August 31, 2013

Why Tino? Why?

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You have to do this don’t you. I know, you have been the most maligned QB at Pitt since Matt Lytle. I know you probably don’t have the greatest memories of Pitt and the fans. I can’t even blame you for that.

I also know you love your family. And they come first. Have to respect that. But why? Why? Why be the tone deaf, clueless asshole?

I suppose he is who he is. But really, given the history on twitter. Keep it to yourself.

Wish I was in the burg tonight for the game! I will be having a few drinks and watching it down here in SEC land. H2P!!!

Comment by Shawn 09.02.13 @ 10:24 am

Tino! We had to put up with you for what 10 seasons at starting QB. Seasons in which you redefined just how bad one could play the position. From no passing ability, no running ability and topped off with poor decision making. As much as we all diss Todd Graham, I am pretty certain that he NEVER told you to just hang on the ball until you take a 20 yard sack and we can give the ball back to the opposition. I know what Devin Street means when he said that last years team lacked senior leadership. I am certain that all of your former teammates will be so glad to see you again. As a member of the Varsity Letter Club and a football alum, please NEVER NEVER show your loser ass at any of our functions in the future EVER!!!!!! I knew you were not all that good, but I always pulled for you because that is how you support the team. Now that you have gone against the ” Brotherhood “, I can say what I really feel. I have been attending Pitt football games since Hogan & Havern were the QBs. You were the worst QB that I ever saw play for the Panthers. In the past, if a guy played like you, he did not play for long. If I see your uncle Gusty at the game today, I intend to tell him what I think of his dickwad nephew. I will NEVER shop in your family’s store again either. Finally, please God, give us a Pitt upset, just so I can post here again.

Comment by Kid Robbie 09.02.13 @ 1:01 pm

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