December 9, 2017

8pm ESPN2

I should be looking forward to this game more then I am.

I love games between Pitt and WVU. The natural, good hate that bubbles around the teams and the fans. This should be the kind of game where you hear the cliche, “You can throw out the records when these two…”

Except you really can’t. Not tonight. These teams haven’t played in five years. The overwhelming majority of players have no real connection to the Backyard Brawl. Pitt has a coach that has no familiarity with it.

The only one out there with a strong bond to it is WVU Coach Bob Huggins. As both their coach and a former Hoopie. A coach with an already fiery reputation, surely will be actively trying to fire up his team even further.

Strictly looking at this as a match-up indicates how bad this is for Pitt.

No. 18 West Virginia (8-1) leads the nation in turnover margin (plus-10), creating 192 and committing 102. Pitt (5-4) is approaching the depths of NCAA Division I in turnovers, ranking 303rd of 341 teams with a minus-2.6 margin (10 7?130).

And there’s more.

While a far cry from the talent and experience West Virginia brings, the Panthers have faced two pressing teams — High Point and Mount St. Mary’s — in their past three games, and finished with a combined 39 turnovers. In practice, the team’s five-man offensive lineup will work against a defense with six or seven players to try to replicate the intensity. Players, and particularly freshman guard Marcus Carr, have fared well in those situations in practice, but those habits haven’t translated to games.

Presses are designed to rattle teams, particularly more inexperienced ones like Pitt, to make them feel as if they’re immersed in the kind of inescapable chaos that doesn’t end until they eventually score or give up the ball. While some teams that utilize such a scheme will play less intense defense once a team crosses midcourt, Stallings noted that the Mountaineers’ defensive pressure in half-court sets might be better or more aggressive than even their full-court pressure.

The key to beating such a defense, while far easier said than done, remains the same.

“Poise over anything,” junior guard/forward Jared Wilson-Frame said. “At this level, if you are a guard, you pretty much have pretty solid ball-handling capabilities. It’s all about staying poised and being mentally tough to know that, one, you’re not going to get every call and guys are going to foul you a couple of times and, two, being strong with the ball and being able to see over the defense. That kind of stuff helps your team be calm.”

The press, of course, isn’t all Pitt will have to worry about against West Virginia. The Mountaineers are grabbing offensive rebounds on 37.4 percent of their missed shots, the 14th-best percentage among Division I squads. Pitt, conversely, has struggled in that area, as a team without a cadre of talented and experienced big men is allowing opponents to get 32.6 percent of their missed shots (277th in Division I). Those woes came largely against small-conference challengers.

Things Pitt really struggles to do — take care of the basketball and get defensive rebounds to prevent second-chance points — are among the biggest strengths of WVU.

WVU doesn’t just try and speed teams up with their defense, they go fast at the other end as well. Pitt — and this may sound familiar from previous years — is among the bottom 20% nationally in tempo.

Pitt’s best hope, offensively, is on the perimeter. Pitt is at home and isn’t bad on shooting 3s. That is the one area of weakness for the Hoopies. Their aggressive defense and attempts at blocks and steals will leave them out of position or late getting out on a shooter after an extra pass.

A tightly called game could also be to Pitt’s benefit as the Panthers do shoot rather well from the free throw line. The downside is that Ryan Luther is a vital cog on keeping the team focused — and is their only consistent rebounder. He, though, struggles mightily from game to game with fouls.

Honestly, I haven’t felt this pessimistic about a Backyard Brawl game in football or basketball since a game at Milan-Puskar back in 2007. It isn’t that I lack hope. It’s that it is feeling overwhelmed by everything else.

I agree with you guys that there was 2 mins left and we should of been fouling down 7 or 8. It was like he just said forget it. Now down 9 with 25 seconds there is no point in fouling.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.10.17 @ 10:48 am

Upitt – You mean “good” under Dixon? That coach you hated and wanted to run out of town? Apparently, you don’t remember all the garbage you spewed about those “good” Pitt teams. Smh. Just the same hypocritical recycled trash from you. You do the same shit with Chryst. Another coach you trashed non-stop but appear to have more favorable opinions of now. Troll.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.10.17 @ 10:54 am

This 75 comment reset sucks.

