August 21, 2015

September To Set Up November

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Parents visiting for a week. Kids heading back to school this week. The usual chaos of the transition of activities.

How about a terrifying concept of the worst case scenario for this season?

PITT: Can technically start the season with losses to Bo Pelini, Terry Bowden, and Kirk Ferentz. Good God.

My sphincter clenched upon reading that.

It should be no surprise that Head Coach Pat Narduzzi didn’t waste time game planning for the Youngstown State game. He is no doubt aware of what happened to Chryst in his debut against this same team. No one wants that redux.

We’ve all thought, written and talked a bit on how the schedule is significantly tougher this year than last. So that even if Pitt is a better team, the record might not be significantly different than previous years.

The other part is with the way the schedule sends Pitt on the road for over a month. That home game with Youngstown State followed by three road games and a bye week. How does that set Pitt up for fans and attendance.

It is hardly inconceivable that Pitt could be going into the Homecoming game with Virginia — only the second home game of the season — with a 2-2 record. That game is followed by two more road games — Georgia Tech and Syracuse.

By the end of October when Pitt is home for four of its final five games, Pitt could be painfully familiar 4-3. And those are going to be anything but easy home games — UNC, ND, Louisville and Miami.

What would that do to the enthusiasm and energy that is so obvious among the fanbase at the moment? Will fans be showing up if the games don’t have “meaning” beyond trying to get to 6-6 and another bottom tier bowl game? History has clearly said, no.

It’s easy to say in August that there will be patience and understanding with the team. The schedule issues and what we believe/hope will be the right direction. But will there be many people there to want to go to Heinz Field in November, see it in person, and deal with the frustration?

We’ve had our fill with close losses. The headscratchers.

Pitt has to come out of September with three wins at a minimum. That Iowa game looms larger everytime I think about it. The Hawkeyes don’t look that good. Yet, as much as the discontent with Kirk Ferentz grows, they are hardly going to be an easy game.

PITT Blatherites are thinking of a new fB stadium; the Pitt admin — not so much

Comment by wbb 08.23.15 @ 4:59 pm

I doubt that you heard it from anyone at Pitt, Frank. The message from the top has been clear. No OCS.

Comment by dinosaur 71 08.23.15 @ 5:01 pm

@Dan–The Hoosiers have been under-performing their fans expectations ever since Crean arrived there. I have seen no evidence they will even sniff a final four.

IMHO, they are taking a chance on Newkirk with his bum knee. He supposedly had microfracture surgery like Uchebo had. It might not even heal properly and he could be gone from the Hoosiers without ever contributing.

Comment by pitt1972 08.23.15 @ 5:30 pm

No OCS…for now. But feasibility study to kick off by 2017. Need a plan when Heinz is done and Steelers begin plans for new suburban stadium. You want Pitt holding the bag on a costly dump. Watch the land Pitt buys in the next ten years. That will tell you something.

Comment by TX Panther 08.23.15 @ 5:50 pm

Newkirk just had micro-fracture surgery. He’s going to be a backup PG for Indiana. Good for him landing at another P5 school though.

Pitt football will not have a campus stadium again. It’s nice say what if but it ain’t happening. SP gets credit for the Pete and the blame for tearing down Pitt Stadium because he was the AD at the time but in reality both had been in some stages of development since the 80’s. It was a board decision not an AD decision or even a Chancellor decision.

It would take a decade of sustained success in addition to the Steelers building a new stadium. As long as Heinz field exists, Pitt will not have a new home.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 08.23.15 @ 5:52 pm

Can’t beleive th BUCS gave away Bautista to Blue Jays for nothing. 30 HR’s.

Comment by Upittbaseball 08.23.15 @ 6:45 pm


Comment by Upittbaseball 08.23.15 @ 6:45 pm

New thread time

Comment by JoeKnew 08.23.15 @ 7:00 pm

Joeknew – one will be up before work tomorrow.

Bostick probably makes around $50K now… that’s the mean for radio sportscasters.

Comment by Reed 08.23.15 @ 7:06 pm

Upitt, watching the game in saginaw! As far as Heinz Field goes and the view, the NFL has strict rules on how a stadium should be (North, South, etc.) just like baseball but the Steelers because the Pirates got a stadium were in a rush job and were threatening to go to Washington County but the city obliged and they didn’t have time to petition the NFL to have adjustments made on the view. Not like it would have helped being the stadium is a concrete slab thrown up like it was a freshman architecture design. Sound containment has been a problem and reported by residents and fans.

Comment by tedsptman 08.23.15 @ 7:08 pm

Ted – I agree. Not sure who designed it but is was rookiefied. Im not against how it lays out just the design and cheap century 3 mall feel. No identity for Steelers let alone Pitt.

Comment by Upittbaseball 08.23.15 @ 7:24 pm

Do Steeler fans complain about the game day atmosphere at Heinz? Serious question.

Comment by HbgFrank 08.23.15 @ 7:33 pm

Hbg – Those that have been to other stadiums. When Seattle has Starbucks Coffee Drinking Yuppies with a 5x’s home field advantage over us and a stadium with major appeal yes. The stadium is a concrete blah. Inwonder if HOK Sports did it? They are usually way better thab that product.

Comment by Upittbaseball 08.23.15 @ 7:37 pm

Suggestions for new thread

1) OCS
2)Who’s the troll
3)Ex AD, Chancellor, coach, defensive coordinator
4)Backup QB
5) Anything Jamie
6)The superiority of the Southern player(or life in the South in general
8) The Weather

You get it,right!

Comment by JoeKnew 08.23.15 @ 7:44 pm

My dislike of Heinz is the open end. It’s great for the city view if you are there as a tourist instead of a football fan. Unfortunately, it makes a 65,000-67,000 seat stadium have seat to field distances (especially from the upperdeck) more like that of a 100,000 seat stadium. You need field glasses to read player numbers from much of the upperdeck. It also allows too much home crowd’s noise to escape rather than being loud at field level as it should be to create an advantage for the home team.

