April 14, 2016

In case you missed it, Donald Trump endorsed necromancy, Lynn Swann is the AD of USC, and Tubby Smith is going to Memphis after Pastner went to GT. All boggle the mind in different ways.

In the realm of sanity, the coaching staff for Kevin Stallings looks pretty damn good with the final hire.

University of Pittsburgh head coach Kevin Stallings announced the addition of Kevin Sutton to his staff Wednesday afternoon. Sutton joins Tom Richardson and Jeremy Ballard as an assistant coach for the Panthers after spending the previous three seasons at Georgetown.

β€œI got to know Kevin in 2007-08 when we were recruiting one of his players out of Montverde Academy,” said Stallings. β€œHe has a wealth of experience and is an excellent teacher and mentor. Kevin is well connected in the recruiting world particularly at the prep school level and within the ACC footprint. When you ask people in the profession about Kevin the feedback is extremely positive and flattering. I am very excited to have him on our staff.”

Sutton, a coaching veteran with 27 years of experience, joined the Georgetown staff in 2013. He helped the Hoyas to a 55-44 record with a pair of postseason appearances. In his second year with the program, Sutton saw the Hoyas go 22-11 overall and reach the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Sutton arrived at Georgetown following two seasons as an assistant coach under Mike Lonergan at George Washington. He also had a pair of two-year stints as an assistant coach at both James Madison and Old Dominion.

In addition to his collegiate coaching experience, Sutton coached at five nationally-ranked high school programs – Flint Hill Prep, Harker Prep, St. John’s Prospect Hall, Montrose Christian and Montverde Academy – amassing a 489-102 record and winning two national championships. In 1998, he was the associate head coach on the USA Today Super 25 National Championship team and in 2007, he was the head coach of the Montverde Academy National Championship team. He also coached Montrose Christian and Montverde to second place finishes in national championship tournaments.

Sutton has also been selected as a coach for USA Basketball on three different occasions.

Given where he was an assistant and the prep schools he coached, Sutton will be a strong presence for Pitt in the Baltimore-DC area.

College basketball writers who follow the recruiting aspect closely liked this hire a lot.


Hiring away from Georgetown is a nice plus. Sutton was a candidate for the James Madison head coaching position this year. He’s still active in the Nike skills camps. Generally seems like a basketball junkie. Respected for both dogged recruiting and coaching skills.

The budget for hiring assistants was definitely opened up a bit more. A focus definitely on the entire East Coast. On paper, the right moves appear to be happening. Reality is still a question mark.


Stallings will be on The Fan at 11:20 am today . ..

Comment by PittPT 04.14.16 @ 7:55 am

Anyone see Tom Richardson tweet out that picture of him and Santorum at the Pens game? I honestly LOL’d for a straight minute. Not a good start, bro.

Comment by tacocat 04.14.16 @ 7:59 am

I like that the national basketball writers are praising Stallings’ hires. They are not biased like Dokish .. remember, they all questioned the hiring process of Stallings and thought Pitt could probably have done better.

And unlike JD who had two coaches from the northeast and his top recruiter from Detroit, Stallings’ top 2 recruiters have much experience and connections in the ACC footprint … especially Sutton.

This better result in better recruits and quickly … we will have 4 or 5 openings for the 2017 class.

Comment by wbb 04.14.16 @ 8:28 am

agree wbb, I like the ACC footprint. At least it is the right area. Hopefully he already has some kids in his contacts, who will follow him to Pitt.

Got to like what Stallings is doing so far.

Comment by gc 04.14.16 @ 9:27 am

Trump pandering to Penn State Fans, no surprise there. Swann to USC is hilarious, quite a leap of faith.

Comment by gc 04.14.16 @ 9:31 am

Maybe he can find Santorum a job instead of Santorum scamming his way through life as a presidential candidate.

Comment by Steve 04.14.16 @ 9:31 am

tacocat – Sorry, I don’t get it. So he sits with a successful politician, who you don’t like I suppose, who cares?

Wbb – I agree, nice job with 3 of the hires. I was really hoping for 2 young coaches who could at least be a candidate as a future coach, and we only got one of them, possibly. Anyway, good hires.

Comment by 1618mt 04.14.16 @ 9:32 am

Pitt is a BB school again.

Comment by Reed 04.14.16 @ 9:37 am

If only Jamie had this staff!… Or something.

Trump trying to get a cheer for PSU in Pittsburgh was classic Donald. He got a half-cheer at least, gotta change that.

