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May 27, 2011

No, it isn’t likely to hear Gil Brown, Brad Wanamaker or Gary McGhee’s names called on the night of the NBA Draft. More likely is the chance for playing in the summer league and a non-guaranteed free agent deal. Followed by signing in Europe. I think we are all reasonably realistic on that issue.

That doesn’t mean that they aren’t practicing, working out for teams and doing all that they can do to merit consideration by teams. To say nothing of their representation making sure they promote them.

Wanamaker signed with IMG. They also represent DeJuan Blair.

IMG just posted an interview with Wanamaker. Talking about his son, how his father introduced him and his twin brother to basketball to keep them away from the crime and wrong life. The end of his Pitt career and the beginning.

My freshman year was tough. Things didn’t go how I thought they would. Coach Dixon was hard on me, but he pushed me to be the best I could be. He helped me grow up. He pushed you to grow as a player and as a man.

But Levance Fields? He torched me. Not a day went by that he wasn’t killing me in practice. I’m getting frustrated because I thought I was playing good defense. He talked so much trash. He would talk for three days straight. Then the coaches would talk about it and we’d watch film —  it was endless for me. But it made me hungry. He made me bring it every day, which helped in my development.

And here’s a video interview with Hoopsworld. Talking about up coming workouts with teams and plenty of softballs.

Then there is Gilbert Brown who is training out in Vegas. Getting some positive reviews.

Gilbert Brown – In wake of the Memphis Grizzlies’ success, executives are searching for perimeter defenders that can change their team’s culture and lock down opponents. These executives should underline Brown’s name because that’s exactly what he brings to a team.

Since arriving in Vegas one month ago, he has solidified his reputation as a defensive stopper and has drawn comparisons to Arron Afflalo and Memphis’ own Sam Young, who once played with Brown at the University of Pittsburgh. Brown has an NBA body and has continued to bulk up at Impact.

He has been working one-on-one with Corey Maggette in recent weeks, improving his offensive game and receiving individual training that is paying off during workouts. Brown is ready to contribute right away and he’ll further help his stock in workouts.

Athletically and potentially, I have no doubt that Brown could be a solid role player in the NBA. As it was at Pitt, and will always be. It comes down to his head and will.

Good luck to both, this only helps Pitts image if they can both make it!

Comment by BnG 05.27.11 @ 1:03 pm

Speaking of Levance Fields, the following is excerpted from Wikipedia:

“In the summer of 2009, Levance played for the Orlando Magic’s summer league team. He failed to make an NBA roster after the summer season and signed a multiyear contract with Spartak St. Petersburg of the Russian Basketball Super League in July 2009.[3] In December 2010 he signed with BC Krasnye Krylya Samara[4], but then failed to pass the medical examination and was waived.”

Does anyone know what the medical issue is/was?

Comment by BigGuy 05.27.11 @ 1:17 pm

Are you looking for some drug related issue?

I only wish good things for LeVance and all the other former Pitt players. They were mostly shafted by the NBA to begin with.

And I don’t really want to hear about what this NBA and that NBA scout said. (it’s all basically contrived)

When the word gets out….forget it.

Finally, it wouldn’t happen to Duke players regardless of their limitations. (for the latest proof see Gerald Henderson of the Charlotte Bobcats)

Comment by melvinbennett 05.27.11 @ 11:46 pm

“Are you looking for some drug related issue?”

I’m looking for the reason he flunked his medical exam, i.e. bad knee, turf toe, or other reasons a doc may write “nyet” on his medical report.

Comment by BigGuy 05.28.11 @ 12:16 am

Big, my curiosity as well got me to his Twitter account which yielded no information whatsoever…’cept for the fact he’s got a really cute kid (hoping it is and not his girlfriend!).


Comment by steve 05.28.11 @ 7:52 am

Like steve, I perused his Twitter page and found nothing. Because it had been 7-8 months since he played for Spartak with no injuries reported there, a pure guess would be weight and/or condtioning.

Also, speaking of the Grizzlies, I had the draft combine show on in the background the other day. Clark Kellogg in particular and Fran Frachilla in support went on for about 5 minutes about the Grizzlies finding a gem in Sam Young. They used Young as a prime example of someone being passed over because of his age rather than being viewed as someone developed and experienced enough to be an instant contributor. Kellogg seemed to imply that Boston made a mistake in drafting Avery Bradley at #19 for his “potential” instead of taking Young.

Comment by TampaT 05.28.11 @ 3:17 pm

I know this isn’t basketball related but I found this on CBS Sports. Apparently, Holgorsen’s casino incident wasn’t his first. As many as 6 in the past 6 months? WVU really hired a good one.

link to

Comment by Greg 05.29.11 @ 3:32 pm

I have heard several times that because the overall draft class is so weak, there is a good chance that G. Brown’s name could get called on draft night.

Comment by Carmen 05.31.11 @ 3:17 pm

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