Comment by xfmrman 12.10.17 @ 11:42 am

Troll, WVU Fan, Hater, PSU Fan, can’t just be tired of an inept athletic department paying a bad coach. Truth is. Hrumyat was a bad in game coach. Dixon’s recruiting was getting weak and he micromanaged. Truth is you only replace Chryst and Dixon with better coaches. I know we didn’t on Hoops and the jury is out on Narduzzi. But keep calling me troll or whatever makes you feel better.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.10.17 @ 11:45 am

For a team that is a nearly complete rebuild, I think the team showed yesterday that they are improving and the future is looking better for Pitt BB. 14 turnovers against that D is respectable for our young panthers. Hit a couple of the threes and layups that we missed and you have a much closer game.

Comment by HbgFrank 12.10.17 @ 12:47 pm

Upitt – the problem with hating everything is that it means you don’t get to claim that you liked anything either … because it’s not there.

I’ll gladly keep calling you out on your BS troll game, especially when you use selective memory to try and make points that are repetitive and don’t add to a discussion.

Stallings isn’t an upgrade over Dixon? LOL – no shit.
Athletic department is inept? Really? At Pitt? No way.
Jury is still out on Narduzzi? Enlightening.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.10.17 @ 12:52 pm

UPitt – thanks for the link – we could say the same regarding Oervis Ellison’s son. He can’t play until next year due to the transfer rules.

No moral victory junk for me – reread my post – I was not happy with how to he game ended. Poor coaching IMO.

Comment by Erie Express 12.10.17 @ 12:56 pm

Oervis = Pervis (cell phones are tough to type on)

Comment by Erie Express 12.10.17 @ 1:07 pm

So you basically agree with me but have given up to just accept it? Please enlighten me.

Troll Game? You give me to much credit.

Erie – No problem. Esa is really good. I see a lot of Big12 on TV here and he was very good last year.

Who is Ellison? A Pitt Player?

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.10.17 @ 1:34 pm

UPitt – I completely understand where Pitt is in the landscape of college athletics. I’m the one who explained how the BoT works. I also understand that Pitt has to find ways to win with coaches like Dixon and Duzz. I understand that Pitt can not afford a $5M coach and that building a program the way Pitt will have to, is a long term approach and not a quick fix. So, I have patience and enjoy rooting for my alma mater. In bad seasons, I can find story lines that keep me engaged. With Pitt basketball, despite the fact I do not like our coach, I can still find satisfaction in watching this group improve and compete this season …because I like Pitt and it’s a likable group of kids. With football, Duzz is almost on the same trajectory MSU was in year 3. I always expected a 4-5 year ramp up. So, I’ve been fine with Pitt football under his steward. No Kool Aid. I’ve just accepted what Pitt is and I’m comfortable waiting for them to catch lightning in a bottle.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.10.17 @ 2:00 pm

Tossing – Good Post and thanks….

I feel like they could spend it if they truly wanted to invest. I guess that is what bothers me. I honestly think if I look at it the way you do I could get on board more.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.10.17 @ 2:13 pm

Pervis Ellison was a big star at Louisville and won a championship there when Denny Crum was the HC. His son signed with St. Johns and played as a FR before transferring to Pitt.

The kid has a lot of talent and will probably start next year for Pitt.

Comment by Erie Express 12.10.17 @ 2:56 pm

Erie – He will be a RS JR

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.10.17 @ 4:39 pm

Yes, Malik Ellison. He will be a 22 year old junior by the start of next season. He was a starter on a team that finished 14-19 last season and 8-23 the season prior.

