December 5, 2011

In case anyone thought I was just making stuff up regarding Pitt getting sent to the BBVA Bowl in Birmingham, solely for TV. There is this bit of information.

…the BBVA Compass Bowl pitting 6-6 Pitt against 6-6 SMU. That last one’s particularly interesting because, according to multiple sources, the Birmingham game didn’t want the Panthers back for a second straight year, and Pitt was so opposed to the idea it threatened to boycott. Seriously.

So how did that matchup still end up happening? One word: ESPN. Its subsidiary, ESPN Regional, owns six of those low-rung bowls, including the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s and BBVA Compass games. And lest anyone tell you otherwise, head honcho Pete Derzis ultimately decides who plays where. He’s the reason Marshall is playing in St. Pete instead of Pittsburgh and why SMU is in Birmingham instead of … somewhere else.

The bowls are purportedly for the “student-athletes,” and arguably they still are in places like Pasadena and Orlando. In Birmingham or St. Petersburg, however, they’re for three hours of television programming, and the teams are ancillary figures.

And as Zeise noted, it is not like the Big East was going to do anything to help Pitt.

The bottom line is Pitt was trying to work something out with the Beef O Brady’s Bowl but the Big East made it pretty clear that they weren’t going to help Pitt’s cause and they basically told Pitt it was headed to the BBVA Compass Bowl because that bowl needed someone who might actually attract a television audience. (Believe it or not, Pitt might not be good at selling tickets, but people will watch the Panthers on TV which makes them attractice to a bowl like this, which exists almost exclusively as cheap programming for ESPN.

That’s part of why Pitt kept ending up on weeknight ESPN showings. We like sitting in our couches — not burning them.

I think that is a true story it makes sence i did not like the match up in the beef bowl any way who the hell is ffiu any how i would rather play SMU than a div 2 team.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.05.11 @ 1:02 pm

After 30 years of mediocrity there is not a canvass in the country who would go anywhere for a 3rd tier bowl in droves, including THE OSU…and I would know.

Heck, I have the money so I bought a plane ticket and a game ticket. Some people like the Steelers…I like Pitt so add Legion Field to my list.


Comment by SFPitt 12.05.11 @ 1:02 pm

Good reporting. Thats how the game played these days. TV rules.

Comment by alcofan 12.05.11 @ 1:47 pm

.. and it’s likely the main reason we are headed to the ACC

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 2:10 pm

Here are 3 div 2 offensive coordinator TG might be looking at Ken Collum abilene Christain
Greg Stevens delta state
Shane Montgomery youngstown state
they all averaged over 400 yards per game

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.05.11 @ 3:06 pm

I am going to the game. Who is with me?
(of course I live in Atlanta so it is a mere 2 hour inconvenient drive for me)

Comment by Greg Lee 12.05.11 @ 3:47 pm

Big controversy coming .. which will guarantee many angry posts … stay tuned!

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 4:06 pm

Dave Wanny sticks up for his former team…I seriously love this guy…

Comment by Yup 12.05.11 @ 4:08 pm

C’mon WBB lets hear it. @ Greg Lee, Ill probably be in Birmingham. Hit me up.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 12.05.11 @ 4:10 pm

Greg Lee:

I’m going, I plan on being in Birmingham for business (convenient) that week and I’m going to stay the weekend and watch them.

Comment by Jim from Dallas 12.05.11 @ 4:11 pm

c’mon, wbb! Dish it!

Comment by Carmen 12.05.11 @ 4:16 pm

You gotta hand it to the Trib for stirring the soup

Comment by Atlanta Panther 12.05.11 @ 4:20 pm

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 4:27 pm

Wanndstett has no class. What a chump. I supported him for many years. Graham came in and has said nothing but positive things about his predeccesor- sadly Wanddstett doesn’t have an ounce of similar class. Glad he’s not here anymore.

Comment by Tony Dews and Dont's 12.05.11 @ 4:29 pm

Wanny should keep his mouth shut and worry about the fading Buffalo Bills.

Comment by Scott 78 12.05.11 @ 4:33 pm

and one more note: nice of high and mighty Wandstett to get Sunseri’s back but throw the O-line under the bus with this quote:

“But I do know when you get sacked nine times out of 25 plays (at the end of the West Virginia game), I guess you can put some of it on the quarterback, but anybody who knows anything about football sits back and chuckles when you read that and you are going to blame it all on the quarterback.”

The o-line played their tails off in the WVU game and protected really well as anyone who paid attention to the game noticed. and Wanny wants to put the majority of those sacks on the o-line? Why is Tino out of reach of scrutiny according to Wanndstett but the o-line isn’t? They took enough crap all year- they’ve been criticized as giving up among the most sacks in FBS when nearly half of those sacks aren’t on them. Are O linemen not people? Huh Wanny? It’s OK to criticize them too? Keep to yourself in Buffalo

Comment by Tony Dews and Dont's 12.05.11 @ 4:34 pm

I argree that Wanny should have stayed out of it … but having said that, there are a few things that he said that I totally agree with.

In fact, after Graham said that Tino’s 4119 yard performance was ‘average’, I was thinking about nicknaming Grahan as “Mr Marinovich”

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 4:36 pm

OK, obviously 419 yards

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 4:37 pm

It was average. Dinks. Dunks. Not too much inspired passing, IMHO.

Comment by Tumbleweed 12.05.11 @ 4:41 pm

I like Chris Dokish’s take: “Wannstedt did not live out his dream of turning Pitt back into a power. But he still could have remained a pleasant footnote in Pitt history. Now he will be remembered as a pathetic and bitter man”

Comment by Tumbleweed 12.05.11 @ 4:45 pm

I knew you would think tino got a raw deal i knew you would agree with Wanny on this.
I told myself when i saw this that Wbb will jump on this even before you posted it.
poor tino sure it was some one elses fult it is the O LINE they make him hold the ball for ever they are to tall it is there fult that i run backwards insted of throwing it away sure it is.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.05.11 @ 4:53 pm

For the way he was terminated, Wanny deserved to be a bitter man. Tumbleweed, how would you like to be forced to publicly announce your resignation just to make the guy who fired you look good??? And no, he did not stage what happened at tha announcement, in fact he had a written statement he was about to read from .. those players showed up on their own.