Comment by Deepelemblues 04.14.16 @ 9:52 am

1618mt – Outside of the fact that we have different definitions of “successful” Santorum is a PSU a guy.

Comment by tacocat 04.14.16 @ 10:09 am

Anyone remember when VP Al Gore came to campus and told the audience to “scratch my back with a chainsaw”?

Comment by dcpinpgh 04.14.16 @ 10:12 am

Successful = A guy making more money than me :). And he seems like a good guy morally as well, though I have no idea why he runs for president, very unrealistic.

Reed – Right, bb school again, we’re all in! I like it πŸ™‚

Comment by 1618mt 04.14.16 @ 10:28 am

By the way guys, how about the tiny blurbs about Moss & Lopes, seems like they will contribute this year…

Comment by 1618mt 04.14.16 @ 10:30 am

tacocat, please don’t report such things in the future. I’d rather not taint my view of any of the assistants. πŸ˜€

Comment by Carmen 04.14.16 @ 10:39 am

Has anyone seen anything about the Blue-Gold game being available later to watch or download?


Comment by pmdH2P 04.14.16 @ 11:11 am

See, what happens when you even reference something political, it can bug some people.

They then feel like they have to counter jab.

For instance, I might feel it necessary to say something like……

“as bad as they are, none of them are in the same league as King of All Wacko Nut Jobs
Bernie Sanders”

But, I won’t say that. So IMHO, and certainly not telling anyone what to say or write, but in my humble opinion, I’ve always found this blog a getaway from that crap,

I believe we shouldn’t mention politics, so I like to suggest that we cease and desist talking about politics on this blog, in,


Comment by Dan 04.14.16 @ 11:16 am


Santorum has an MBA from Pitt.

On a side note:
If Hillary beats Bernie in the primaries, then Bernie and Santorum have very similar careers.

Comment by dcpinpgh 04.14.16 @ 11:17 am

How Tubby Smith is able to make a very good living despite numerous public failures should be the subject of a 30 for 30 documentary.

Comment by 2$Chuck 04.14.16 @ 11:26 am

I apologize about bringing politics into the Blathersphere, I am also one that believes this should be *ahem* a safe zone in regard to that.

I just thought it was funny that on a day where Pittsburgh had multiple political mavens in the area Richardson took a pic with a guy that most regard as, at best, a nonentity, and at worst…well look up “santorum” on Urban Dictionary.

Comment by tacocat 04.14.16 @ 11:39 am

@tacocat, I found it hysterical also. No need for apology, you certainly can post what ever you like.

Again, I laughed myself.

I just know how politics goes, one comment leads to another and they tend to perpetuate themselves, then you have people sniping at each other.

Again, with all sincerity, that’s just my opinion.

Comment by Dan 04.14.16 @ 11:43 am

In stops at Tulsa, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota and Texas Tech, Tubby Smith has an overall record of of 557–276 for a win% of .669.

Yes he won a national championship with Pitino’s players but he still had a .760 win percentage at KU.

Yes, he is not a great coach … but numerous public failures is not accurate either. He was pretty successful at Georgia, UK and Minnesota

Comment by wbb 04.14.16 @ 12:31 pm

pmdH2P —

I would be very surprised if PittLiveWire does not have at least the highlights.

Comment by PetePitt73 04.14.16 @ 12:32 pm

Whether Santorum is a Pitt alum is irrelevant.

If he donates a decent amount to the school…they should all be getting their picture with him. Then run to the next donor and the next, etc.

Comment by notrocketscience 04.14.16 @ 12:38 pm

Games on NBC usually override Root so I wouldn’t be surprised for them to just throw it on Root to get some viewers.

Comment by tedsptman 04.14.16 @ 12:47 pm

when does a pol ever donate? The are the the receivers

Comment by wbb 04.14.16 @ 1:34 pm

I know some are still mad about the whole situation, but I like all of the assistant hires by Stallings.

Admittedly it may just be my human nature of finding something new, interesting, different, new way of playing, new recruiting areas, but I’m looking forward to the season.

Comment by Dan 04.14.16 @ 1:36 pm

Wow wbb, I had no idea that you were such a fan of a guy whose nickname is “Ten loss Tubby”. Too bad you forgot to mention him during our recent search. Maybe it was because his conference record at Minnesota was .426 and at Texas Tech he won at an amazing .333 rate in-conference.

