December 30, 2017

Open Thread: Miami-Pitt, Almost New Years

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Regional TV broadcasts if lucky, or ACC Network Extra/WatchESPN.

It’s this or hate watch the Fiesta Bowl (Go Huskies!).

A belated Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas. And an early, Happy New Year.

Sorry to have been away, yet again. Been more then a little crazy. Including few days of squirrel madness. A squirrel getting into the attic the day after Christmas, eventually finding it’s way to the basement before going back up to the attic. Culminating in trapping it last night.

Christmas had it’s own special moment for me.

I’ve been trying to make up for this since.

Anyways, about this game.

Miami is ranked 15th in the country (19th in the KenPom rankings). As you would expect from a Miami team coached by Jim Larranaga, they are one of the best defensive teams in the country. Even with the cloud of the FBI investigation hanging over the program, they have played like there is nothing to see.

Ryan Luther’s status for this game is unknown. It was hoped he would be back for this game, but that is a big unknown. Given the nature of the injury, what happened last year and the general shittiness of 2017. I’m kind of in favor of holding him out one more game and letting him start back up in 2018.

Dissapointed this is not on tv. Oh well, I’ll watch on laptop and as you put it Chas, “hate watch” the Nitters.

Chas you shoulda fried that little bastard up after you caught him. Squirrel appetizer. Mmmmmmm!!!!

Comment by Pap76 12.30.17 @ 1:19 pm

Game on THIS, Comcast channel 204 in Pgh.

Comment by Nick 12.30.17 @ 2:05 pm

4K Attendance today?

That Rockports and Fanta Sponsorship is struggling. I’m sure Heather will give out fake awards and get court time.

I love the Quilt. That took a lot of time. Worry not Pitt will change things 4 more times over next 6 years. Colors uniforms script block letters.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.30.17 @ 2:17 pm

Go Huskies.

Comment by alcofan 12.30.17 @ 2:39 pm

Dayton vs Duquesne is on in Central PA but no Pitt vs miami.

Go Huskies, beat psuX

Comment by Erie Express 12.30.17 @ 2:55 pm

Here we go…

Comment by Jackagain 12.30.17 @ 4:09 pm

The game is on the ACC chanel and locally on ch 4-2.

Comment by Jackagain 12.30.17 @ 4:18 pm

Thanks Nick! Was watching on laptop. Just checked in on comments and put on TV. Would rather watch on big screen and occasionally flip to PSU game

Comment by Pap76 12.30.17 @ 4:36 pm

What an abortion of basketball. Glad PSU is impressing the world while harry arms is taking down Christmas lights.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.30.17 @ 5:30 pm

Attendance at the Pete today was 5307.

Tough game for the young players and Pitt fans. Not so sure how tough it was for KS.

A long ACC season awaits…

Comment by Erie Express 12.30.17 @ 7:52 pm

2500 of them didn’t show Erie. No chance there was that many. The entire top was empty.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.30.17 @ 8:03 pm

Must be Steve Pedersen back using attendence numbers.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.30.17 @ 8:04 pm

Just filling the lower sections would take about 7,500.

Comment by Nick 12.30.17 @ 9:12 pm

Nick – Bottom looked half full

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.30.17 @ 9:48 pm

Okay, this is why the Pitt Administration, in particular the AD should be removed immediately.

Attendance and Decisions:

Let’s say we average 4k fans for 20 home games this year. At an average cost of $25 per ticket, the gate receipts alone would be $2M (4000 x 20 x 25).

If we sell out the Pete which means 12,500 fans for the same 20 games at $25 per ticket, the gate receipts would total $6.25M. Your opportunity loss is $4.25M on gate receipts only per year. This is the second year of dismal gate performance and on court performance. I am not even adding concessions and parking revenue, etc.

Can the coach now and bring in a big name that can recruit and win. The opportunity loss is something Pitt cannot recover from. They will never have another chance to sell out the Miami game today. They lost money just on head coach and assistant coach salaries today. (gate receipts 125k. coaches salaries prorated…over 125k per contest). The AD could have paid $6M buyout last year and brought in a superstar and we would be on our way.

Pitt cannot afford to continue this economic slide. There is not one player on the team that a casual fan would pay to go see. There is no excitement around the program (coaches or kids). It is not the kids fault. They are trying hard.

All said, make a financial decision Administration. Do the math.

Comment by Huff 12.30.17 @ 9:58 pm

She is a compliance puppet and is in over her head. Not sure she knows business 101 Huff.

Comment by Upittbaseball 12.30.17 @ 10:46 pm

I watched the game. 5,000 sounds about right. They’ve been getting around 4,000 & the Zoo was fuller than it has been outside of wvu. If you’re going to lie you say 8,000. No matter what it’s still a disgrace what the administration has allowed to happen to the program.

Comment by Nick 12.30.17 @ 11:37 pm

Did Paul Chryst just win 13 Games? Last check, not even the GREAT Barry Alvarez ever accomplished so much.

