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July 30, 2012

The Final Week of Non-News

Filed under: Big East,Conference,Football — Chas @ 12:18 pm

It’s the start of Big East Media Days today. Next week, Pitt starts fall practices. That means camp updates, obsessing over the smallest things. Blowing things out of proportion when it suits our notions (Sunseri had a bad day! Voytik and a good day! ZOMG! Chryst is totally going to start Voytik over Sunseri! That is unless the Sunseri family doesn’t use their booster connections to force Chryst to play Sunseri!).

The Big East gets to put on its happy face with two lameduck teams, a team they had to bring back after kicking them out nearly a decade ago. And all of their myriad of problems.

That’s because Big East football will have teams in four time zones, will have three members who are football-members only (Navy, Boise State and San Diego State) and 10 schools which are full members (Central Florida, Houston, Memphis, SMU, Rutgers, Connecticut, Temple — the Owls will be a football member this year and a full member next year — Cincinnati, South Florida and Louisville).

And the conference also has to appease Notre Dame — for the time being at least — which plays everything but football in the conference as well as seven other schools (Villanova, Georgetown, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John’s, DePaul and Marquette) whose primary revenue sport is men’s basketball because they don’t field Division I-A football teams.

The Big East will be a 21-team league, starting in 2015, yet Bailey has told anyone who will listen that the league can survive in this fashion and said that the league’s strength is in its diversity.

Beyond that, the two biggest challenges facing the new commissioner will be negotiating a new and lucrative television package as well as finding a way to remain relevant in the national championship discussion and major bowls.

That is when they can find a commissioner that fits what they want.

In 1991, Big East football consisted of Pitt, Syracuse, Boston College, Miami, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Temple and Rutgers. Next year five of the original eight will be in the ACC. In other words, a good case could be made that next year’s ACC will be more Big East than the Big East has been in years.

The good news for Pitt going into the season. Coach Paul Chryst is saying the right things about the whole issue of yet another new system for the quarterback (and offense).

Chryst, however, spends no time thinking about the difficulty involved in change. Rather, he points out what can happen, careful not to promise that it will.

“Two years ago, we had a fifth-year quarterback at Wisconsin (where Chryst was offensive coordinator from 2005-11) who was running a lot of those plays for five years,” he said.

“(Last season), same system, but the quarterback was one year (in the program).”

Result: Wisconsin won 11 games both times, with veteran Scott Tolzien and transfer Russell Wilson.

“Coaches, maybe media, can make it more than it is,” Chryst said. “Certainly, (when) the system changes, you can say it applies to the quarterback as much as anyone, but no one is interested in that being an excuse.”

After 23 seasons as an assistant on nine teams, Chryst is a head coach for the first time, dealing with the transition by preparing for it, rather than making it an issue.

Not a resigned, passive, “it is what it is,” but “this is what there is, let’s deal with it.”

I’ve said this before than it is time for the BE to change to a more appopriate name, and I nominate the ‘The Footnote Conference’ … since you cannot list the teams without the following references:

1. all sports
2. all sports but football
3. football only
4. football only, joining at future date
5. all sports, joing at a future date
6. football only, all sports beginning next year
7. all sports, leaving next year

** any or all of the above subject to change

Comment by wbb 07.30.12 @ 12:30 pm

Any news on Mike Hull tranferring to Pitt? I dont see him on the PS roster anymore, though he is still on their depth chart.

Comment by Rex 07.30.12 @ 12:51 pm

@ wbb
I like #7 the best on ur list ! Can’t imagine why.

Comment by Emel 07.30.12 @ 2:06 pm

If ur going to take a shot at us who believe there’s more than meets the eye with Sunseri let’s get it
It’s the old man being in the coaching fraternity AND his booster connections !!

If the Ped State boy rape case proved anything, it proved how these coaches all look OUT FOR EACHOTHER, regardless of ANYTHING ELSE !

What don’t ppl understand !

Comment by Emel 07.30.12 @ 2:10 pm

It’s Tino Time. Better make sure the liquor cabinet is well stocked.

I’m glad Pitt is going back to the old Big East.

