February 28, 2014

Brief Comment Username Reminder

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As long-timer readers should remember, I’m not very tolerant of sock puppetry in the comments.

Consequently the filtersĀ  toss comments into a general queue for review if the username or e-mail don’t match-up to your previously approved comments under a different username/e-mail. And given the volume in the queue I may not get to them all, since that means I have to search through old comments and confirm its the same person. And make sure they aren’t playing games.

You can drop me a line if you feel that there is a problem, but be sure to let me know what username you are/have been using. It would also help if you could explain why you felt the need to change the name.

Chick, We’re not living off of Penn States crumbs. Pitt currently has a crowded backfield, With James and Ollison coming in this year. The Panthers currently don’t need any more running backs. They are both well regarded prospects to go with Conner. Two of the highest rated Penn State recruits are running backs. Don’t try to tell me that Bookser and Grim aren’t offensive linemen that Penn State wouldn’t have wanted to get. Pitt has other needs on defense and elsewhere that are more pressing needs that they need to recruit for. The sky isn’t falling. I think the Panthers could have a very nice season next year. If they do, more recruits will want to come to Pitt.

Comment by Justinian 03.01.14 @ 12:21 pm

Justinian Penn State got 5 verbals from kids who were offered by Pitt. The disturbing part about that is they commited in February which means Pitt wasn’t even considered. Its one thing to be in the final two or three but to not be considered at all is disturbing. Like I said before, Jenkins and Whitehead will tell the tale. If Chryst can’t land either one of the 2 best in Western PA the program is in trouble.

Comment by Chick 03.01.14 @ 1:30 pm

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