January 10, 2012

Disjointed Basketball Items

Filed under: Basketball — Chas @ 2:32 pm

A wheel came off of my car this morning. Taking my son to school, then heading to work was the plan. Instead, as I got part way up my street, I felt the car shift and the sound of something dragging. Pull partway into a neighbor’s driveway. Park, get out, look around the car and see nothing. Get back in, back out and whoomp. The right front wheel is at an awkward angle, and not attached to the car. The “good news.” Going so slow, meant not additional damage that would have happened had it even happened at 25 mph. It would appear that it is just a ball joint that went, so it is fixable. So, um, yeah. Please go and vote for me in the Biggest Fan in the Big East. I really need a new car.

Moving on to assorted basketball things as I’m really out of whack today, and a wheel literally coming off makes a cosmic sort of sense.

Khem Birch, in case you hadn’t heard is heading to UNLV. So much for the homesickness. He does get the uptempo style he has now decided he wants. You know, when he gets on the court in January 2013.


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