April 30, 2007

At first I wasn’t sure if this was serious or not when I saw it, but you’re seeing it right in front of your eyes.

I know this is the gift you’ve been waiting to buy for that special someone. Current bid is at $3.25. Don’t wait, this is more than likely the last chance you’ll ever have to buy this card.

For a link to the auction, click here.

More Assistant Rumors

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Rumors and whispers about who will get the assistant coach spot for Pitt basketball continue. Last week it was speculation on a couple other D-1 Assistants who were from Western PA and wanted the Robert Morris gig. This week, maybe it will be a former college head coach and a present high school coach (Insider subs.)

Former College of Charleston head coach Tom Herrion and St. Benedict’s (N.J.) coach Danny Hurley are both being discussed as a possible replacement for Mike Rice, who left after one season to become the head coach at Robert Morris.

Dan Hurley received inquiries last year by Pitt about the open job. It never reached the offer stage, because Hurley decided to remain at what was one of the top HS basketball teams in the country. Hurley obviously makes Pitt very strong in the NJ area and into Philly and NY. Travon Woodall, one of his father’s players, already committed to Pitt and he and Nasir Robinson already reaffirmed their commitment to Pitt.

As for Tom Herrion. He was 80-38 in four years at the College of Charleston. That sounds good, but his win totals fell each year and the fans were quickly disgruntled with him. He was an excellent and assistant for Pete Gillen at Providence and at Virginia. In fact, the fall of Gillen at Virginia has been attributed to not finding an equally good recruiter. His older brother, Bill, is the head coach at New Hampshire (before that he was the Head Coach at East Carolina where he recruited and coached Mike Cook).

Both would appear to be excellent choices. Herrion has been an effective recruiter in multiple stops — regardless of geography. Hurley (if he’s interested), obviously, would provide a strong pull in NJ/NY/Philly.

Some Draft Thoughts

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Every year, the NFL Draft surprises me with some of the players not selected. Tyler Palko not getting drafted was something of a surprise, but in the context of this draft, it seemed that a lot of teams either were not overly enamored with the QBs available or just didn’t even come close to having a need. Only 11 QBs were drafted and there was no point where a run on QBs happened.

Other QBs of note, not drafted: Jared Zabransky (Boise St.), Chris Leak (Florida), Matt Moore (Oregon St. — and who Jaworski was banging the drum hard both days) and Luke Getsy (Akron). Yeah, thinking about it, the QB play in college football this past season was hardly awe inspiring. Conference USA had more QBs drafted (2) than the combined total of the SEC (1), Big 12 (0), ACC (0) and Big East (0). Yes, some has to do with underclassmen who start and a couple who came back for a senior season. Still, that says something about the overall quality of QB play.
That Clint Session went in the 4th round while H.B. Blades was drafted 6th is just one of those things that boggles my mind. I get that physically Session looks like the better prospect; but after 3 years or so of muttering/screaming/sighing “tackle, don’t hit” when Sessions gets in on a play, some attention should have been paid to which player was more productive. I hate ripping Pitt players, even when they piss me off, but Sessions has a more extensive injury history and less productivity than Blades. Sessions has never gotten the fundamentals with any consistency. He’ll do it for a while, but he quickly slips back to trying to hit and not thinking. Well, at least Sessions thanked the coach that got him to this point.

“I owe a lot to Coach Wannstedt for my development the past couple of years at Pitt, and he raved about me,” Session said. “I dreamed about this for a long time, and it finally played out for me. I’m going to get a chance to play in the NFL, I’m so excited about that.”

If you watched the draft coverage, you know it was a surprise to ESPN that Sessions was selected. They had no film ready for him.

Glad that Palko and TE Steve Buches are getting free agent shots with New Orleans and St. Louis respectively. Kind of surprised Punter Adam Graessle hasn’t signed a deal yet.

Only one Big East team didn’t have a single player drafted. Not Syracuse. Not UConn. Not Cinci. West Virginia. Go figure. That’s stunning. Their Center, Dan Mozes, won the Rimington Award for best Center and teams didn’t even blow a 6th or 7th round pick on him. All because he lacks ideal size.

It was great seeing Revis drafted at #14 by the Jets. On opening day, that means he’ll be lining up against either Donte Stallworth or Randy Moss of the Patriots.  Welcome to the League, Darrelle.

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