April 28, 2016

Boyd Watching – NFL Draft Tonight

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Lets have a small contest to see who thinks what about what draft pick Tyler Boyd will be and what team will grab him.  Also, if you think Pitts and Holtz might get drafted…

Take a look at this website that has info on Boyd plus videos from 13 of his games over the last two years.

Here is just one of many assessments of Boyd:

Summary: Heading into the 2015 season, there was real excitement for the skill position talent at Pittsburgh. Running back James Connor and wide receiver Tyler Boyd were dynamic play-makers since coming to the Panthers. In Boyd’s first game for Pittsburgh in 2013, he gave Florida State some real problems in coverage, and that was a Seminoles team that ended up going undefeated and winning a National Championship. That outing set the tone for him to break a lot of Larry Fitzgerald’s freshman records. Boyd caught 85 passes for 1,174 yards with seven touchdowns in 2013. He also ran for a score and returned a punt for a touchdown. In 2014, Boyd notched 78 receptions for 1,126 yards and eight touchdowns. Boyd looked poised for another big season as a junior, but Connor went out for the season with a knee injury. Defenses sent a lot of double coverage Boyd’s direction and kept him from producing a lot of big plays downfield. He still totaled 91 receptions for 926 yards and six touchdowns. The junior had 40 carries for 349 yards, too.

For the NFL, Boyd is a well-balanced receiver. He isn’t a burner, but has enough speed to get separation with a burst to rip off yards after the catch. Boyd is a quick route-runner who gets space from cornerbacks coming out of his breaks. He is a physical runner and is dangerous after the catch. He tracks the bell extremely well, makes acrobatic catches and outfights defensive backs for 50-50 balls. Generally, Boyd has reliable hands, but he can have some brief spells of drops in bunches.

Boyd is a versatile athlete who could also chip in on some carries out of the backfield like he did for Pittsburgh. He is not an explosively fast wideout, and he doesn’t have mismatch size. Thus, Boyd isn’t viewed as a first-round receiver.

Overall, Boyd is an underrated prospect in the 2016 NFL Draft class. He could end up being a really nice value pick on the second day. Boyd could be a very good No. 2 receiver, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he exceeds expectations in the NFL. Boyd is a pure football player who could be a nice chain-moving weapon. In the 2016 NFL Draft, Boyd could be a second-round pick and he shouldn’t get out of the third round.

Here’s some info on what you need to know when the action begins in Chicago:

Round 1, Thursday: 8 p.m. EDT on ESPN and the NFL Network; and Watch ESPN/Watch ESPN apps will carry the draft online. ESPN Radio will carry Thursday and Friday rounds. The Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles shook up the draft order last week, with trades that give L.A. and Philly the first and second picks. Expect them to take quarterbacks Jared Goff and Carson Wentz in some order.

Although there are 32 teams, there will be only 31 picks, thanks to a little something called Deflategate, in which Goodell stripped the New England Patriots of their first (and fourth-round) draft picks. Each team has 10 minutes in which to submit its official pick and most of them will take all or almost all of the allotted time.

Note that, as has been the case for the last couple of years, ESPN and NFL reporters will not tweet draft picks before they are announced. So the best way to find out picks is to follow reporters from other outlets on Twitter.

Here is the order of the draft:

1. Los Angeles Rams (from Tennessee Titans)
2. Philadelphia Eagles (from Cleveland Browns)
3. San Diego Chargers
4. Dallas Cowboys
5. Jacksonville Jaguars
6. Baltimore Ravens
7. San Francisco 49ers
8. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles through Miami Dolphins)
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10. New York Giants
11. Chicago Bears
12. New Orleans Saints
13. Miami Dolphins (from Philadelphia Eagles)
14. Oakland Raiders
15. Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams)
16. Detroit Lions
17. Atlanta Falcons
18. Indianapolis Colts
19. Buffalo Bills
20. New York Jets
21. Washington Redskins
22. Houston Texans
23. Minnesota Vikings
24. Cincinnati Bengals
25. Pittsburgh Steelers
26. Seattle Seahawks
27. Green Bay Packers
28. Kansas City Chiefs
29. Arizona Cardinals
30. Carolina Panthers
31. Denver Broncos

(The Patriots would have had the 29th pick; barring a trade, their first pick will come at No. 60 on Friday.)

So – leave your comments and the winner gets a massage from UPITT with drinks afterward.

On a personal note take a look at this, I’ll be giving a talk about the Coast Guard in the fall – I hope our Maryland friends can find the time to come out and support me in my time of need:

Here is a ‘save the date’ item.  I was asked by the Events Coordinator of our local Howard County (Maryland) Library System to do a presentation on the history and missions of the US Coast Guard and to include some personal experiences I had during my time on active duty. It will be on Nov 10th and is a 60 minute presentation with a discussion Q&A afterward and should be a lot of fun. Here is the ad they will publish for it:

Semper Paratus: Adventure and History in Tales of the United States Coast Guard

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It would be great to see some familiar faces there to ask me questions I don’t know the answers to…

OK – I’m thinking the Bengals take Boyd with their second round pick. I also think Holtz gets in on a surprise 6th or 7th pick tomorrow.

