July 31, 2012

Considering the Big East just got $20 million from West Virginia, another $5 million from TCU and $5 million more from Pitt and Syracuse as part of their initial money pay to depart, you would think the Big East would have no excuse for repeating last year’s inexcusable screw-up of running out of lobsters in the Big East clambake. But no, for a second straight year the lobsters were gone before the players were done trying to set records.

Pitt, however, finished an embarrassingly bad last place in the unofficial rankings. Only 2 lobsters consumed? Can’t tell you how disappointed I am in this performance.

Thanks to Twitter the results of the Big East Media Poll are already known. Pitt is picked to finish 5th in the conference this year.

  1. Louisville
  2. USF
  3. Rutgers
  4. Cinci
  5. Pitt
  6. UConn
  7. Syracuse
  8. Temple

On the plus side, it will be harder to disappoint expectations with that as the preseason spot.

Pitt is finally trying to get in the blog game. Let’s give them a chance.

While¬† publicly stating that Pitt is not a lame duck in the Big East (they are), AD Steve Pederson didn’t bother to make the trip to Rhode Island for Big East media days. Why? Because Pitt has no voting privileges in the conference meetings. But remember, Pitt is not a lame duck in the Big East.

“We certainly have enjoyed our time in the Big East Conference, it has been an excellent home for us for a lot of years,” Pederson said. “And I think it is important for us to make sure we put all of our energy and all of our focus into this last year and make sure that we do everything we can to make it our absolute best year ever.”

Oh, yes, Pitt can and should do all it can to win. Doesn’t change the fact that this is a lame duck season in the Big East. Just as 2003 was for Virginia Tech and Miami. And 2004 was for Boston College.

Having coached for several years, we just never bought into the Fraud Graham scheme. I think our players saw right through him. I would consider last an annomily.
I would like to have seen Tino’s progression if he had another year in the power o. Tino definitely as potential to manage a game he must develop consistency. I think this is the yer he can do that especially with a good QB coach.

Comment by DJS 08.01.12 @ 9:45 am

@Pitt it IS, am I unaware of some secret weapon that Buffalo has going for them this year or is that Pitt loss just the game Pitt loses this year that they are not suppose to lose? Seems like there is one every season.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.01.12 @ 10:57 am

The only way Pitt loses to Buffalo is if they get poisened wings from the Anchor Bar the night before. Rooties or Duffs wings would be the better choice. Buffalo Brew Pub isn’t bad either.

Comment by TX Panther 08.01.12 @ 11:26 am

wbb, thanks for the clarification. I guess memory didn’t serve in this case. Would you go so far as to say this is a reason for optimism regarding Tino this year?

Comment by opfim 08.01.12 @ 9:33 pm

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