August 31, 2013

Why Tino? Why?

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You have to do this don’t you. I know, you have been the most maligned QB at Pitt since Matt Lytle. I know you probably don’t have the greatest memories of Pitt and the fans. I can’t even blame you for that.

I also know you love your family. And they come first. Have to respect that. But why? Why? Why be the tone deaf, clueless asshole?

I suppose he is who he is. But really, given the history on twitter. Keep it to yourself.

Great post, Stoosh.

Comment by steve1 09.01.13 @ 2:06 pm

To Stoosh… missed Iowa losing
to Northern Illinios. As Gene Stallings
( former coach at Alabama) was quoted
as saying: ” if you don’t think these
games (against FCS opponents) aren’t
important just lose one.”

Comment by JR 09.01.13 @ 2:12 pm

Well we learned last year that a 1AA team could beat us which brings me to a question I will ask here. With the best high school talent usually ending up on the same 20 teams every year is the rest of college football suffering?

Comment by Shawn 09.01.13 @ 3:29 pm

Shawn, for sure the talent disparity between a mid to low level D-I school and a 1AA is not that great, especially if the 1AA team is an experienced team who have had success at the 1AA level. That team on Pitt’s schedule this year is ODU.

You raise an interesting point about a concentration of talent at a few schools. It sure appears that the SEC is playing at a different level than everyone else at the moment. After what is it, 8 straight national titles, it does feel like it is them and everybody else. There are still a handful of others able to challenge them in a given year, but not many.

Comment by Iron Duke 09.01.13 @ 4:09 pm

Reed I think you are way off base on Savage and look foward to him changing your mind starting tomorrow evening. My Rutgers friends tell me that one of the qualities he displays was a cool head under pressure and an innate ability to make quick and accurate decisions that are sound.

As far as TS aka. “you know who”. No single player in Pitt Football hisory ever drove me as nuts with his poor judgement and skill set. People on campus tell me he was a royal a-hole to most that he met on a daily basis. Quite frankly, that he is rooting for “daddy’s” team, could actually give Pitt an edge as he never seemed to have any “good fortune” on his side.

As for looking after the Virginia game and wishing TS was still here, hell would have to freeze over before I admit that!!

Hope everyone is as psyched for the game as I am!
Cannot believe it’s one day away.

I still like FSU and the points but with TS on FSU’s side, Pitt’s chances just improved mightily. As I have watched over the years, some atheltes have always had/made luck. Some, like “you know who” never had an ounce of it. Hope it rubs off!

Mark my words, you will all come to love Tom Savage!

Comment by Dan 72 09.01.13 @ 4:15 pm

ESPN ACC Bowl Projections. No Pitt.

link to

Comment by Frank MD 09.01.13 @ 8:21 pm

What have players been preaching this year about part of last year’s dismal performances, individualism.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by Digdug 09.01.13 @ 8:25 pm

Well our QB stats might not be in the 65% completion range this year. (then again he won’t be throwing passes in the dink & dunk range, or as Dejan Kovacevic noted:

“The great unmentionable in this camp is that Tino Sunseri — now property of the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders and, presumably, being eviscerated round the clock on Radio Free Saskatoon — couldn’t throw downfield at all. Thus, Chryst took an infinitely smarter route than Todd Graham in coping with Sunseri in that he condensed the Pitt playbook to passes not much farther than, oh, the length of Sunseri’s right arm.”

Let’s not fool ourselves Reed, those stats were compiled against the WEAKEST PITT SCHEDULE EVER.

I’m surprised you even mentioned what he did against one of the worst FCS teams and maybe the worst in the last 5 years, that being Gardner Del
Webb. lol Anderson could have put up similar numbers against G. Webb, and more than likely against a horrible Temple team, a horrible USF team (who got 53 laid on them by McNeese State yesterday), a horrible Buffalo team and even though these two teams were horrible, imo last year, Tino the Fraud couldn’t even manage enough yardage when it counted against lightweights UConn & Syracuse.

And in his last career game as a senior, nobody seemed to care a lick about sending him out a winner. They played against Ole Miss much like they did thruout the last 3 year nightmare, without any leadership on offense at all, for a QB they didn’t give a damn about !

And now we know why, cause they knew he didn’t give a damn about them.

Comment by EMel 09.01.13 @ 8:49 pm

Just back from the rib festival. Lots of FSU shirts in the crowd. Bring your game tomorrow boys.

Comment by alcofan 09.01.13 @ 8:55 pm

Amen Emel.

Comment by panther94 09.01.13 @ 9:04 pm

Emel – I still fault Chryst for playing him. Isn’t he supposed to play the best talent and see through Tiny’s lack of leadership.

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.01.13 @ 9:15 pm

@ upitt

PC in his first HC job wasn’t going to ‘rock’ the coaching boat fraternity.

