May 14, 2015

Admin in Amelia Island

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The ACC Spring meetings are wrapping up. Nothing accomplished of real note. Lots of talk. Lots of coaches expressing opinions on rule changes. The administrative and conference stuff isn’t what fans and media want anyways. On that front, this is simply a chance to talk to masses of coaches and ADs.

Nothing concrete. Just opinions. The conferences and coaches may state their preferences for certain changes, but they will not actually do anything right now. They will have the NCAA enact the rules and changes. That gives them cover over unpopular things and items that have unintended consequences later.

On the basketball-only side, the talk is of the inevitability of going to a 30-second shot clock and likely widening the protective arc around the basket to 4-feet.

Dixon said the shot-clock reduction was used in exhibition games last season.

“I said, ‘Hey, that’s where it’s headed. Let’s be on the forefront of this thing,’ ” he said.

Of the arc, he said, “It will help offense.”

Dixon supports the shorter shot clock but wonders about its eventual impact. He said he doesn’t believe it dramatically will alter his coaching style.

“The study can be how many shots (are taken) in the last five seconds of a clock,” he said. “I don’t think it will have a big impact. It’s something that will be a positive. The perception will be that (the game) is improving.”

That’s really what the 30-second shot clock move is about. Perception. I’m guessing most coaches either don’t care or would like to oppose the changing of the shot clock. But they know about how the game looks to a lot of people and the drumbeat of criticism. So, shaving 5 seconds off the shot clock makes it look like they are doing something. Even if the result may be worse.

“Our game is ugly right now,” SMU coach Larry Brown said before last season, during a panel discussion among American Athletic Conference coaches. “I think our game will get uglier with a shorter clock.”

It is intriguing that Brown would be one to voice this position, given that he has coached so many years at the professional level, even won an NBA championship in charge of the 2004 Detroit Pistons.

Why does he say this? Because he’s smart enough to understand a 30-second cycle would profoundly enhance the strength of the defense. The coaches know this. I spoke with a handful of Division I head coaches and assistants at the adidas Uprising tournament near Indy last month, and unanimously they expressed that a 30-second clock would lead to more “soft” pressure designed to cut shot-clock time, more zone defenses and more unattractive late-clock shots attempted merely to avoid an impending turnover.

Even when attempted by players such as Chris Paul, Mike Conley, John Wall and Derrick Rose, such shots can appear hopeful or desperate. And there are few such talents spread across the 350-plus programs competing in Division I.

Mike DeCourcy is opposed to the change. I don’t have a strong feeling, because as I wrote before, I doubt it will really change that much with scoring. Still read his piece for some key points.

The offense must beat the five guys in sneakers as well as the clock. With 30 seconds, more coaches will design their defenses to force opponents into these uncomfortable circumstances.

Because that’s what the majority of college coaches do: They teach defense first. They do this because the officials have permitted so much contact to infiltrate the game it’d be foolish not to. They do this because it wins. If they are given one more menacing weapon by the rules committee, they are going to use it.

Almost a given.

Then there is the graduate transfer discussion.


I can’t say I really expected soon-to-be AD Scott Barnes (officially starting June 15) to want to preserve the status quo on the graduate exception. I just wish football Coach Pat Narduzzi wouldn’t have tried to explain the problem with it.

Let’s say Tyler Boyd got to his fifth year, he graduates, we know he’s a great player,” Narduzzi said. “But he says, ‘I think I’m going to go play at USC my final year.’ What does that do for Pitt?

“Here we are trying to graduate our kids early and get them out before the three-and-a-half years, and all of a sudden, now they’re leaving you.”

He’s a coach, so his only concern is the team. Which kind of makes it awkward that he treats the idea of kids actually graduating early as a danger for the college game.

I assume he is talking more about a redshirted player when referencing the 5th year. He’s making the free agent argument — that kind of burned his Michigan State team with Russel Wilson going to Wisconsin — but it still smacks of a hypocrisy for coaches and administrators who can freely break contracts for a better job and/or more money elsewhere.

As for (almost) AD Barnes, he is going to pursue the “student” theory of kids not actually earning their graduate degree, so they need to sit an extra year.

While the spirit is for players to work toward a graduate degree, few actually do so. According to the NCAA, less than a third of graduate transfers in football and men’s basketball actually earn graduate degrees at their new school. For football, almost half are gone by the end of their first semester after the season concludes.

One tweak Barnes suggested is to make graduate transfers ineligible for their first year on campus, forcing them to work toward the graduate degree.

“That’s the loophole that needs to be closed, in my mind,” Barnes said. “Have them transfer, have them sit out a year, have them really work on getting a degree, then have a year to play.”

As it has been noted, the NCAA doesn’t actually have any numbers on kids getting a graduate degree who play a fifth year while in grad school at the same school where they earned their undergrad degree for comparisons.

In fact, you could make the case that if the NCAA were to change the rule to make a player sit a year as a graduate transfer, that for many players there would be a perverse incentive to do so even if they wanted to stay at their first school.

Why stay at the school for only one more year to work on a graduate degree on scholarship, when you could transfer to another school and get two years on scholarship to earn the graduate degree?