Pretty AMAZING for a Guy who according to many here couldn’t speak, dress or recruit… let alone coach football.

Comment by PittofDreams 12.31.17 @ 12:15 am

“There is not one player on the team that a casual fan would pay to go see. There is no excitement around the program (coaches or kids). “…Completely disagree…There are several good young players on this team that will be exciting to watch over the next few years…Carr, Stevenson, Davis, Brown to name a few.

Comment by HbgFrank 12.31.17 @ 8:54 am

HbgFrank – Stalling brought in some good players. They need more skill around them but I like most of the kids he brought in. Too bad the bigs couldn’t redshirt. They needed to sit and learn and a full 5 years to develop. Pitt needs at least two more top 100 players to compete in the top half of the ACC and two top 50 players to compete for an ACC championship.

Alvarez would have won 13 games against that Wisc. schedule.

“The Badgers have yet to face a Power Five conference team among the top 50 nationally in total offense, and half of their opponents this season currently rank outside the top 100 FBS teams in that category.”

That was before Ohio State … L … Miami was ranked #60 and was overrated all season. Not Wisc’s fault how the schedule shaped up but extremely weak. They have to replace 6 seniors on defense next season. Next season will be Chryst’s transition year.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.31.17 @ 10:57 am

I agree TT and HFrank. I also like that Stallings is giving 8 guys significant minutes. A couple elite players would make a world of difference. Especially a guy that can hit a mid range jumper.

Guessing a few of these guys will transfer after this year, but Stallings is giving them a good look.

I don’t see them getting an ACC win this year so I really appreciate the fans that show up to root for these kids.

On a good team every one of these freshmen would redshirt, they really are not ready for prime time.

It was boys against men yesterday, and it will be that way in every ACC game. Not sure why anyone would expect anything else.

Comment by gc 12.31.17 @ 11:21 am

The best coach in the world Jamie Dixon left essentially no one here because his recruiting was poor over his last few seasons.

Has anyone checked the progress of all the Dixon talent that transfered out? Maybe Cam is the only legitimate guy that went, all others were extremely questionable players.

Stallings stepped into a bad situation and it’s going to take a few recruiting classes to complete, they have improved as the season has progressed but they don’t have enough players yet.

Too bad we judge and hurl personal insults without understanding the situation or maybe some posters missed their call in life and should be Athletic Directors or college coaches themselves due to their profound understanding of college athletics and the game.

Give the guy another season to bring in some players because if look at who was here prior, there was very little talent to compete in games like these.

Comment by WLAT 910 radio and the big beat! 12.31.17 @ 12:53 pm

Hmm, “Too bad we judge and hurl personal insults”


“maybe some posters missed their call in life and should be Athletic Directors or college coaches themselves due to their profound understanding of college athletics and the game.”

Cognitive dissonance.

Stallings willingly stepped into a seemingly good situation and bungled it last year. He apparently had a reasonably competent point guard in Milligan in 2016-2017 that he wouldn’t play. Milligan seemingly would have been fine playing with talent like Artis, Young, Johnson, Jeter, Jones and Luther (the six returning top scorers from the previous season). Instead Stallings chose to play Artis in the PG role. Stallings willingly recruited Dixon’s last class although all three had reopened their recruitments after Dixon left. Stallings had recruited Kithcart at Vanderbilt. Stallings didn’t use the remaining open scholarship last year. The timing of the coaching change apparently was not an issue last year as Stallings filled at least 6 scholarships this year after April including Davis and Stewart. Stallings should be fully accountable for everything that has happened in the Pitt program since April 1, 2016.

Comment by Barvo 12.31.17 @ 3:03 pm

Barvo, I agree with your last sentence above. Can’t stand the “not my players” excuse, which is mostly used by fans, for losing by any head coach in FB or BB. I think it was Urban Myer that said it best, if you are the HC then THEY are YOUR players!

Comment by HbgFrank 12.31.17 @ 5:17 pm

Hbg – that was my point. There is nobody right now that you would pay to go see. There might be in a couple of years as you point out, but at what cost?

That is the business piece of the deal. Feel free to rip apart my math or the business case for not replacing the coach and I would gladly listen.

@Barvo – Some may have missed their calling and some may be tied into P5 programs a lot more closely than you know. Hard to tell on an internet blog. Some arguments make great sense if you actually consider them.

Comment by Huff 12.31.17 @ 5:49 pm

Barvo, read my post about Dixon on the POV. You should quit being an apoogist for Dixon. I ran into him once at the airport on his way out of town. He was pulling this little travel bag with wheels looking like a girlieman, and I thought how could any serious player play for this guy? I’m not trying to be nasty or mean, but he was not an ACC guy,

Comment by VoiceofReason 12.31.17 @ 5:57 pm

Tyler Boyd! Nate almost knocked the Bills out of the playoffs and another Pitt guy redeems him!

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 12.31.17 @ 7:54 pm

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