Comment by pitt1972 08.23.15 @ 7:55 pm

Add 9) Where in the world is Emel?

Comment by panther94 08.23.15 @ 8:25 pm

And Frankcan. I miss that bastard. I like your top 8 Joe (who knew and pooped his pants).

Comment by TX Panther 08.23.15 @ 8:42 pm

Yes’s been quite some time since I’ve seen a post from Frankcan. He was such a passionate fan.


Comment by panther94 08.23.15 @ 8:55 pm

On regions and recruits.My small west. pa HS used to get 4000 for football games in the 50s but 1000 today is exceptional.Of course in the 50s we graduated about 140 a year. Today about 75.We won state champioships and sent so much talent to Michigan state that 2 of my 4 yrs. in HS Duffy Dougherty, the HC at Michigan State was the football banquet speaker.Johnstown used to win the WPIAL andmost starters all got schollies.Oh yeah we also had Bethlehem Steel and US Steel employin almost 20,000 and coal mines all over the area.Amicrcasim of western PA.It is allabout demoghaphics and populaion shifts plain and simple. The smaller populations give smaller # of football players but we still gat good ones that we need to keep.Most D1 schools bank on the majority of their recruits coming from within 60 milesas a base.M y boys lived inFla 1 year in elmentery school where they said the only PE they got was football(3 times a week).Up here its football in football season. It is not the same.

Comment by pitt 60 08.23.15 @ 9:09 pm

Hey UPitt, why don’t you wear a Pitt hat to the Pirate game tomorrow, then we’ll really be able to identify you !

Comment by PittPT 08.23.15 @ 9:20 pm

I’m no fan of Heinz from a design perspective, and it’s not very fan friendly for a variety of reasons. But I have no issue with its location – to me it’s very easy to access and there are plenty of pre and post game options on the North Shore as well as downtown.

I’d like Pitt to have its own stadium, on campus or off, and more needs to be done to make Heinz feel like Pitt’s home and not a rent-a-stadium. But playing at Heinz has no affect on my attendance and little affect on my game day experience. Anybody who says it does is looking for excuses to not attend.

Frankly, winning or losing affects my game day experience more than any other factor. When attendance is good and Pitt is winning, Heinz rocks like any other stadium. When you lose to Akron, well, not so much.

By the way, the open end at Heinz isn’t open anymore.

Comment by Iron Duke 08.23.15 @ 9:45 pm

Said it before, i’ll say it again, they could do wonders for the atmosphere if they put a decent logo at midfield, put “PANTHERS” in the end zone and put ACC logos at the 20’s like all the other ACC teams.

Might cost some money for a crew to do that? We have money, do it.

Rooney’s won’t allow?? W. Pa. taxpayers paid about 66% of it I believe, why do the Steelers get to say no to something like that? (if true)

Won’t fix everything, but at least it would look more like our home.

If that middle school lookin’ logo is at midfield again i’ll puke in my seat!!

Well, maybe someone elses seat!

Comment by Dan 08.23.15 @ 10:57 pm

Iron Duke….well said. All very true.

Comment by notrocketscience 08.24.15 @ 5:43 am

Dan, how simple and logical that sounds. Why it can’t seem to be accomplished should be the subject of an article by one of the PPG sports reporters after some investigation into the matter.

I’ d also like to hear the Pitt band micked up from their seating section and broadcast on the PA system rather than the alternative of piped in music. That alone would improve the atmosphere on game day.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.24.15 @ 6:28 am

Dan. your 3 suggestions will not do wonders for our atmosphere. They will only help a little. WINNING will do wonders for our atmosphere. It’s now time for Pitt to start winning games, especially by making plays on both offense and defense to win games in the 2nd half. No more excuses.

Comment by rayhpgh 08.24.15 @ 6:38 am

Winning, the cure for so many ills.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.24.15 @ 7:15 am

After 2 weeks of camp, me thinks it’s time for a new thread discussing who in the crop of brand new Panthers, both freshmen and transfers/JUCOs will contribute this season.

I’m going to make a wild guess that Dark Knight gives his vote to Nate Peterman.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.24.15 @ 7:20 am

@rayhpgh, certainly winning more than anything.

However, it would do wonders for me to look like my team is playing on a college football field.

I’d take 10-2 on a sandlot over 6-6 on a pretty field, but in the meantime

paint the friggin’ field appropriately!!!

Comment by Dan 08.24.15 @ 8:23 am

Totally agree about the middle school logo. That has to go.

Comment by Iron Duke 08.24.15 @ 8:26 am

@DR. TOM, I don’t know.

I’ve heard everything from,

it’s a grass field it’s too hard

the Steelers won’t let them

the Steelers need to do a “walk through” after the Pitt games are over

it would be expensive to hire a crew to do it correctly, they’d have to work through the night

and some others I can’t think of now.

Ray is totally correct, winning!!!

In regards to the conversation though, in lieu of not getting an on campus stadium, what could they do to make the game feel more

“collegie” for lack of a better word?

College atmosphere? More like Pitt’s home.

You do all you want, if the field looks like Pleasant Hills Middle School, everything else doesn’t look good either.

Ok, enough, I see we’ve moved on with another post.

Hey, I don’t bitch to bitch, when they fix something, I shut up.

Haven’t heard a peep from me about Pitt script since last October!

Comment by Dan 08.24.15 @ 8:43 am

Narduzzi wanted practices at Heinz, I think he is getting one. The press needs to ask about it. I say he states it is an issue.

Comment by notrocketscience 08.24.15 @ 7:45 pm

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