May 24, 2017

You’ve read all the hot takes this week.  This one you’re about to read:  I’m taking it up another notch.  Because here’s the thing:  We can rant about the NCAA, transfer restrictions on scholarship athletes in primarily basketball and football.  I’m sure there’s transfer issues in other college sports, but who cares?  It doesn’t generate the mouse-clicks, retweets, likes, f***s given, etc.  We can also feel bad about the non-scholarship students who have to take out loans and probably pay them for next 20 years depending on how much they have to defer them because they can’t find a decent enough job to pay them off.  Meanwhile, Joe Athlete is upset because he wants to transfer to play basketball at Kentucky where he’ll still have a free ride despite having to sit out a year.

Cam Johnson has graduated.  He should be free to move on. Actually, he is already is.   He has his degree.   He can go find a job somewhere in North Carolina if he likes.  He wants to continue playing college hoops which unfortunately has a different set of rules given the whole amateur thing.  He can actually play almost anywhere he wants and play right away, except for the ACC.  He wants to play at North Carolina.  He still can, but he has to sit a year.  He will still get a free ride.

Ok so enough of the rambling the same stuff over.  How do we solve this?  It’s pretty simple, the NCAA needs to read the tweets of Jay Bilas and realize they need to get involved.   There’s a lot of outrage over this.   I’m sure this happens at other program, but that’s not the point.   The point is Pitt is letting a player transfer to another ACC school, but has to sit out.   So the NCAA needs to ban Kevin Stallings from college coaching and sanction the Pitt Basketball Programs.

Kevin Stallings has a history of putting restrictions on players.  He’s not first coach to do it, but again we’re only focusing on him.  Plus his behavior doesn’t fit with today’s more sensitive culture.  He yells and curses at his players.  You just can’t do that these days.  Pitt players needed their safe space, which is why almost all them left for other programs.  So get him out of here.   The man is pure evil.

Pitt also needs to be put in check.  They poached Heather Lyke from Eastern Michigan which upset people like Jay Bilas.   We can’t have that.  Sure Pitt needed to hire a new AD because Oregon State took Scott Barnes in barely even a year after Pitt was hired.  Again, that’s not important.  Neither is other Big East schools contacting the ACC for membership when Pitt looked out for its own interests and left.   Same with Joe Paterno’s Eastern Conference.  Sure it was probably doomed to fail, but Pitt should’ve joined it even if benefited Penn State the most.   Instead…again, Pitt looked for its own interests.  Typical Pitt.  Evil Pitt.

The NCAA must make this right.  They need to sanction Pitt basketball to send a message to Pitt and ban Kevin Stallings from coaching college basketball.  Sure other schools and coaches do the same things, but Pitt is just evil.  Now if you don’t mind when this Cam Johnson issue passes, I’ll stop caring and just wait until the similar situation occurs to capitalize to tweets, pages clicks, comments, etc.

By the way…..Screw them all.   HAIL TO PITT!!!!!



“this is a case where you look at the offers vs. stars. Looks like it’s a huge pick up early by Duzz.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets”
I Agree.. He’s by far the best recruit in this class right now.. Hopefully there are more like him on the way.. I’m getting tired of the “2 star wonder” recruits…

Comment by NickC 05.31.17 @ 12:18 pm

Ohio State backed away bc of his performance at Nike Camp. He performed bad per a few sources.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.31.17 @ 10:25 pm

As far as Stallings he is a gross embarrassment and his hiring shows you want a joke our AD’s were and hiring Lyke is wven more of a joke. Only AD who would take a job and promise to keep that turd.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.31.17 @ 10:26 pm

Tossing – I agree, Kradel was an excellent pickup for HCPN, plus he’s a position of need, whether he winds up on OL OR DL, nice size too. Frankly, we could use several more quality linemen on either side of the ball.

Stallings is toxic at this point, it really doesn’t matter what he says, he’s going to get criticized for it from this disgruntled fan base. The real problem isn’t his borderline behavior, it’s his winning percentage (or lack thereof) after many years of coaching.

Comment by 1618mt 06.01.17 @ 8:05 am

HCKS can talk all he wants but the performance of this past year speaks for itself.

Comment by Frank MD 06.01.17 @ 3:33 pm

upitt go easy Lyke. You have no idea of her capabilities or talents. She may turn out to be the best AD in college sports history.

Go easy on the over done negativism. Enough is enough. Think of something positive to say.

I wish I had something positive to say.
Guys, my 17 yr old grandson has been diagnosed with lymphoma. This being his junior yr in high school he was/is being recruited by PITT, Brown, Yale, and Navy for track. He liked what he saw of the PITT’s track team and coaches even though it was partly shown at CMU’s track. He wants a city type school.

Right now our concerns are for his health. He is at Columbia Presby, NYC. This is a heartbreak for a grandfather especially when he experiences pain. He needs to think about a sperm bank. That’s very sobering for a 17 yr old. Treatments will probably start in a couple of days. HE has three tumors all above the diaphragm. We are waiting for the official biopsy reports.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 06.01.17 @ 10:25 pm

OOH – our thoughts and prayers are with you, your grandson, and your family. I can’t imagine what you are going thru.