Comment by TX Panther 07.30.12 @ 3:10 pm

the first penn state player to transfer is QB
rob bolden.

Comment by FRANKCAN 07.30.12 @ 4:30 pm

Way back in 2003, it would have made far more sense for the NCAA or the CFA or whoever is in charge to give the BCS bid to Conference USA, and Pitt, Rutgers, UConn and Syracuse could have moved there and out of the Big East. The Big East should become what it started out as, and that is a basketball conference made up primarily of Eastern “Catholic” colleges. I put “Catholic” in quotes because most of those institutions are not really Catholic at all anymore.

Having said that, it was primarily CUSA schools that made the Big East competitive in football (mostly Louisville and Cincinnati), along with the Hoopies, since 2005.

No matter – let them figure out their own mess. I am more than happy about the move to the ACC.

Let’s Go Pitt!

Comment by Penguins Fan 07.30.12 @ 4:30 pm

Penguins fan…
You hit the spot with the “catholic” quotation…as a practicing Catholic, I find it rather sad.

Comment by sfpitt 07.30.12 @ 4:40 pm

I live next door to a Sunseri == nice family == Tino & all of the Panthers are going to have a great season!! Hail To PITT!!

Comment by DC33 07.30.12 @ 6:08 pm

Uh-oh, any truth to this? Saw this on the Michigan site.

A Note That I Probably Shouldn’t Include But Will Anyway Just to Make A Header That’s Far Too Long

“His name hasn’t been tossed around much, if at all, but PA WR Robert Foster claims a top five of Alabama, Oregon, Michigan, Michigan State and USC. I doubt the Wolverines are an actual player here but bigger miracles have happened before.”

link to

Comment by Timmeh 07.30.12 @ 7:34 pm

penn state safety tim buckley transfered.

Comment by FRANKCAN 07.30.12 @ 7:56 pm

Timmeh, I just get the feeling that we’re not a force in the recruiting game.

For whatever reason.

Comment by steve1 07.30.12 @ 9:05 pm

If this kid Hull transfers to Pitt, I think it could energize the whole recruiting scene.

Comment by pittstadiumshuffle 07.30.12 @ 9:22 pm

We need to have a season under our belt for kids and parents to see what type of coach Paul Chryst is. Once that is done and he proves he is a winner, which i thoroughly believe he is, i think the recruiting scene will change. Looking forward to success in the future under Coach Chryst. It took a while but i think we got it right. Still waiting to see if Mike Hull comes to Pitt.

Comment by pittisit37 07.30.12 @ 9:29 pm

No more than a week ago Foster said he was interested in Bama, Michigan, Michigan St, Oregon, USC, Pitt, and Ohio State so unless that is breaking news I would assume he’s still interested in Pitt. He keeps saying he will go wherever he “feels most comfortable”.

Comment by Dylan 07.30.12 @ 9:36 pm

mike hull visted pitt over the week end dont know what that means for us.

Comment by FRANKCAN 07.30.12 @ 9:37 pm

I dont know were foster will go but it wont be bama he said it is to hot down there.

Comment by FRANKCAN 07.30.12 @ 9:41 pm

There are 3 or 4 underclassmen (jr/so) at PSU from the Pittsburgh area.

Comment by Frank 07.30.12 @ 9:53 pm

You know i understand the players on penn state
who have played there staying i get that and thought most would.
But what i dont get are that most of this years commitments seam to be staying a few may have wanted to play for penn state sence they were kids
But the outhers should be running away from penn state as fast as they can.

As i think abought it is odd most should have left bye now.

Comment by FRANKCAN 07.30.12 @ 10:36 pm

Frank I think you’re right but I also think that there’s a lot of logistics that goes into transferring. I think now that the first few have started to go you’ll see more and more. Maybe not a mass exodus but definitely more. Hopefully we can scoop a few of ’em up! Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Atlanta Panther 07.30.12 @ 10:57 pm

the number 1 QB and tight end, makes no sense to me in their commitment to PSU. Winners should want to play for winners, and in PSU’s case, they can clearly not be winners for the time being. I don’t like this martyr type attitude that is being made of the football program, and to read the message boards from rivals and scout for PSU is really disturbing. From the t-shirts they are creating to the comparisons of 9/11 clearly shows the outrageousness of their fans.

