May 22, 2012

Football Links for 5/22

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Lot in the offline world, so I’ll just push out some stories.

Pitt athletes going to Haiti. Doing some of good at orphanages. Not just the football players. No excerpts for this. Just read all the pieces.

A reminder that the players experience at Pitt has been nothing like they expected.

There’s no other way to say it: no group of players has ever been screwed over like these Pitt players.

From Dave Wannstedt to Mike Haywood to Todd Graham to Chryst. Meet your new coach, fellas.

Now go out and make it work in crunch time, play like it’s second nature and don’t — for the love of pigskin — underachieve.

“We had great coaches with (Wannstedt), we respected them and they were let go,” said Pitt guard Chris Jacobson. “Then Graham gets here and we buy into what he’s saying, he leaves and it’s here we go again. Then (Chryst) gets here, and now everyone is buying into what he’s saying.”

Jacobson is then reminded he missed a coach in Haywood.

“Just a handshake,” Jacobson said, “and he was gone.”

Then it ends with the circle — possibly closing.

Chryst also had played for three coaches in four years at Wisconsin in the late 1980s. Maybe Pitt finally has found the perfect match.

We can hope.


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