March 15, 2007

Somewhat uneventful day today, at least in the afternoon games. All of the better seeds won and by pretty large margins. You probably knew that already since most people are like me — get to a TV or computer as often as you can.

Pat Forde gives us the best and worst case scenario for each team. Pitt’s includes the best case of making it all the way to Atlanta while the worst case would be losing to Duke.

Best case: Panthers finally break through the Sweet 16 ceiling, riding their punishing defensive style to a validating Final Four. UCLA cannot handle Aaron Gray in the regional semis, and Pitt outmuscles Kansas in the regional final. Push to Atlanta lessens the Iron City dread of another oncoming Pirates season.

Worst case: Pitt team that lost three of its last six grinds to a halt in the second round against Duke. Gray is outplayed by the more skilled Josh McRoberts, and nobody can hit a key perimeter shot. Media vows to keep Panthers out of the Top 10 until they can prove something in March.

We can’t lose to Duke if they don’t even make it though. They hold a 40-38 lead at the half in what has been basically what we expected…a close one.

In the Western Pennsylvania market we can’t see the Marquette-Michigan State game but so far MU has looked really bad. Took them almost 10 minutes into the first half to put points up. UCLA was challenged by Weber State for about 10 minutes before breaking that one open at the half.

Pitt and Wright State in about an hour and a half. Have fun.

It is true that we can not lose to Duke if they dont make it. But then we could lose to VCU… which is essentially the same result as losing to Bradley. Even if VCU is an “easier” game for Pitt, id like to see Duke. I have always wanted to see Pitt play a Duke or a Kentucky or UCLA… even in a down year. I really think Pitt will play and beat Duke in the 2nd round, and then im unsure. We shall see.

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Comment by schoe 03.15.07 @ 9:07 pm

What does he know, the Pirates will be in a pennant race this year!

Comment by B.B. 03.16.07 @ 11:02 am

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