February 15, 2007

Remember last spring when Pitt had to replace a slew of assistant coaches? Turns out Dan Hurley was actually one of Pitt’s first choices.

The program Hurley took over six years ago has two teams now, the dominant high school team and a prep team with post-graduate players. Practices are a dizzying showcase of talent, with 22 players, with Division 1 schools recruiting most of them … and some of them recruiting him, too.

Pittsburgh came calling in the spring, with a chance to become a top assistant at one of the hottest programs in the East. He thought about it, but then remembered his days at Rutgers, returning home from recruiting trips and realizing his young son didn’t recognize him.

“I love seeing my family. I love seeing my mom and dad. It sounds corny, but I’ve settled into a lifestyle that means a lot to me,” Hurley said. “To be as good a coach as my dad is next to impossible. I’ll be able to live with that.”

He is the head coach at St. Benedict Prep, the #1 HS program according to USA Today.

It doesn’t say that Hurley was offered the job that Mike Rice, Jr. now holds. It was a chance at the job. From the way I’m reading it, Pitt did come calling to see what his interest was, but it would not have appeared to have gotten past the gaging interest stage. Good to know, though, that Pitt was looking at many possibilities.

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