Again, the overwhelming majority of players who go the grad transfer route are not stars. They are role players who have a very limited chance to make the pro levels.

A new item going into effect this year is the true cost of attendance being included in scholarships for athletes. The numbers are all over the place for each school.

The cost-of-attendance initiative is designed to offer student-athletes financial aid beyond the basic tuition, fees, room and board and books.

“Modernizing scholarship is what everybody wants,” Swinney said.

There will be a disparity among schools, however.

For example, the cost-of-attendance number at Tennessee will be higher than at any other Power 5 school ($5,666 per year), according to an article last month in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Boston College, a private school, will offer the lowest ($1,400).

Pitt will offer $3,300, with Penn State offering $4,788 and West Virginia $1,971, according to the article.

“Every school gets to define its own cost-of-attendance,” Swarbrick said.

Notre Dame’s amount is $1,950.

“It will be more equitable than people think, but I don’t know if it will be perceived as equitable,” he said.

He said if one school buys each student-athlete a $1,000 computer and another does not, the difference can be made up in the amount of the check.

“The $1,000 exists in both places,” Swarbrick said. “It is just given in a different way.”

This is interesting to me. And I’m sure to a lot of administrators since there is such disparity. Some sort of standardized disclosure will be needed.

If the only thing you look at is how big’s the cost of attendance check, great inequities will exist,” Swarbrick said. “But if you realize that that cost of attendance check is bigger or smaller depending on some of the other direct financial aid you’re given, it starts to even out.”

Swarbrick and Barnes said the biggest need is “standardized disclosure” about what is included in a scholarship and what is part of the cost of attendance figure. A simplification like that would help college coaches, who must explain the new system to recruits and parents.

Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi said cost of attendance was “a major topic” on recruiting visits in December and January. “It’s something that recruits are asking. It’s out there, recruits are asking questions, and you give them feedback.”

It may take a year or two, though, before a standardized disclosure comes to be. The rule was passed. The calculations were made, but the implementation is still a work in progress.

Okay, how about some football-only things? Early signing period for football is still in the works. Just how early, though.

“I think it’d helpful,” Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi said.

The league coaches had a formal vote on the topic at these meetings last year (and will do so again later this week) in which they voiced support for an additional early signing period in August of a prospect’s senior year. Currently, high school football players cannot sign national letters of intent until February of their senior year.

Since then, a working group formed by the Conference Commissioners Association — the body that governs the national letter of intent program — came out in January with a proposal for a December signing date.

That proposal will go to a vote next month and could be enacted as early as next December.

“I think an earlier one would help,” Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick said. “Whether that’s the right date, we’ll only find out by implementing it and seeing how it works. There are always unintended consequences with these things.”

Narduzzi — who was not Pitt’s coach at these meetings last year — said he preferred the December date to one in August because it required minimal changes to the current recruiting calendar.

Specifically, July is now one of the only months when coaches can spend extended time with their families. An August signing date could turn it into the recruiting stretch run.

“You’re recruiting every month of the year,” Narduzzi said. “There’s got to be some down time, and that would be the one time you can do it.”

I think December makes more sense  — that has nothing to do with down time. Unlike basketball, you aren’t talking 2-4 signees in a class. There are 15-25. Assuming, even half sign early, you are still talking a significant number of kids signed and suddenly feeling in true limbo.

Imagine the yearly chaos every December when the coaching carousel gets going. Hirings, firings. I know that already happens with decommits that follow. Now you would be adding another layer of administrative headaches in having to release kids from their NLI. Something that is at the discretion of the school. The volume is so much bigger and potentially messier.

That also hits on different conference rules. In the ACC, for example, you can’t sign with another ACC school after signing a NLI. Even if released.

I agree that a signing date on or about Dec 20 would make more sense due to the the annual coaching carousel. I’m wondering though if the early Feb date was imposed in the 1st place because of the annual Dec/early Jan carousel.

Comment by wbb 05.14.15 @ 12:03 pm

Forgive me if I don’t feel terrible about coaches not being able to take their July family vacation.

I like the August signing period. Most of the kids have already been on campus as juniors.

Get them back one more time during Summer/Fall/preseason camp, put the final push on, and the kids get to sign and put it to bed before their senior year starts, so all parties involved can focus on football.

Even if you only sign half your class in August, and you still have 8-10 spots to fill before February. That cuts the coaches work in half in terms of the number of kids they have to actively recruit during the season…

Comment by BostonsCommon 05.14.15 @ 12:32 pm

Speaking of bball.

Dixon incredibly said this:

hile he said he expected the rule changes to boost scoring, Dixon doesn’t think he’ll have to change his coaching style significantly to account for a shorter shot clock.

“I don’t think that’ll be a big factor,” Dixon said. “You’re always changing, you’re always adjusting, but I don’t know that 30 seconds will have that much impact. How many shots are in the last five seconds of the [35-second] clock?”

lmao… the slogball offense, Dixon’s teams are noted for desperation shots at the end of the shotclock, after the ball has been passed and passed and passed some more around the perimeter.

Delusional ?