Comment by 2$Chuck 04.14.16 @ 1:53 pm

Coach Suzie has signed a 6-3 blondie from Finland. Oona Ekstrom — she’s fluent in Finnish, English and Swedish and she can speak Spanish and French. Played on the Finnish Junior National Team. Not to shabby.

Oona Ekstrom — sounds like she could be a future Bond girl.

Maybe she has a 7-foot brother the men’s team could talk to..

Go Pitt.

Comment by MajorMajors 04.14.16 @ 2:03 pm

chuck04, and you forgot to mention that he took over an 8-23 team at Texas Tech and left them with a 19-13 team. That’s quite an improvement in 3 years …. and also, he led them to their first NCAA in 10 years.

Except for Kentucky, he improved every program he coaches at including Minnesota when he took over a team that had a 3-13 B1G record. He neevr had less than 20 wins at UM … funny you forgot to mention that

Comment by wbb 04.14.16 @ 2:22 pm

Major, do we know if that Finish girl likes over men?

Comment by jrnpitt 04.14.16 @ 2:59 pm

Dan, I like the way you took your shot before calling for the moratorium. Way to raise the discourse.

Comment by gc 04.14.16 @ 3:00 pm

Oona Elkstrom. Reminds me of the year that Letterman hosted the Academy Awards and was a disaster. Highlighted by his continuing “Uma—Oprah” bit.

She does sound like a Bond girl. Do we have a pic?


p.s. I think that you meant to type “older” men, jrnpitt.

Comment by pmdH2P 04.14.16 @ 3:25 pm

No, actually I said that I could say something like “xyz”, but I won’t. LOL

Actually, I was in fact using that comment to show how things escalate when P are brought up.

Some may say, BS, however my track record of never talking or commenting on politics should be enough to let me slide on that one.

Afterall, things hadn’t even been close to being evened up.

I have no problem and I, myself do, talk about old movies, old music, old times at Pitt, what makes the Blather so much fun, that when things are slow we start talking about those things.

I love that.

I just don’t like any P talk. I get (we all get) bombarded with it day in and day out, hour by hour, tv, internet, radio………constantly
never ending.

It’s certainly my own opinion, I’m not telling anyone to say, but watching the Blather over the years, I believe the consensus of most of us, is we don’t want to see it on here.

My point above, is all it takes is one snarky comment, then people think they have to even it up, then the next thing you know……….

Comment by Dan 04.14.16 @ 4:25 pm

See, I’m a human, I even felt like I had to answer you back. Now I look at my scribble and think I should have just let it go.

So, I will take my own advice now, and be done.

Comment by Dan 04.14.16 @ 4:27 pm

Oona Ekstrom…

link to

With the 3 incoming freshmen, looks like the women’s team may have 14 scholarship players next season (assuming Brittany Gordon and Bubbles both move on). That would be the most players I’ve seen them have on scholarship. The limit for the women’s teams is 15.

Go Pitt.

Comment by MajorMajors 04.14.16 @ 4:51 pm

6’3 Fin … that’s what we need on men’s team except a female 6’3 is like a male 6’10

Comment by wbb 04.14.16 @ 5:29 pm

By the way Dan, I am totally with you on the no politics. Certainly tired of the one liners that seem to come from the same few.

However, you can’t just ignore Trump endorsing Paterno. LOL

Comment by gc 04.14.16 @ 6:26 pm

Way to go Suzie, I can hear the cheers now, Oona, Oona, Oona! May even get UPitt to attend a game.

Comment by gc 04.14.16 @ 6:29 pm

If Oona wears volleyball shorts or a thong I’ll buy season tickets even though I live in Texas.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.14.16 @ 6:43 pm

One thing for sure, Stallings can hire assistant better than Dixon. I’m assuming he can recruit better too (who can’t?). Now on to the coaching aspect….

Comment by Jackagain 04.14.16 @ 7:05 pm

Forget politics anymore….since they offed JFK, all presidents have been chosen….not by us BTW.

Hillary has already been chosen just like Obama before her and the Bush’s from the Bush Crime Family.

β€œIf voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” ? Mark Twain

They love those Diebold machines…

link to

That’s why they’re all after Trump….he’s an outsider, not controlled by big money.

Comment by Jackagain 04.14.16 @ 7:16 pm

Trump is BIG MONEY. He controls. Thats dictator like to me. Reminds me of Nero.

Comment by TX Panther 04.15.16 @ 6:37 pm

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