December 31, 2012

So, I managed to make sure I have the day off on New Years. Unfortunately, I could not swing getting free today. Instead, it is complete DVR-delay and avoiding all media until I can get home and watch.

Cinci is coming off their first loss of the season. An ugly game that saw them lose to New Mexico.

The Bearcats play good defense, but their offense is not exactly reliable. Especially against better teams. Where they are especially good is on the offensive glass. One of the best in the country at getting second chances off of misses.

Considering the emphasis Coach Dixon places on rebounding, this should be a battle inside.


off topic but I need opinion please. Governor of Pa preparing to sue the NCAA on behalf of Ped.State. As a PITT man & resident of PA I find this highly offensive. The use of tax dollars to defend psu & trying to defend psu in general is offensive!!

Comment by DC33 01.02.13 @ 10:48 am

allegedly the suit’s goal is to keep the $60M sanction fine within the state which is alright with me as long as it isn’t recycled back to PSU.

Otherwise, I agree that the state is not representing its citizens

Comment by wbb 01.02.13 @ 11:06 am

It’s purely political. His numbers are in the tank and he needs the support of nitter nation to win re-election. I can understand the perspective of wanting the money to stay in the state, but this is something politicians really have no business dealing with. As a Pitt grad and Texas resident, I find it offensive as well, but when wasn’t a politician offensive. I’m just hoping that Tino’s play this Saturday isn’t offensive.

Comment by TX Panther 01.02.13 @ 11:26 am

Thank you wbb & TX Panther. Did not know the actual basis for the legal action. I still don’t like the State involved. I hope the entire team is not offensive==don’t need another Uconn game. HTP. Happy New Year

Comment by DC33 01.02.13 @ 11:43 am

Hope they are taking the game very seriously, and are fired up.

A big win, against SEC Ole Miss, would set the tone for spring ball and going into the ACC.

Yep, even a 6-6 SEC, still an SEC, would be a big tone setter!


Comment by Dan 01.02.13 @ 12:05 pm

My understanding was that the excessive fines against Penn State were a way to lessen other penalties that would have come down.

Should never have been agreed to by Penn State or allowed by the State of Pennsylvania.

Now, in retrospect… the Governor is moving to try and keep the money in State?

What a bunch of crap.

Instead, maybe the State should issue a legal challgent to the levying of the fines altogether?

But this would leave open PSU to additional NCAA sanctions that are proably more appropriate and legally well-grounded.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.02.13 @ 12:44 pm

If Pitt played w/half the passion of this board the Panthers would be undefeated. If ticket sales are any indication ole miss is taking the game seriously. PITT needs to come out fast & punch these rebel punks in the mouth. Take care of rutgers too on saturday. MASON UP Panthers!!! HTP!

Comment by DC33 01.02.13 @ 12:55 pm

Rutgers @ Syracuse tonight at 7pm. Might be on TV somewhere don’t have a clue.

Good chance to see what they have. Saw their two leading scorers are their guards. Eli Something and Myles Mack who is only 5-9 or so, so I would imagine Myles gotta be super quick.

They also have a couple of 6-9 250 lb. bangers.

Teams with good guards give this team problems.
Let’s see if we can put the clamps on them.

Cuse is a game or so removed from losing to Temple at home. I think the conference is going to be a little down this year(regardless of who is ranked where right now), so for us that’s a good thing.

Is anyone going to the Sayonara Sunseri Bowl ??

Comment by Emel 01.02.13 @ 12:55 pm

Emel that one cracked me up.

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.02.13 @ 1:47 pm

My comment above regarding the Governor and Penn State was based on the other preceeding posts which appear to have been in error.

Turns out the State of Pennsylvania is issuing a legal challenge to the fines altogether and not just trying to keep the money in-State.

This is exactly what should be done, as I mentioned in my comment.

Remains to be seen if it opens Penn State up to the possibility of stiffer sanctions should the fines be thrown out.

Maybe the possibility of further sanctions is what O’Brien might be using as an excuse to open the door to consideration of other offers including the NFL.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.02.13 @ 2:09 pm

This merely assures all that facts that were better swept under the PSU rug will now see the ugly light of day. If I am a 70 year old former adminstrative assistant, I am stocking up on my supply of Depends because with this suit and the perjury trials coming up, a lot of old ladies who know where all the bodies are buried are either going to have to tell the truth under oath, lie or catch a case of Alzheimers.
PSU joined a voluntary organization and there is no recognizable “protected class” (race, age, etc…) to which PSU belongs that would be targeted for discriminatory practices.
Pay up Pedophile Protectors….now, you will have to pay AND air dirty laundry again.
Could not happen to a better group of assholes (truly, that is the correct anatomical part).