Comment by Emel 05.14.15 @ 1:55 pm

PG picked this photo to use.

link to

Comment by Emel 05.14.15 @ 1:56 pm

During the ACC meeting was anything discussed concerning the elimination of the Coastal and Atlantic divisions or changing the way the conference championship participants for football are selected ?
I heard a month ago that rather than taking the divisional winners for the conference championship taking the 2 highest ranked teams. I hope the division winners method remains, it gives the teams something to aim for each season and prevents people outside the ACC influencing with their weekly ballots who plays for ACC football championship.

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 05.14.15 @ 2:38 pm

@Spindler’s Spirit:

Most importantly the current way gives Pitt a reasonable chance to play in title game every year. They change it, not so much

Comment by Pap76 05.14.15 @ 2:47 pm

Mike White ? @mwhiteburgh
Considering Tre Tipton’s football talent. Ave. around 15 in hoops. Now long jump record. Could make point for him being WPIAL athlete of yr

Mike White ? @mwhiteburgh
Pitt football recruit Tre Tipton of Apollo-Ridge sets WPIAL AA long jump record today with jump of 22-11 1/2

Comment by wbb 05.14.15 @ 2:49 pm

The 30 sec clock just masks the problem. Too much contact. The NCAA needs to adapt international rules. Bigger 3 point line. Wider lane. Shorter clock. Less contact. Create space and movement and you fix the game.

I see both sides of the Graduate Transfer “problem”. If a kid has graduated though, he graduated. Let him spread his wings.

i like the Dec signing period. August is too early. A coach can leave or be fired. A kid could blow up his Senior year and then be stuck with a school that he thought matched his talents but now no longer does. A lot of kids wait until December for the verbal anyways. Just makes sense.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 05.14.15 @ 3:17 pm

Nard Dog…on The Fan. (Pitt needs to get a more friendly flagship radio station, btw)

“We want to win a championship. I don’t want to win it in three years, I don’t want to win it in four or five. We want to win it now. I think if we go in with anything less than try to get to that ACC Championship game against whoever it may be to play for everything in the conference then it’s not a successful season. Period.” – Coach Narduzzi

Comment by Emel 05.14.15 @ 3:18 pm

Got to beat both Georgia Tech and the Tarholes this year.

Something we haven’t done as yet in the ACC.

Defense was the big problem in both of those losses last year. Just having a competent DC and the Nard Dog advising him should make the defense much better.

Just got to find some LB’s that can run & tackle.
And a DE or two who can pressure the QB.

Ie. ……….Playmakers !

Comment by Emel 05.14.15 @ 4:05 pm

Gotta love the new attitude, hope he can walk the walk, like he talks the talk.

Comment by gc 05.14.15 @ 5:08 pm

Yes – can he walk the walk?

How bout them Panthers!

Comment by TX Panther 05.14.15 @ 5:29 pm

Barnes was asked how to improve the fan experience. He’s soliciting input from fans.

Rivalry games
More pitt logos and stuff in the stadium
Less loud music
Less yellow seats
Beer sales
More fun activities before the game besides the traditional tailgate
A better football product
Less traffic congestion
Better parking
Perfect weather
Cheaper tickets
A beautiful girl in the seats beside every single guy…and married one
An occasional fight that breaks out in the stands…staged or not
Better showing by the student body who take liberty to shout Penn State Sucks after every Pitt score

Comment by TX Panther 05.14.15 @ 7:05 pm

There are other things and activities I could have mentioned but I believe they are illegal in at least 49 states including the Virgin Islands.

Comment by TX Panther 05.14.15 @ 7:13 pm

I think Jamie’s right. 30 seconds won’t affect Pitt BB much. It’ll just be fewer passes before the last second heave!

I would really love to see less defensive “brawling”, and more finesse defense. If they’d start calling more contact fouls, and call them consistently, the college game would clean up very quickly. I’d bet that in the space of 4-5 such games – with multiple 5 foul ejections – coaches would find a way to clean up defense! Worst case: scoring would increase – due to less close defense – which seems to be what everybody is after, anyways!

Personally, I love tough defensive teams – like BE Pitt was! We were in most games till the end – in spite of less than great offensive talent. Tough defense and rebounding was a great equalizer – except, evidently, when you got to the Sweet 16. Now, you better be able to hit the three (drive and dish), AND pound the boards, if you want to stay in the game.

Comment by Savannah Panther 05.14.15 @ 7:27 pm

Quote on the Fan today, “We want to win a championship,” Narduzzi said. “I don’t want to win it in three years, I don’t want to win in four or five. We want to win it now. I think if we go in with anything less than trying to get to the ACC Championship Game, against whoever it may be, and play for everything in the conference, then it’s not a successful season. Period. And that’s our goal. That’s where we want to go.”

As I opined a couple days ago, yeah I’m feeling this guy Narduzzi is interested in winning right now! H2P!

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.14.15 @ 7:41 pm

You really think they allow more contact? I see them calling every tricky tacky thing when you drive, I mean sometimes I question if there is contact at all, and all this does is slowwww the game down, go to free throw line, miss free throws and games seem so much more like slog ball. I think this is the biggest problem with the college game and why scoring is down. I mean it’s all take it to the hoop like AAU ball and I think that’s the worst type of ball. Shit, play your 2 man game and make it the NBA!

