November 27, 2017

Best. Weekend. Ever.

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Bit of hyperbole, but this has been quite the holiday weekend.

Friday, Pitt upsets Miami.

Saturday, Pitt basketball beats Lehigh and even showed that it is taking some steps to becoming a team.

Sunday. Oh, Sunday. The coaching carousel went beyond tilt-a-whirl. It went Michael Bay explosions crazy. The damn thing spun off its axis and went ripping through the whole amusement park.

It was the effing Silver Streak ripping through Chicago (for those of you old enough to remember this one).

Arizona State kicked things off for us with the firing of Fraud Graham. A move, long morally justified, but a little weird when you  factor in the $12 million buyout (reportedly without an offset clause). They better be damn sure they can get…

…Kevin Sumlin. The long rumored firing at Texas A&M finally happened. And if you want a good buyout, Sumlin may have Graham’s beat. Simply because his buyout of over $10 million is due — in it’s entirety — within sixty days of being fired. Oh, he may take that job in Tempe. But for tax purposes, he isn’t moving in 2018 (no state income tax in Texas).

That means Texas A&M is going all-in on landing Jimbo Fisher from Florida State. A move that makes no sense on paper. Other then the fact that the Aggies are reportedly offering $7.5 million per year, and FSU’s administration has gotten a little sick of  the annual renegotiation with Fisher.

But all of that was merely a warm-up act for Tennessee.

Greg Schiano is going to get paid for never actually becoming the Volunteers next coach. Their AD is almost certainly going to get fired over this. And now, no one has any idea who would be willing to take the head coaching job at Tennessee after this.*

My god was it amazing. There is no way to summarize the madness. Nothing I write that could do it justice.

The worst things you’ve thought or written about Pitt coaching searches. Past, present and arguably future. Cannot match the reality of what Tennessee did to itself. This will be the floor by which every other debacle of a coaching search and hire will be measured. And they will all fall short.

It was an open revolt by fans, boosters and carnival barkers. State political figures inserted themselves into this debacle. At least three books will be written about this day in Tennessee.

(*Graham. Tennessee is going to end up hiring Todd Graham to some ridiculous contract because of their desperation and him just being Todd Graham. Insert usual joke about having family there/dream job.)


Don’t ya love… Time to go back to the days of being a real college game where the chancellor makes more than the coach.. where student athletes have met the exact same entrance requirements as the enrolled freshman. Quit picking up the tab for the monopolizing and morally bankrupt NFL . Time for all this bullshit to become AAA owned and operated by Roger Goddell/NFL

Comment by BigB 11.27.17 @ 7:35 am

AAA in reference to minor league baseball

Comment by BigB 11.27.17 @ 7:36 am

City game this Fri. Dec 1 PPG arena. Robert Morris has already beat Duquesne, so if we want a share of the title we must win.

Comment by alcofan 11.27.17 @ 8:31 am

Chas – I’m glad you enjoyed the weekend. Being at Heinz on Friday made the win over miami that much better. May be the best win in Pittsburgh for the Panthers in my lifetime of being a Pitt fan, and I was at the psu 42-39 game last year. IMO

The crowd was loud, passionate and standing the entire 4th qtr from what I witnessed.

The BB team looked better vs Lehigh, who by the way came into the game rank 301st in rebounding with Pitt at 310. Pitt had 3 offensive rebounds – ugh!

And the psu enabler scandal keeps on giving – thank you Tennessee and Greg Schiano. If you remember when KS was hired, AD Barnes chose to ignore the roar and displeasure of the fan base. I don’t remember Pitt students marching in protest –

Graham to Tennessee is a great fit – or maybe Barnes snags the Fraudster for the Oregon State job. Either way, it presents us with good theater.

I hope your week continues as your weekend was…

Comment by Erie Express 11.27.17 @ 8:50 am

Chas – the backlash in TN is exactly what I hope would have happened at Pitt when the fans wanted Tom Bradley to be our HC after DW and Graham.

That scandal poisoned the waters in a large circle as it should have. Every single member of those Paterno coaching staffs knew what was happening.

Comment by Reed 11.27.17 @ 12:19 pm

Pitt is for real next year! The defense improved steadily this season and the young talent is emerging — and getting Wirginis back will help. Pickett is also for real and with just a smidge of a downfield passing game, we will improve our run and give the D more time to rest…no more 3-and-outs for a whole quarter. I expect big things.