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 4:54 pm

Graham has all of you people thinking that an incomplete pass is a good thing …. it is not, especially on 3rd and 4th down.

Again, the simple analysis is to always blame the QB, however, (1) Graham slowed down the defense not because of the QB but because the OL was missing assignments and making false stats, and (2) Zeise, who has done his share of Tino bashing, graded Tino a C- for the year but gave the receivers a D.

Yet your hero Graham has everyone believing that the QB is the sole blame

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 5:01 pm

I’ve said this since the Rutgers game … I could care less if Tino takes another snap at QB. I know he is not a fit for this offense … but don’t fool yourself that changing the QB would resolve all of the offensive issues.

The fact is that all of you totally bought into Graham and, of course, you have to put the blame on someone other than the coach …. and the QB is the easy target

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 5:05 pm

I think it is fair for Wanny to say whatever he wants based on how he was let go. I don’t agree a whit with him and my personal opinion is that he is an incredibly bad coach…see Miami, Chicago,Pitt, Buffalo and balance that against Dallas where JJ did it all for him. The pain his coaching idiocy caused a lot of us at Pitt will not soon be forgotten. Enough!

Comment by Dan 72 12.05.11 @ 5:08 pm

Guys, The stuff that occured between the school and Dave Wannstedt is water under the dam. I thought Wanny should have gotten another year. However that being said, Todd Graham had no part in any of the termination. Graham is our head football coach now and we’ve already gone through the 1st year of transition to a new system. There is no looking back.

Comment by Justinian 12.05.11 @ 5:12 pm

Wanny should just learn to stfu. So much for being a classy Pitt guy.

Best of luck Tino at IUP next year.

Comment by TX Panther 12.05.11 @ 5:12 pm

Smizik, who has taken his shots at Wanny thru the years, had this to say:

Wannstedt’s criticism of another coach, particularly his successor, is unusual but not out of line. There’s no question Sunseri was a disappointment. But if he’s playing so poorly, do as Wannstedt suggested, and bench him. Graham, however, stuck with Sunseri almost exclusively through 12 games, despite fans calling for backup Mark Myers to play.

It’s very tempting for a coach to vent his frustrations by criticizing a player. But there’s no call for it. There is nothing — absolutely nothing — to be gained by a coach criticizing one of his players.

There’s plenty to lose, including your team. That’s not to suggest Graham lost his team. It is to suggest such behavior could hurt him in the future.

It’s doubtful Graham’s behavior has won him any friends at Sunseri’s alma mater, Central Catholic, which is one of the top local producers of high school football talent.

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 5:15 pm





Comment by Yup 12.05.11 @ 5:15 pm

Wow wbb, I had no idea you were so fired up about this.

I will agree that the receviers have been really, really bad. But I will also agree that Tino has had that deer-in-the headlights looks waaaay to often this year.

Wannstadt may have gotten the shaft regarding the way he was let go…I think everyone agrees that the University handled it poorly. I can’t comment on the players or anything else becasue I don’t know the facts. But I can say that as a fan, I have to buy into Todd Graham. There is no fanhood without hope.

Comment by Tumbleweed 12.05.11 @ 5:19 pm

Darn it, I have sid all along that Tino was not the long range solution …there’s no doubt about that …. but he clearly is not the sole cause for the inneficientoffense. If receivers were open, he wouldn’t have ahd to take all these sacks.

But that is not the main issue here .. the issue is a $2 million coach not protecting his QB. Remember Mike Gundy who shouted out in his presser “I’m a man!!” .. and received national ridicule?? He took the brunt of the criticism off of his QB and put it on him. I would have to say nobody is criticiizng him anymore

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 5:29 pm

Hey there, Only my wife is allowed to call me an idiot.

Comment by Justinian 12.05.11 @ 5:39 pm

Interesting parallel between Wanny and Paterno: One says too much; the other, too little.

Comment by steve 12.05.11 @ 5:39 pm

Wannstedt deserved his dismissal and this little charade proves it. He isn’t a leader. He is a living embodiment of the Peter Principle. Good riddance.

Comment by omar 12.05.11 @ 5:55 pm

An incomplete pass on third down is much better than an intentional grounding penalty or a sack that loses 10 yards. In EA Sports NCAA Football 2012, Pitt’s current QB should have a zero for awareness.

Comment by omar 12.05.11 @ 5:56 pm

an incomplete pass is obviously better than a sack. The issue is whether a QB should automatically throw the ball away on 3rd or 4th down if his receivers aren’t open, or should try to make a play. This is a no brainer to me.

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 6:04 pm


Comment by FRANKCAN 12.05.11 @ 6:14 pm

Graham start placing the blame on his coaching only after he start reading the press amd hearing the radio criticizing him for doing it … he realized that he wasn’t in Kansas (or Okie) anymore. Then in one of the most arrogant statements ever, he called the 419 yard performance ‘average’ … especially since it highly rated offense last year at Tulsa averaged 308 yards pssing.

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 6:31 pm

IF Wanny were such a great coach he wouldn’t be the linebacker coach in Buffalo. There have been PLENTY of coaches let go by schools that have resurfaced elsewhere in the same role at other schools…Walt Harris.

NO ONE wanted him as the head coach at their school…… NO one stepped up with big $$ or any money as far as we know to bring in “The Man”.

If it did happen it was kept quiet (not much can be kept quiet anymore) or it didn’t happen. I believe it never happened because he’s not a highly sought after head coach.