Comment by JoeKnew 05.14.15 @ 7:45 pm

JoeKnew – it’s not even funny how much more physical the college game is over the NBA or international ball. The NBA game is smoother and there are fewer whistes, less turnovers, better basketball decisions are made and the game is not as physical as the players have adjusted to the changes in the rules of how much contact is going to be allowed. Blowing the whistle more in the short term would fix the issue in the long term. I like the longer shot clock, personally, because I enjoy watching offense actually be run. 30 secs is a fair compromise though.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 05.14.15 @ 9:16 pm

TT, yep, sure the NBA is less physical, yup. Less whistles cause they call nothing. That’s why the internatioal play is so much better, they actually play basketball the way it was before big money . Can’t foul out a star because they all pay to see them, he’ll with what they get away with. Usually like your takes but not on this, no way! I can only assume you are being scarcastic.

Comment by JoeKnew 05.14.15 @ 9:42 pm

NCAA basketball in 2014-15 was all about isolation sets. While they
Used to be called different names like pick and roll or double box out, Larry Brown brought the term with him from the NBA.
The new shot clock of 30 seconds would not change that strategy but as stated earlier, would accentuate 2 man games
and thus parallel the NBA.

Note… The next isolation set Dixon runs will be his first. He believes that these occur naturally from his motion offense
With screens and set plays. I disagree! So do many recruits.

Comment by Dan 72 05.14.15 @ 10:08 pm

The Thrill is Gone
My woman asks me,.. if me and BB King were both drowning, which one would you choose?
And I said baby … I said baby, baby, baby .. I never heard you sing the blues!
(Steve Goodman)

I bought you a new Ford, and you wanted a Cadillac
Bought you a 20 dollar dinner, you said thanks for the snack.
Let you live in my penthouse, and you called it a shack
Gave you 7 children and now you want to give them all back
(from ‘I Bend Down Harder’)

and of course …
Nobody loves me but my mother, and she could be jiving me too!

Comment by wbb 05.15.15 @ 6:26 am


Emel king of negativity. Have you
ever played BB beyond the 8th grade?
If you don’t like JD or Pitt hoops follow
Point Park.

Comment by JR 05.15.15 @ 8:09 am

TX Panther, you may get your wish…
link to

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. — Incoming Pitt athletic director Scott Barnes said he’s not necessarily opposed to selling alcohol at football games, but cautioned that doesn’t mean that the beer will start flowing on Saturdays at Heinz Field any time soon.

“I’m not saying we would move forward or not,” Barnes said. “That’s not in my hands, even. But certainly, I think we all have to be cognizant of the data that’s coming out and use that in making informed decisions moving forward.”

Comment by KeyboardKev 05.15.15 @ 8:12 am

When Barnes points out about alcohol sales that data that shows it can lead to fewer incidents .. I assume that is when it is banned from the parking lot. (unsure)

However, not sure that can be done on a municipal lot. Sales at Heinz during Stiller games doesn’t stop the tailgating.

I assume Utah St owns its stadium and parking, and could dictate the policies on its own ground (just like WVU).

Comment by wbb 05.15.15 @ 8:23 am

Chris Peak agrees with Dark Knight on our QB situation. On his recent podcast he feels that Peterman comes in and produces immediate competition, which is a good thing.

Peak feels that Chad’s game has to improve however. He thinks Peterman will push Voytik for the starting slot and if Voytik fails to step up his game, will be in jeopardy of losing his position.

On the flip side, with an upgraded Chad Voytik, he thinks that Pitt is an 8-4 team. Which in my mind is acceptable with our tougher schedule this season.

I’m just happy that Peterman is in board. He will provide experienced depth as well as competition. May the best man win! It is only good news for the program, whoever eventually comes out on top.

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.15.15 @ 8:23 am

Dear Dr. Tom,

My I direct your attention to about 100 Blather articles which have described the exact same thing Peak has now said, but written on here about three weeks earlier, which you and others didn’t think it even remotely possible?

In the future, if we here on the Blather write something like “After having a conversation with someone on staff” or “Talking to guys at PITT” then you can take it on face value that what is written it pretty damn close to the truth.

If you haven’t figured this letter out yet it is a formal declaration of “I TOLD YOU SO A LONG TIME AGO”.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Should you have questions on this issue or any others please call “1-Why-Not-Believe, x Reed”

Yours semi-truly,


Comment by Reed 05.15.15 @ 9:01 am

I think PITT fans have to realize that this staff has absolutely no ties or allegiance to any player on the roster.

They didn’t recruit Voytik, he never played for either the HC or the OC and he really just wasn’t all that good that he can’t be sat down for someone who they feel may better fit the new offensive plans.

Don’t kid yourselves guys – there is a solid reason that Chaney reached out to Peterman to be a QB here for two years. If you believe that Peterman was brought in to be a two year back-up you are mistaken… and why in hell would Peterman want to do that when he could go elsewhere and compete to start?

They got him for a reason and that is to have two QBs with blank slates compete for the starting job. I still believe Voytik starts but on a short hook if he falters early.