Comment by Matt N. 11.27.17 @ 1:25 pm

Team looks good for next yr, but,but, we always lose guys unexpectly during the off season.

Comment by alcofan 11.27.17 @ 1:31 pm

You know Heather Lyke’s and Pitt’s big doners’ temples throbbed and eyes dilated when Narduzzi made it sound like Pickett still hadn’t necessarily beaten out Dinucci as the starter next year — after a true freshman delivered one of the most money performances not just in Pitt history, but all college in the past few decades…in his first start.

Comment by Matt N. 11.27.17 @ 1:32 pm

I like Duzz but he’s a little too stubborn and loyal to guys he likes…needs to drop that and become more of a calculating head coach and less DC style — play the best players and win!!

Comment by Matt N. 11.27.17 @ 1:38 pm

Until he made it clear Pickett was the lead dog for next year, his phone probably melted from angry texts…coach Ditka and Mark May went nuts and started yapping at him.

Comment by Matt N. 11.27.17 @ 1:39 pm

Silver Streak — with Gene & Richard in their first go-round I believe…and an underrated and sexy Jill Clayburgh if memory serves.

Comment by Matt N. 11.27.17 @ 6:23 pm

Don’t forget volleyball won share of ACC.

Comment by KGH 11.27.17 @ 9:58 pm

Joe Moorhead (OC psu) has joined the mix for the Mississippi State (HC) job, tweets USA Today’s Dan Wolken.

Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 1:44 am

Erie…anyone sniffing at Franklinstein?

Comment by Lastrowofsection4 11.28.17 @ 4:49 am

There is a stray cat in my neighborhood that probably would – don’t think it is a Pitt fan. Seriously, I don’t think he is a good coach – Moorhead changed the offense in creepy valley and Lyke overnight, psu got better last year.

Here is a good breakfast read –

link to


Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 5:22 am

I wanted the “Fordham Flash” Joe Moorhead for the Pitt job, maybe next time.

Comment by alcofan 11.28.17 @ 7:55 am

Iowa State is serious about keeping Matt Campbell who just got a nice bump from $2.1 mil to $3.5 mi and a 6 year contract! That’s the way it’s done.. take note PITT BoT

Comment by BigB 11.28.17 @ 8:17 am

My heart goes out to UT here in Knoxville and across their fan base. The coverage has been great as some of the local stations had breaking news banners going across the TV screen when there was the rumor of a deal with SchiaNO. looking forward to the Pitt vs UT series in 2021-22 (hope I’m still ambulatory so I can attend) #H2P #GoVols

Comment by xkegroller 11.28.17 @ 8:44 am

Dane Jackson showed huge improvement as a first year starter this season. He with Paris Ford and Hamlin should make for a very good 2/3 of the secondary next year. I think Whitehead will be gone as he appeared to be playing not to get injured again this past season. Hopefully Mathis or Pinnock will prove to reliable starters at cornerback.

Comment by grizzly1 11.28.17 @ 9:44 am

Chas, it was indeed a great weekend of CFB.

My brother – a Pitt FB diehard – lives in Knoxville and has never forgiven the Vols for how they handled the departure of Johnny Mjors in favor of Fulmer. He’s really enjoying this.

Comment by JoeL 11.28.17 @ 10:30 am

Comment by JoeL 11.28.17 @ 11:17 am

+1 JoeL

Now let’s have a full year of these kinds of “shock the world” performances….starting with recruiting.

Comment by tvax1 11.28.17 @ 11:34 am

the buyout money listed above is just more proof of how non-competitive Pitt is in the current college FB environment. The fact is that Pitt’s ROI has been pretty remarkable considering the constraints and issues that surround this program … and especially with its last two ADs

Comment by wbb 11.28.17 @ 1:51 pm

I hope Pitt does not get a bowl. Coaches and staff need the time to put %110 effort into recruiting. Take the Mo from the Miami upset and run hard with it.

The season is what it was. Strengthen recruiting !!!!

Comment by Dan 72 11.28.17 @ 2:39 pm

Dan72 — you make a valid point but if Pitt got into a bowl somehow and then kicked some righteous a$$ on a national stage…maybe even vs WVU? — that would help recruiting too. And, I’d love to see Pickett play another full game before heading into the off-season…and maybe some of the younger DBs to see what we’ve got there.

