May 8, 2016

Apparently Chad Voytik wants to be in Arkansas State to play his last year rather than in Eastern Kentucky.

 “I wanna play my last year, with the current situation at Pitt it would have been an uphill battle to get back the starting position,” said Voytik in an interview with WRCB. For one the offense didn’t fit me. We got a new OC, a lot of pocket passing, not much boot-leg or roll outs. Which is what I like.”

This comment reveals a big reason why Voytik might be interested in playing for the Red Wolves, a team notorious for fielding dual-threat quarterbacks. He likely saw a nice fit with A-State OC Buster Faulkner’s fast paced offense.”

Whatever, it’s starting to become old and tiresome. He backed off a challenge here at Pitt, sold a bill of goods to Eastern Kentucky and now, at least FOR now, he’ll be a Red Wolf.

That quote above does it all for me. “For one the offense didn’t fit me.” Gee, sorry Chad.  Guess you gave old Toddy Graham a call to see if he was still running what you were recruited for?

Folks,  let’s not hear anymore insane and over the top criticism of Tino Sunseri, who stuck it out with Pitt through all the hardships Pitt’s own football program and team went through with the shitstorm that happened from 2010 through 2012, only to be then pilloried by his school’s own damn fans.

All Sunseri did when faced with a new offense that didn’t fit his skill set at all was to buckle down and try his best to make it work… for the team.

Yet somehow and in some strange way Pitt fans look at Chad Voytik -who never won as many games a season for Pitt, had way lesser production than Sunseri did and apparently half the guts – and they think he’s some sort of Golden Boy.  And the even weirder thing is I believe its because he made a few phone calls back in 2011.

It’s ok for Peterman to transfer but not Voytik. Hope your psychiatrist is starting to make some progress. Let it go.

Comment by Steve h 05.08.16 @ 6:06 pm

Chad also said he was excited Jonesboro was a college town with an OCS that sells out, something that he hadn’t experienced in the last 4 yrs. Bit of a dig at Pitt if you ask me. It was in a Cleveland, TN paper that Chas linked on his Twitter page.

Not wishing him ill will, but could care less if he plays another down or not in his college career…

Comment by Pap76 05.08.16 @ 6:07 pm

Tino was a legacy. Not happy he got the QB job. Not happy that he never once led the team back in the 4th quarter for a win. In fact his untimely sacks caused many potential comebacks to come to a crushing end. But I will admit he was tough. But seriously what other team would take him as a QB. He’s a safety…maybe.

Comment by TX Panther 05.08.16 @ 6:26 pm

If it’s old news why keep talking about it. I’ve been a Pitt fan for 45 years. No one has to tell me what happened yesterday. Let’s talk about today and the future. That’s what has been the problem for a long time. I don’ t care about the nine championships, the last five coaches or anything about Jamie Dixon. I would like to hear about this years teams and building for the future. Maybe you should talk about your laziness instead of questioning a pretty fair athletes guts.

Comment by T Bear 05.08.16 @ 6:30 pm

I don’t hold it against Chad V. for seeking out a place where he can play his final year of eligibility versus standing on the sidelines.

I wish him well at Arky State.

Go Pitt.

Comment by MajorMajors 05.08.16 @ 8:39 pm

Thank god we were smart enough to stay far away from Tom Bradley. I can’t imagine anyone in the football program not knowing or hearing rumors about Sandusky. Payments went back to 1971. Chances of not knowing or hearing anything were slim and none. What’s JayPa doing these days?

Comment by bob 05.08.16 @ 8:51 pm

Come on Pap76, don’t let such a comment get your panties all up in a bunch! The Red Wolves’ sold out stadium pushes attendance to just over 30,000. Big deal! Don’t be hating on Chad for such an off the cuff statement.
Good luck to you Mr. Voytik, show them what you got!

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.08.16 @ 9:09 pm

Now regarding these new allegations surrounding the Sandusky sexual abuse cases, the way many who hold all things psu dear are reacting to these current news media reports is simply incomprehensible to me. Denial, rationalizations, and conspiracy motives abound in their minds. Ultimately resulting in the conclusion that such unsubstantiated allegations simply confirm that poor Penn State university is once again the victim and not the perpetrator. UNBELIEVABLE but factual.

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.08.16 @ 9:17 pm

I think the Sandusky story may also involve some players and coaches. I am not saying the abuse happened once they got on campus as 18 year olds. You guys need to connect the dots.

Sandusky as a DC could influence the playing and coaching careers of many young boys. Now look at the timeline going back to the early 70’s.