Comment by Tony In Harrisburg 12.05.11 @ 6:35 pm

Well, I am not sure what Graham was supposed to say after the WVU game – “Tino played great”? Obviously he was freaking terrible, that was clear to anyone watching the game. I guess maybe he should have gone with “No comment”.

Whatever, it’s not really a big deal to me. I really don’t care what Dave has to say.

Comment by maguro 12.05.11 @ 6:39 pm

By the way, this was great line:

“We like sitting in our couches ā€” not burning them.”

You win the internets with that comment.

Comment by maguro 12.05.11 @ 6:41 pm

Typical sour grapes loser Wanny. Nobody gives a crap about his biased opinion. He was the best at blaming his players, every week was “we didn’t execute”. Week in and week out that was his line. And now he’s going to act like he defended his players. All I remember from him is we need to have faster players, we need to execute better. At least TG will say the coaches didn’t prepare the team well, admit to making mistakes himself, even if he insinuates his QB play isn’t where it needs to be (its not some big secret that QB has been atrocious).

It’s getting old people harping on Tino’s “419 yard performance” as some tremendous feat and great QB play. He still didn’t complete a pass over 25 yards in the air during that game (absolutely pathetic), he still held the ball too long at times, still took unnecessary sacks and it was against a horrendous, awful team. It was not some terrific performance it was average. Nobody would watch that game and say “oh that QB is terrific”. In fact they’d probably say that team would be terrific if they had a real QB. The agenda some people have against Graham on this board is unbelievable.

Comment by OntarioLett'sGoPitt 12.05.11 @ 7:01 pm

I fully admit and always have admitted to having a personal bias against Todd Graham. I’m not sure if I have more disdain for ..

1) fast-talking, cliche-driven salesmen (I have always avoided these types), or

2) dink-and-dunk spread offenses (probably my Western PA upbringing)

Still, I have been adamant that Graham can’t be fairly judged until at least another year or two. But that doesn’t mean I can’t bring the criticism where I feel it is just.

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 7:08 pm

Criticing the line that that he recruited. Biggest problem with Wanny,was he couldn’t recruit “O” linemen.

Comment by alcofan 12.05.11 @ 7:11 pm

Two wrongs don’t make a right. We all know Tino was not cut out for the”high octane system. We all know Pitt’s offensive line was descimated during the season. Losing Jacobson, Rotherham, Nix(for quite a spell) and havibg Turnley playing on one foor did not help the Panther’s offensive style. Coach Graham HAS BEEN tough on Tino, but Tino remains the Q.B. Coach Wannsted, who I USED TO ADMIRE Sgould NOT HAVE publically criticised his successor. Of course, Mr. Smizik HAVING MADE A MOUNTAIN OVER A MOLEHILL, sits back in his retirement chair and smiles as he relishes what his little typewriter has written. So, in my opinion, Coaches Graham and Wannstedt need to take a public relations course and Tino needs to seriously consider a transfer in his final season of eligibility. Rev. George in Columbus, where SUBURBAN URBAN is licking his chops as he considers which Pitt recruits to lure.

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 12.05.11 @ 7:11 pm

However, we all hate DickRod … skip to the bottom of the attached

“They didn’t leave to pursue ‘job opportunities,'” Rodriguez said with a chuckle. “They’re coming to Arizona

Read more: link to

Comment by wbb 12.05.11 @ 7:13 pm

I think you’re right FRANKCAN and others…TG was restrained even when he let it be known he wasn’t happy with Tino. I think the first time he said that we can’t take all the sacks, he did not deflect the blame to himself. After that, he always added that it was also due to poor coaching. The 419 yard passing game was only impressive in the amount of yards, not the many dinkers that lead to it. As I recall, there were still sacks and poor decisions. It was against a terrible defense. I think TG is hard to please, and I think praise makes Tino get a big head. TG was not left with an alternative at QB. He also progressively dumbed-down the offense for Tino.

Comment by auggie from latrobe 12.05.11 @ 7:17 pm

you are right on OnariolettsGOPITT Wbb i think TG has been more than fair with tino.
if you think abought it dave blamed his players a lot more than TG at least TG says things like it is our fult we have not coached right.
dave never took the blame for any thing.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.05.11 @ 7:18 pm

Couldn’t agree more with FRANK CAN’s all capital letter entry above. Graham said “I didn’t prepare the kids well enough. He said “I need to do a better job.” when asked about the games, he always says “we need to do a better job of getting the ball out, not taking false starts, and catching some balls”. What do you expect him to say? He could have said much worse things and didn’t.

No class Wanndstedtt.

Comment by Tony Dews and Dont's 12.05.11 @ 7:25 pm

auggie from latrobe thank you and you are right on abought the 419 yard game dumb things were done bye tino

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.05.11 @ 7:25 pm

Reiterates my belief that Dave Wannstedt is the typical stereotyped immature football coach who can’t refrain from commenting on his successor. That bit serves no one and has no redeeming qualities to it at all.

The fact that he says “If he can’t play, don’t play him, but do it the right way.” is a damn hoot as DW wouldn’t sit Sunseri down last season if his life depended on it… as his professional one did.

Wannstedt anointed Sunseri from the second Stull took his last snap and purposefully avoided any QB competition which could have opened doors for other QBs to contribute. He did that specifically so that he wouldn’t have to make the hard decision.

This from a man who played depth chart justice and spoke out of both sides of his mouth over and over again. What freakin’ drivel.

I kind of knew DW was a dumbass but this solidifies it.

Comment by Reed 12.05.11 @ 7:26 pm

Well said Ontario.
I definitely remember Wanndstett saying I need to recruit and gets faster players. I’m going to recruit faster guys on the defense than what we have now- I 100% remember listening to this in a post-game interview with Billy Hillgrove on the ride home from a game during his first year- I believe it was the Louisville game.

Don’t act like you’re above that Wanny.

