January 9, 2017

Predictable Inconsistency Continues

Filed under: Basketball — Chas @ 8:43 am

In hindsight, the only real shock from the Syracuse game on Saturday was how overwhelming that barrage was in the first half. That Pitt would go out and not shoot as well. That their defensive effort was lacking (to say the least). That they would be disjointed and appear to come unglued.

Well, all of that we saw a little over a month ago. Right after a big road win over Maryland. Pitt followed it up with a complete falling apart against Duquesne. Producing their worst offensive output of the season and a defense that barely tried. Something we could kind of sort of paper over with Jamel Artis’ suspension (at least as far as the scoring goes).

Guess what? After the big win over Virginia, Pitt repeated history and had their second worst offensive output of the season.


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