May 24, 2017

You’ve read all the hot takes this week.  This one you’re about to read:  I’m taking it up another notch.  Because here’s the thing:  We can rant about the NCAA, transfer restrictions on scholarship athletes in primarily basketball and football.  I’m sure there’s transfer issues in other college sports, but who cares?  It doesn’t generate the mouse-clicks, retweets, likes, f***s given, etc.  We can also feel bad about the non-scholarship students who have to take out loans and probably pay them for next 20 years depending on how much they have to defer them because they can’t find a decent enough job to pay them off.  Meanwhile, Joe Athlete is upset because he wants to transfer to play basketball at Kentucky where he’ll still have a free ride despite having to sit out a year.

Cam Johnson has graduated.  He should be free to move on. Actually, he is already is.   He has his degree.   He can go find a job somewhere in North Carolina if he likes.  He wants to continue playing college hoops which unfortunately has a different set of rules given the whole amateur thing.  He can actually play almost anywhere he wants and play right away, except for the ACC.  He wants to play at North Carolina.  He still can, but he has to sit a year.  He will still get a free ride.

Ok so enough of the rambling the same stuff over.  How do we solve this?  It’s pretty simple, the NCAA needs to read the tweets of Jay Bilas and realize they need to get involved.   There’s a lot of outrage over this.   I’m sure this happens at other program, but that’s not the point.   The point is Pitt is letting a player transfer to another ACC school, but has to sit out.   So the NCAA needs to ban Kevin Stallings from college coaching and sanction the Pitt Basketball Programs.

Kevin Stallings has a history of putting restrictions on players.  He’s not first coach to do it, but again we’re only focusing on him.  Plus his behavior doesn’t fit with today’s more sensitive culture.  He yells and curses at his players.  You just can’t do that these days.  Pitt players needed their safe space, which is why almost all them left for other programs.  So get him out of here.   The man is pure evil.

Pitt also needs to be put in check.  They poached Heather Lyke from Eastern Michigan which upset people like Jay Bilas.   We can’t have that.  Sure Pitt needed to hire a new AD because Oregon State took Scott Barnes in barely even a year after Pitt was hired.  Again, that’s not important.  Neither is other Big East schools contacting the ACC for membership when Pitt looked out for its own interests and left.   Same with Joe Paterno’s Eastern Conference.  Sure it was probably doomed to fail, but Pitt should’ve joined it even if benefited Penn State the most.   Instead…again, Pitt looked for its own interests.  Typical Pitt.  Evil Pitt.

The NCAA must make this right.  They need to sanction Pitt basketball to send a message to Pitt and ban Kevin Stallings from coaching college basketball.  Sure other schools and coaches do the same things, but Pitt is just evil.  Now if you don’t mind when this Cam Johnson issue passes, I’ll stop caring and just wait until the similar situation occurs to capitalize to tweets, pages clicks, comments, etc.

By the way…..Screw them all.   HAIL TO PITT!!!!!



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