Comment by Reed 05.15.15 @ 9:09 am


When they talk about fewer incidents, it is based on people not binge drinking before the game knowing they can get alcohol inside. There will still be drinking outside.

Apparently some boneheads feel they have to be drunk before entering the stadium so it carries them the entire game.

Comment by notrocketscience 05.15.15 @ 9:11 am

notrocket, I also believe that when Hoopie stadium started beer sales they banned the halftime exit and re-entry. That prevents round 2 of binge drinking (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Comment by KeyboardKev 05.15.15 @ 9:18 am

I’m all for beer at the games along with “no booze” sections – most of the people who leave the games at halftime are on their way back to the tailgate or to a local bar.

It sucks to get primed up before the game then not have any booze until 3 hrs later. Plus, we underlings need to stand up for the masses and protest the liquor sale in club seats but not for us peons… boo on the Elite!!!

Comment by Reed 05.15.15 @ 9:50 am

You are correct Kev. Despite notrocket’s explanation, I just don’t see how stadium sales would lessen incidents. Why would people pay $7.50 (or whatever) inside when it is much cheaper outside.

And another thing … my experience is that NFL games are much more incident-filled than college games.

Comment by wbb 05.15.15 @ 9:50 am

Reed, your last sentence in your 9:09 post I concur 95% with. Voytik starts the season, if for no other reason than his relationship with the offense and the leadership role he earned by hard work last season. Peterman in the wings at the beginning of the season, might have a long wait to start IF Chad continues to improve with continuing game experience. So I won’t be surprised that Chad goes deep into the schedule as the starter. That doesn’t discount the concept of Peterman being on deck prepared to leap frog Voytik as a starter however.

Actually, I think Peterman’s opportunity to start increases as the season progresses irrespective of Voytik’s development. This due to Peterman having time to indoctrinate himself into the fabric of team/interpersonal dynamics as the clock continues to tick.

So any faltering of Voytik could result in Peterman seeing the field, even if that faltering occurs against a late opponent like Miami. This QB competition will be ongoing right through to Chad’s graduation probably.

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.15.15 @ 10:13 am

JoeKnew – There was dead period in the NBA from about 98′ to 08′ while the NBA recovered from MJ retiring and the influx of HS kids who couldn’t play at that level. Since 08′ the NBA has quietly gotten good again. I miss the physicality of the 90’s but it has a flow again it’s been missing since the 80’s.

The NBA is a superstar league. Always has been. It’s the reason most people watch.

I agree regarding the international game. I’d like to see all rules and court specifications match with the 24 second clock staying at 30. I like seeing offense and different sets being run.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 05.15.15 @ 10:20 am

I didn’t realize until 2010 why I dislike the NBA. Then, there became this debate as to whether Lebron should take the last shot or pass to the open man for the last shot.

Surpisingly (to me), the overwhelming number ESPN and TBS talking heads said that Lebron had to take the last shot to prove what a star he was… so in other words, the star was more important than the win.

That thinking is not in my DNA .. and it made me realize why I dislike the NBA (to go along with all of the silly rules.)

BTW Tossing, what was the garbage last night? It is my understanding that the 1st 6 minutes of the 3rd quarter produce 2 points between both teams!! Heck, in other words, that was Pitt against Boston College … and certainly not a playoff game.

Comment by wbb 05.15.15 @ 11:03 am

I’m all for it.

If Peterman beats out Voytik to be the starter,
we’ll have one hell of a college football

Comment by Dan 05.15.15 @ 11:10 am

Actually sounds better and better.

Seeing as Voytik with our offense averaged
about 35-38 points over the last 6 games of the

I guess we should be expecting 45-50 pts per game??

I’m all in. Will take a lot of pressure off of the defense!!!!

Comment by Dan 05.15.15 @ 11:15 am

Peterman, Bertke or a 5th year transfer winning the starting qb job is not a negative or being negative as some on here posted. If we are to believe the coaches when they say the best qb will play, than we should be happy with whoever that person is. It is not wishing one fails over another. It is all about fielding the best team in the coaches eye.

Problem with this process is that we had prior coaches that said there would be competition and perhaps…there just wasn’t. I believe Narduzzi until I don’t.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 05.15.15 @ 12:30 pm

“They didn’t recruit Voytik, he never played for either the HC or the OC and he really just wasn’t all that good that he can’t be sat down for someone who they feel may better fit the new offensive plans.”

He really just wasn’t all that good ?

No…Voytik was ONLY the #1 rated QB in ACC conference games among ALL ACC QB’s….including the #1 pick in the NFL draft. And #3 among ALL ACC QB’s in all games.

But he really wasn’t very good. haha

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 1:37 pm

But of course all these stats showing Voytik ranked either #1 or #2 in ACC games….somehow didn’t show up anywhere. Including here.

Voytik was also #1 in Passing Yards per Attempt.
And #2 in Passing Yards per Completion.

What is going on here ?

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 1:42 pm

So in the 3 most important QB ranking categories of:

1) Passing Efficiency (QB rating)
2) Passing Yds per Attempt
3) Passing Yds. per Completion.

Voytik in the all-important ACC conference games, which are what gets you to the Orange Bowl, #1 in 2 of the 3 categories and #2 in the other.