Career Stats
40% FG Pct
33% 3P Pct
63% FT Pct
2.6 APG
2.1 Turnovers per game

Comment by Barvo 12.11.17 @ 9:45 am

Upitt – I guess that’s our disconnect then. How can Pitt invest if they want to? Pitt has one of the largest alumni bases in the ACC but they are dead last in actual donations. Pitt has a top 25ish endowment but it’s all earmarked towards academics and controlled by the BoT which, by design, will always emphasize academics. That’s out of our control, it’s out of the Chancellor’s control and it’s out of the Athletic Directors control … and will never change. It’s going to be a constant no matter what happens.

That’s the key here. We have a Chancellor, not a President. The Chancellor is just one of many VP’s in the Pitt branch campus system … he just happens to be the VP at the main campus. The BoT controls everything.

In order for Pitt athletics to compete on a national scale, it will have to be a grass roots campaign and completely self-sustainable. Outside of the yearly athletic budget the BoT approves, Pitt athletics will have to rely solely on donations and fundraising.

The alumni currently donating to Pitt are donating to the Med school or law school or engineering school … not athletics.

Pitt could probably borrow from the endowment, but it would require a steady stream of donors contributing back (and BoT approval) … which they don’t have … and that requires consistent winning … specifically, consistent winning in football … which they haven’t had in 35+ years.

Pitt’s obviously had attendance issues, but they’re consistently one of the most watched teams based on TV ratings in the ACC. Pitt fans also generally travel pretty well for road games (outside of bowl games not in the alumni geographical area). Fans are obviously out there.

They won’t start giving money, however, until Pitt starts winning consistently. If Pitt football starts winning consistently, there is a lot of potential in fundraising. It’s all dependent on winning and winning over a period of time, however. One season won’t get the fundraising kicked off. Pitt fans are conditioned to expect the worst. It will take trust and the way to build trust is to build a legit football program that’s meant to stand the test of time.

There isn’t a magic button to just push and give a coach $5M.

While I like Duzz, I don’t see him thru blue and gold glasses. I hate the pro-style offense. I’d much prefer a modern RPO offense. I think, in theory, his defense will be very disruptive in the ACC. The defense has to turn the corner next season though … I think they started turning it this season but it wasn’t complete enough for me to fully trust that it has.

I like his vision for the program, however. I truly believes he sees college football with a 21st century eye.

I did not like Wanny’s, Graham’s or Chryst’s. Although, out of that group, I admittedly liked Graham the best because he approached the game from a modern angle … I never trusted he would be a longterm solution, however.

I know you don’t like Lykke, but she has the pedigree to do well. I like people who come from winning programs. She learned what a successful athletic department looked like at Ohio St. and she was successful at eastern or western or central Michigan … wherever she came from before Pitt.

In professional sports, you’ll be hard pressed to find a team that wins without a good owner and front office.

It’s similar for college. You need a good Administration and athletic department. Pitt has had neither for a long time. Gallagher talks the talk of making football a priority. Whether the BoT allows him to is another story. Lykke has the pedigree to be successful, even if she is inexperienced.

Modeling and an athletic department after Ohio St and a football program after Michigan St give me enough hope to keep believing in Pitt.

We didn’t hire people to make quick fixes, however. The athletic department and football program are going to take a while to come around. Luckily, we’re entering year 4 for football … it’s closer to being a reality. The athletic department is still in year one.

It’s going to take time. I’ve just accepted that.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.11.17 @ 11:09 am

Great posts Tossing….reality sucks…but you have defined reality at Pitt!

Comment by Dan 72 12.11.17 @ 11:40 am

Tossing – I agree. Chicken Vs. Egg. Some of the things Pitt can do can turn grads into long term givers if the experience is good and we are winners. Sometimes we have to spend first some and reap rewards of the investment you know.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.11.17 @ 12:34 pm

Whitehead declares for the draft.

