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February 24, 2007

24-Hour Rule Reminder

Filed under: Basketball,Fans — Chas @ 7:11 pm

Probably necessary after this loss. As fans, we are entitled to roughly 24-hours of stewing, self-pity, misery and “woe-unto-us” stuff afterwards.

Thankfully not really necessary at this point, the reminder that you can be upset at the way a particular player performed, but no unfounded, unsubstantiated attacks on the player personally.

Tickets to game $55

Metro to game $3.75

Watching the 7-foot Big East pre-season player of the year get blocked by the rim on a dunk…pricelss

Comment by Jon in NOVA 02.24.07 @ 8:15 pm

Some extremely un-scientific statistical analysis from a Pitt fan with too much time on his hands:

Average # of Comments in Open Threads
After a Loss – 67.4
After a Win – 36.5

Interpret as you will, but it does seem to me that we’ve got a case of the Chicken Littles.

Comment by Dave in Orlando 02.24.07 @ 10:11 pm

or just typical behavior from pitt “fans” – whiny, negative, inferiority complex consumed.

Comment by Scott 02.24.07 @ 10:26 pm

I could give 2 Sh–s about the the Big East Title or the Big East Tourney. (one sh– for each of the afore mentioned) They mean nothing. Pitt has won both before and it meant nothing come mid March. I would much prefer an extended run in the big dance. Today wasn’t our day. This team won’t shoot this poorly again until we play G-Town, UCLA, Texas A&M or another lock down team and I am ok with that. Also I get an extension on the 24 hours as I had to work a 12 hour shift and just finished watching the game.

Comment by Tony in Harrisburg 02.25.07 @ 12:10 am

Maybe you haven’t heard yet but winning the Big East tite and Big East tourney help a lot when it comes to making a run in the “big dance.”

Comment by J-Maile 02.25.07 @ 12:22 am

We might have lost if Gray was 100% anyways. Even though we’re in second right now doesn’t mean we should give up on the reg season title. It might not happen but we have 2 games left and so does G’town even though they have it way easier. With that said I would take a second place finish in the regular season and get an Elite 8 run any day. I can’t help and think though what could be if we hit our FT’s and have a PF that can swing a hammer.

Comment by Panthoor 02.25.07 @ 12:27 am

If you could “trade” bad performance down the stretch for good performance in the NCAA, obviously we would all trade it. But you’re missing the boat: WE WILL NEVER WIN ANOTHER GAME IF WE KEEP PLAYING LIKE WE HAVE THE LAST FIVE GAMES. This is no fluke, one bad game, etc. – we’ve been TERRIBLE the last 5 games. We are in a big time slump – and no one on the team seems to realize it. We can’t play bad down the stretch and then “turn it on” in the tournament – we’re not that talented. “Today wasn’t our day” – uh, wake up, this month has not been our month. You are supposed to be “peaking” and “on a run” right now, “building momentum” – not playing like this is preseason. And the last 5 teams haven’t all been “lock down” teams – we’ve missed open shot after wide open shot. I have no idea what the hell is going on with that, but if they can’t make a shot, and aren’t “shooting themselves out of the slump” (obviously, they need to go back to pounding the ball down on every possession. Work on inside passing, run an offense that gets a layup. Stop making Gray the “assist man” and make him the leading scorer. No one is even has to bother guarding us outside anymore, cause we can’t hit sh!t. 27% from 3 isn’t going to win the NIT.

Until this teams proves that they are even as good as the 01 team, then yes, we are free to whine.

BTW, anybody notice the picture in Fittipaldo’s article in the online post-gazette of Hibbert grabbing Kendalls jersey while he’s shooting? Know how many foul shots Kendall attempted the whole game? ZERO. Tell me the refs aren’t terrible.

I’m done whining for a minute. I’ll resume soon.

Comment by Stuart 02.25.07 @ 1:49 am

It helped the Cuse when they won it all….No wait they lost in the first round of the BET when they won it all and yes last year they won the BET tourney and were out of gas for the NCAA. The BIG EAST Tourney sells advertising and makes $ for the Big East. The title itself means nothing. Most conference tourney winners are beaten in the first two rounds of the NCAA’s due to the fact that they are spent by the time they get to the big dance.

Comment by Tony in Harrisburg 02.25.07 @ 1:58 am

Excuse me, i meant the 02 team. That lost in March 03 to Marquette. That has been our best team, and they went on a run of winning the last 6 games before the tournament and all 3 games of the tournament, 9 total. Its too bad they had to run into the NBA finals MVP, with a couple of other NBAers on it. AT BEST, if a miracle happens, we could have a 5 game winning streak before the real tournament. Pitt has 2 days to turn this crapper around. As of now, I don’t think it’ll take a team of future NBAers to knock us out of the tourney.

I don’t understand how Dixon could have even sputtered out the word “great” in any reference to this team after whats happened.

Now i’m done, til tomorrow.

Comment by Stuart 02.25.07 @ 2:05 am

“The loss had Pitt coach Jamie Dixon scratching his head afterward. Pitt took 20 more shots than Georgetown, had fewer turnovers and grabbed 22 offensive rebounds.”