Pitts is left looking around like he never did on the field of play.

Comment by Reed 04.28.16 @ 9:29 am

How many teams wish they picked Clemmings now?

I just know the Steelers won’t pick him unless he drops way down.

I hope Boyd goes with a team that has a great QB and solid offensive line. Anywhere but Cleveland.

Comment by gc 04.28.16 @ 9:59 am

Steelers rarely if ever draft Pitt kids. Maybe familiarity breeds misgivings.

Comment by Frank MD 04.28.16 @ 10:42 am

Packers with their late first round pick – Rodgers to Boyd = TD city.

JP late in the seventh round to the Patriots.


Comment by Erie Express 04.28.16 @ 10:44 am

Boyd goes late 2nd to the Vikings, Holtz & Pitts go undrafted. Going undrafted is actually better because they have more say over where they end up. Holtz makes his team & Pitts is one of the first cuts unless he shows something on special teams.

Comment by Nick 04.28.16 @ 10:46 am

Maybe the Steelers don’t take Pitt guys because the only ones worth taking are already gone when they draft or are at a position they don’t need. Clemmings was a perfect example last year & Boyd is one this year.

Comment by Nick 04.28.16 @ 10:48 am

JP goes late in the 6th round. Tyler goes late 2nd round to early third as the 6th WR picked. No idea by which team. Whoever drafts Holtz though is stealing a solid football player. He is an Iron Man.

Comment by Dr. Tom 04.28.16 @ 12:20 pm

Agree Nick, I’ve never bought the anti Pitt theory. Revis most likely would have been a Steeler if Jets didnt trade up and jump them. I’ll go KC in the second.

Comment by Panther Jim 04.28.16 @ 12:20 pm

Boyd will be the only on drafted. Beginning of the third round. His poor 40 times will hurt him.

The earlier he goes the better for Pitt, hope he goes in the 1st.

Comment by notrocketscience 04.28.16 @ 1:36 pm

Steelers 3rd round

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.28.16 @ 1:38 pm

Boyd has actually been getting a lot of buzz. I think second round and think he has the best hands in the class. Those other guys are burners and use to catching the ball all alone. Boyd makes tough catches in double coverage. With a legit QB he will produce a ton.

Comment by Pittastic 04.28.16 @ 1:45 pm

Would be fun to if the Jets snagged another Pitt hall of famer. Revis is getting a little long in the tooth.

Comment by Chris 04.28.16 @ 2:17 pm

The one thing you have to love about Narduzzi is he is the first coach since Walt Harris that had a better record than the previous year.

Harris 8-4 Wanny 5-6

Wanny 8-5 Graham 6-7

Graham 6-7 Chryst 6-7

Chryst 6-7 Narduzzi 8-5

Comment by gc 04.28.16 @ 2:57 pm

Majors 4-7 Harris 6-6

But Harris went 2-9 in his next season, Narduzzi may not match his 8-5, but he will win more than 2.

Comment by gc 04.28.16 @ 2:59 pm

Boyd – Browns, Ravens or Giants (I hope) second round. Jets don’t need receivers. Could be a surprise first round pick by the Bengals who do but I would feel bad for him.

Agree with Nick – Holtz, Pitts are better off going undrafted than in the 6th or 7th round but I can see JP as a high 5th, low 6th. I don’t see Pitts being drafted.

If I win, I’m giving the massage from UPITT to Emel.


Comment by Pitt Dad 04.28.16 @ 3:18 pm

Fuller, Coleman, Treadwell, Doctson, should go in the first round, Boyd probably slips to the third round. Like to see him go higher, but many great players at other positions available, with 5 or 6 receivers ahead of him.

Comment by gc 04.28.16 @ 3:33 pm

Boyd late 2nd
No other Pitt players selected
Tells me how well Chryst recruited. Like dog shit.

Comment by TX Panther 04.28.16 @ 5:22 pm

Tells me why Pitt has been nothing more than mediocre.

Comment by TX Panther 04.28.16 @ 5:23 pm

Late 2nd to mid 3rd round. Atlanta, maybe Carolina.

Comment by cnorwoodaz 04.28.16 @ 6:03 pm

Could say a ton of bad things about Boyd last year but won’t. He has a little girl to support now. Wish him nothing but the best and hope he goes to a team with a wide recievers coach
that will take him under his wing! Late 4 th round … Maybe 5th at best !

Comment by Dan 72 04.28.16 @ 6:53 pm

Boyd 3rd round bengals, Pitts and Holtz UFA’s

Comment by WLAT and the Big Beat 04.28.16 @ 7:05 pm

Go ahead… say a “ton” of bad things.

Comment by PittofDreams 04.28.16 @ 7:59 pm

Changing my guess to Mid 4th to Dolphins.

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.28.16 @ 8:20 pm

Pitts drafted? You mean in the Military?

Comment by Upittbaseball 04.28.16 @ 8:23 pm

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