Comment by sfpitt 01.02.13 @ 2:35 pm


Pennsylvania suing to have ALL sanctions and fines lifted including ban on bowl games.

Well that’s what you do when you sue. You ask for the world with the goal being a compromise.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.02.13 @ 3:22 pm

And the Tyler Palko award goes to Rod Sweeting:

link to

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 01.02.13 @ 3:22 pm


I thought the goal of a lawsuit was to ask for the world but have the jury award you the universe? 🙂

Comment by Panther Pride 01.02.13 @ 3:35 pm

Pa. suing to have all penalities eliminated as if nothing happened??? That’s ridiculous!!!

Comment by DC33 01.02.13 @ 4:02 pm

Good point Panther.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.02.13 @ 4:28 pm

Nice turnout for our Rutgers events: 100 for the basketball game, 80 for the bowl game watch.

We’re looking forward to hosting and meeting you. Thanks for participating!


Comment by steve1 01.02.13 @ 4:38 pm

The Trib has an article on Tyler Boyd where he said he may announce his college choice this Saturday. In the Trib article Boyd went on to say, the Pitt is probably number 1 because of the strong relationship he has built with Bobby Engram. He went on say hea has a comfott level with Pitt. It also doesn’t hurt that Titus Howard and Tarrish Webb are going to Pitt. Let’s hope that he’s coming to Pitt. He’ll play early at Pitt and I think he will make an impact.

Comment by Justinian 01.02.13 @ 6:13 pm

Let’s hope he doesn’t pull a Foster at the last minute.

Comment by TX Panther 01.02.13 @ 7:33 pm

TX Panther, Foster not going to Pitt may it more likely that Boyd will.

Comment by Justinian 01.02.13 @ 7:48 pm

The guy everyone thought was a lock, was Foster. From everything I’ve heard about Tyler Boyd, no one realy knows. That’s why I think his comments in the Trib were encouraging. He still may decide to go some where else, but at least we know that there is a good chance it may be Pitt.

Comment by Justinian 01.02.13 @ 8:11 pm

Rutgers is just getting trashed by Syracuse.

It was 39-20 at Half. Now 64-36.

Is this good or bad for us ?

Looks like any confidence Butgers had should be history after this beatdown.

Comment by Emel 01.02.13 @ 8:30 pm

Then again Cincy lost, the game before playing Pitt.

Comment by Emel 01.02.13 @ 8:32 pm

As for Corbett, he’s a Ped State alumnus I believe, must be scared he won’t be re-elected.

All(99.5% of em)of these pols are spineless slugs.

Comment by Emel 01.02.13 @ 8:35 pm

Realize what the lawsuit on behalf of PA is: the state helps provide funding to Penn State (similar to Pitt) and the state wants to hold on to it’s investment instead of it going to the NCAA. This law suit will likely result in a pre-trial settlement that may not get rid of the fine, but may ensure that the fine is spent back into PA. various state reps were already trying to do that but the suit may formailize the settlement.

I hate PSU and all the stuff that took place and the cover up, but I’m also a PA tax payer. So if Corbett’s suit will ensure that the fine is spent in PA, then I’m all for it! I’d hate for my tax money to go to the NCAA. The govt wastes enough of my money already!

Comment by dish 01.02.13 @ 8:58 pm

Louisville came to play…17-3 over FL in the 2nd q.

Comment by panther94 01.02.13 @ 9:27 pm

Corbett went to Lebanon Valley College

Comment by alcofan 01.02.13 @ 9:28 pm

Favorite comment from LV vs FL so far : ‘It’s like an annoyance, Louisville is just trying to annoy Florida by running the ball’ after 6 total rushing yards

Comment by Benzene 01.02.13 @ 9:46 pm

fyi – if Lville pulls this off, the BE will be 4 and 0 vs SEC this year in head-to-head matchups

The it will be up to Pitt to maintain the perfect record

Comment by wbb 01.02.13 @ 9:54 pm

wbb, that’s a lot of pressure.

Comment by panther94 01.02.13 @ 9:58 pm

Pitt has a history of disappointing in front of national audiences. Let’s hope this time is different.

Comment by TX Panther 01.02.13 @ 10:11 pm

What happens if Penn St and Corbett win and the NCAA tells Penn St they can no longer belong account of not abiding by their rules.
By not accepting the sanctions. Penn St may end up in NAIA. ?

