May 15, 2012

Does this actually surprise anyone?  Really?

ESPN has a short interview with Paul Chryst today where he states that Tino Sunseri will be the starting QB for the Panthers going into the 2012 season.

We here at the Blather have been trying to get you guys to prepare yourselves for this announcement for sometime.  It wasn’t a hard call for Chryst to make.

It also makes sense as much as we may not want it to. Here is a rather telling point and one that some fans just have refused to believe:

He clearly was the best this spring that we had. You’re aware of the history but it doesn’t really matter for us.

Then here is this zinger.

“He’s got room to grow. If he chooses to grow, and I know it’s easier for us to say last year or two years before that doesn’t matter. It matters in the sense that you should learn from all of it, positive or negative. But it doesn’t matter going forward. 

Look, let’s be brutally honest here and stop bullshitting around. It really doesn’t matter going forward because he is all Chryst has.  He has no choice but to play Sunseri because of incompetence after him. However that “If he chooses to grow” comment leaves one wondering.  What if he doesn’t choose to grow?  Riddle me that Batman.

We just have no decent QB on the roster but Tino Sunseri and he’s suspect as hell. If anyone harbors any hope for any of the other four QBs, lets add Gonzalez just for more psychic pain, just let go of it now while you still have some sanity left…

“Chryst said nobody grabbed the backup quarterback job. As for what he anticipates for Chad Voytik once the four-star prospect arrives this summer, Chryst said, “First he’s got to get here. Then we’ve got to see how he picks up things. I anticipate him getting work. Legitimately getting work and then we’ll see.”

Got that?  No – Body – Grabbed – the – Backup – Job.  Not third year QB Mark Myers, not Shorty Anderson and not Smoke Gonzales.  “It is a ship of fools we have here on the Southside docks, step right up and take the cruise.”

So what we have left is a long shot miracle that may or may not be happenning in training camp with Chad Voytik.  But here’s a bit of advice.  Don’t back the wrong horse…

Coming around the clubhouse turn!  It’s “Tino Time” with the big lead and… hold on!  Here comes the Tennessee stud closing fast!!!   It’s a horse race again folks, anything can happen….!”

… in our dreams.

Another aspect of this is that Chryst wants to get the offense personnel set as soon as possible and start instituting his playbook that first week of training camp.  He needs a starting QB to do that.  The fact that he said Voytik will get a legit look is nice but he’ll go into training camp with Sunseri and stick with him IMO.

But Chryst feels that he can coach Sunseri well enough to succeed in his offense and that may be the case.  We’ll see.  I tend to think Sunseri will not be the same QB we had last season and that he’ll be better due to his new comfort zone. I do not think we’ll look at Sunseri at any time this and think that he’s turned the corner or that his troubles are behind him though.

No, every snap will be an adventure again this season.  Perhaps that 70%/30%  run/pass split doesn’t sound to bad right about now, huh?

all the head coachs thougt they could make tino play and they could not this one wont eather
tino time were is the booze EMel get the drinks going it will be the only way we get thru next season tino sucks we all know it but the coach.
Comment by Frankcan 05.15.12 @ 9:27 pm

Hey Frank, there isn’t enough booze to watch TErrible Tino play. I think I might just punt….
until 2013 !

Comment by Emel 05.16.12 @ 12:12 pm

“Smoke Gonzales” Priceless!

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.16.12 @ 12:21 pm

I just hope the RB’s say (in unison) to Tino: GIVE ME THE FRICKIN’ BALL AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY! Methinks that PC also sees this in a more than 70/30 split.

Comment by CompLit 05.16.12 @ 12:25 pm

If it’s tino, I aint watching. Watching him gives me a rash,and makes me throw things at my TV, yell at my kids, and ignore my wife. OK, so the last thing there is no big deal, but “COME ON MAN!”. Here’s to hoping that Chad V learns SUPER FAST!
Comment by dish 05.15.12 @ 9:49 pm

Excellent points all dish. And ones PC needs to consider for the sanity of the alumni.
First time EVER last year, I skipped watching several PITT games that were televised down here and the FIRST TIME EVER THAT I DIDN’T WATCH PITT play in A BOWL GAME (granted it hardly qualified as a bowl game)

Sheesh I would even go to bars to watch PITT games in the Johnny Majors Two era(knowing they were terrible) and had to defend PITT to some Ohio State fucks when we were losing like 45-0 at halftime in 1996 and afterwards when the final was 76-0.

Granted they are’t as bad as those teams, however knowing how this has been contrived to let Sir Tino play, makes me get a severe rash as well.
Goes against what I believe in !

Veritas et Virtus (wish the fvcking university would start practicing it)

Comment by Emel 05.16.12 @ 12:25 pm

Although I think that “Tokin Tony” has a better ring to it. LOL

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.16.12 @ 12:28 pm

Pitt just released a statement: The Beef O’ Turd bowl has just invited Pitt to play in their January 7th Bowl game against the winner of the Mid American Horizon West Coast League. The fine people in Birmingham said in a statement that “rather than wasting the next 7 months figuring out which team to invite, We’ve settled on Pitt. With their 1-AA schedule we are confident that they can win 7 games this year lead by senior gunner Tino Sunseri. We know Tino has a bright future in the Arena Football League where the 20 yard pass is considered a bomb…We are truly excited to feature the once highly respected Pitt program”
Comment by Coach Ditka 05.16.12 @ 7:07 am

You guys are good today. Very very funny Coach !

Now the next question is, would the Beef O’ Turd Bowl be considered an upgrade over the BBVA GPS Directional Compass Nobody Comes To Bowl ??

