ‘bad recruiter’ and ‘bumbling idiot’ is not a very well thought out opinion based on any facts. Posting the same thing over and over along with getting the last word in doesn’t make it anymore true.

PC’s first true recruiting class was ranked from the low 20s to the 40s (dan83 – point taken). What was Pitt’s power ranking in the season prior? I’ll be willing to bet we were lower than 50. Until Pitt produces on the field, that’s about all any reasonable person can expect.

PC is learning how to be a HC. I’ll agree that Pitt wasn’t prepared for a few games last season. But I would put that on the players as well as the coach. There were criminals and malcontents in that locker room and PC is weeding them out. I doubt that even Chuck Noll would have won more than 6 with that team.

wbb – I wholeheartedly agree there are many with delusions of grandeur regarding Pitt. Have they really forgotten this was a less than middle of the road program from the mid 80s until Walt was hired? Walt got us above average and DW just slightly above that. Then the woman beater and slimeball coaching fiascos occurred.

We should be thanking our lucky stars we got someone as highly regarded as Chryst to coach here. I WANT Pitt to win now, but I’m not going to start questioning him until he has time to build HIS program.

Comment by pghFred 06.05.13 @ 11:30 am

College football is all about what have you done for me lately. His Wisconsin day’s will be forgotten real quick if he doesn’t start to get some quality recruits in here. I am sure other reqruiters are telling these kid’s ” Come to our school instead of Pitt-who has Pitt recruited”???

Comment by Wayne 06.05.13 @ 1:01 pm

Our WEAKEST position on this team is the offensive line. Chryst got 5 solid OL to sign with Pitt this year. IMO that is a positive. We had more guys signed in this current class than we had scholarships available for (not anymore, of course), so he got some numbers working, that is also a positive.

I’m concerned that we don’t have more verbals than we do at this point, but the numbers that matter are the ones signing with Pitt on LOI Day.

I agree with others that say that recruiting is the life blood of any viable football program and HC Paul Chryst has to produce, for 2014, a top 30 recruiting class or Pitt is going to be in trouble going forward. This is especially true considering the house cleaning that is going on with dismissals and transfers.

The Jury is out on his win-loss record for a couple years but Chryst HAS to be successful NOW in the recruiting department. No excuses for 2014 in recruiting.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.05.13 @ 1:14 pm

We’ve got WAYYYYYY too many “Joe D” types on here. Reed, outoftowwn, pghfred, Dr Tom, Dan,and you other reasonable people your comments are well thought out and well said. PC is not a miracle worker. I don’t believe that he will turn the program into a national champ in 2 or 3 years. We’ve simply got to give this guy some time. Yes, a 2013 recruiting class is essential but all of the hater bullshit on this site isn’t helping. I suspect that a couple of these guys that call PC a “Bumbling Idiot” are not intellectuakl giants themselves. If you’ve heard the man talk he sure sounds like a pretty good coach. The guy’s a FOOTBALL COACH not an English teacher.

I think some of you guys are Hoopie fans making negative comments so that any possible recruits reading this blog (and don’t say it doesn’t happen) read some of these ridiculous comments and no wonder they pick another school.

C’mon people…it’s not drinking the kool aid to be positive and patient. It’s sane… Get lives.

Comment by The Hagen 06.05.13 @ 5:16 pm

I understand being patient with the wins but I don’t understand how you can win in the future if you don’t recruit now. I have said before that I like PC but it is a must to have a few good recruiting classes in order for the wins to come.

Comment by Shawn 06.05.13 @ 8:06 pm

Hagen (excuse me, “The” Hagen):

Who in the hell are you, Pederson’s executive assistant?

Comment by TonyinHouston 06.09.13 @ 10:41 am

I doubt there is a “harder seller” out there than Todd Graham, so that’s not necessarily what you want in a recruiter. One recruit so far, however is concerning. This is one of the better WPIAL classes in recent years, Chryst has to land his share of these kids. I really believe Chryst is committed to this job and in it for the long haul, and trying to build a program the right way. I just hope that’s not lost on this younger generation of recruits…

Comment by pap76 06.10.13 @ 12:47 am

Here’s the deal about The PITT Blather.

When there are actual substantial PITT football issues to discuss it is the best website there is. During “The Doldrums” of May-July it is always is a down period. Thus the only posters who want to spout stuff are the pot-stirrers who post outrageous thoughts and then scream when no one actually agrees with them.

Come summer training camp we’ll have the players to discuss – especially the ones who are new to the program or are in-line to see playing time for the first time in their careers. That is when we can start commenting and speculating with a kernel of hard news as a starting point in a discussion.

As far as Chryst being a loser, bumbling fool, etc… you should note that on the message boards and on here the posters who are stating that are almost always guys who wanted someone else hired rather than Chryst.

I’ve concerns about Chryst as a HC also but I’ll hold off any real negative criticism until there is a actual reason to do so. The fact is he inherited a team with major morale problems, player cliques and bad attitudes.

I’ve been screaming on here that there were very real institutional problems (from the admin through the HC & Staff down to the players and their parents)in the program as far back as the end of the 2009 season and people didn’t want to believe it… well, now we see writ large that not only did they exist but they set the program back as far as any real growth goes. Believe me when I say what the average PITT fan saw and knew about over the ’09 -’11 years was the just tip of the negative iceberg.

On top of that the actual football talent level Chryst had to work with was such that we had 7-5 and 6-6 regular seasons before he got here. Not the best of situations to start with and our 2012 6-7 season wasn’t a shocker at all. Lots of people, including myself, wondered if we could have a winning season and that didn’t happen. The same applies for this upcoming season IMO..

So all this is what Chryst was hired to deal with and those types of change – real honest change that is – doesn’t happen in one season.

This staff will fill out the roster with players they want to have with skill sets they need. That is pretty obvious so far. Just because a few three star local kids go elsewhere is no reason to panic at all. If we don’t see some quality recruits by Nov-Dec then I’ll worry. But until then this is much ado about nothing and is nothing but a topic for people to bitch about in lieu of substance.

Chas does a great job here as is Justin. Chas allows expression of opinion from everyone as long as it isn’t too over the top – but what we are seeing and reading now is the same deal every spring… it’ll get better in August.

Comment by Reed 06.10.13 @ 7:29 am


Thanks for adding some sanity to the blather. There have been way too many “chicken little” posts by folks who appear to take anything less than full instant and early gratification on the recruiting front as a sign that the end of the world (or at least their world) is imminent.

Comment by pitt1972 06.10.13 @ 8:24 am

Not said enough but KUDOS to Chas, Justin and Reed. First rate Pitt news and articles even through the ‘downtime’ of the FB and BB off-seasons.

I’m not a ‘full-time’ poster by any means, but I do read daily and will continue to do so because the folks who run the site do a great job.


Comment by pghFred 06.10.13 @ 8:53 am

pghFred – Chas and Justin. I’m a commenter just like everyone else now.

(Although I may sneak in an article or two every so often…)

Comment by Reed 06.10.13 @ 1:39 pm

Reed, I know you’re not actively posting articles any longer, but you’re still on the ‘all-decade’ blog team…….and we’re still in great hands with Chas and Justin.

Comment by pghFred 06.10.13 @ 1:44 pm

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