Comment by alcofan 12.11.17 @ 3:18 pm

Good post TT. I still wonder how many PSU grads are on our BoT 😉

Comment by Jackagain 12.11.17 @ 8:29 pm

Thanks TT for a rational look at what we deal with in the big picture. I will support and cheer for Pitt teams as long as we maintain integrity. I’ll criticize them when called for. I don’t feel the need to call people names or live and die with each game but I dislike being mediocre in sports or any avenue of life. I’m proud of being a Pitt grad.

Comment by AnotherClancyRebound 12.11.17 @ 10:11 pm

I want to wish J.Whitehead and Q.Henderson the best as they head to the next level. I hope they both get invites to the NFL Combine because they will impress with their athletic talent.

Selfishly, I would have lyked to see both come back for their SR year and help this team get to the next level (not just a winning record, but 9 to 10 wins). But, if I was in their shoes, the opportunities AND risks are too great not to move on.

Who will be the next NFL talent to surface at Pitt? Are they even on the roster yet? P.Ford, Davis and Sibley come to mind – there are more I’m sure.


Comment by Erie Express 12.12.17 @ 5:48 am

Clancy – I 100% agree. I went too far with Upitt … he pushes my buttons. Haha. So, my bad, Upitt. I apologize if that got personal.

I follow Pitt sports like they’re a family member. They annoy the crap out of me but, in the end, I feel like I have to stick up for them.

I come across as way too optimistic on this board. Generally, because I’m trying to offset the negativity. The negativity, in small doses is fine and well earned but the repetitiveness can wear on me.

Those that know me outside of this, see that I’m much more rational and realistic with my expectations.

I understand where Pitt is in the landscape of college athletics. Pitt is, by design, not ever going to be athletics first. It just won’t. That doesn’t mean Pitt can never reach that pinnacle. Schools like Stanford certainly have. It’s going to take luck and a big congruence of events for that to happen.

One of those events is finding a loyal coach with a plan. Whether you believe Narduzzi is the guy or not, my hope is that he is … and I, personally, think he is. Another is finding an AD with a winning pedigree who can gut the decades of complacent culture permeating throughout the athletic department. Lykke may or may not be that person. She has the pedigree but not the experience. She deserves a shot tho … and more than 6 months on the job before we start judging performance.

We do not have that with out basketball coach. He’s too unpopular for him to ever, truly, be given a chance. I’ve never seen a coach at any level in any sport, even a fraction of as unpopular as he is, let alone as unpopular, ever rebound and be embraced by the community that supports the respective team. I just haven’t so it’s unlikely that Stallings is the outlier to change that.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.12.17 @ 12:12 pm

I just hope O’Neil stays…and Narduzzi starts recruiting some OT talent.

TT, I think Pitt tried to copy the Duke model and financially promote the program that was winning consistently, that was basketball. So they tore down the stadium and built the Pete.

Then the BE imploded and they learned that the real money is in FB, not BB. The ACC move saved us and woke up the BoT a little to this reality.

This is how close it came to our sports demise. (Never hate on BC)

link to

Comment by Jackagain 12.12.17 @ 4:39 pm

Jackagain – no doubt. I was just telling a couple WVU fans complaining about the Big12 about how lucky Pitt was and why WVU could not say no to them. BC absolutely saved Pitt.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.12.17 @ 6:51 pm

Pitt was still garbage in basketball when they tore down Pitt Stadium. They had that run in the 2001 BE tourney & started winning in 2002. That decision had nothing to do with rewarding a winner.

Comment by Nick 12.12.17 @ 7:05 pm

MacVitte to transfer as per his twitter.

Comment by alcofan 12.12.17 @ 7:33 pm

Another reason why caution is a good word in thinking of recruits. Remember (come on, it wasn’t that long ago)how excited we were about MacVittie? It’s also why coaches need a four or five year cycle to bring in recruits and build depth. As long the progress exists in the first few years, good teams take that long. I wish the best for MacVittie and no ill feelings toward him whatsoever but the positive is that he’s leaving because we have better players in front off him. That’s a good thing for Pitt.

Comment by AnotherClancyRebound 12.12.17 @ 8:34 pm

The Pitt QB situation just got much weaker.

