February 21, 2012

Just Disrupted

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No the basketball season has not beaten me down so far I stopped posting. The offline world has conspired against me. Some family stuff. Kids being sick –which of course led to me getting taken down as well.

Then the topped being my car abruptly giving up the ghost. So I am trying to work quickly to replace my car without being reckless and stupid.

Hopefully I will resume consistent posting soon.

Can’t play Duquesne, they the NEC doesn’t offer enough scholarships for an FBS team to play against their teams.

Comment by Twink 02.21.12 @ 11:11 pm

Thanks Twink for the cold hard facts. But then Villanova must offer enough scholarships to satisfy that criteria then. IMO, that is a distinction with very little difference.
We may end up playing someone like that..ain’t a whole lot of options left.
Does McGill have an American football team?

Comment by SFPitt 02.22.12 @ 3:37 am

link to

Here is the write-up about Chryst’s presser. Note the emphasis on designing the offense to fit the skills of the players as opposed to ….

Comment by wbb 02.22.12 @ 7:42 am

Frankcam, WVU makes a lot more money on its FB program than Pitt .. probably why they can spend more. But Pitt needs to be competitive in spending

Comment by wbb 02.22.12 @ 7:44 am

Pitt also needs to spend money wisely. State Penn actually just barely outspends Pitt on football (per Doke) yet the revenue to expense is about 3 to 1. Pitt might actually have a negative ROI. That’s all on Smiley and why Pitt needs a change in the AD department.

Comment by TX Panther 02.22.12 @ 11:22 am

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