Absolutely ridiculous.

Comment by Jon in NOVA 02.25.07 @ 10:05 am

Anyone rational person who’s watched most of the Pitt games this season would probably agree that Pitt is not one of the top 8 teams in the country. Pitt is probably in the top 16. This season, my biggest hope was that the team get beyond the sweet 16. I thought with Gray coming back they had a shot.

Anything could happen. Pitt could suddenly play beyond what they’ve shown thus far. They could get favorable matchups against teams in the tournament. But I think, right now, there’s a greater chance of Pitt losing before getting to the sweet 16 than there is of them moving to the round of 8 and that’s disappointing.

Comment by frankinchicago 02.25.07 @ 11:00 am

What I find most disappointing is that at points in this game they played very well, and despite shooting terribly (a fact I’m beginning to accept as a regular occurence for the rest of the season), were in a position to win and, yet again, did not.

It is the mental errors and the fact that in hte last 3 minutes, Gtown looked like a team determined to win and Pitt, cliche alert, was trying to not to lose. The “I’ll take 24 wins” at this point in the season argument doesn’t hold water anymore. Injuries or no injuries, home or away, you have to win some big games. We have won none.

I just don’t think it’s going to happen this year. And it’s not talent, it’s the lack of mental discipline and toughness that will hold this team back.

Comment by Carmen 02.25.07 @ 11:01 am

Didn’t Florida lose its last 3 regular season games last year? And didn’t Syracuse run the BET last year? I dont think performance or lack there of at the end of the season predicts future results.

The question is: can this team get hot for six games in March/April?

Comment by ECH 02.25.07 @ 11:14 am

Like i wrote back when this run started.Dixon seems to have lost the team. His 9 player ,(when you screw up your out)rotation will be the downfall of the team, mostly because of ego’s. He lost Cook,trying to bring Young back, Feilds and Ramon.Dixon just hasnt been a head coach long enough,he is trying things that he hopes work, if he had experiance he would be doing things that work.Maybe in a few more years he will be getting that “Game” experiance but it will cost us lost games in the meantime.I think he is a horrible gametime coach,substitution policy,halftime stratgies lacking,and the big one is his running of the defense during the games is dogshit.He just lets them play man to man why? Its easier on him or what? I coach 5th graders and play two or three defenses per game just to switch it up.Half court trap for maybe three plays a game,I get one or two steals out of it per game.I switch between 2/3 and the 1,2,2 and play man to man every now and then. Dixon doesnt think playing zone will slow down the hot player from driving and dishing on you all game.Im getting sick of him loseing the big games.I want to win,Dixon isnt doing what needs to be done to WIN.

Comment by Buzz 02.25.07 @ 11:57 am

What gets me is that he is not even trying.

Comment by Buzz 02.25.07 @ 11:58 am

How a team is playing at the end of the season IS important. Yes, there are cases where teams have had March turnarounds, but they are exceptions to the rule.

I agree with Frank’s assessment above and I’ve felt this way all year. Pitt is a Top 15 team and played in a very bad conference this year, which didn’t help them get better.

All the whining about Pitt’s inability to handle the press against L-ville and Seton Hall missed the bigger picture — and this is the reason why Pitt isn’t much of a threat to do much damage in the post-season. Pitt stinks against a decent zone defense, because 1) The guards are under-sized and can’t penetrate – they have no “pop” to their game (by “pop” I mean speed and explosion), and 2) This isn’t a good shooting team, no matter what anybody tells you. Early in the season they shot the trey well against bad competition because Gray was finding people on the weak side and the shot attempts were wide open and right on the line. Now, against better comp, the shots aren’t wide open and they’re a couple feet further out and our guards aren’t good enough to pierce the zone and create open shots, and 3) Mike Cook can personally shut down a zone offense, because he’s no threat to shoot from the outside and he travels 1/2 the time he tries to make a move. Add to that the fact that he’s under-sized at the 3-man and never in triple-threat position and you have a bad fundamental basketball player who’s useless against a zone, and 4) Pitt’s big men used to carve up zones with internal passing precision. Gray is a nice passer, but we haven’t seen Kendall or Young or Biggs play a nice 2-man game inside all year. They just don’t have the passing skills like Lett and Troutman did.

When Tim Welsh said he had to play man against Pit because the Panthers shot so well, I almost did a spit-take. What a moron. Pitt shot the ball well because they were getting wide-open FGA against bad teams. All Welsh had to do was force Pitt’s slow, small guards to throw it around the perimeter and he had a recipe to beat Pitt.

Pitt fans can over-analyze every loss all they want, but it doesn’t change the fact that this team just doesn’t have much offensive upside. I laughed for weeks reading people citing how offensively efficient Pitt was this year and how finally Pitt has an offense to go with their defense. Then everybody would bring up all those stupid statistic sites and use them to prove their arguments about how good Pitt was offensively. What a bunch of crap. Any good basketball fan can watch a game and tell you whether a team has the kind of scoring punch that can translate into big-game wins, and I don’t see any of that on this team. All we hear about is how unselfish this team is and how they share the ball. Doesn’t anyone get the fact that sometimes you need cold-blooded scorers to win games? Guys that want the shot….want to drive and draw the foul that gets you to the line.