In fact I think Frankcan or someone posted, PC had the connection in the CFL to get the putz a gig up there.

That’s just how it works. I noted last night during the UCLA/Nevada game, Nevada’s new coach is a 38 yr old guy who NEVER held a HC job or even held a Coordinator job. His top job was as a Special Teams Coordinator. lol
But he’s Bill Polian’s son and Bill being an NFL executive for years with the Colts, Panthers and Bills obviously has a lot of pull. His other two son’s have cushy NFL exec. jobs as well.

Bottom line, they take care of their own.

Comment by EMel 09.01.13 @ 9:32 pm

This will be one of my shortest posts….ever.

Pitt’s OL never went to pick up Tino Sunseri after a sack. Say no more. They didn’t respect him as a player, a leader, or a person. Let’s kick “there” tails tomorrow boys!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 09.01.13 @ 10:42 pm

Lots of FSU shirts at the Buccos game today. Glad they are enjoying our City, but hope their trip ends on a sour note.

You can talk about Tino’s TD to Int ratio all day, All I know is that no player in any sport has ever frustrated me more than Tino. Nobody. Savage can’t possibly take that title away from Tino.

Comment by Iron Duke 09.02.13 @ 12:02 am

@Iron Duke The SEC is way better than any other conference in the country and I see the gap growing every year. I have to wonder why that is though. To this point these kids aren’t being paid and not a lot of schools in the SEC are awesome from an academic point of view so that leaves kids go there only because of the football. Now in my mind I would think a lot of these kids want to start early and make a name for themselves in the hopes they make it to the NFL but is going to a team that is stacked and a stud recruit will see little playing time until their junior year really the best option? I just find it amazing that either many coaches can’t close the deal on the top end talent or these kids can’t figure out it is just as good, if not better, to play for a team that isn’t completely loaded.

Comment by Shawn 09.02.13 @ 12:29 am

UPitt – there was no way Voytik was going to start last season, he just wasn’t at all ready.

Re: Sunseri – don’t get me wrong guys, I agree with almost every one of your thoughts about him. I screamed at him just as much as you guys did when he was playing. I’ll bash DW just a bit here and say that if he and Cav & Cignetti had one iota of creativity and understood that the QB is the most important position on the field we may not be having this discussion.

Here’s a question. Since 2010 I have read almost every PITT fan state that “Anybody But Tino” should have played. OK, I get that yet those same PITT fans are just as sure the Bostick shouldn’t or couldn’t have played, even at the time they wanted Sunseri on the bench. Now, we can debate Bostick’s abilities until the cows come home, and I’ll agree that they certainly weren’t as advertised.

However, do you believe if Bostick been put in and allowed to play for any length of time after the 2007 season he would have made those same crucial, game-losing, horrendous plays like Sunseri did? I sure don’t. I would have liked to see what the results would have been had Bostick been given a chance to play steadily. As hindsight is 20/20 what would we have lost?

But starting in 2009 PITT fans were moaning and crying for Tino Sunseri to play ball…. “It’s Tino Time” remember? C’mon, you guys remember that outcry every time Stull threw a bad pass. Hell, that happened as soon as Stull’s SR season, when Sunseri was only a rsFR. As soon as he was on the roster PITT fans were slobbering over him.

NOW, here’s the rub and sad truth about PITT football – we are sitting here debating, at least I am, the virtues of two average at best QBs. The reality is that no QB on the PITT roster since Palko left has been that type of game winning QB a truly successful team needs. We just haven’t had that because IMO DW never believed in the necessity of having a Top Shelf QB to build a team around. DW believed he could build strengths in other positions and units and win ballgames. In other words, he took the ball and the game out of the QB’s hands and gave it to a RB.

Everyone on the PITT team knew that was happening and when the rest of the players don’t have absolute confidence in the skill at that QB position the results will be just as we saw, mediocre at best.

I’m 100% ready to have Sunseri in the rear view mirror and am not “down” on Tom Savage. I just think we’ll have another of a string of QBs that aren’t the personal championship, or maybe even winning, type. But I also thought Jack Lippert was going to be a good Center for us.

What we will see is some much more exciting plays every once in a while, especially deep passes, but not the march down the field drives with lots of 1st downs PITT needs to beat the better teams. We ain’t going to outscore anyone in a shootout this season. I don’t see one of those QBs on the PITT roster for the near future either, but that’s just my opinion.

Note: In all honesty the best QB recruiting over the last decade was done by Todd Graham with Voytik having the perfect skill set to run Graham’s offense. There is no doubt in my mind Graham would have started Voytik in 2011 and Voytik would have done well in that run and pass offense even as a FR.

