July 3, 2012

Planning on Opportunities in 2013

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Plans change. Things go awry, but a handful of the players who have already verbaled to Pitt are making plans to enroll early.

DT Tyrique Jarrett, TE Scott Orndoff, DE Shakir Soto, RB Corey Clement and now QB Tra’von Chapman have all indicated that they will be enrolled and taking classes at Pitt come January 2013.

Jarrett was actually a 2012 signee, but grades have him doing prep school — and apparently doing well.

The other four are presently the top ranked players in Chryst’s first recruiting class.


I believe there are people in the University of Pittsburgh Athletic Department, and in the school’s administration that read this site regularly. I try not to give too much advice, but…

Next July, when Pitt makes the move into the ACC. No videos. No “cute” gimmicks. Just a simple, understated splash page on the website to say, “Pitt is in the ACC.”

Why? No one is ever as clever as they think they are. Texas A&M drove that point home with this… this… thing.

This surfaced last night, and was immediate subject to such derision, that A&M pulled it around midnight central time. But it was too late. Having learned from the loss of TCU’s “Call Me, Maybe” video, it was quickly copied and survives to the everlasting shame of Texas A&M.

I’m trying to imagine what WVU has done for their move to the Big 12. Presumably it involves burning something.

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