Comment by Savannah Panther 06.02.17 @ 7:02 am

Old Pitt Grad – Very sorry to read this. My prayers are with your grandson, you, and your family.

Comment by 1618mt 06.02.17 @ 8:03 am

OPG – thoughts and prayers your way.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 06.02.17 @ 8:30 am

OPG – thinking about you and your family.

Comment by panther94 06.02.17 @ 8:54 am

OPG…hang in there. One of my nieces was diagnosed with lymphoma in her early twenties. Today she is married with three beautiful children. I pray your grandson will have the same success defeating this condition.

Comment by HbgFrank 06.02.17 @ 10:22 am

OPG – Praying for you and your Grandson good buddy. If there is anything you need or we can do just ask. Hang in there and keep praying.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.02.17 @ 10:46 am

OPG, with you. Toughest for me to hear about health issues when they are young.

My son just had his best friend(girl) come out of coma Monday induced after brain aneurysm found prior Monday after she dropped unconscious while she was at dance practice.

There are some great doctors doing great work and he will fight it as strong as anyone.

Best wishes and support!

Comment by tvax1 06.02.17 @ 4:27 pm

link to

“Wendell Davis, a linebacker from Richmond, Va., and Judson Tallandier, a cornerback from a Maryland high school powerhouse, gave coach Pat Narduzzi their verbal commitments to join the Panthers’ 2018 class Friday.”

“Davis is a 6-foot-2, 215-pound linebacker from the Benedictine School, Tallandier a 6-2, 180-pounder out of DeMatha Catholic. They’re both rated as three-star prospects by”

“Davis picked up scholarship offers last month from Michigan State and West Virginia, and is considered an outside linebacker recruit.

Pitt offered Tallandier in September, and since then he picked up plenty of other suitors. He chose the Panthers over Arizona, Maryland and Syracuse, to name a few, and Georgia had just entered the mix a few days ago.”

Comment by NickC 06.02.17 @ 5:04 pm

OPG..lymphomas are curable… I pray for a complete healing for your grandson.

Comment by BigB 06.03.17 @ 5:35 am

OPG, Keep the Faith

Comment by gc 06.03.17 @ 8:55 am

OPG thinking of you and best thoughts your way. I lost my son two years ago in a car accident and life will never be the same. Doctors can do some wondrous things.

Comment by AnotherClancyrebound 06.03.17 @ 9:14 pm

Guys, thanks for the kind words. I needed to vent.

The word now it is not lymphoma. It is cancer. Three tumors one at least the size of a golf ball. Headaches, pain, and lots of vomiting. Someone here mentioned neuronal cancer. Nothing official yet. It may take until Wednesday before we exactly know.

My family hearts go out to anyone who looses a loved one; especially young loved ones. It is very hard to deal with. I feel for you, AnotherClancyrebound.

I’m droping the subject.

Thanks again.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 06.03.17 @ 10:18 pm

OPG, late getting to this…my mother in law passed yesterday. We all get hit and support each other. Prayers for your grandson.

Comment by Lastrowofsection4 06.04.17 @ 5:18 am

Lastrow – really sorry to hear about your loss. Our prayers are certainly with you and your family.

Comment by Savannah Panther 06.04.17 @ 8:46 am

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family, Lastrow.

Comment by panther94 06.04.17 @ 6:50 pm

Prayers for you and wife Last Row!

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.05.17 @ 9:51 am

Thad Matta fired at OSU. Pitt better be all over that STAT!

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 06.05.17 @ 2:24 pm

Lastrow – My most sincere condolences.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 06.05.17 @ 2:25 pm

Thank again to all. Lastrow, condolences.

Let’s start talking about football!!!

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 06.05.17 @ 2:35 pm

Stallings shortlisted in OSU Search!!

Search for a Janitor that is because Stallings is a Turd.

Comment by Upittbaseball 06.05.17 @ 5:31 pm

Troubles for Dantonio at msu, three football players charged with sexual assualt.

Comment by alcofan 06.06.17 @ 11:06 am

PITT needs to abide by the NCAA rules and let Cam Johnson play for UNC which he committed to today.

PITT looks bad enough with Stallings acting as a asshole with Jeter and the loss of the whole team by transfers.

My grandson has a rare aggressive sarcoma. There is no need to wish my family well. I know you all do, as I wish the same for your families.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 06.07.17 @ 1:39 pm

Its a shame to lose Cam. He has two younger brothers.

Comment by alcofan 06.07.17 @ 9:20 pm

Now we’re left out of the big ten-acc challenge. We get now respect.

Comment by alcofan 06.08.17 @ 12:23 pm

alcofan – which B1G Joke team would you prefer to play with the team KS will put on the court next season?

Rutgers? While B.Knight sits on the winning bench?

Penn State? Wait, they are already on our schedule.

I’m counting the exclusion as a blessing…

Comment by Erie Express 06.08.17 @ 4:49 pm

We’re in the Johhny Majors II era of Pitt basketball. Incompetence from Gallagher on down rules at Pitt.