Comment by Reed 09.02.13 @ 4:38 am

“Note: In all honesty the best QB recruiting over the last decade was done by Todd Graham with Voytik having the perfect skill set to run Graham’s offense.

There is no doubt in my mind IF GRAHAM HAD STAYED HE would have started Voytik in 2012 and Voytik would have done well in that run and pass offense even as a FR.”


Comment by Reed 09.02.13 @ 4:42 am

I have been following Pitt football since before Dave Havern QB’d Pitt to that 36-35 win over WVU that Bobby Bowden calls the worst loss of his coaching career.

As a result I have developed a pretty cynical view of the attitude of Pitt fans toward their QBs.

A common theme though the years has been that the guy on the bench is always seen as better than the starter but the coach is a dumb jerk for not realizing it by continuing to go with whoever is the starter.

The second theme is an extremely low tolerance for anything less than a god-like performance. Even Dan Marino was booed by Pitt fans when he occasionally missed a throw or had that rare bad game.

Comment by pitt1972 09.02.13 @ 6:55 am

Is there a game today?

Comment by gc 09.02.13 @ 7:12 am

Poor coverage in the papers as usual. Post Gazette a rehash and Trib an article about FSU’s QB.

Is anybody geeked up?

Nothing new from Dokish since Chapman.

Comment by gc 09.02.13 @ 7:20 am

FSU fans doing chants at last nights Pirates game. Now that’s school spirit. Hope all the ACC teams travel well. Show them a good time. Until game time.

Comment by gc 09.02.13 @ 7:26 am

Regret that the Steelers cut John Malecki. The guy
represents the type of player Pitt needs to be successful. Hope
he gets a call to return to the Steelers.

Pumped for tonight. Worried about our guys being
able to compete.

Comment by JR 09.02.13 @ 7:39 am

The sad part is the coverage and the lack that anyone cares about our panthers. I blame the fans and i blame Steve Peserson. Its hard to reallh blame fans though especially with the joke we have been over last 3 to 4 years and the coaching shuffle. True fans travel and support the team. When i went to see pitt vs. tex am a few years ago when Fitz had a big game there were maybe 400 Pitt fans. 400 and we were good then. We will never be followed like the schools that make athletics a priority and fun. Our AD Department including EJ and our marketing dept couldnt get hired at Eatin Park

Comment by Upittbaseball 09.02.13 @ 8:05 am

Reed, I do agree with your last post – I think Tino was the best option the last 2 years. And as much as I would have liked to see it, mixing in Voytik would have probably made Tino’s play even worse, and the results even worse. But God bless him, I am so glad he’s gone.

There is a buzz in the City about this game, but to be honest for most sports fans locally, at 9:30 AM on Sept. 2nd, Pitt football is 3rd on their sports priority list after 1) the Buccos, and 2) who will start at RB for the Steelers this week.

However……just making that statement gives hope, for this is the first time in 21 years that on Sept. 2nd anyone gives a $hit about the Pirates. What’s the difference? A winning team.

This is a pro sports town and a spoiled one at that. There is always a winning team to follow in some sport any given year. But if Pitt wins – consistently – they would definitely jump up the sports priority list. Frankly, with the Steelers appearing to be in a transition phase, and the PSU crap, now is the time for Pitt. If they could pull one out tonite…

Comment by Iron Duke 09.02.13 @ 8:47 am

Leaving to drive up now. I’ll be in a grey ballcap w/ big mustachio if anyone wants to throw a beer my way.

Comment by Reed 09.02.13 @ 9:36 am

Wish I was in the burg tonight for the game! I will be having a few drinks and watching it down here in SEC land. H2P!!!

Comment by Shawn 09.02.13 @ 10:24 am

Tino! We had to put up with you for what 10 seasons at starting QB. Seasons in which you redefined just how bad one could play the position. From no passing ability, no running ability and topped off with poor decision making. As much as we all diss Todd Graham, I am pretty certain that he NEVER told you to just hang on the ball until you take a 20 yard sack and we can give the ball back to the opposition. I know what Devin Street means when he said that last years team lacked senior leadership. I am certain that all of your former teammates will be so glad to see you again. As a member of the Varsity Letter Club and a football alum, please NEVER NEVER show your loser ass at any of our functions in the future EVER!!!!!! I knew you were not all that good, but I always pulled for you because that is how you support the team. Now that you have gone against the ” Brotherhood “, I can say what I really feel. I have been attending Pitt football games since Hogan & Havern were the QBs. You were the worst QB that I ever saw play for the Panthers. In the past, if a guy played like you, he did not play for long. If I see your uncle Gusty at the game today, I intend to tell him what I think of his dickwad nephew. I will NEVER shop in your family’s store again either. Finally, please God, give us a Pitt upset, just so I can post here again.

Comment by Kid Robbie 09.02.13 @ 1:01 pm

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