I Lyke Kenny Pickett and Nick Patti seems to be a nice recruit. No other D1 talent on the roster. DiNucci is a good back-up.

Greg McElroy on XM-84 ESPNU radio said this morning that it took him a whole year after HS to grasp the college playbook. McElroy was the starting QB at Alabama in his JR and SR years and won a NC in 2010. He was later drafted in the 7th round by the Jets and played 3 years in the NFL.

Maybe, just maybe, Kenny wasn’t ready to start until the miami game.

Comment by Erie Express 12.12.17 @ 8:35 pm

Pitt’s QB depth looks Lyke this –

K.Pickett SO
B.DiNucci RSJR
N.Patti TrFR

The (2) walk-ons with last names that begin with Z

Oh, and we lose two JR offensive weapons in QH and JW (ikr) who were both under-utilized by OC Watson.

Next year looks Lyke a tough year to be a Pitt fan (again).

Comment by Erie Express 12.12.17 @ 8:43 pm

link to

“Recruiting oddity: Pitt football staff tracks top prospects to News-Press building”

Comment by NickC 12.12.17 @ 9:37 pm

Erie – Watson Playbook was basically 10 plays on repeat. It is a wasy system to learn from what plays he called.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.12.17 @ 10:05 pm

Coach of the Year: Georgia’s Jim Chaney is the 2017 FootballScoop Quarterbacks Coach of the Year.

The former Pitt OC was the main recruiter who attracted QB MacVitte to the Panthers.

Guessing the Pitt staff failed to develop this young QB.

Comment by Erie Express 12.13.17 @ 5:15 am

what we saw this past season is how important the QB and OLine is to any offense. Both were disasters in the first half of the season … then at least the OLine improved. I would also say that the QB played improved in the final 1.25 games.

Comment by wbb 12.13.17 @ 8:24 am

after averaging 19.7 / 6.6 / 2.7 in the D-League, the alleged cancer, Jamel Artis has been called up by the Orlando Magic

Comment by wbb 12.13.17 @ 12:09 pm

Thanks for the info, wbb.

Comment by alcofan 12.13.17 @ 12:59 pm

WE’ll see how long Cancer Jamel actually lasts in the NBA. From today’s PG article, it appears that Pitt had major misses in Peace Ilegomah and Samson George. What is the Blather consensus on these guys. Were they major reaches that won’t pan out, or is it more of a development issue where they will begin to show us something next year?

Comment by VoiceofReason 12.13.17 @ 5:00 pm

VoR – at least two years. They should have been red shirted. Both were barely top 300 recruits which is great in football … not so much in basketball.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.13.17 @ 6:29 pm

Thanks, Tossing. Did they blow the red shirt opportunities with the few minutes played?

Comment by VoiceofReason 12.13.17 @ 6:33 pm

I agree it’s way too early on Ilegomah. He has athleticism but is very raw. He hasn’t played much in US at all … and needs to practice

Haven’t seen George play

Comment by wbb 12.13.17 @ 9:53 pm

VoR – yes, redshirts blown. Team was desperate for size and had to take the risk. Stallings doesn’t have 3 years to develop the roster so redshirts were sacrificed.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.13.17 @ 10:10 pm

I agree, Tosing. This is not a time to think about red shirts. Anyone who can help should take the floor. It just seems that these two guys, who now have 3 years left with this year wasted, will not fully develop before they are gone..

Comment by VoiceofReason 12.14.17 @ 8:59 am

VoR – yep, 100% agree.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.14.17 @ 10:56 am

PSN reporting through Twitter that Ben DiNucci is transferring from Pitt.

The QB depth just took another hit.

Let’s see, besides the two walk-ons with last names that begin with Z, we have two scholarship QB’s – Kenny Pickett SO and Nick Patti trFR (provided he signs his LOI next week).