As far as Voytik is concerned, I too wish him well. Why wouldn’t we want him to do well? I don’t get it. I wanted Myers to do well too. The best thing for Pitt graduates is for each to have success once they graduate. He gave us a good effort.

Before it gets much later I wish all of you mother’s a happy day! Seriously, most guys play a dual role as both a mother and a father at times, so I wish all the single dads, the re-married dads, and all dads who fill both roles, a happy mothers day!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 05.08.16 @ 9:37 pm


Lighten up on Chad. He has one year of eligibility left. Why
not go to a school where he has the highest probability of
starting? Most everyone would have a similar plan. I have
been to Jonesbor many times….it is a college town….but
would never be characterized as a garden spot.

Comment by JR 05.09.16 @ 5:19 am

He fulfilled his 4 year commitment. Let it go.
Tom Bradley and all the coaches knew for years and they still defend the old lyin pedophile protecting b@sturd. His ‘legacy’ the Peds fight over is that of a man who would do anything to win – The greatest scandal in the history of the American University system (regardless of whether sports-related) continues. What a cult. 32 victims, 90 million of Pa Tax Money. Bet the 3 blind mice walk – any takers?

Comment by rkb 05.09.16 @ 7:04 am

State College has nothing to offer but Penn State football, 100 miles in the middle of nowhere.

Comment by Grizzly1 05.09.16 @ 7:21 am

Who gives a rat’s ass where he ends up? He’s not a Panther any more either way.

Comment by Bobby 05.09.16 @ 7:43 am

T-Bear, better suggest some items for discussion then, we have a long way to go to fall camp.

As to my laziness… well, just who do you think writing you have been reading regarding Pitt football on this blog?

(long time readers can skip this part)

I guess you are new here so you don’t know that I don’t get paid a red cent and never have for writing on here. Indeed I go into my own pocket for some big money over the course of a year to do this, to say nothing of the many hours I spend traveling 900 miles round trip to get to camps and scrimmages, in front of a keyboard and in doing research so that I can put out stuff for you to get angry about.

You don’t like what I write then fine – but don’t sling crap on something you obviously have no idea about. Oh, and try not to get personal on here – it isn’t that important. What is lazy in my opinion is reading one small article then tossing off an insult about it when you so obviously don’t know any background – so you win in the lazy contest.

But T-Bear, this was a current news story that involved a Pitt player and I posted my opinions about it… there will be a LOT more of that in the future so factor that in when deciding to bookmark that page or not. Again, don’t like it, don’t read it – my name is directly under each title I write so that should help.

However, expect a bunch of historical PITT football posts on here as 1) they are some of the most well received pieces and 2) I’ll write what I want to write.

BTW – I hope Voytik has a good time wherever he goes. I just feel that it is ridiculous that PITT fans can hold so much hatred (not too strong a word in this instance I believe) against Sunseri at this date than compared to what this latter QB did, or didn’t do, for us.

It would be nice if more than two or three people on here gave another past player some credit for sticking in there no matter how tough it got. Here is a kid who played 44 games for us, had a 65% completion rate for 8590 yards with 49 TDs to 23 INTs and a 138 QB rating (151 in 2012) with an overall winning record and we treat him like dog crap.

I honestly don’t get it.

I’ll make fun of Sunseri because some of his mistakes were unbelievable but I also have to give him credit for putting his best out there no matter how rough things got.

TX Panther – I wrote about this back in ‘12 and verified it then also but after DW was fired, and then again after Graham left, at least two BCS teams, and some other smaller programs, asked Sunseri if he wanted to transfer because of the coaching changes. Obviously he didn’t take that way out when, and let’s be completely honest here, it would have been the easiest thing for him to do after getting the fan’s vitriol spewed at him after the 2011 season.

Those coaches saw Sunseri’s SO season when he played well with an 8-5 record, knew that he was in the completely wrong offense with Graham in ’11 and that he’d be better in a pro style setup – which he did very well in during the 2012 season.

Even though Pitt fans couldn’t see the back of him soon enough others in the business itself didn’t feel that way.

Steve H.- Peterman transferred after his SO season when he was buried on the depth chart at Tennessee not when he was still in the running to be able to help the team out in his SR year… especially with a new OC coming in. A different situation I think.

But here’s the thing – Voytik can do and go wherever he wants to. He’s an adult and I get that he wants to play in his SR year. However, once he made that decision to quit the Pitt team then spoke publicly about it – he’s open for discussion or criticism.