Comment by Emel 05.16.12 @ 12:33 pm

Terrible Tino went back to pass.
Terrible Tino got sacked on his ass.
All the Chryst’s horses and all the Chryst’s men
Couldn’t make Tino a better quarterback in the end.

Comment by TX Panther 05.16.12 @ 12:35 pm

Tino the Terrible practiced real good
Chryst took note, and said
You’ll start in my hood
Tino exclaimed I’ll lead this Pitt herd
Unfortunately his first start
Still smelled like a fart
And looked like a turd

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.16.12 @ 12:49 pm

lol TX Panther

From a purely marketing aspect, this is just gonna be a disaster for season ticket sales. If PC would have been smart he would have waited to just before kickoff of 1rst game to announce the starting QB.

That way all ticket holders would be in their seats and season tickets would be non-refundable.

Just sayin.

Comment by Emel 05.16.12 @ 12:51 pm

Reed – thanks! Go ahead and run with it! Its all good stuff here.

I really view Tino as an “it is what it is” issue. He is who we have – I don’t like him, I don’t think he is any good, but he is what we have to play with. If Chryst follows through with his statements, he will play to the teams abilities and strengths. This means run over pass and pass to keep the D honest. In this, the TEAM and PLAYERS need to step up and display their strengths play after play. The O line needs to block and block well. Finish every play. The backs need to hit the holes fast and hard, shed the first tackler, etc. AND Tino MUST hit a deep route when asked to.

What I like that Chryst is doing is putting success back in the players hands. Practice and call plays that the players can execute. The rest is up to them. I also like him getting back to what works – mamouth sized blue collar linemen. That’s where it all starts and gives the O a chance to succeed on every play.

Comment by Pitt it IS 05.16.12 @ 12:55 pm

I don’t see the point of constantly piling on Tino in here. It is clear that nearly everyone doesn’t like him as a QB, as has been made by all the past posts on how he is terrible.

If you don’t by tickets because Tino was named starter, what kind of fan are you? I mean seriously new coach with better schemes for Tino to carry out and people are acting like the season is over.

Comment by Wardapalooza 05.16.12 @ 1:25 pm

Also, I would like all the Meyers supporters on here to admit how bad Meyers must be if he can’t even claim the back-up QB position on a team with no QBs.

Comment by Wardapalooza 05.16.12 @ 1:30 pm

Just havin some fun at Tino’s expense. Opposing defenses also like piling on Tino as well. But, to your point, true fans should show up win or lose and support the team. Don’t lose hope yet. Although I may get to option C) by game 6, I still think Pitt wins at least 7 games this year. I’ll be pulling for Tino. Maybe he pleasantly surprises us by only taking 30 sacks this year.

Comment by TX Panther 05.16.12 @ 1:31 pm

I believe Tino needs to take the George Costanaza approach to 2012: If every instinct you have is wrong then the opposite must be right.

has to be a better strategy than doing what comes natural, right?

Comment by Coach Ditka 05.16.12 @ 1:40 pm

Emel, if that’s true I think they’ll miss an exciting season.

Comment by Reed 05.16.12 @ 1:43 pm

Ward, Myers basically doesn’t give a s**t

Comment by steve1 05.16.12 @ 1:43 pm


I have definitely been one of those “Give Meyers a shot” people…I’ve said before that I’d rather lose and find out that Meyers sucks in a game than lose with Tino because we already know he sucks in a game.

That being said, I’ll give the Coach the benefit of the doubt because he knows more than I do.

Comment by CJK 05.16.12 @ 1:44 pm

I like Tino as a person, I like Tino as a student, I like Tino as a team player, I just don’t like Tino as Pitt’s starting QB. If he is the best we got, then lets hope that Voytek is the next coming of JC because if that’s all we got, it is going to be a frustrating season.

I still bought my season tickets, I’ll still go to the games, I’ll still support the team, I’ll still hope the best for Sunseri and I’ll still be pissed off for subpar play from Tino.

Please prove me wrong on my last prediction Tino. Have a GREAT season and make me eat my words, I’d love that.

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.16.12 @ 2:24 pm

The schedule is setup for us to eat our words Dr Tom & everyone else who lives in reality.

I will be glad to eat crow for PiTT to win 9 or 10 games and go to a decent bowl. Problem is the BIgEast has only 1 decent bowl, the BCS Bowl. 🙂

Comment by Emel 05.16.12 @ 8:08 pm

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Can somebody please shoot me now and put me out of my misery?

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 05.16.12 @ 9:25 pm

Chryst obviously wasn’t a student of history. I think Chryst is going with the low risk and low return approach that should generate at least 6 or 7 wins. ABT would be high risk but potential for a 9 win season or a 5. But I’m willing to take our chances particularly if it means a more successful year 1 in the ACC because the other quarterbacks got some game day experience. I’m sorry you Tino lovers out there. The man is a fraud as a quarterback. Mediocre at best. That gets you a crappy bowl in Bama each year. Let’s generate some excitement this year and start ABT. Let’s go through the highs and lows with someone else. PLEASE Chryst I beg you.

Comment by TX Panther 05.16.12 @ 10:31 pm

Pitt it IS Pistol Pete wasn’t a bad QB. I just hope Tino goes Bill Stall on us and ends up play good his last year. Stall was horrible his jr year and was above average his senior year. If that happens maybe we win more then we lose. I’m starting at C.. Moving to A. mid season if we get a good start and ending at B. When we are fourth in a four way tie for first.

Comment by Tackle made by Hugh 05.17.12 @ 8:22 am

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