Comment by Erie Express 12.14.17 @ 1:07 pm

Looks like we’ll be using a scholly on another QB grad transfer – for depth, if for no other reason! This is sure to cut down on General Pickett’s ground advancements. (There will be no “Charge of the Light Brigade” next year!) Hope the OL can pick up where it left off a with Miami

Comment by Savannah Panther 12.14.17 @ 2:39 pm

Benn back to Penn????

Comment by Savannah Panther 12.14.17 @ 2:41 pm

Interesting tweet from Stallings…

link to

Comment by Jackagain 12.14.17 @ 9:07 pm

As the leader of my family, my wife and children would follow me….what gives Kev???????

Comment by BigB 12.14.17 @ 9:38 pm

Kevin .. the question begs to be asked “ are you 100% commited?

Comment by BigB 12.14.17 @ 9:39 pm

Talking about a lifetime turd. Don’t take the job then you ahole if you miss little susan and bobby. Cry me a river. He sucks whether he is Nashville or Pittsburgh and has for 30 years. His rebuild stinks. No talent players and bum coaches. Rebuild where he wonr win 9 games. Old Fart should be happy he and his recruiter tricked a team into paying him anything. Oh and cut the sides of your hair it looks terrible.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.14.17 @ 11:43 pm

Wife and child didn’t come to Pittsburgh? Are you kidding me. Does not make any sense whatsoever.

Comment by gc 12.15.17 @ 8:52 am

Putting aside any assessment of Stallings for a moment, I believe he signed a 6 yr deal, so given that contract length, why would his family stay behind? Something doesn’t add up to me. Is this just a matter of contracts being meaningless these days and the plan is for him to stay 3-4 years?

Comment by 1618mt 12.15.17 @ 1:31 pm

Susie is in High school and he wants to spend his nights at the Crickett Lounge.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.15.17 @ 1:42 pm

Ah, I can see not wanting to move kids out of HS, that can be brutal. If he were a family man he would’ve stayed at Vandy, that is, unless he was about to lose his job, eh? Nice job by Barnesy, push out a guy that was successful (albeit needed to go) without a plan to replace him, then scramble for scraps.

Comment by 1618mt 12.15.17 @ 3:27 pm

Is the Cricket still there? I got tossed from there about 20 years ago.

Comment by Lastrowofsection4 12.15.17 @ 4:50 pm

Criticize Stallings all you want, but it’s best to leave the Stallings family out of the discussion. It’s perfectly understandable that they would want to let their daughter graduate from her high school. This appears to be a real family sacrifice to be split up all of this time, so how about a little compassion on the family front.

Comment by VoiceofReason 12.15.17 @ 5:12 pm

Cricket still there but Anthony’s closed

Comment by Rayhpgh 12.15.17 @ 5:31 pm

VOR he makes 2M a year sorry I dont feel bad. You move if all in. No one cares shut up and quit making excuses. Fact is no one else wanted him and Vandy was canning him.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.15.17 @ 5:41 pm

Vor not u shut up but rockports.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.15.17 @ 5:42 pm

A man is allowed to miss his family. He was asked a question. This didn’t just come out of his mouth unprompted. He also never makes an excuse in the interview. He even says families all over the country do the same thing, or similar things, in the best interest of the kids.

Explaining what he’s sacrificed to be the head coach at Pitt is hardly a cop out. In fact, he would have endeared himself to some fans if he had done this from the beginning. Hell knows he needed it.

He’s a dead man walking. He knows it. The fans know it. The administration knows it. I’m sure the players know it too. If anything this helps set the stage for him leaving.

It was a bad hire by a bad AD under bad circumstances.

Barnes is the one to direct your anger towards. There’s zero reason to pile on about his family. Whether you agree or not, it’s not anyone’s business, or right to judge, what a family decides is in their best interest.

Stallings will be gone soon enough. Just let him limp off into the sunset.

We’ll be able to direct our vitriol at someone else soon enough.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.15.17 @ 8:18 pm

Kai Locksley highlights:

link to

Comment by Jackagain 12.15.17 @ 8:44 pm

I’ve been saying that for a long time here TT, no reason to hate on Stallings for taking this job when no one else wanted it.