But he …..really just wasn’t all that good.

lmao….beyond absurd.

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 1:53 pm

Some more Pitt stats, that somehow have not been shared with the masses.

Pitt was #2 in Redzone offense in the ACC.

Trailing only playoff team and #1 for all of the season, Florida State.

Red Zone Touchdowns Field Goals Lost possession
RED ZONE OFFENSE G Scores-Chances Pct. TDs Rush-Pass Made-Att Fumb Int. Downs Other
1. Florida State 14 54-59 91.5 35 22-13 19-20 1 1 1 1
2. Pitt 13 53-59 89.8 44 31-13 9-11 2 1 1 0
3. Duke 13 49-56 87.5 35 20-15 14-14 1 1 4 1
4. Virginia Tech 13 41-47 87.2 24 10-14 17-19 2 0 1 1
5. NC State 13 45-52 86.5 38 20-18 7-9 1 1 1 2
6. Boston College 13 31-37 83.8 23 18-5 8-10 0 1 0 3
7. Virginia 12 41-49 83.7 23 12-11 18-18 0 5 3 0
8. North Carolina 13 46-55 83.6 40 23-17 6-9 2 1 2 1
9. Louisville 13 48-58 82.8 39 25-14 9-11 2 0 3 3
10. Georgia Tech 14 59-73 80.8 50 39-11 9-14 3 1 1 4
11. Syracuse 12 28-35 80.0 14 11-3 14-17 0 2 2 0
12. Miami 13 38-48 79.2 25 11-14 13-16 1 3 3 0
13. Clemson 13 38-52 73.1 25 18-7 13-18 2 1 4 2
14. Wake Forest 12 24-33 72.7 14 4-10 10-12 1 4 2 0

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 1:58 pm

Some have written that Chaney shouldn’t tinker with the offense….including Reed I believe.

Any why should he, Pitt’s offense for the most part was damn good.

But yet some….want the main cog in that offense to be tinkered with. That of course being the QB.

Something doesn’t jive here.

The logic isn’t there.

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 2:02 pm

As the above stat shows Pitt scored 53 of 59 chances in the Red Zone last year.

But we’re going to replace the QB, with a QB who was a TOTAL DISASTER at a bottom feeder team.

If this guy even lit it up at Tenn, it would be highly unlikely you replace the Top Rated QB in 2 of the 3 most important quarterback categories and #2 in the other.

If he lit it up…..if.

But this guy was a TOTAL DISASTER at Tenn.

#3 QB behind 2 kids who weren’t better than Voytik.

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 2:08 pm

Here is why Pitt was 6-7 last year. As if it wasn’t evident…but to some it seems it wasn’t so evident.

Red Zone Touchdowns Field Goals Lost possession
RED ZONE DEFENSE G Scores-Chances Pct. TDs Rush-Pass Made-Att Fumb Int. Downs Other
1. Virginia Tech 13 31-43 72.1 19 11-8 12-20 0 1 3 0
2. Clemson 13 20-27 74.1 15 8-7 5-5 1 1 2 3
3. Florida State 14 39-52 75.0 28 17-11 11-14 3 3 4 0
4. Louisville 13 30-39 76.9 16 9-7 14-16 1 4 1 1
5. Syracuse 12 31-40 77.5 18 8-10 13-16 2 1 0 3
6. Georgia Tech 14 42-53 79.2 28 18-10 14-16 2 5 2 0
7. NC State 13 36-45 80.0 27 15-12 9-14 1 0 1 2
8. Wake Forest 12 36-44 81.8 23 16-7 13-17 1 1 1 1
9. Virginia 12 32-39 82.1 22 10-12 10-11 1 1 1 3
10. Miami 13 37-45 82.2 28 19-9 9-13 3 0 1 0
11. Boston College 13 35-42 83.3 27 12-15 8-11 1 0 3 0
12. Pitt 13 32-38 84.2 27 20-7 5-7 1 1 2 0
13. Duke 13 45-51 88.2 30 19-11 15-16 2 2 1 0
14. North Carolina 13 48-54 88.9 39 26-13 9-10 0 3 1 1

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 2:12 pm

Gained Lost
TURNOVER MARGIN G Fumb Int Total Fumb Int Total Margin Per/G
1. Georgia Tech 14 11 18 29 12 6 18 +11 0.79
2. Duke 13 10 11 21 7 8 15 +6 0.46
Clemson 13 12 12 24 6 12 18 +6 0.46
4. Virginia 12 14 15 29 8 16 24 +5 0.42
5. NC State 13 10 10 20 9 6 15 +5 0.38
6. Louisville 13 4 26 30 16 10 26 +4 0.31
7. Boston College 13 5 9 14 3 10 13 +1 0.08
8. North Carolina 13 11 12 23 10 13 23 +0 0.00
9. Miami 13 13 10 23 12 12 24 -1 -0.08
10. Syracuse 12 12 8 20 4 17 21 -1 -0.08
11. Wake Forest 12 13 6 19 7 14 21 -2 -0.17
12. Virginia Tech 13 10 12 22 11 15 26 -4 -0.31
13. Pitt 13 4 10 14 12 7 19 -5 -0.38
14. Florida State 14 12 14 26 12 20 32 -6 -0.43

