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June 24, 2013

Shell Not Return

Filed under: Uncategorized — Chas @ 3:39 pm

I guess it really was not a difficult decision for Coach Paul Chryst and Pitt. Sam Werner of the Post Gazette tweeted out a short while ago that Rushel Shell will not be welcomed back to Pitt. Further, they never even gave it serious consideration.

Burned bridges cost him a lot sooner than imagined. Chryst and Pitt just could not trust him. A wee bit ironic since ostensibly Shell left because he felt he couldn’t trust the Pitt coaches. Allegedly feeling betrayed because they were less than complimentary about him behind his back.

Shell now has to make a new choice. He can look at some MAC schools that aren’t too far away. He can consider other options at lower levels. But after not following through with UCLA, you can bet other programs will be that much more wary.

Chryst proves he has a set by not taking the easy way out and bringing back a possible cancer to the football learning environment.

Way to go PC. Hopefully we will find success with this group and here’s to Issac Bennett who saw his carries go way down last year but he stayed and was a loyal soldier.

Comment by AJ 06.25.13 @ 10:01 am

OK guys…here is my last post on the topic.
The real shame is for kids who work hard and never have a chance. Who don’t have talent or coaches or love in their life.
Want to wax poetically about kids getting a second chance? How about the millions who never get the chance. Born addicted to crack or tossed in a friggen garbage can or beaten to a pulp at the ripe age of 2.
RS has tons of things going for him that most kids never have.
Time to get real about life here.

Comment by sfpitt 06.25.13 @ 10:13 am

Pitt.Dan83 is JoeD or a JoeD mimic. Look at Panthersprey and compare posts – almost identical to JoeD.

Comment by JJ 06.25.13 @ 10:15 am

My GUESS is that Mr. Shell has not only done some “not the sharpest pencil in the box” things because of his possee and the creation of a level of entitlement surrounding him. As he did and made decisions only in what were his own interests, he pushed the staff into a corner of Shell or Pitt Football Team.

I can just hear the conversation, as after a long closed door session of looking at recruits and what transpired at the camps, SP rushes into PCs office saying “Shell wants to come back!”

PC says “Surely you jest!”

SPs response?

“Don’t call me Shirley!”

Comment by CompLit 06.25.13 @ 10:19 am

lol….oh noooooooooo

Joe D is amongst us !

And he’s calling up EJ amongst other things, 🙂

Comment by EMel 06.25.13 @ 10:29 am

@ CompLit

Rover over Victor !

Comment by EMel 06.25.13 @ 10:34 am

Reed, are you saying
Shell was NOT admitted to UCLA?

Comment by Steve1 06.25.13 @ 10:54 am


Get that finger out of your ear! You don’t know where that finger’s been!


Comment by CompLit 06.25.13 @ 11:02 am

Steve1 – What was being reported on the pay boards is that he couldn’t transfer because of some academic issues regarding his freshman credits transferring… incomplete or failed courses supposedly. The HC there tried to lobby the academic side at UCLA and that didn’t make it happen.

There was some talk about the fact that Shell may have been suspended for a year regardless of his walking away. Some have speculated a failed drug test but IMO that would have merited a suspension right away – not down the line. I think it was more of an academic suspension for a year which we have seen multiple times at PITT.

But, speculating here, I think the ‘wanting to be close to home angle’, while probably true, was a secondary issue to playing elsewhere. The fact that he couldn’t enroll is being talked about as happening but like anyone else I’m not getting this info first hand or even privately. It’s my personal believe if had he been accepted by UCLA he’d be a Bruin right now.

Now before anyone accuses me of saying he’s a bad father or something I’m not. I’m just saying that he apparently has put some of his decision making ahead of being a full-time Dad. However, that situation can work out well for all involved as long as the father can at least see his kids on a regular basis. There are a lot of schools within driving distance where he could play ball and be an involved father.

Please note that I say “speculating”, “some talk” and “I believe” a lot in the above paragraphs. However it all makes pretty good sense to me.

Comment by Reed 06.25.13 @ 11:31 am

Makes sense Reed.

Kids that don’t want to practice.

Usually also don’t won’t to study !

Sounds like he has a lot of bad habits and the two babies excuse can only be used so long.

They seem to be trotted out….when the time and circumstances fit the occasion. IMO

Comment by EMel 06.25.13 @ 11:51 am

Sympathy card angle. Apparently not that stupid when it comes to certain things.