Comment by Tony Dews and Dont's 12.05.11 @ 7:29 pm

Tony Dews and donts you are so right he could have said some worse things he did his best not to throw tino under the bus

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.05.11 @ 7:30 pm

In defense of Graham, while the High Octane stuff was way over the top, He tookover what had become desperate situation (see Mike Haywood) and did a hell of a job to create buzz and optimism around a former PR disaster.

He certainly did not live up to the hype, but he sold newspapers and filled a few seats. His biggest mistake wassaying that Sunseri was the bomb and could really execute the offense.

We all hoped this was true, but quickly learned that Tino’s skill level was the same as last year and apologies to wbb but even with Covert, May and Fralic in front of him he couldn’t hit the side of a barn. I am not sure that even the great Larry Fitz would have helped all that much. I kid, Larry could have made me an all-american QB when I was in my twenties.

The main reason I give Graham a pass, and I am still sore about his poor clock management at Iowa, is that after he lost the Great Ray Graham, his team was still competitive and did not give up. He slowed the game down for Tino, something he should have done earlier, but he did adjust. Graham is young and learning, I think he will adapt faster than Wanny did and has more upside.

I do agree with wbb regarding the dink and dunk, but this is where we are.

I listened to Graham’s presser about the Seniors on his team and I think he is a sincere guy.

Time will tell if he has what it takes. This is a tough sports town and an impossible fan base to satisfy. I am rooting for him to succeed.

Regarding Wanny, I rooted for him too, but his recent comments were bush league.

Comment by gc 12.05.11 @ 7:45 pm

I have a huge bias toward the perennial loser, Mr. Dave Wannstedt. It’s over Dave. Please leave the University of Pittsburgh alone. Most of us have had enough of this charlatan.

Comment by omar 12.05.11 @ 7:55 pm

will TG take time to find his new coachs or will he move very fast and have them in place right after the bowl game.

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.05.11 @ 8:21 pm

WBB said: But that is not the main issue here .. the issue is a $2 million coach not protecting his QB. Remember Mike Gundy who shouted out in his presser ā€œIā€™m a man!!ā€ .. and received national ridicule?? He took the brunt of the criticism off of his QB and put it on him. I would have to say nobody is criticiizng him anymore

Actually that kid (who sounds like a bit of a baby) hates Gundy for his rant:
link to

Comment by Tony Dews and Dont's 12.05.11 @ 8:22 pm

When Wanny was first hired, I thought it was great that he was our coach and had high hopes. Then I got to watch Pitt over the next six long years. I now know why he is disliked so intensely by the fans in Miami, Chicago, and soon to be Buffalo. The guy has no class. Not only did he not coach these “kids he cares so much about” in last year’s bowl game by acting like a spoiled kid, but now he is telling his successor how to handle his team. Wanny is harming what little legacy he has left at Pitt.

Comment by John In South Carolina 12.05.11 @ 8:42 pm

Wanny could not recruit an O lineman who was a legacy (ricketts) and could not land the son of a Pitt coach for o line and lost them both to that blind old fired geezer in State College. Dave, here is my message. Take your severance and STFU!
what was Graham supposed to do, call a pile of trash buried treasure?

Comment by SFPitt 12.05.11 @ 8:54 pm

Wanny was mediocre in Pittsburgh and his outstanding coaching skills have not been transferred to The Bills. Buffalo is rapidly becoming a train wreck and the linebackers coached by Mr Wanny are not exactly ripping the NFL apart.
It is time to move on from Coach Mustache.

Comment by isnore 12.05.11 @ 9:03 pm

What do you think of this idea we lost a TE coach
and a recruiting coordinator from our staff.
well if Urban Meyer lets theold ohio state staff go when he takes over we hire John Peterson ohio states recruiting coordinator and te coach he would have a real handle on ohio and pa that would be a real plus for us.
what do you think ?

Comment by FRANKCAN 12.05.11 @ 9:19 pm

Now that we made our precious big time bowl game vs national power SMU (yes, I’ll still watch it, dammit), and its all but certain Tino will either jump ship/be encouraged to matriculate elsewhere or get benched in favor of another QB next year, what does Graham have to lose by not playing him if he reverts to form? Why not play Gonzalez or Meyers in the second half, or earlier? Does our season hinge on crushing SMU (likely?) or would it be a chance to see the young guys under pressure?

Seems to me a perfect chance to get some substantial pt for one or both of them, as its pretty obvious there ain’t much love lost between coach and QB at this point…or wait, go ahead Chas and Reed…’like it or not, Tino gives us the best chance to win…’

Do we have to reward the kid for his stellar career or something by playing him the whole way? Brian Kelly benched Dayne Crist for a guy who isn’t demonstrably that much better in my view…is Tino above that somehow or better than Crist?

For those of you who don’t think there was some heavy political influence the last two years given who Tino’s dad is, you are in serious denial imo…what makes you think college sports is above nepotism and influence peddling…Pitt and Pitt alums too good for that? Perish the thought.

Comment by Matt N. 12.05.11 @ 9:42 pm

FRANKCAN – I love that idea. Peterson is tops and has great respect from WPA high school coaches.

Comment by Dan 72 12.05.11 @ 9:47 pm

Seems like Wanny wants to take a dig at Graham’s stated goals of taking the program to the next level.

“On the 6-6 record and return trip to the BBVA Compass Bowl: ‘We were co-Big East champs last year and (the seniors) were looking to take it one step further this year.'”

Is it worth reminding Wannstedt that it took him four years to match/exceed the 8 wins Walt Harris notched in his last Pitt season, six years to match Harris’s feat of winning a share of the Big East title, and, um, still waiting for Wanny to come through with that BCS bowl game?


Others here have correctly pointed out that Graham has laid off a lot of criticism that Sunseri could be getting. I suppose Graham could do what Wannstedt used to do, which is give out meaningless, tone-deaf drivel in press conferences.

And you know, I get the whole kid-gloves-for-kids thing up to a point. But if you want to be fellated for average to below-average play, maybe Division I-A isn’t the place to be.