Comment by pittisit37 07.30.12 @ 11:59 pm

Brenneman was always going to Penn State and drank the koolaid. He hurt himself pretty badly and I think had knee surgery which will drop his ranking. The point is that he is doing his best to hold the class together for his own benefit. The Hackenberg is more troubling because he said in a recent interview that he didn’t read the Freeh Report and only goes by what Coach O’brien tells him. That is joepa like and is the making of more cultish activities.

If Hull and others are smart, which they are, they know it is in their best long term interest to get away from that university as they will be forever marked as dirty, once they pull out the diploma. Perception is reality and that is how all kids with degrees from PSU will be labeled. Sorry, those are the facts.

Silas Redd decides tomorrow and unless O’brien pulls out some major guilt trip, he is gone to USC. Bolden will probably go. I am surprised that Paul Jones and Mike Hull haven’t committed because at least Jones looked at Pitt but was scared off by Tino. I would take the pair of them in an instant for an upgrade. Pitt doesn’t need much to get to the next level. Regardless, there just isn’t alot of talent at PSU. Fortunately for them, their schedule is down right soft. They should be 5-0 against that cupcake schedule. I do expect Wisconsin to win the big10.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 07.31.12 @ 12:30 am

As always, reading anew the challenges that lay ahead for the conference always takes me aback. It’s always sobering, despite common knowledge that the conference is an utter disaster area.

It’s tragic, really, the Big East’s demise. Nothing to gloat about.

Nevertheless need still encourage the remaining league institutions to get real when judging Pitt (or Syracuse). Neither “defected” per se. Conference leadership sunk the ship. (Long ago.)

I cannot drive the point hard enough to remainders — I am looking at you Rutger’s, especially. Redirect your biases. If you want beef, see Tranghese (arrogant fool), his successor JMarinatto (extended family fool), and now (bravo) interim commish, Mr. Brilliant Bailey.

Comment by Neil 07.31.12 @ 5:44 am

Yeah Steve I know what you mean. We are in trouble. Landing Foster is a must I think. He’s been a so called “lock” for us and if he doesn’t come that will reflect poorly with other recruits.

Comment by Timmeh 07.31.12 @ 6:57 am

Paul Jones wasn’t scared off by Tino — just more Pitt incestual bullcrap. Both of his parents are PSU alums, and while he did consider Pitt, he certainly was scared off by a redshirt freshman who had yet to take a snap.

Comment by wbb 07.31.12 @ 7:29 am

Dokish picked Ironhead as the 8th best Pitt player on the last 40 years without one mention of his nickname … nor that his son was a Steeler #1 pick (not that it mattered to the subject of the article.)

Comment by wbb 07.31.12 @ 7:42 am

forget my last 2 posts — I’m 0 for 2

Comment by wbb 07.31.12 @ 7:44 am

Top 3 have to be Dorsett, Green and Marino in that order. What other schools besides Notre Dame and USC can claim that pedigree. And Doke only began his list in 72. Who is going to be the next Dorsett and Marino? We’ve been waiting over 30 years. Shady came close. Hopefully, Tino is one tenth of a Marino this year. That will be an improvement over last year and good enough for 8 wins.

Comment by TX Panther 07.31.12 @ 8:04 am

clarification — hope Tino is one tenth of Marino as a junior

Comment by wbb 07.31.12 @ 8:09 am

Should we really expect a mass exodus of quality players from psu? I could see some kids who were low on the depth chart and were on the verge of transferring for lack of playing time. Maybe the opportunity to transfer without sitting out is a lure. But how many can there be?

And with fewer scholarships coming in the future, every marginal player has to see his chances of getting playing time going up every year.

Short of righteous indignation over the bad acts of former senior leaders, I don’t see a driver for many departures. And I don’t see many 18 year old kids being much into righteous indignation.

Comment by dinosaur 71 07.31.12 @ 8:11 am

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