August 16, 2012

New LB In the 2013 Class

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Pitt has a new commit for the 2013 class. Inside linebacker Matt Galambos has given a verbal.

Galambos has 3-stars from 247 and puts him down for 2-stars and doesn’t have an evaluation on him.

He has offers from Syracuse and Rutgers. There is some interest from PSU, BC and Maryland. Galambos is also holding offers from Harvard and Yale, so he is not an academic risk.

In fact, his academics were a big help in getting an offer from Pitt.

Linebacker is a position of need for the recruiting class.

After the jump is his highlight reel.

It’s under 90 seconds and happily lacks any musical accompaniment.

A HS recruit gets a star rating based on what he did yesterday. You win football games by what you do tomorrow. Every good coach understands that.

Pick the kids with the right stuff, smart, motivated, coachable and not full of themselves at the ripe old age of 16-17. Then get them under your wing, help them grow up, develop their full potential and watch them bloom into good football players.

Recruiting star ratings are just an early opinion.

BTW, welcome JoeD, last ime I checked its a free country, go do your thing. Just remember that if the concensus determines that you’re an a$$hole, then you probably are. Why don’t you prove them wrong?

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.17.12 @ 8:46 am

Yes, Frank, I’ll be around. Vacation over, and have my brother settled in assisted living, so things have calmed down. Got diagnosed with MS, and had hid many of his symptoms from the family.

Ready for some college football. Two weeks from last night I think, S.Carolina and Vandy!!! An extra large pepperoni, olives and tomatoes pizza will be ordered 1 hour before kickoff!!!

Comment by Dan 08.17.12 @ 9:06 am

Ladies and gentlemen, all of the best recruits in the world will not help Pitt overcome the 10 yard passing game of our beloved Tino…

Hail to another year of watching a below average, inadequate qb take bad sacks and never rise to the occasion when a game is on the line.

Comment by Coach Ditka 08.17.12 @ 9:09 am

I agree with Emel wholeheartedly. I have listened to coach Chryst and his staff. The one thing which jumps out to me is the fact they are teachers first. They want the players to understand what is required to play their position(s) physically, technically, mentally, and most important mistake free.

They want each individual player to be responsible in their assignments in respect to said position play and unit wise. The result is the team does not beat itself on game day.

Being responsible for constantly striving to get better is the nucleus from which success will come for Pitt football according the gospel of Saint Chryst. My hope is the Pitt Football Program becomes a field of dreams under HCPC because as everyone knows…..IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME!!!!

Comment by Kenny 08.17.12 @ 9:29 am

@ Coach Ditka, now that’s a great JoeD impersonation, good job! Now how do you really feel about Sunseri’s abilities, without all the sugar coating?

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.17.12 @ 9:51 am

Dr Tom I would love to be more positive about the upcoming season but its hard to overlook our obvious shortcomings at the most important position on the team. I truly hope Tino proves me wrong but don’t see it happening.

Comment by Coach Ditka 08.17.12 @ 10:00 am

JD welcome to the self-righteous world of Pitt Blather. When one of the accepted blathers makes an opinion (Reed, Chas, etc.,) it is taken as knowledge and wisdom and fawned over. If someone oout of the clique makes a contrary “opinion” they are “_ _ _ holes,” “idots,” and “anti-Pitt.”

They never consider that their remarks are only their “opinion” just as yours is except that it is contrary to theirs and they have no compunction to use personally demeaning, foul, and condemming language.

I have decided to let them cast as many stones at me as they want because I realize what I wrote abvove is more than an opinion it is fact.

Comment by DRW 08.17.12 @ 10:01 am

Reed,I think if they are bumping up against the 85 limit that moving a player to the 2012 class instead of the 2013 class by having him enroll in January, 2013 wouldn’t help. It is my understanding that in that situation that they would have the recruit enroll in January, 2014 and count him against the 2014 class. I think it is called a grayshirt.

Comment by Houston Panther 08.17.12 @ 10:13 am

Houston Panther..
I don’t think Chryst will exceed the 85 limit come signing day..
He likes to have a few ships available for transfers, etc. unless he knows some players currently on roster are leaving the team freeing up some ships.

Comment by Joe D 08.17.12 @ 10:29 am

I believe the scouting services star ratings use a scale for each specific recruiting class as follows (the numbers may not be exact, but you can get the gist):

Top 50 players – 5 stars
Next 50 – 4 stars
Next 100 – 3 stars

In actuality:
– Couldn’t some years actually have only 35 true blue-chippers? So 15 others will still be rated 5 stars even though they truly might be 4 stars.
– Some years may have 80 ‘almost’ blue-chippers after the first 50, but only 50 would be rated at 4 stars and the other 30 be rated at 3?
– In the above example, the 30 that should have been 4s would be 3s thereby pushing the bottom 30 of the 3 stars to 2 stars.

My point is there is no specific criteria (40 time, bench press, size, etc) to the ratings. Whatever stars a player may have received in one recruiting class, doesn’t directly correlate to another class.

Stars do help some when looking at recruiting rankings, but the only true way to quantify is by looking at their production when their career ends.