Comment by Tony77019 06.08.17 @ 7:07 pm

Tony- ??? Woe is us.

Comment by 1618mt 06.09.17 @ 6:51 am

Why is Gallagher a bad guy? Barnes looked damn good on paper. He came from my wife’s country. I thought he was the right fit. Pittsburgh is a great town to live in and PITT is a great school to be Athletic Director.

I didn’t think he would be provincial in his thinking. Utah State and Oregon State just don’t cut it at the same level as PITT.

Maybe Barnes is just a dishonest person. Maybe his wife and kids were homesick for the West. I was surprised by his tenure at PITT starting with Stallings.

PITT is stuck with his decisions. Too much money is involved.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 06.09.17 @ 1:54 pm

Second grad transfer miss of the weekend – 1st Geno Thorpe (born and raised in Pittsburgh) chooses to play at ACC rival Syracuse.

No we lose to Nevada –

link to

Comment by Erie Express 06.11.17 @ 5:27 am

Stallings just lost his ace assistant too.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 06.11.17 @ 7:48 am

Looks like Chas is AWOL again. Probably suffering from Pitt Basketball Depression. UPMC is going to have to hand out Prozac at the games for us fans.

Comment by gc 06.11.17 @ 9:02 am

I have absolutely loved this site for years. But, now Chas is awol (again), there’s a 50 comment limit, and he doesn’t read or respond to his commenters. Chas, if you’re out there, make some changes. Otherwise, I’ll need to move on…it’s becoming like panthersprey.

Comment by panther94 06.11.17 @ 10:24 pm

Chas does this as a hobby. His family and work responsibilities have most likely grown since he’s started this blog. Summer has started for a lot of places in the country. Schools are finishing up. Time becomes even more precious and hard to come by.

I appreciate when Chas offers his unique perspective on the state of all things Pitt and will take them when I can. He has the most rational slant out there. No one has their finger on Pitt’s pulse quite like Chas. It’s an important perspective but you also need news to offer perspective on. He’s always put out his articles and let them speak for themselves. He’s rarely commented or responded to posters so that is nothing new.

We’ve entered a slow sports cycle. How much more do we need to hear about the state of Pitt basketball? It is what it is at this point.

It’s high school summer camp season for football. There is literally nothing going on.

I don’t need anther blog with “hot take” articles just to keep a discussion going.

The idea of having to keep churning out content for the sake of churning out content could easily turn from a hobby to a chore.

Let Chas enjoy the summer. I’m sure he’ll come back when there is something to actually write about. If you look at the papers, there isn’t even enough content to do daily, weekly or monthly news dumps.

Reed (retired), over at POV, is doing great with the filler content if that’s what your “jonesing” for. His readers overlap with those over here so you’ll be able to have similar, if not the same, conversations you have on this site.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 06.12.17 @ 8:39 am

link to

“The Pitt football program has landed another talented offensive lineman and one they should be able to contribute fairly soon.

This morning, offensive tackle Chase Brown from Lackawanna CC made a verbal commitment to Pitt. Brown will have 3 years of eligibility for the Panthers.

Brown (6-4, 290) selected Pitt over other offer from Virginia Tech.”

Comment by NickC 06.12.17 @ 12:30 pm

OPG @ 1:54 pm …. probably correct on Utah State but I wouldn’t dump on Oregon State … for a west-coast guy, it is a better gig. Looking at stats, like no. of students, budget, campus life/location, overall sports programs, conference, etc. … it certainly holds its own against an inner-city Pitt.

Comment by Tomas 06.12.17 @ 6:46 pm

Thanks Tossing, but I’m already over there on PittPOV and you’re right…I like the different slant that Chas provides. I just get frustrated when I check the site for days/weeks and there’s no update. Maybe I’m gun-shy from his last hiatus.

Comment by panther94 06.12.17 @ 7:51 pm

Panther – if I came across like a dick, I apologize. It’s just a slow news cycle and summer is starting. I can understand the lack of posts.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 06.13.17 @ 8:48 am

Don’t forget that Chas had Reed writing articles before he started POV, and others as well. Hopefully Chas keeps this going but he seems to rely on all of us to keep the conversation rolling. It really is a slow time of year for Pitt sports news, and the BBall news is all bad. Luckily I have a few other hobbies.

Comment by gc 06.13.17 @ 9:10 am

Maybe a little bit, but it’s all good. 🙂

Comment by panther94 06.13.17 @ 12:37 pm

Panther – I haven’t gotten into it in a while with upitt or POD so maybe I’m just looking for a fight. haha. Seriously – I didn’t mean anything by my post, other than to defend Chas.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 06.13.17 @ 3:10 pm

Tomas, don’t mean to pick on Oregon State. I was only thinking about the academics. Even though PITT has gone down to the 60’S. I think both Oregon schools are in the 100’s. There are better schools in the West.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 06.13.17 @ 5:53 pm

Reed is the only academic school in Oregon. You all know it rains like a son of a bitch on that coast. However winters are not bad.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 06.13.17 @ 5:58 pm

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