Comment by Brian in BK 12.05.11 @ 9:48 pm

For the hardcore Tino apologists who say we’re all picking on him…Bill Stull got booed mercilessly, and in some cases deservedly, his first year and basically was no worse than average…had some good games and not so good games. He toughed it out, never whined or needed apologizing for, and came back to have a very good second year (3 to 1 TD to interception ratio I believe) and go out with a winning record…yes, the system was roughly the same, but what’s easier than being asked to throw the ball 5-7 yards in 2-3 seconds or simply tuck it and run/chuck it out of bounds?

Pitt’s offense this year looked alot like many small high school games I’ve been to, and that’s probably insulting to many high schools these days. By the end of the year we looked like a 1957 Texas A&M game…all we needed were the high top black boots, buzz cut hair, and dude with the houndstooth cap on the sidelines. Gig’em Aggies!?

Comment by Matt N. 12.05.11 @ 9:57 pm

“We were co-Big East Champs…” Which bowl did we end up in again?

Comment by Todd Gack 12.05.11 @ 10:45 pm

It’s interesting that some of you are upset that he was apparently to hard on Tino, but if he came out and said Tino’s doing great then you guys would have raised hell anyway.

Comment by Pitt Rob 12.05.11 @ 10:57 pm

New uniforms anyone?

link to

Comment by HbgFrank 12.05.11 @ 11:03 pm

What a load of horse dookie by Wannstedt. The line about Sal Sunseri being a Pitt all-american is embarassing, and should indicate that a lot of fans’ suspicions were correct about how Tino was recruited and was handed the starting job here.

It’s funny to me how soft so many people are in this day and age. Graham gets lambasted for “ripping a kid” – meanwhile, Sunseri will turn 23 in a matter of days, and the worst thing Graham said was “we can’t take sacks” and calling Sunseri’s performance “average”. You have to be a real softie, or you have an anti-Graham or anti-Pitt agenda to take offense to those comments.

Comment by Hollywood 12.05.11 @ 11:08 pm

So the consensus is that we win 10 games and a BCS bowl berth next year with Voytik?

Comment by Matt42 12.05.11 @ 11:08 pm

To put Wanny’s comments in bigger picture perspective, on the one hand he makes George W Bush look good (know when to STFU) and on the other hand at least he wasn’t fired in nearly as much disgrace as old geezer Paterno.

Comment by San Diego Panther 69 12.05.11 @ 11:09 pm

Chas – I’ve been re-reading Tom Clancy’s “The Sum Of All Fears” and he has an interesting way of describing something (in the context of a European trying to understand TV timeouts during a football game) you touched on here: “the sovereignty of American television.” Means a lot more to be now than it did in 1994 (as does pretty much everything else in the book).

I think that would make ESPN a superpower, complete with overseas territories and puppet states.

Comment by Brian in BK 12.06.11 @ 12:17 am

Well, with solid QB play Pitt’s probably 8-4 this year, even without Ray Graham, so that’s pretty much my expectation next year. I’m not setting the bar real high, and here’s why…

Honestly, the most disappointing thing about this season is that I still don’t think I have a good read on what TG brings to the table. Lots of things pissed me off week to week, but the lingering pain is that I thought at a minimum, we would get a feel for what the new system was all about. I think we MAYBE got bits and pieces, but I was hoping to have a better bead on things at this point. Lots of unknowns lurking around at this point; this season was essentially a wash. Nothing stands out. Just kind of an empty season. Wasn’t counting on the injuries, and that was a nasty surprise, but overall I was expecting to learn a lot more about the team and the coaching staff. The biggest positive I took away from this season was leaving the Big East.

Depressing, really.

Comment by thestumper 12.06.11 @ 12:19 am

Well said Hollywood!

Comment by Steelfan 12.06.11 @ 1:03 am

Hey maybe Wanny can get Sunseri a scholarship at UBuff and then Sunseri can be their problem. Sunseri is no longer a teenager, he is in his 20s and should be able to handle the heat or get out of the kitchen. hit the road and don’t come back

Comment by henryhudson 12.06.11 @ 1:04 am

It hurts me to write this, but it’s true:

Tino > Wanny > Graham > Sal Sunseri > Peterson/Nordenberg

Comment by The Truth 12.06.11 @ 1:05 am

With solid QB play Pitt hangs on against WVU and Utah after jumping out to nice early leads.

That’s 8-4.

Pitt plays better down the stretch and takes out Cincy (remember, the Panthers were only a missed FG away from tying it up). Tino went int he tank in the 4th again this game after the team fought back in the first 3 quarters to have a 10 pt lead.

That’s 9-3.

The Iowa game. The defense is partially to blame. They were just getting used to Graham’s style and weren’t conditioned for it yet, but if Tino could’ve put just one more score of any type on the board in the 4th guess what?

… 10-2.

The defense held Notre Dame in check all game, but Pitt’s offense couldn’t do anything against the Irish defense. If Pitt has a competent QB who can put up just an average amount of points (17-21)… 11-1.

And let’s stretch it even further. For most of the game against Buttgers it was a tight one. Pitt’s inability to do ANYTHING on offense repeatedly gave Buttgers the ball with prime field position and eventually they were able to start cashing in on it. But let’s say that the QB is merely above average (we still had a healthy Ray Graham btw)…

That’s 12-0. That’s an undefeated season. That’s us bitching about Alabama getting into the BCS title game instead of the Panthers!

I know, I know, some of that was a little delusional. EVERY team can point to close games and turning points.

But realistically, with better quarterback play, Pitt could have easily won 9 games, if not 10, even 11 with a little luck!

Ok, I’m making myself mad here…

Side note: HbgFrank, the unis in that video that you linked to were all that in a bag of Chips Ahoy my friend! I liked them all except the black and gold ones (those belong on the Steelers). But the other 3 looked great!! I actually dug the all whites as a third jersey a lot.

