October 3, 2008

I’ve had a few hours to sleep on it. Haven’t looked at the media yet. This was a great game for Pitt. Not just because they won — though that was a huge part of it. It was how they did it. Without playing a perfect game.

They made mistakes. They screwed up on special teams. They turned the ball over a couple times. Stull threw some horrible passes. Mistakes were made. Yet, instead of retreating into conservatism and everything Wannstedt has usually done, he let the team stay aggressive and keep attacking. The defense kept going after Grothe. The offense still threw the ball — downfield.

The players responded. Their energy was excellent the entire game. It was the sort of effort and game Pitt fans have been wanting to see. It’s not about making the offense more “exciting” or something it isn’t. It is seeing Pitt use the players in ways that takes advantage of their skill sets rather than just jamming them into the system regardless of fit.

Joshua–Did you ever hear the saying “It is better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you are a fool rather than open it and remove all doubt.” IMO, you should ponder it carefully before making another post.

Comment by pitt1972 10.03.08 @ 2:43 pm

I was very impressed with the defense. Our D-line looked like the Steelers on a few plays. We even had Grothe dead on that long run of his but his shirt ripped and he slipped away. The O-line is alive and well. I think I saw them celebrating on one play…that was better than a baked potato with the works. It seems that they hit the bottom and now they are coming back up.

Solid playcalling and aggressiveness?, this part was the most rewarding. That is why people watch sports. We have taken small steps to get here but maybe it’s worth it. I am not saying that we have turned the corner and now we’re a lock to get a BCS bowl bid every year. Looking at the schedule though, I don’t see how we can lose if we play like we did last night. It’s a scary feeling, but I rather feel like this than feel like we’re still rebuilding after all these years.

Comment by Panthoor 10.03.08 @ 2:53 pm

pitt1972, right on!

Comment by Omar 10.03.08 @ 2:55 pm

I’m SORRY I had better things to watch last night than the Pitt game (namely, the you-know-what), but what I heard about the game STILL isn’t encouraging. As it is, USF looks to be overrated, or at least to my brother. And again, you didn’t rebut my point about Pitt possibly coming out of a weak Big East and potentially getting blown out by Boise State (that is, unless Oklahoma demands a rematch against Boise State).

Comment by Joshua 10.03.08 @ 4:20 pm

Joshua –

Why don’t you go find something “better to do” than come on a Pitt blog and criticize the team the day after they beat a top 10 team on the road. Do us all that favor…

Comment by Matt O 10.03.08 @ 4:58 pm


If you didn’t even see the game, I don’t see how you can diss the win. But I guess if you are basing your analysis on the expertise of your brother, then it makes sense why every post you have made on every Pitt blog in the last 2 months has been moronic and nothing but negative.

Last week you were making fun of Pitt for losing to Syracuse until Pitt won. This week you are making fun of Pitt for beating the no. 10 team in the country. It is clear that you hate Pitt. It is obvious that they can’t do anything to satisfy you. But the real issue is this: who cares what you think?

The Big East is weak. Big deal. So if Pitt loses in the Big East it is proof that they suck. If Pitt wins the Big East, it is proof that they suck because their conference sucks. I don’t think Pitt could beat a team like Oklahoma in a bowl game. But we don’t need them to. We just need them to give us a reason to believe they can win their next game. As long as they keep doing that, then they will eventually climb to a more “elite” status. Then again, Pitt manhandled WVU last year and WVU manhandled OU. So just maybe Pitt is actually a decent team that can beat decent teams.

Comment by The Prowler 10.03.08 @ 5:05 pm


Ok, sorry for “speaking for you”. You were in the 1%-5% who were “mildly optimistic” as opposed to “ecstatic”. The fact remains…the fan base was pumped when the ‘stache got the job.

Comment by Jake 10.03.08 @ 5:26 pm

Joshua, spring the $9.95 per month and get a DVR -that way you can watch something that matters NOW, like the PITT game live, and something that matters a month from now at your leisure.

Oh, and you’re an ass.

Comment by Reed 10.03.08 @ 5:27 pm

Joshua–regarding your analogy to 2004: It clearly shows a lack of understanding. The 2004 team’s OL and DL got abused by Utah. This year’s OL and DL are light years better than what Pitt had in 2004. Yes, this year’s Pitt team could win a weaker BE and subsequently lose a bowl game, but, if that happens it is highly unlikely it will be the result of being abused at the LOS.

Comment by pitt1972 10.04.08 @ 12:47 am

Wanny is still a moron, and it’s obvious you-all still like to suck his dick. No wonder why the word yinzer is such a negative, because you DUMBASSES are the epitome of it! Let me put it this way: if you were a lifelong fan of the Raiders and Al Davis chose to go with Paul Hackett rather than Tom Cable, wouldn’t you be disgusted and go on a hatefest of Al Davis and Paul Hackett? You know what, it doesn’t matter, you’ll never get it, so why should I bother explaining this to MORONS? I HATE WANNSTEDT AND HOPE HE GETS TRAMPLED BY A PILE OF DOLPHINS AND BEARS!!!!!!!!

Comment by Joshua 10.04.08 @ 12:51 am

No, we don’t get it. Your analogy is fuckin’ retarded.

Comment by Dugdog 10.04.08 @ 1:07 am

Awwww, yinz hurted lil’ Joshy’s feewings! Him’s yellin’ now ‘cuz him’s sooooo upset. Yinz’re gonna make him cry, ya big meanies!

Comment by Shawn 10.04.08 @ 5:43 pm

Joshua is not worth getting your blood pressure up over. Let him have his buckhole and nitwit felon love, so don’t pay any attention to him.

Comment by IronmanEE68 10.04.08 @ 10:21 pm

Yes, but now we know who the green glitter guy with the USF students was!

Comment by square44 10.05.08 @ 10:25 pm

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