Comment by frankarms 01.02.13 @ 10:17 pm

1st and goal at FL 4 and come away with nothing. Reminds me a bit of the meltdown we had at cuse. Still 30-10, but that was huge.

Comment by panther94 01.02.13 @ 10:45 pm

it wouldn’t surprise me if PSU comes out smelling like a rose and ends up making money from all of this … only theu can commit the most ehinous acts ever and benefit

Comment by wbb 01.02.13 @ 11:19 pm

We could have got Bridgewater if we had any South Florida recruiting connections….not just 8 Wisconsin guys….

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.02.13 @ 11:31 pm

I’m joking of course as Chryst was still at Wisconsin but we do need better S. FLA connections….

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.02.13 @ 11:33 pm

a little speed is always a welcome addition

Comment by wbb 01.02.13 @ 11:36 pm

NAIA sounds about right !

L-Ville does the BigEast-ACC proud. Handily beats the supposed great #3 Florida. L-ville was about to put another 7 on the board to get to 40. Mercifully the game ended for the Gators. lol

As I posted the other week, the SEC is overrated.
Only 3-3 in Bowl games.

Sure Alabama could win the NC, still won’t effect the fact the SEC is overrated.

Both the much maligned BigEast and ACC have better bowl records than the SEC and of course that blowhard league we all love to ridicule the Little 10 or L1G.

Comment by Emel 01.03.13 @ 12:22 am


surely you know we NEVER would have recruited anyone who would have actually been so superior to Sir Tino that we would have recruited him.

That my friend was never going to happen 😉

Comment by Emel 01.03.13 @ 12:27 am

Emel….. LOL…. Just a few more days of hearing that name and no more ABT!

Comment by Upittbaseball 01.03.13 @ 1:24 am

Hey Chas & Reed, do you know if Pitt plays in a bowl game this week?

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.03.13 @ 8:38 am

How about a football thread?

Comment by PittofDreams 01.03.13 @ 8:41 am

Extremely proud of how L-Ville played. They were tough and Bridgewater is just so accurate. Charlie Strong is a very good coach and it doesn’t hurt to have 35 FL guys on the roster.

Comment by Pittastic 01.03.13 @ 8:55 am

After seeing Rutgers get killed by Syracuse last night Saturday’s BB game against Rutgers is pretty much a must win if this team is going to do anything this year.

Emel, as much as I love to find fault with SEC and Big Ten etc using Bowl records don’t really tell the tale…these are meaningless games for some and Super Bowls for others and when those two collide we see a result like last night…..

Louisville had everything to play for since probably half their team is from Florida and were probably not looked at by Florida in High School. Florida was there for the player gift bag and the parties.

Comment by milobloom 01.03.13 @ 9:04 am

Meant to add though I do agree with your statement about SEC overrated..they are of course..but when you dominate the National Championship like they do that is going to be the case….And if Bama kills Notre Dame on Monday it will only continue.

Comment by milobloom 01.03.13 @ 9:07 am

SEC teams start out very high in preseason polls. When they lose they drop maybe 6 or 7 spots. If a BE team loses they are booted out of the top 25.

Something not right going on. Even BCS rankings biased by voter polls.

Comment by frank MD 01.03.13 @ 9:41 am

Yup definitively not right Frank…but just add it to the list of everything that is wrong with college football these days.

Comment by milobloom 01.03.13 @ 9:53 am

About the Louisville Florida game, it not always about the hype, it’s about who shows up to play. Louisville wanted it and came to play. Congrats to them. It’s fun to see a Big East team humble a team from the not so humble SEC.

Comment by Justinian 01.03.13 @ 10:04 am

@ milobloom, for the Florida’s players sake, I hope that the gift bag you mentioneed included a large jar of sauve to relieve a good ass whoopin, cause that is what the Cards put on them, for sure.

Now if Pitt can just finish up the season the same way, it will be all good. Perfect Pitt Saturday trifecta would be beating Old Miss and Rutgers and Boyd announcing that he is becoming a Panther. Yeah baby!

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.03.13 @ 11:27 am

Oh brother, when the SEC wins they are by far the superior conference, but when they lose, it is not because the other team was better, it was because the SEC team was unmotivated by a meaningless game. Florida lost because Lville is a very good football team that punched them straight in their constantly running jaws!

Comment by HbgFrank 01.03.13 @ 12:39 pm

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