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 2:15 pm

1. Virginia 12 14 3 34 1 11.3
2. Miami 13 13 2 15 0 7.5
Wake Forest 12 13 0 0 1 0.0
4. Clemson 13 12 3 52 2 17.3
Florida State 14 12 2 33 1 16.5
Syracuse 12 12 2 87 2 43.5
7. Georgia Tech 14 11 2 50 1 25.0
North Carolina 13 11 4 66 2 16.5
9. NC State 13 10 0 0 0 0.0
Duke 13 10 0 0 0 0.0
Virginia Tech 13 10 3 97 2 32.3
12. Boston College 13 5 0 0 0 0.0
13. Louisville 13 4 1 1 0 1.0
Pitt 13 4 1 2 0 2.0

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 2:15 pm

Voytik was also #1(tied) among ALL ACC starting QB’s who played 8 conference games, in fewest interceptions thrown. 4

And ran for the most yards(466) by ANY Pitt QB since 1988. (Darnell Dickerson – 555)

2nd most QB rushing yards since Fred Mazurek(481) in 1964.

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 2:39 pm

But he really just wasn’t all that good.

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 2:44 pm

@Emel, ya, not sure what the discussion is about.

Scoring 38, 35, 44 points a game, I mean, I have
a lot more concerns than the qb or the offense.

Competition is a good thing, so whoever helps us win the most games, but the qb play at Pitt is way down at the bottom of my list of concerns for the team.

Maybe people want to see a tighter spiral or long bombs every other play??

Myself, I’ll take 35-44 points anyday of the week, anyway we get em’.


Comment by Dan 05.15.15 @ 2:50 pm


Something strange going on, sort of like the upside/down thinking that is pervasive in the media and the country as a whole.

He can’t throw long is one beef I hear from a few, yet how then did Chad lead the entire ACC in conference games, in Passing Yards per Passing Attempt.

PASS YDS/ATT Cl G Comp-Att-Int Pct. Yards TD Long Avg/A
1. Chad Voytik-UP SO 8 100 – 159 – 4 62.9 1368 11 53 8.6
2. Jameis Winston-FS SO 7 173 – 270 – 10 64.1 2226 14 68 8.2
3. Brad Kaaya-UM FR 8 129 – 233 – 6 55.4 1798 13 61 7.7
4. Marquise Williams-NC JR 8 168 – 267 – 5 62.9 2016 14 75 7.6
5. Will Gardner-UL SO 6 98 – 171 – 3 57.3 1241 8 73 7.3
6. Tyler Murphy-BC SR 8 75 – 138 – 6 54.3 1000 9 55 7.2
7. Greyson Lambert-VA SO 7 104 – 188 – 8 55.3 1230 9 54 6.5
8. Michael Brewer-VT JR 8 158 – 263 – 7 60.1 1672 8 50 6.4
9. Jacoby Brissett-ST JR 8 123 – 225 – 4 54.7 1339 12 54 6.0
10. Cole Stoudt-CU SR 8 107 – 175 – 7 61.1 998 4 68 5.7

And #2 in Passing Yards Per Completion.

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 3:00 pm

My lying eyes must be deceiving me.

Is that the NFL’s #1 draft pick at #2 ????

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 3:02 pm

We really need to get the Heisman campaign started for Chad.

Comment by Grizzly1 05.15.15 @ 3:04 pm

You see I don’t need some nitwit ESPN announcer, to tell me Chad made a good play or a great play.

I can judge that for myself.

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 3:04 pm

If he went to Pedo State or Ohio Fake…there would be a Heisman campaign going for him.

That’s the sad part.

And the media would be ‘pumping’ him.

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 3:06 pm

Pitt’s punting sucked as well in Conf. Games

PUNTING Cl G No. Yards Long Avg.
1. Wil Baumann-ST SR 8 45 1986 60 44.1
2. Will Monday-DU JR 8 41 1797 61 43.8
3. Alex Howell-BC SR 8 45 1967 62 43.7
4. Alexander Kinal-WF JR 8 59 2576 73 43.7
5. Justin Vogel-UM SO 8 37 1608 61 43.5
6. Cason Beatty-FS JR 8 28 1209 67 43.2
7. Riley Dixon-SU SR 8 57 2443 60 42.9
8. Bradley Pinion-CU JR 8 50 2129 58 42.6
9. Tommy Hibbard-NC SR 8 41 1718 56 41.9
10. Alec Vozenilek-VA SR 8 42 1724 56 41.0

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 3:17 pm

Offensively Pitt scored 30 TD’s in conf. games.

#2 in the conference behind the 2 teams that played in the ACC championship Game.

FSU – 34
GT – 34
Pitt -30
Lou – 26
Duke -24
NCSU -23
Clem -21
Mia – 20
UNC – 18
UVA – 18

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 3:22 pm

So the offense and the QB that ran that offense…was obviously not the problem.

Anybody that doesn’t have an agenda can clearly see that.