Comment by Jimbo Covert's My Dad 12.06.11 @ 1:20 am

I had to read this article in the Trib again and what jumped out at me was DW saying this:

Wannstedt, who was fired last year after six seasons at Pitt, said he doesn’t know what Tino Sunseri will do.

“It doesn’t sound like the school or the football program is giving him many options, to be quite honest with you,” he said.

What in hell is he talking about? How in the world is “the school”, meaning the University, not give Sunseri options? They aren’t going to pull his scholarship… if anyone would do that it would be the HC as Sunseri is a rsJR and has had his four years at PITT.

And where was all this righteous indignation when Bill Stull was taking the heat from everyone, including DW, for that poor junior year of his. There was more venom pointed at Stull after the 2008 season and the Sun Bowl than Sunseri is getting now and I don’t remember anyone calling for him to transfer.

And what is painfully obvious is that the same fans who want to tar and feather Graham for not playing anyone but Sunseri (which isn’t true in fact) can’t seem to remember that Wannstedt did the same things in spades when he was the HC here. Oh, and Wannstedt forgot to mention that when he was having phone sex with the Trib reporter during this interview.

The bottom line here is that DW, mistakenly, thought that denigrating Graham’s work this season would somehow make his tenure look better.

Well, DW went 7-5 during the regular season last year, one single game better than Graham, and he did it with eight guys who are now on NFL rosters, with a healthy stable of RBs in Lewis & Graham and a healthy and experienced OL.

That 2010 season was the poorest coaching job I have seen in college football in years yet DW seems to want to compare Graham’s first year to that.

God, Wannstedt is a piece of work. Graham’s propensity to tell the truth pales in comparison to DW’s self centered attitude and actions after his “resignation”.

Comment by Reed 12.06.11 @ 6:50 am

BTW – Wannstedt saying this: “”We were co-Big East champs last year, and (the seniors) were looking to take it one step further this year. I am happy for the seniors that they are getting to go to a bowl game, but obviously the way the season went and the whole situation is disappointing.”

Damn, DW is puffing his chest out about the ‘co-championship’ last Season? OK, Quick – someone ask him why ‘his’ players quit during the WVU game last season. A game, in fact, that had we won we would have landed in a BCS bowl. His players turned thier back on his for all intents and purposes in that game. That was a national embarrassment and was commented on not just during the game broadcast nationally on sports center afterward.

Yet, he has the gall to sit back, point fingers and say that this season was a disappointment…

Comment by Reed 12.06.11 @ 6:58 am

Reed does a great job of calling out DW. DW is entitled to his own opinion, but he is not entitled to his own facts.

Someone send Reed’s post to the Trib and DW.

Comment by SFPitt 12.06.11 @ 8:04 am

If Wannstedt bled blue and gold or was the Pitt man that so many think he is, he would not be trying to publicly make the current coaching staff look bad and make the FB program look bad. He’s not thought, he’d be happier if the program failed after he left than if his alma mater succeeded.

Comment by OntarioLett'sGoPitt 12.06.11 @ 8:49 am

Good point on the OSU’s recruiter, FRANKCAN. maybe TG reads this blog and grabs him.

If Coach Dave is so high on Tino, convince your Buffalo staff to contact him and draft him. He is NFL Draft eligible. He could sign with an agent and end all this speculation about next yr.

Comment by Bossdaws 12.06.11 @ 10:40 am

Haven’t been on for a day or two, we’re with Wanny talk again, really???

I refuse to go look up the numbers again, but, in short, here is my same spiel……….

He sucked in Chicago.

He sucked in Miami. (including quitting in the middle of the season when his team was 0-8)

He was mediocre, at best, at Pitt.

6 years. Winning percentage 57%.

6 years. No BCS bowls.

6 years One top 25 ranking.

6 years One signature win. 13-9

6 years Many signature losses.

Someone above said patience. I have to laugh.
You’re gonna jump on Todd Graham before his first season is even completed, yet, Wannstedt should have been shown more patience after 6 years??? That is an assinine comment.

Comment by Dan 12.06.11 @ 10:49 am

Also, for anyone to claim a Big East Championship or even co-championship last year is embarrassing.

It’s embarrassing, to Pitt fans, the university and should be embarrassing to the peron that is saying it.

You tied with two other teams, one who beat you, and one that pulverized you on your home field.

Stop with that non-sense, it makes everyone cringe!!!

Comment by Dan 12.06.11 @ 10:52 am

Anyone wanting to oust TG after this season needs to talk to a Maryland fan.

Comment by Yeti 12.06.11 @ 11:07 am

I don’t like Tino, I believed that DW should have gotten the hook. My problem with TG is that he is the only person who could do something about removing Tino. I was tired of “best chance to win.” TG obviously figured that was a falsehood when he FINALLY ran the wildcat with Gonzo. Why it took him 11 games to figure out what we knew at the beginning of the season.

Comment by Spartan Panther Fan 12.06.11 @ 11:23 am

Hey, I’m all on board with ya Spartan. I don’t know Graham from atom, my thoughts are, any coach in any sport gets at least 2, if not 3-4 years(his full recruiting class) to perform.

My only problem is with people saying (he needs canned), that’s all.

As for day to day, and game to game stuff, absolutely, he’s open to some criticism.

Along with your overall point, I had a wtf moment with him, when you made 9 yards on two plays with Gonzo, and on 3rd down you bring Tino in????

I think a lot of us did!!

It’s actually kind of odd when you think about it. He’s bashed him several times, it’s obvious he doesn’t think he can run his offense, yet he didn’t put anyone else in?? That is perplexing.

Even if you “don’t have anyone else”, you have two back ups, two players who were qb’s in high school.

Your point is well taken.

Comment by Dan 12.06.11 @ 12:27 pm

I agree with TG’s concept of “this is what we have to work with” concerning sticking with Sunseri, but only for this year, changes have to be made starting in the Spring. The Sunseri experiment is over.