He’s transferring to school where he isn’t guaranteed playing time, just like he wasn’t if he had stayed at Pitt. But since I’m a Pitt fan I would have preferred he stayed as a back-up, or maybe even regained the starting job at some point. Let’s remember Peterman was damn shaky at the end there – and Voytik could well have had that PT here as opposed to an FBS school.

We have already seen the HC not hesitate to sit down starters if they need to be and I’m not as sure as other Pitt fans are that Voytik couldn’t still play here if Peterman crapped the bed.

Instead we are left in a horrible QB situation that will be catastrophic if Narduzzi doesn’t get a competent upperclassman QB transfer before August camp starts and Peterman falters or gets hurt.

Comment by Reed 05.09.16 @ 8:20 am

Man Reed – you’re all in the big bad NCAA. Coaches can move around freely, get paid, collect endorsements yet when a college kid only has 1 remaining year to play the sport he loves you call him out for moving on to a better situation? It’s not about backing down from a challenge it’s about realistically assessing your priorities. The kid obviously loves football and wants to play. He won’t do it at Pitt and you, yourself, questioned his decision of Eastern Kentucky.

Let’s not attack the kids character. He did everything by the book. He stayed at Pitt, originally, when he could have bolted. He didn’t cause dissension last year when he could have … Then, he GRADUATED. Early. He graduated. Let me repeat that again … he graduated. He can do whatever the hell he wants … and whatever is in his best interest … free of the shackles of the NCAA.

He should not have any loyalty to Pitt or Easter Kentucky or Arkansas. This is about his life and he should be the one to dictate what he wants to do. Chryst leaving for Wisc is 100X worse than what Voytik is doing. Voytik’s contract was up (Graduated) … Chryst’s was not.

In defense of T-Bear, if you’re writing just for the sake of writing and sparking up controversy be prepared to be criticized instead of bullying new posters. He was just slinging the same crap you threw on Voytik. Your cable news mindset of sparking conversation in some (please note, not “all” or “most” but “some”) articles is what brings out comments likes T-Bears.

It’s very trivial and shortsighted to say that the bad QB situation is on Voytik’s shoulders. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Pitt being on it’s 3rd HC and 4th OC since Voytik was recruited nor the lousy and risk-averse recruiting by HCPC. Nope – it’s obviously Voytik’s fault for acting in his best interest.

Why would he want to stay in a system that doesn’t fit his skill set? Sure, he still has to compete for the QB1 spot … but at least he’ll be competing in a system that he’s comfortable in.

I’ve asked this before, but name another organization, other than the NCAA, that can cap the earnings of it’s membership? The scholarship is great but that’s all you can make young man or woman and, oh yeah, your ass is ours for the next 4 years.

Good for Voytik in taking advantage of the system that takes advantage of the athletes. He shouldn’t be criticized, he should be commended.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 05.09.16 @ 9:50 am

Kind of hard to believe that nobody in the media knew about Sandusky punking boys

Comment by dcpinpgh 05.09.16 @ 10:12 am

Reed – you’re painting with a very broad brush in your comments about Pitt fan’s hatred of Tino. I, for one, have never posted anything negative about him. I tend to support anyone who has played or coached at Pitt.

I view Tino the same way I view Bill Stull or Davy Havern or any other Pitt QBs over the years — I figure they did the best the could. And I figure that whoever played was deemed the best option because I know for sure the head coach’s main objective is to win football games.

Also Reed, I appreciate your considerable contributions to this site.

Go Pitt.

Comment by MajorMajors 05.09.16 @ 10:22 am

Tino worked hard. Tino stunk as a Div 1 Power 5 conference qb.

I’d be happy if I never saw his name on here again.

It’ll be going on 4 seasons since he played here. Not sure why his name keeps coming up.

Comment by Dan 05.09.16 @ 10:24 am

@MajorMajors, I for one have never posted anything negative about him personally, his family or anything like that.

I don’t think he was a very good college quarterback.

Comment by Dan 05.09.16 @ 10:25 am

I was a fan of Voytik. Always saw him as a gamer who was playing outside of his skill set. I don’t blame him for leaving but it is a little telling that no other “Big” schools were interested enough to add him. As for Tino, I agree with MajorMajors. He played average and got average results. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. Let’s let the guy go…

As for Reed…I really appreciate the effort you put into this blog but….it is a blog and some of the comments are going to go the other way. I’ve been more or less called an asshole on here and I don’t even write. Keep up the good work.

Comment by The Hagen 05.09.16 @ 12:40 pm

Typical low class writing by this guy, Reed. Voytik is a class act! Something you will never understand.

Comment by PittFanInEnemyTerritory 05.10.16 @ 4:04 pm

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