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 3:26 pm

wbb – I definitely prefer the college game but the NBA has become enjoyable again. There are legit rivalries between players and teams. The pace is mostly up-tempo. It was unwatchable for about a decade but those of you who checked out during that decade should give it a chance again.

The problem the NBA had was that there was too many unskilled players meshed with these new european players and coaches who didn’t know how to coach them. In addition to this, all of the superstars played out west so the east coast didn’t see them play. And your one true superstar played in Cleveland.

The NBA then decided to ban high school kids and focus on freedom of movement which has spurred a pretty fun style of basketball. European players have adapted to the NBA game while NBA coaches have learned how to incorporate them. Basketball that actually has movement and is a little less superstar dependent … the reason you have a team like the Hawks playing so well.

In regards to the Cavs – Bulls – injuries have just ravaged both teams and the reason for the ugliness.

I disagree with you on your take on superstars. It’s what make the NBA so great. The real superstars put the ball in their hands and take over the game. It’s much more exciting to see Paul Pierce, Lebron and Rose hitting buzzer beaters to win games. Guys who want the ball in their hands and the fate of the team/game decided on them. No different than any other professional sport.

And BTW, Lebron had to take that shot in 2010 (and 2015). LOL. You want to be considered an all time great you don’t defer. That’s the NBA way.

My favorite part of basketball at any level is that eventually the playground makes it’s way onto the court. The college game needs a little more playground in it. That’s what makes the sport so appealing. Without it the game becomes soulless.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 05.15.15 @ 3:30 pm

Emel: Love your enthusiasm!! I really like the job Chad did last year. But I especially like his game-to-game improvement. In the first 2 or three games, I thought he had real problems connecting even on short stuff. By season’s end, he was really good. True, he didn’t complete many bombs—but he didn’t need to. Of course, fans want the long TDs

If he continues to improve this year like he did last year, I think we’ll be even better on O. When you consider that TB was by far his main target, and that the other D knew this, and tried to stop it, it really is quite amazing that he was able to compile these stats. (You can’t show them enough for me!)

I have every confidence that this year he will be much better at going thru his progressions; the O line will still be as proficient at giving him time; the running game will again be KILLER; he will be running at least as much as last year; and the D will be better at giving him more possessions. These factors all add up to a remarkable year for Chad — assuming Peterman doesn’t beat him out!!!

Comment by Savannah Panther 05.15.15 @ 3:37 pm

First Peterman has to beat out Bertke.

Who some of the same few were raving about last year.

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 4:12 pm

@Emel, North Carolina scored 18 touchdowns

in 12 games!!!

6 of them were against Pitt!!!

1/3 of a teams touchdowns for the season were scored against us.

I think me knows the main problem with Pitt
last year.

Comment by Dan 05.15.15 @ 4:52 pm

Maryland landed arguably the biggest commitment of the Randy Edsall era on Friday in Rivals100 QB Dwayne Haskins.

Pedo’s offered, in days of past would have most likely gotten.

Even the slimey charm of the Charlatan Franklinstein didn’t work !

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 4:53 pm

Oh, in conference games, my mistake.

Ok, 18 touchdowns in 8 games.

The 1/3 still holds true anyhow.

Comment by Dan 05.15.15 @ 4:54 pm

@ Dan-o

8 games….those are ACC conf game stats.

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 4:54 pm

I went back and checked again, UNC scored 31 offensive TD’s in conf. play.

So 6 against us was what about 20% of their total output.

But hey we got to beat them in bball ! ha

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 5:07 pm

That’s another underachieving program, the Tarholes.

6-7 last year as well. Got routed by Buttgers in their low tier bowl game.

7-6 (2013)
8-6 (2012) Bowl banned
7-6 (2011)

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 5:14 pm

whoops…8-4 in 2012

Comment by Emel 05.15.15 @ 5:15 pm

@TossingThabeets–Clearly everyone has different tastes. I have watched a little NBA lately siting in airports and still didn’t like what I saw.

That’s probably because I loathe watching playground ball–that you profess to love. That is probably why I have the opposite reaction you do to the NBA.

Comment by pitt1972 05.15.15 @ 6:54 pm

I am in your corner when it comes to Chad. I don’t understand why the consensus can’t see that the Tenn. QB transfer is insurance. Unleash Chad to be a mobile passing QB threat knowing that Bertke won’t be needed in case of injury. Watching Bertke pass in that spring game was bad. As to Chad for the Hessian that campaign will be for his senior year ! Hail to Pitt !

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 05.16.15 @ 8:04 am

pitt1972 – Yeah, I get that people have different tastes. This was really only meant for anyone who used to like the NBA and checked out. The game’s improved and is more team oriented than it’s been since probably the 50’s or 60’s. If you never liked the NBA it won’t ever be your cup of tea but it’s a point guard driven league right now which means a lot of ball movement.

I think you misunderstood my playground reference. It carries across all sports. There’s nothing better in football than when a play breakdowns and playground instincts take over and your team makes a play.

“Team” can go too far and ruin the fun of the game. Sometimes individuality can be the spark. Conversely, individuality can go too far as well. All sports are most enjoyable when the teams and players find that balance.

Sport is entertainment. I want to have fun watching the game.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 05.16.15 @ 11:28 am

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