Comment by pghFred 08.17.12 @ 10:50 am

@ Coach Ditka, I’m with you, I hear your concerns, but using a poker saying, you bet on the cards you that have in your hand. Right now Tino is the man. I find myself even being concerned that if he gets hurt and loses playing time this season that THEN Pitt will be in trouble, WTF kind of logic is that???

Our only hope is that this coaching staff and their pro set system will instill that intangable confidence factor into Tino, which could transform him into a servicable QB in the clutch. He really needs to step up his game when put under pressure. So much of that is just having the game slow down for you in those situations. Some of that comes with maturity and playing time. Often it is directly tied to confidence and previous winning results that comes when you play with it. Neither of which Sunseri currently has on his resume.

The wildcard here however is PC and staff. Is it just lip service or will they REALLY “play to their players strengths”? If they can identify what Sunseri’s strengths are, in the first place, and then magnify them by putting him in situations that breed confidence and keep him out of those bad schemes that find him soiling himself then we have a chance to develop a servicable offense.

I’m going to give everybody concerned the benefit of the doubt until they show their hand because there are just so many variables that are so different from last season. If it turns out to be the same old, same old as last year, then I’ll be jumping on your bandwagon too, but lets at least give this year a chance to get going before we throw in the towel.

As I aways say, that why the play the games. I’m just hoping for a transformation of Tino’s play this year if the above coaching actually occurs and breeds success, then God Bless Paul Chryst.

Comment by Dr. Tom 08.17.12 @ 10:52 am

Even acknowledging that Tino has not had help, I have been down on him, from things he has down to himself. No pocket presense, and when line has blocked, and receivers open, throwing ball two yards in front them into the dirt, or a sideline out route, with ball sailing over the receivers head.

I have bought into Coach Chyrst, and with what he has done at Wisconsin, especially with the Q.B.s, I have to believe he will have some positive influence on Tino’s techniques, and his overall performance.

A top 10 qb, no, of course not. But if you were grading, I’m hoping going from a D or C+, to a B or B+.

Also, I think Chyrst is smart enough, to also be watching for Tino’s strengths and weaknesses.

Then, being able to put him in situations and calling plays that are comfortable for Tino and hopefully will help him improve.

Comment by Dan 08.17.12 @ 11:06 am

Dr and Coach.

I’m worried about Tino as well. I do think PCs offense will help him succeed this season. A good running game will also help.

But I believe having solid TEs will help him too. They are always a great outlet for a QB when things break down. After reading articles about Pitt’s TEs the past week, Tino has weapons there.

I’ve always looked at TEs with rookie QBs when playing Fantasy Football because I know they are going to get a lot of balls while the QB gets up to speed. Tino may never get ‘up to speed’, so I think the TEs will be his best friends this year and will be a key to Pitt’s success.

Comment by pghFred 08.17.12 @ 11:07 am

If Tino can dump the ball to a back or end as opposed to taking the sack, I’ll take that. For whatever reason, Tino took the sack last year as opposed to throwing the ball away or running for his life. I know he didn’t have a good line or receivers but how difficult is it to throw away the damn ball.

Comment by TX Panther 08.17.12 @ 12:20 pm

TX, I hear ya, or worse running out of bounds behind the line when he could have just thrown it away (at least twice that I can recall). However, I do think that the system change is reason for optimism with Tino’s play. I think that most of his reads this year will be much closer to the line of scrimmage. His first read will be a hand off, second a screen pass to a running back, and third probably a TE screen in the middle of the field. I’m being overly simplistic, of course, but the real point is that there will be far fewer plays in each game where Tino will have to read multiple WR patterns against the defense. For the most part, they will run called plays out of the huddle. In that offense Tino can succeed. It just does not ask of much from the QB.

Comment by HbgFrank 08.17.12 @ 12:41 pm

@Dr Tom

Tino’s main strength;

handing the ball off to Ray Ray, Isaac or Rush !
As many times as possible !!

Comment by EMel 08.17.12 @ 6:47 pm

DRW – no one fawns over anybody on here. I write reminders all the time that i post opinions on here with some factual stuff throw in.

But this isn’t journalism and we don’t have to do anything but post items for people to comment on.

Go back over my articles if you wish and see how many times I write “In my opinion”, “I think”, “I believe”, “Apparently”, “It seems” and on and on.

I understand exactly what your ticked about and it is the Mark Myers issue. But you must realize that the things I wrote about him and discussed on here were not state secrets. At no point did I ever say “I heard through a super secret channel that his arm sucks” No, I said “I think he isn’t the passer everyone thinks he is”. As a matter of fact the only conversation I quoted at all on here was the one I had with his own Father who talked about him transferring last season.

But really, everything I said about Myers and all the points I made weren’t original thoughts on here. If you follow PITT football as closely as I, and others, do you’d have seen that the same sentiments were echoed by numerous beat writers and radio interviews.

You can disagree with me, and I’ll say Chas also, as much as you want. But once I post up an article I have as much right to keep discussing the content as any other poster.

Finally, if you are referencing me with your comment about “personally demeaning, foul, and condemming language” then obviously I somehow offended you personally and for that I apologize. I also don’t remember doing it because that would be out of character for me, but still. Rest assured if I did then it was out of frustration regarding our Myers discussion rather than any animosity I have toward you, because there is none.

Comment by Reed 08.17.12 @ 8:54 pm

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