Pitt’s a decent team in a bad conf. They could still make the Sweet 16 if they get a good matchup in the tourney. Let’s hope they do.

Comment by tiger paul 02.25.07 @ 11:59 am

Het Stuart, are you done crying yet? FCS, you’re dominating the GD message board and leaving your tear streaks on every page I try to read. Get over it already.

Comment by Neil 02.25.07 @ 12:06 pm

How about an objective view from a supposedly “sucky” Pitt fan. In life it is not only appropriate but benneficial to look at things objectively as opposed to subjectvely.

Looking at things subjectively boarders on accepting something as a presuppositional truth. Looking at things objectviely, while accepting proven presuppositonal truth, disregards unproven presuppostional truth.

Looking at the 06-07 Pitt Men’s BB subjectively they are\were seen as an elite program who were the best team in the BE, deep team with 9 players who could start, a top 5 program that was expected to not only win the BE, but reach the Sweet 16, and in all probablilty go beyond and even seen as a possible Final Four participant. Their erratic play will work itself out because afterall they are a great team, presuppostionally speaking of course.

Looking at the 06-07 Pitt Men’s BB objectively, the above presuppositional truth is taken into consideration as a starting point but the team itself will be judged on a continuing basis. Why, because presuppositional truths, while noble, must be based on results, both teamwise and individually. Like the saying goes, “you are only as good as your last game.”

I fall into the latter “sucky” category, forgive me for my indulgence. I have to go on results, trends, and individual play, henceforth my current view of this team.

They are team while good, they are not great. I do not think this team is the best over the current renewal period. As I have stated they only have one viable inside threat, Gray. Their defense is not as good in the past. Their outside shooting while good is limited due to there being only one viable inside option.

Added to that, both Fields and Cook are first year starters. The former was a back-up last year and the latter has not played since his time n CUSA. The fact of their playing goes against the recent team history where most players did not play significant time until their 3rd year in the system. Both as the season has unfolded seem to be running into the “Sophmore Wall.”

As was said this team has not jelled as the season has progressed. I really cannot come up with the answer to that but their erratic play confirms it.

Said erratic play has led the probable possibility that the BE regular season will not be won and the BE tourney as well. And as for potential success in the NCAAs, all of this does not bode well for them there.

Being a Panther fan I would be thoroughly estactic if they go far in the toruney. But being an objective Panther fan, I will reserve judgment to a one game at a time basis.

Comment by Kenny 02.25.07 @ 12:17 pm

Nominated for Blog Post of the Year….

“Looking at things subjectively boarders on accepting something as a presuppositional truth. Looking at things objectviely, while accepting proven presuppositonal truth, disregards unproven presuppostional truth.”

Comment by Reed 02.25.07 @ 4:38 pm

Like I said Kenny, you seem to have a good grasp on things-as well as some others here.

Stating that our team is going lose a specific game or complain about their free-shooting, guard turnovers, or bad/no entry pass to post, is reality and doesn’t warrarnt being labelled sucky…these types of guys benefit from calling us this because the internet provides them safety.

They wouldn’t do it otherwise or at least to my face…

Comment by scoocher 02.25.07 @ 5:33 pm

Tony…Still missing the boat…. PLAYING WELL DOWN THE STRETCH IS NOT THE SAME AS WINNING THE BE TOURNEY. They likely coinicide, but are not the same thing. I’m not worried about the BET, i’m worried about us EVER WINNING ANOTHER GAME. Which we won’t playing the way we do. We need to PLAY WELL, and ASAP, if we want to make a “run” in the NCAA. “Rest” from losing the last 4 games of the season before the NCAA isn’t going to help us win anything.

And what you’re saying is just false. I got UCLA and Florida both winning their conference tourneys last year – how’d that work out for them? If you’re going to say something like that, you should come with some numbers, not just “this one time, this one team…” Go through history of all the Final Four teams and tell us exactly how many won and how many didn’t win their conference tourneys.

ECH: Florida won their last two games of the year before running their tourney. So I’ll agree Pitt has until Tuesday to turn it around. But if we keep playing like we have, and don’t turn it around….see above.

Neil: Stop reading my posts. If you don’t want to hear my arguments in this discussion, just stop reading.

Comment by Stuart 02.25.07 @ 5:46 pm

Holy shit, shut up. You’re completely wrong about teams who win their conference tourneys losing in the first two rounds of the NCAAs. Provdide some data to back that up before writing abother 5,000 word entry.

“Mike Cook can personally shut down a zone offense, because he’s no threat to shoot from the outside and he travels 1/2 the time he tries to make a move. Add to that the fact that he’s under-sized at the 3-man and never in triple-threat position and you have a bad fundamental basketball player who’s useless against a zone”

I completely agree with this and would throw Kendall into that mix too. You can’t EVER have the two of them on the floor together against a zone. Everybody needs to relax though. I don’t see losing to two top 15 team Louisville and G-Town on the road as being a sign of the apocolypse. We did beat Providence, WVU on the road and SHU without Gray.

Comment by J-Maile 02.26.07 @ 6:16 pm

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