December 24, 2006

High School Players of the Year

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It’s that time of year. Where local papers all over the country select players of the year. Like say in Rochester, NY where the 2006 POY stays in the Collier family for another year.

Good call, coaches. Even Kevin Collier himself agrees, after Churchville-Chili junior Averin Collier was selected as the 2006 Democrat and Chronicle AGR Player of the Year based on ballots from area high school coaches.

The honor stays in the family. Kevin Collier was the 2005 AGR Player of the Year.

“I’m happy for him,” said Kevin Collier, a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh. “He’s earned it, he didn’t get it handed to him. The level that he’s at now, we’re expecting even greater things from him. That’s not just family members, but everyone.”

And now the recruiting of Averin really begins.

Collier has scholarship offers from Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Boston College, Connecticut, Virginia, Louisville, Temple and Buffalo. Coaches at those eight schools can envision Collier playing one of four positions: running back, linebacker, cornerback and receiver.

“(Pittsburgh assistant) David Walker said, ‘We’ll offer him at kicker if he wants to play kicker,'” Dick said. “The funny thing is, some schools send two letters in a day.

“It’s really going to heat up again after the college coaches finish with all of their stuff and take the time to see what they need.”

Collier said he was “wide-open” about which school he would commit to. Most college coaches can find a position for a player with 4.5-second speed in the 40-yard dash who can squat 400 pounds six times.

Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Michigan and Penn State can expect Collier during each of their “Junior Day” visits.

“I’ll make my choice before Christmas, around this time of year,” said Collier, who cannot sign a binding letter of intent until February 2008. “I don’t know if anyone can get an edge.”

Kevin has said that he would not pressure his younger brother to join him at Pitt. If Averin Collier does become a Pitt Panther, it would not be the first time he followed Kevin.

Locally, in the Pittsburgh area, it was no shock that Terrelle Pryor was the POY. Just like it isn’t clear which sport Pryor will play, it isn’t clear where he’ll be heading next year. He is looking to play both sports, but who knows. With the success of Vince Young and Troy Smith, he is really thinking about football and playing QB. The one thing, is that it is a safe bet that he will go to a school where the football and basketball coaches at least agree to give him the choice to play both.

Pryor has already been offered a QB scholarship to Ohio State. Pitt is gonna have some tough competition for whatever sport they pursue him in.

Comment by Matt 12.24.06 @ 12:08 pm

I think he’s Ohio State’s to lose. Especially with their Thad Five possibly leaving next year or the year after. More P.T. for T.P.

Comment by Burghguy68 12.24.06 @ 12:12 pm

Have a happy and safe Holiday week. Thanks for all the great posts and intelligent give and take over the last year.

Chas, thank you for your time and effort with The Blather, its a great Blog, and we appreciate what you do for us.

Comment by Reed 12.25.06 @ 1:11 pm

Pitt drops to 10 in AP Poll, 11 in Coaches Poll.

Good blog job, Chas, thanks!

Happy holidays to all….

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by steve 12.25.06 @ 7:14 pm

It regards to our discussions about recruiting…

An article in the Post-Gazette lays out the disposition of WVU’s 2002 recruiting class. It is interesting to note that out of 28 recruits, 10 transferred to other schools and 3 quit the team. Two ended up going pro. Basically, over 50% didn’t last four years. Makes me wonder if all schools experience this kind of attrition – and I’m inclined to believe they do as I’ve looked over past (2002 & 2003) PITT recruiting years and was surprised that I hadn’t even heard many of the recruits being mentioned by the media or coaches over the last few years.

link to

Comment by Reed 12.26.06 @ 7:54 am

[…] I have to admit, I’m rooting for Kevin Collier to succeed at Pitt as a primary running back. Yes, he was one of the bigger offensive recruits Pitt was able to get in Wannstedt’s first recruiting class. Yes, he’s got a younger brother who could be an even bigger blue chip player, and I’d love to see him commit as well. What I really like about Collier, though, is that he is smart and one of those solid team players. He came to Pitt as soon as he graduated (yeah, I was dead wrong about that prediction of him playing early). And he wants the team to succeed. “I call LeSean all the time and tell him to get in his playbook,” Collier said. “I’m excited because I think all of us are getting so much better and we’re pushing each other. This is the right place for me because we run the ball. We’re all going to get a shot. […]

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