February 11, 2014

Since everyone is working from essentially the same news and reports, here’s what we have

Pitt’s most obvious opening is to replace Bobby Engram at the WR Coach spot. Yet, the first breaking news was that Pitt has made a play to bring Troy Douglas from Iowa State to be the Defensive Backs Coach.

Iowa State secondary coach Troy Douglas has been offered a spot on the Pittsburgh staff, but Douglas has not decided if he’ll take the position yet, according to a source. reported that Douglas will join the Panthers’ staff on Wednesday.

Douglas spent the last three seasons with the Cyclones. He previously worked with ISU defensive coordinator Wally Burnham at South Florida from 2006-08.

But now, Brett McMurphy of is tweeting that as of this morning it is a done deal.

Douglas coached DBs in the ACC for a couple years while at North Carolina. He appears to be a solid recruiter and a good DB coach. Considering the spot was essentially coached last year by a graduate assistant (love you Hank Poteat, but you should not have been put in that position) this looks to be a very good move.

As for the Wide Receivers Coach, the name that is getting the most play is Erik Campbell.

Campbell was somewhat surprisingly let go by Iowa after the 2012 season as their WR Coach (but not, it turns out, so HC Kirk Ferentz’s son Brian could be moved to WR Coach). Campbell seemed to have been the scapegoat coach rather than the new Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis following a disastrous offensive season. Campbell, in fact, had been one of the leading candidates to become the OC before Davis got the gig in February 2012.

Campbell doesn’t have a reputation as an ace recruiter, but he is considered a very good coach. That was why it was somewhat surprising that he ended up in the CFL as a WR coach.

Neither has any clear ties of coaching with Paul Chryst or his usual circle, so that can be seen as a positive. Obviously, Chryst saw first hand what Campbell was doing with the Iowa WRs when he was coaching at Wisconsin.

Getting Douglas would appear to be a very good move for recruiting and also because he brings more coaching experience to the side of the ball that was getting the short shrift on experienced coaches.

Both Douglas and Campbell are about the same age as Chryst which is somewhat interesting but probably just a coincidence.

WBB, Lost $20 bucks on the ND game and I was certain it was a sure thing.Here is how I remember it. The lead was 7-0 not 9-0 and we carried that lead into the 4th quarter even though our replacement QB kept fumbling in our own territory. Finally the Irish took the lead late and added a meaningless touchdown at the end to win 16-7. They won the national championship that year so I think it is reasonable to assume that broken arm cost us one. Our defense was good enough that I don’t think Notre Dame would have scored at all. We should have romped. It made last nights basketball loss look like small potatoes.

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