Comment by Jackagain 12.15.17 @ 8:46 pm

If they stayed to start or finish a senior year, I get that. But he has been here a year and a half.

If they don’t move here at the end of the school year, I would say it is a lack of commitment to Pitt or to the family. Coaching is a nomadic lifestyle for most, I get that. However if I am hiring someone, I want them to be all in. Maybe there are issues, wife’s job etc. The guy makes 2 mill a year, with a six year contract, he can afford two houses and lots of plane tickets. His wife could be here every weekend, at least.

I do agree that Barnes is the bigger scumbag, but he is gone and Stallings has to take the heat for his own performance, which so far is below the line.

Comment by gc 12.16.17 @ 9:46 am

Tossing – Agree with your general theme above, well done. However, I disagree that anybody was piling on his family, didn’t notice that above at all. Did I miss something?? I will also that I believe Stallings is an excellent salesman; think about it, on the verge of being let go by Vandy, he scores a large contract and upgrades himself… He certainly seems smarter than Barnes. And one final note, if vitroil should be placed on anyone, it’s the BOD, and if an influential group of alumni were to start somewhere to make changes, that would be the place…

Jackagain- thanks for the highlights

Comment by 1618mt 12.16.17 @ 9:54 am

If I was Stallings I wouldn’t have moved my family here either. After that opening press conference they would have been on the next flight out of town & never came back. I wouldn’t want my family subjected to a constant stream of negativity from a pissed off fan base. Imagine moving as a teenager to a new school, in a different state, & being told daily how much your Dad sucks.

Comment by Nick 12.16.17 @ 12:48 pm

Nick – That’s a sad reflection of society, but I agree with you. Plus, sometimes moving a family is tough with friendships formed, etc.; they’re established in the South, and I’d imagine that’d be quite a culture shock to move to Pittsburgh anyway. And if Stallings knows he’s only going to be there for 3-5 years anyway, it was smart staying put for the family, assuming they were happy where they were. I truly wish KS & his family the best, but at several million per year, I can’t really consider him a martyr either.

Comment by 1618mt 12.16.17 @ 1:33 pm

McNeese State starts the game with a slam dunk. And Luther on the. Bench with an injury.


Comment by Erie Express 12.16.17 @ 2:05 pm

Eight different Pitt players have launched a 3 pt shoot in the 1st 8 minutes withmade basket.

But KS has all his time outs in his back pocket.

Comment by Erie Express 12.16.17 @ 2:15 pm

Headline says: Stifling Pitt defense holds McNeese St to a 25% shooting percentage.

link to

Comment by Jackagain 12.16.17 @ 4:09 pm

Nice 2nd half by the young Panther BB team.

Meanwhile, Pitt wrestling loses to Clarion @ Home 24-20 to drop to 1-4. Tough start for our new HC.

Comment by Erie Express 12.16.17 @ 4:34 pm

5-5 Indiana just beat nd – that is a nice win by Archie and the Jugheads.

Comment by Erie Express 12.16.17 @ 5:08 pm

Erie – What do you expect from Cheap Heather. Hire a never been HC like Narduzzi hire. Remember people said we were good in Wrestling. Now we just have Volleyball.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.16.17 @ 6:33 pm

Don’t look now, but the Jamie Dixon lead TCU Horned Frogs are 10-0 and ranked #14 in both polls. Tomorrow night they play a mighty Southern Texas team that is 0-11 and primed to jump TCU even higher in the polls.

Horned Frogs vs Corn Dogs

TCU’s toughest game to date was vs unranked Nevada. Kind of Lyke Jamie’s days at Pitt. Oh, wouldn’t we pay big bucks to have him back on the bench at The Pete. At least the move Barney made was good for someone.


Comment by Erie Express 12.17.17 @ 8:36 am

QB transfer Ricky Towns is coming to Pitt.

link to

Comment by Erie Express 12.17.17 @ 6:55 pm

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