April 18, 2007

Down Time

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Posting may get sporadic for the next week or so as I get reacquainted with sleep deprivation. My wife just delivered our second child. Our son, Kian Derek was born today. He clocked in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 20 inches long.
Back in December we found out the gender and started working on figuring out a name. Funny thing as you get older. You start running out of names as you don’t want to name them after ex’s or just people in your past who have pissed you off. And as you get older, the list of people you don’t like, gets longer. So, we were driving back from the ultrasound tossing out names (and shooting them down). As we went, I just couldn’t help but suggest, “Aaron Tyler.” The wife actually started thinking about it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep a straight face. When I told her who they were, she sighed and crossed the names off the list.

Good news, the hospital has wi-fi.

If you thought it was early for top 25 basketball polls, then this is going to seem like talking about something way too early. Almost as bad as playing holiday music in early November.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN’s “expert” bracketologist, has Pitt in the #7 seed slot.

Nope, it’s not to early for this garbage at all.

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