I don’t think TG was happy with Sunseri’s performance as the season progressed simply because he never really got any better in his execution, TG then started to show his impatience with Sunseri late into the season. I disagree with DW’s statement however that TG “threw him under the bus”.

Come to think of it TG might have wanted to do that but was reluctant to do so, because of course we’re talking about Tino here!!! and the attempt to “THROW” Tino under the bus would probably have fallen “INCOMPLETE”. Sometimes I even make myself giggle.

Comment by Dr. Tom 12.06.11 @ 12:31 pm

One other point Sparty. I’ll buy he is the best we had argument for this year, whatever.

You have a hot shot qb coming in, you have time to look around for any qb transferring, any JUCO qb’s………

You have extra bowl time practice and spring ball if you want to experiment with Gonzales or even Jones.

I don’t want to hear any of this “Tino gives us the best chance to win” coming out of spring ball.

If I hear that, I may no longer have the coaches back.

I don’t think that will happen, doesn’t seem likely anyhow.

I will not go through another year with Tino at QB, and I will not be a happy Pitt fan, if the coach comes out in April and tells me (us) that Tino is “certainly in the mix”.

Comment by Dan 12.06.11 @ 12:35 pm

DR. Tom, we must have been having a “mind meld” the past couple minutes!!! LOL!!!

Comment by Dan 12.06.11 @ 12:36 pm

Spot on Spartan — that’s the as yet unsolved mystery and why I have my suspicions of outside influence. If Meyers was the red-headed step-child all year, then at least we could have gone with Jones or Gonzalez in a modified wildcat the second half of the year…and Jones had a good, accurate arm too.

No one can convince me we wouldn’t have won at least two more games going that route…and been in the battle for the BCS bid or at least a much more prestigious bowl…and more importantly, a more fitting reward for the seniors who’ve busted a gut all four years despite some shaky-#ss coaching.

I feel real sorry for guys like Caragein, Nix, Holley, Gruder, etc. All damn good players and they deserved so much better than they got.

Comment by Matt N. 12.06.11 @ 12:37 pm

AS we all know, the Big East is not the most difficult of BCS Conferences. DW had six years to get us to a BCS bowl and failed. That is not acceptable and a change had to be made. But if we had won that game or this play had not happened, DW would have made it to at least one BCS bowl. Those are all excuses. TG finished his first season at 6 – 6. That is not acceptable. We lost all three games to other BCS conference opponents (two of those at home), we lost to the two BE teams that have had the most success of late (Cincy and WVU), and we got blown out by RU. But our QB played poorly, we had a lot of injuries, its a new system, the former coaches left no talent. Those are all excuses. When you make $2M a year, a 50% success rate is a failure. Having said this, I like TG. I like the systems he is using on offense and defense. I think we heading for some exciting times for Pitt football, but please, don’t ask me to accept a 6 – 6 record for a Big East Team as anything but a failure. Good times are on the way for Pitt FB, but this year was lost.

Comment by HbgFrank 12.06.11 @ 12:55 pm

Typical Wanny being Wanny. Nothing more can be said.

So Coach Graham gets criticized for being too “hard” on Tino for saying Tino was average which he was. And he also gets criticized for playing Tino too much. And he also gets involved in some Tino-Sal conspiracy theory.

Seriously, if Coach Graham believed that anyone else on the offense could have been QB then he would have played him. Coach Graham is clearly not a fan of Tino. I was at the Cuse game and saw Coach Graham just yell at Tino after that horrible play in which Tino took a 10 yard loss instead of throwing the ball away. Coach Graham is trying desperately to play anyone but Tino next year at QB, which is why you see him now open to transfers and JuCos.

In regards to Meyers, anyone who has watched Pitt practice and has covered the team has said that Meyers has not been ready to run the offense. Plus, Meyers parents have been telling people for weeks that he is planning on transferring. Not sure what you gain by playing someone who is transferring anyways.

In regards to running a wildcat offense, I don’t think it would have worked with Brown as the main RB in the offense. Here are examples in which I can think of the wildcat actually working: Shady at Pitt, Ronnie Brown with the Dophins and Darren McFadden at Arkansas. Neither Gonzalez or Jones has a good enough arm to be QB for an entire game.

Comment by Wardapalooza 12.06.11 @ 12:57 pm

Not to change the subject, but I read on some other message boards that apparently there was a fight involving 3 to 5 players with Magee, Gibson, and Dews. Cullen Christian also tweeted about this the other day. Does anybody know anything more about this?

Comment by Alex P 12.06.11 @ 1:05 pm

Reeds post at 6:50 am, combined with Dan’s post at 10:49 am say it all.

And let’s not forget the monumental choke job against cinci in 2009. A game that was being played at home in front of a sold out stadium and partisan Pitt crowd, against Cincifuckingnati for the Big East championship and BCS bowl berth. A game that saw the great defensive geru’s defense shredded like cheese in food processor. I don’t think cincinnati’s offense even broke a sweat in the second half of that game.

That game and last years WVU debacle are what turned me against Wannstedt. Choking at home against Cincinnati is bad, but quitting at home against WVU is simply unacceptable.

Comment by Steelfan 12.06.11 @ 1:13 pm

Really, the Wildcat… We should have run the Wildcat all year. That’s what it has come to for some of you. Maybe next year TG can break out the Wing T.

Comment by Pitt89 12.06.11 @ 1:20 pm

How could anyone disagree with Wanny’s statement about Tino in the interview? Timo is our only viable option. We saw that Anderson sucked and if Myers or Gonzo would have been better in practice, Tino should have quietly been yanked after the Utah game which was an offensive disgrace.

This didn’t happen. Don’t blame Tino for the starter. Blame Graham and Wanny.

I feel bad for Tino because unless Dayne Chirst or a Juco is brought in, he will be the man again. Chad Voytik is small and I have a feeling he could be the second coming of Trey Anderson.