Comment by Matt N. 11.28.17 @ 3:39 pm

I think in the eye of most bowl matchers, Pitt is clearly not your everyday 5-7 team. They bullied Miami after finally finding their QB and pissed away a win vs a good VTech due to stupid play-calling. I say go and reward the seniors and have a blast pounding somebody.

Comment by Matt N. 11.28.17 @ 3:43 pm

Pitt doesn’t travel which is one of the reasons why Pitt gets crappy bowls. A bowl is unlikely to give them a bid just for recent play.

Comment by Yeti 11.28.17 @ 3:47 pm

It’s already been announced they won’t use 5-7 teams unless some AD really hates their players and doesn’t want the extra 15 practices. Last year’s situation happened a year to early for Pitt which I would be all for taking advantage of whether rules interpretations or not Pickett loses a year of eligibility. If the kid is good enough, he’ll be done by RS JR year.

Comment by tedsptman 11.28.17 @ 3:56 pm

Good pipe dream Matt, but Pitt wins bowl games about as often as I get to date super models.

It would more than likely be a buzz-kill. The extra practice is the only advantage to a bowl game.

Comment by Jackagain 11.28.17 @ 4:59 pm

Mike Gundy of okie state was offered by Tennessee 8.4 mil to be their next coach.

Comment by grizzly1 11.28.17 @ 6:12 pm

Comment by Steve h 11.28.17 @ 6:38 pm

At least Pitt has a few reasons for a bad season. What’s Arizona and Vanderbilt’s?

Comment by Steve h 11.28.17 @ 6:39 pm

Joe Moore’s name is being thrown around as a possible HC job. That would be a blow to the pedos…

Comment by Jackagain 11.28.17 @ 6:49 pm

Gundy is an excellent coach. Love his mullet.

Panthers over High Point tonight. 85-65.

Comment by TX Panther 11.28.17 @ 6:59 pm

High Point has their own Jordan Whitehead – #34

Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 7:11 pm

Looks like Mr Canada will be looking for work

link to

Comment by Fram 11.28.17 @ 7:18 pm

That was a knock on Canada while he was at NC State – every year he seemed to always be looking for the next best job. Doreen final had enough and fired Canada and he landed at Pitt. One “hot” year with Pitt and he was out the door for a better gig.

I hope he lands a good HCing job. My feeling is he should wait until the Memphis opening happens – their HC will probably land a P5 job. I want him to stay away from UCF – lol.

Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 7:35 pm

Pitt shooting well and rebounding. They will break 80 tonight.

Sometimes its more about fit than money. But he got offered big bucks at an SEC program. Tough to pass up. Moreover, he knew most of his playmakers on O were gone.

But I think if he would have stayed at Pitt for another 2 years, he’d be a head coach somewhere. The LSU head coach is an ass and moron.

Comment by TX Panther 11.28.17 @ 7:35 pm

TX – with you 80 comment, are you expecting overtime tonight?

Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 7:40 pm

Marcus Carr is a nice looking player for a FR. He is having a hot night shooting so far – he had a few cold games.

Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 8:06 pm

Looking like it might take overtime for 80 now. Pitt will win comfortably. They are actually playing well. That Carr is something.

Comment by TX Panther 11.28.17 @ 8:09 pm

Stevenson 8pts but 3 turnovers.

Comment by alcofan 11.28.17 @ 8:16 pm

Carr has 4 TO’s

Sloppy team – the rebound edge disappeared in the last 5 minutes along with the 10 point lead.

Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 8:19 pm

allowing too many shots and free throw percentage is awful. Getting sloppy.

Comment by TX Panther 11.28.17 @ 8:22 pm

HP with 11 offensive rebounds to Pitt’s 5

Effort is not showing consistently. The coach rarely calls a TO to slow the oppositions MO. I think he can’t stand watching and wants to get the games over quickly so he can get his next paycheck.

Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 8:30 pm

19 turnovers and Luther leading in assists?

Pitt being beaten again on the offensive glass, continuing to allow poor shooting teams to remain in games.

Comment by Barvo 11.28.17 @ 8:32 pm

Beat me to it EE.

