November 11, 2013

Dancing Paul Chryst

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This is apparently what Paul Chryst’s victory dance looks like. Post to twitter with the hashtag #ChrystDance. Enjoy the .gif after the jump.


That was freaking great, good to see coach really enjoy a big win with his kids. ALL the anti posters can go suck an egg because they keep trying to put the coach down for being too bland and a poor communicator.. looks like he is communicating pretty well with his boys.I bet he has a better rap or with this team than any coach we have had in the last 8 years.

Comment by Jim 11.12.13 @ 2:13 pm

By the way… here’s a little something posted last week on Dokish’s site.

My thoughts as to the futures of Chryst versus Bill O’Brien at Penn State.

Felt it would fit well with my prediction for the win that was to be against Notre Dame.


1) Chryst’s early struggles have much to do with the limitations of his quarterback and lack of talent and depth in a few other critical positions. On the other hand, O’Brien’s minor early successes have more to do with the talent he’s been handed than anthing he’s done as a Coach.

2) While it may look now that Chryst is the one destined for failure, my prediction was and continues to be that O’Brien will ultimately have the shorter lifespan.

And, by the way… Pitt wins Saturday

Comment by PittofDreams 11.12.13 @ 2:20 pm

Coach, as I told my wife during the Bridal Dance at our wedding “Just keep dancing, Honey…keep dancing!”

Comment by Leaseman 11.12.13 @ 2:24 pm

Someone was on here last week calling Chryst a fat slob. That sounds pretty hateful

Comment by Nick 11.12.13 @ 2:47 pm

Ok, point taken. I guess there were now that you mention it.

However, the overwhelming majority have not been hateful at all.

Just wanted to make sure we weren’t confusing “hater” with someone who has questions, doubts or a different opinion.

I guess I was relating it to some things I’ve seen on politics over the past few years. If someone disagrees with someone’s opinion, the other group calls them “haters”. “Hate” is a powerful word, that has been hijacked, that has been over used, and watered down, to practically just mean, you don’t agree with someones opinion.

Calling him a fat slob would be hateful.
I’ll give you that.

I would also say, for the record, “mocking” the way he talks or making fun of the way he talks would be hateful.

I hope you’re not throwing everyone into the hater team, who questions the way he talks with his laid back approach, and how he seems to be a little more quiet than the average coach. Personality can have a lot to do with the way someone does there job, especially recruiting which is his number one job.

So, yes, calling him a fat slob and making fun of the actual way he talks would be hateful, and if that’s who you were referring too, then you are correct.

Comment by Dan 11.12.13 @ 4:25 pm

Another example, saw the word used this week, to the effect of “Vinopal” had his revenge on all the “haters”. LOL

First off, I’ll be the first one in 10 years to be talking about Vinopal’s game against Notre Dame out a bar somewhere!!!

An absolute game for the ages for him. And good for him, redemption at it’s very best!!!!!!!

However, would I be considered a “hater”, because I made a couple comments over the course of the first 6 or 7 games, that Vinopal was beaten many times, got burned many times, was playing out of position many times, and whiffed on many tackles????

I hope not. I have nothing against Ray Vinopal, let alone “hate” him.

Thrilled for him he had such a fantastic game on national tv.

If he would happen to get beat several times against UNC, I’ll probably comment about it.

Let’s hope not.

Comment by Dan 11.12.13 @ 4:38 pm

You’re right that the word hater is used entirely too often. Kids throw the word around about anyone who disagrees with them. If you don’t like a band, a movie, a team, etc. you are a hater. It can be very annoying. I have no problem with people being skeptical or having a different opinion. If we all felt the same way this blog would be boring.

Comment by Nick 11.12.13 @ 5:08 pm

Dan, both Justin and I have written peieces about how well Chryst is a different personality and interacts with the players in a different manner during the practices we attended.

Here is a link to one That I attended earlier – you’ll see he’s really pretty vocal and makes jokes with the kids.

link to

Comment by Reed 11.12.13 @ 5:28 pm

@Reed, thank you for re-posting, I don’t remember seeing that. Very good to see. I’m sure I’ve missed things over the years, try to catch everything.

Anyhow, excellent video. Thank you!

Comment by Dan 11.12.13 @ 5:57 pm

I don’t know….seems to be calling the kettle black.

There was a lot of real negative almost visceral stuff concerning Savage and Vinopal. Over and over and over again.

Now we’re getting……..too funny 🙂

Comment by EMel 11.12.13 @ 6:49 pm

That was just fantastic.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Digdug 11.13.13 @ 11:33 pm

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