Comment by AJ 12.06.11 @ 1:50 pm

Look at number 35 on this list. Harsh!

link to

Comment by Pittastic 12.06.11 @ 1:52 pm

And I don’t buy that Myers didn’t play because he was a smartass and Gonzo didn’t play just because of the weed incident. Coaches want to win first and foremost and in the scheme of D1 football, these were two small problems.

Ex: Graham said Greg Williams was a smartass at first and he worked his way into the lineup consistently.

Comment by AJ 12.06.11 @ 1:54 pm

Wanny said “We were co-Big East champs!” True but laughable. I hope Tino does leave. He’s not a good fit.

Comment by Pittastic 12.06.11 @ 2:02 pm

@Pittastic. Good link, some funny stuff. The Pitt-SMU gets it, but he has a lot of other funny one liners on a lot of other games!!

San Diego St wants to join Big East, lose to the third place team of the Sun Belt conference, you’ll fit in nicely. LOL

Illinois-UCLA, two teams with interim coaches, meeting at a baseball field, on New Years Eve, with one team losing it’s last 6 in a row, and another having just been beaten 50-0 by it’s arch-rival!!! LOL

Hey, ya gotta laugh and roll with it!!!! LOL

Comment by Dan 12.06.11 @ 2:29 pm

I think the point many of us have clearly made was that if Tino was our only option at ‘traditional’ QB, allegedly, then yes, the wildcat, in a modified form — passing more often for example — was more palatable than watching Tino’s nauseating dysfunction week after week.

Of course, and not even worth discussing, we all want somebody like Luck or Griffith, but you do the best you can with what you have…and many feel Tino isn’t that…but if you dug 6 horrific losses and still didn’t want to make adjustments, hope you enjoyed the season alot.

And Jones’ arm looked plenty fine to me.

Comment by Matt N. 12.06.11 @ 2:56 pm

AJ – I don’t remember anyone saying those two things about Myers and Gonzalez.

But the facts are that Myers checked himself out of the bulk of spring practices and never has, even to now, learned the offense well enough for him to be put in to try to execute it on the field. In addition to his not understanding where the offensive personnel are to be on each play Myers also throws a lot of INTs in practice because of this and Graham abhors turnovers.

Gonzalez’s case is two-fold. That arrest and subsequent suspension took him out of the QB race for the first two games. Myers was practicing in the #2 spot at the beginning of camp then the staff went out and got Anderson, moved Gonzalez to 3-back, and he stayed there. Both Sunseri and Anderson played well in the summer camp and they had Myers at 3rd string so moved Gonzalez to h-back.

Graham won’t run Gonzalez as anything but a running threat out of the Wildcat, with the exception of a surprise pass or two like we saw Jones do, because Gonzalez just can’t pass at this level of play. He has the worse arm of all the QBs on the roster.

The bottom line with running more of the Wildcat at PITT this season is that you limit yourself to one action with the ball and that is rushing it. If you spent a whole season giving Gonzalez Wildcat snaps every opposing defense would stack the box even worse than they do with Sunseri.

Sad enough to say but Sunseri actually was the ‘best option to win’ this year. Now, with hindsight Graham and Magee could have and probably should have run more of the Wildcat.

But again, Graham was intent on getting as much of his base offense instituted as possible this season in readiness for 2012 and that’s why I think he stuck with the more conventional offensive sets this season.

But if you remember I said in the beginning of the year that should Sunseri get injured or falter then Anderson would play first and then Graham would bring Gonzalez back from another position to play QB before Myers saw the field for any length of time… and that happened. That’s because I knew Myers wasn’t at all ready to play QB out there and that’s why the staff only developed singular ‘packages’ for Myers where he had only one target on the play with no decision making whatsoever, like we saw with that endzone pass he attempted.

Comment by Reed 12.06.11 @ 3:15 pm

Lets see where TG stands at the end of year 2 and 3

Comment by Snala The Panther 12.06.11 @ 3:54 pm

I’m not sure why I bother, but here goes… For the life of me I can’t understand all the venom spewed at TG for this season.

He came in and said this team is capable of winning a championship and based on exponentially more knowledge than anyone on this board he chose Tino as the QB that gave him the best chance to accomplish that goal. Well guess what… he came within 3-4 plays and/or one injury (Graham) from winning the Big East. He didn’t get completely embarassed on national TV TWICE and lose to a not so good UConn team with 5 years worth of his recruits.

I just don’t see how this is a complete failure or a lost season. It’s not like he inherited a roster full of top 10 talent. He took over a team that proved to be not very good at what they were recruited to do (play pro style offense), which lost their best RB, WR, O Lineman and D Linemen and which was nearly completely void of any game breaking/changing talent at what are three key positions in his systems (QB, WR, LB). Oh yeah, and the roster was pretty much a complete mismatch for what he wanted to do. All things considered I’m really not sure how much people were expecting.

Tino was the best at running his offense, plain and simple. No conspiracy theory, no being afraid of looking bad, etc. Would it surprise any of you that Tino’s stats are nearly identical to his 2010 stats?? He did try to change and adapt his offense. At his other coaching stops teams seemed to pick up his offense after 5 or 6 games. I think he believed this would be the case at Pitt and they would be ready for BE play. When he saw they weren’t getting it and O-Linemen started dropping like flies, he dumbed down and slowed down the offense.

Some of you would argue he should have changed it more. I would argue that there was clearly no compelling talent at the QB position to warrant scrapping his system in lieu of something else. Maybe winning one more game this season simply is not worth the lost time in learning and installing what would ultimately be the offensive system at Pitt under TG.

I understand it’s a national embarassment to some to run Trey Anderson out there, but if it supports your arguement, it makes perfect sense to run true freshman 5’8″ 165 pound Ronald Jones (with no other BCS offers) from the Wildcat 30 snaps a game. OK…

Comment by Pitt89 12.06.11 @ 4:42 pm

Very well said, Pitt89!

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