Comment by EMel 06.25.13 @ 11:53 am

I think Dan already said this above, but I’ll say it again: Just because Shell is not coming to Pitt, we can automatically conclude that he has no chance at success? Let me tell you the tale of a certain RB from Central PA that had accepted a Scholorship Offer to the “U”. Those dreams were interrupted by an injury in his final game of his SR year. He would have to attend prep school for a year. Now, you might be asking yourself why would an ankle injury cause a HS Senior to have to attend Prep School? Because the real reason he went to prep school was to address “academic difficulties”. Now, this kid was not dumb, but he was a first class jerk. According, to one of his classmates (who is a member of my family) and who was then and is now on a first name basis with this star FB player, the guy just changed during his HS years. He turned into a person that was cocky and arrogant to point of being hard to be around. In fact, he never finished his SR school year at this Central PA HS because he was politely asked to leave. So off this kid went to prep school, where he was not the starting RB. The starting RB would go on to accept a scholy at the “U”. But something special happended at that Prep School. This kid had the time to reflect on who he was and what he had become. So by the time he came to Pitt he was a changed young man. Focused, hard working, a good teammate. I often wonder what I would read on the “U” blogs about this kid back when he switched to Pitt? I wonder if his carrer was declared “over”? Well, this kid that we all know as Shady seems to have worked out just find. I don’t have a problem with HCPC decision on this matter. I do have a problem with people that cleary WANT to see this kid fail. Almost as if you are rooting for it to happen. Just because he fails by his own actions, does not mean that I have to want to see that happen. Frankly, I hope the kid gets his stuff together and goes on to a bright future in whatever he chooses. Lastly, Shell can now join Dan Marino as former Pitt players that are “druggies” until they prove otherwise.

Comment by HbgFrank 06.25.13 @ 11:56 am

EMel, are you sure there aren’t 3 babies involved in that family? Heh, heh.

It’s not going to surprise me to see him end up in Morgantown before all is said and done.

Comment by Panther Pride 06.25.13 @ 12:01 pm

Well if true Reed then just slap me in the face. If so he’s had a bunch of time to dig himself out of Coach’s doghouse, not just a couple of days ago. If so shame on him.

Dan, I would’ve rather they hired Messier. 1994 was so much fun. He deserved it based on that year alone.

Vituperation? Sorry, I lost my head.

Comment by steve1 06.25.13 @ 12:50 pm

Was Shell shocked?

Comment by Panther Fan in Hoopieland 06.25.13 @ 2:00 pm

This is a very tough decision. I personally believe the university should’ve stepped up for the kid with his alledged drug problems and being a father of twins at a young age… Shell should’ve have taken the route of the Qb Tom savage. She’ll should’ve Paid his own way to Pitt. Hit the books hard and walkedon to the squad and earn respect from team and coaches. You should never turn your back on a kids especially after we called him the second coming. Best of luck to shell

Comment by Cdmoore25 06.25.13 @ 2:04 pm

Stepped up for the kid ? Surely you aren’t serious. (i know don’t call me shirley)

PITT bent over backward to not kick this kid off the team BEFORE even last season even started.
You do remember he was suspended for his very first collegiate game and his brand new Head Coach’s very first game as HC ?

And the fact that he has twins is not nor should it be a concern of PITT’s. PITT is a university of higher education, not a social welfare system.

No it’s time for RS to grow up. All this coddling of these types does nothing for their future welfare. Attest all the former pro athletes that are broke & homeless, because they never HAD TO GROW UP !

Comment by EMel 06.25.13 @ 2:42 pm

I’ve been in more than a few disciplinary situations where I had to recommend whether or not a service member was to be punished, transferred or even discharged from the military after having regulations and/or legal problems.

My first one was tough because I investigated his family life, upbringing, financials, etc… and was torn on what to recommend until a Senior Chief Petty Officer walked by my office and said, out of nowhere, “Hey Mr. Koh, If Petty Officer Jones is allowed to stay at this unit you are going to see a shipload of transfers the day after.”

That told me all I needed to know. I recommended that (appropriate) punishment be levied and the member transferred to a shore until for a six-month independent evaluation… where he was discharged at the end to that period due to incompatibility. I recommended a honorable discharge for him to the discharging unit and he got that, but I agreed 100% that he had to be separated.

This guy also had a wife and a child and made his own poor decisions. It wasn’t his first infraction but by far his most serious. Personally I was thinking way too much and looking at reasons and excuses and less about what had to be done for the strength of the unit. I never made that mistake again.

There is leeway in every situation of course and you’ll see that applied after someone’s 1st infraction but once you get past #1 or #2 then it’s all on the guy himself and Devil take the hindmost.

This situation with Shell reminds me of that and the other cases I worked on when I was an Investigating Officer. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few key members sat down with Chryst and said “Hey coach, if Shell is allowed….”. Honestly, I would have been very shocked had Chryst made any other decision.

Comment by Reed 06.25.13 @ 3:20 pm

Good analogy Reed. Thanks.

Comment by steve1 06.25.13 @ 4:04 pm

shell is an arrogant and immature prick. i am now glad that chryst acted swiftly and firmly to stop the circus from coming back to pitt. most people would be humbled by this situation, instead shell posts on twitter a short video of him singing ‘he aint worried about nothing”. the comments are even more entertaining berating the staff at pitt. i totally want to post the realistic thing that he made his bed.

Comment by pittisit37 06.25.13 @ 5:09 pm

It could turn out that Chryst saying no is the best thing that ever happens to Rushel. I hope so.

Comment by marcus of schaumburg 06.25.13 @ 5:26 pm

@pittisit37, now, no sugar coating it, how do you really feel about Shell? LOL! I’m just busting on you man, I also remember the twitter or maybe it was on Facebook, the picture of him taken on the private jet supposedly in route to one of his “future” university homes right afterhe secured his transfer from Pitt. Yeah, Rushel seems to be a real class act, what an A Hole.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.25.13 @ 5:39 pm

Let West Virginia have Shell.

Comment by MariettaMike 06.27.13 @ 10:40 am

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