Comment by Barvo 11.28.17 @ 8:33 pm

JWF needs to show up and take over. Maybe the best player on the floor tonight. But you’d never know it…

Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 8:35 pm

Marcus Carr has not missed a shot yet tonight and he is sitting on the bench with under 4 minutes left in the game.


Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 8:41 pm

Ok, now Carr is in after the TO. Showtime?

Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 8:42 pm

So, JD’s slog ball gets us 60 or so points per game and the offensive guru KS gets us 65 or so when we make our ft’s. Oh well, got to 3 wins, about half of what I expect for the season, miracle if we get to double figures.

Comment by tvax1 11.28.17 @ 8:57 pm

Pitt shot 55% from the field but 22 turnovers kept it close. I guess they know what to work on.

Comment by Steve h 11.28.17 @ 9:03 pm

News on former Pitt AD Barnes –

Oregon State: In what appears to be a trial balloon, the concept of hiring Dennis Erickson was floated today for Oregon State. DHR International (search firm that recommended KS at Pitt) is running this search. Erickson, 70, last served as a head coach in 2011 at Arizona State and last coached in 2016 as running backs coach at Utah. Erickson served as head coach at Oregon State from 1999 – 2002 winning 31 games in four seasons.

Comment by Erie Express 11.28.17 @ 9:24 pm

Sounces like the kind of hire and process I’d expect from Herman.

Comment by PittPT 11.28.17 @ 9:31 pm

Guys, not sayin’ Pitt is gonna get a bowl, just that it would be good for morale as they look damn good now and could probably take a 6-6 or 7-5 team they got matched with…they have a lot of young players who would be pumped to be in a bowl and aren’t as jaded about it as some of you fogeys seem to be!

Comment by Matt N. 11.29.17 @ 12:27 am

Matt, as a certified fogey, I hope the kids get a bowl game for the very reason you mentioned…plus of course the extra practice time.

Comment by Lastrowofsection4 11.29.17 @ 4:24 am

Mississippi State being reported as hiring Joe Moorhead –

link to

Let’s hope Matt Canada doesn’t jump from LSU to psu to fill the vacant OC position. Wouldn’t that be Lyke getting kicked in the gonads?

Comment by Erie Express 11.29.17 @ 5:44 am

PSU can afford to pay Canada’s asking price if they wish to hire them. I read that he may be interested in Rice HC position.

M Carr has a sweet shot but a TO machine. At least 3 times last night, I said “no, don’t throw that” … and indeed, his pass was easily picked offed and turned into points for High Point

Comment by wbb 11.29.17 @ 7:13 am

I was one of the 2,300 in attendance at the Pete, last night.

The bad:
22 TURNOVERS!!!! Most were just lazy/careless passes. The turnovers, and resulting player substitutions, caused Pitt to go scoreless for about a 5 minute stretch, while only scoring 6 points, the final 10 minutes of the first half. They squandered an 11 point lead.
Boykins does not look comfortable.Pitt brought in as a shooter who can’t shoot.
Peace averaged a foul per minute played.
Pitt went four guards and Luther for a long stretch in the second half.

The good:
Peace averaged a rebound per minute played. And got credit for a steal that he did not realize he caused.
Rebounding improved, even when Pitt went small.
Pitt’s overall defense looked much better. They were better helping on dribble drives.
Assisted on 64% of baskets.
Shot very well from 2, 3 and FTs.
After showing some trouble guarding dribble drives, Kham Davis really stepped up in the second half, getting key rebounds and a steal.

Including last night, Pitt is facing 3 teams, in four, that press and work to get turnovers. Duquesne and WVU are likely going to be tough games to watch.

Comment by xfmrman 11.29.17 @ 10:32 am

Live in Chattanooga and the newspaper sportswriters tore into AD Currie and the Chancellor. The fans are truly apoplectic with them, in particular Currie. The man seems somewhat clueless in respect the areas of hiring an SEC type coach and what the BOT and donors want and expect.

Being a Pitt fan I found the whole drama hilarious. Vols fans think they should be playing for SEC championships and National Championships as well. When they hire coaches like Jones, Dooley and Kiffen in recent years you cannot expect championships. The program is in a mess and that is OK with me.

Comment by kiskiminetas 11.30.17 @ 10:56 pm

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