April 17, 2007

Ranking Coaches

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For what ever it’s worth, Tom Deinhart of The Sporting News has been ranking the football coaches in each conference. He finally got to the Big East. WVU’s Rich Rodriguez was 1st, and given his success it is hard to argue against (damn).

6. Dave Wannstedt, Pitt. Wanny finally looks like he’s home. Of course, he is, coaching at the school and in the town that forged that crooked grin. He knows defense, and he has infused talent into the program. But it’s time to start delivering the goods with West Virginia, Louisville and Rutgers stealing the headlines. Pitt is a proud program that ALWAYS should be good.

Only Randy Edsall at UConn and Greg Robinson at Syaracuse are behind Wannstedt. I want to argue against him already behind Steve Kragthorpe at Louisville and Brian Kelly at Cinci. The problem, of course, is that so far Coach Wannstedt hasn’t really done much as a coach to say he should be ahead. The only argument available, is that the other two haven’t done anything in the Big East yet.

Revis Steady in the Draft

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While the NFL draft stock of most Pitt players are for the second day:  H.B. Blades has him anywhere from round 3-5, Tyler Palko maybe 5-7, Adam Graessle 6-free agent and Clint Session as a free agent. Darrelle Revis has remained consistently ranked in the teens to low-20s. I previewed him for AOL today. Let me know what I got dead wrong.

Peter King at sees little difference between the top-two corners in the draft.

6. Darrelle Revis (VIDEO), Leon Hall (VIDEO). Leon Hall, Darrelle Revis. Pick a corner, any corner. I bet NFL teams would be 17-15 in some order or 16-16 if you asked which corner they had rated higher, Pitts’ Revis or Michigan’s Hall. Opening-day 2007: Hall’s your man. Reliable, big-game-tested. Opening-day 2009: Maybe Revis, who’s slightly bigger with a little more potential. They are so similar, in fact, that Hall was .01 faster in dashing 10 yards (1.45 to 1.46) and Revis .01 faster in the 40- (4.38 to 4.39).

Kind of surprising that there’s been virtually no movement, other then a slight uptick after the WVU-NFL contingent found itself looking at some 24 combined games of unpaid leave. High character will matter a little more in this draft and Revis has never even had a whiff of problems.

Backup Guard Keith Benjamin and his girlfriend were arrested and charged with simple assault after a domestic dispute. They were apparently arguing over car keys. The girlfriend had some scratches on her face neck and her knee was bloody. Both refused medical treatment. Both claimed to have been hit by the other.

They were arraigned and released. The preliminary hearing is on Thursday. Call it a hunch, but I suspect neither will be pressing charges.

It’s stupid and wrong on so many levels, but I don’t think it’s a huge deal. Benjamin has never been in trouble before this. It’s not good.

I’ll defer to those who know the Allegheny County Criminal Court and Police system far better than I (go ahead, Pat), so correct me if I’m wrong. It is probably standard procedure to take both into police custody and file charges in cases of domestic disputes. Then let things be sorted out.

UPDATE: This story makes it a bigger deal. That detail of “Officers observed swelling and a bruise on Olczak’s right cheek,” makes this much more serious. The earlier story made no mention of this injury.

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