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April 2, 2012

Time to Bleg

Filed under: Admin — Chas @ 9:52 am

If you have been reading this site for more than two years, then you may know what time of the year it is. It is time for me to ask for financial help.

This site is a joyous time suck for me. My wife is remarkably understanding about the time and obsession I spend on the site and following Pitt athletics. The one rule is that while it can suck time, it can’t suck the money. Therefore, every two years in April I do a week or two of asking for contributions to keep the site going.

The costs are primarily devoted to site upkeep, server costs and updating/upgrading the computer I use. There has been some discussion of trying to set aside a home football game as a PittBlather tailgating event this year. A chance for many of us to meet. That would be great, and some of the donations would go towards the cost of that.

There are two ways to contribute. You can click the PayPal icon on the right sidebar. The other way is e-mail me at PittBlather-at-gmail-dot-com for my address, and send a check.

There is no set amount to send. It is whatever you feel comfortable .

I’ll be running a reminder post each day this week. Hopefully the need to beg uncomfortably will only have to go for one week.

One of life’s catch 22’s. Don’t want to, but have too. Shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, but no matter what we all say, you will.

Anyhow, no reason to feel uncomfortable, the amount of work you put into this almost equates too a second job you have.

I’ve seen a lot of blogs for colleges around, and I find none better than yours Chas.

The info for Pitt fans is excellent.

Comment by Dan 04.02.12 @ 10:09 am

Don’t feel bad, my wife doesn’t understand, when the Steelers have a Sunday night game, why she she has to go upstairs to watch “Despert Housewives.” Thanks for fighting the good fight.

Comment by Justinian 04.02.12 @ 10:32 am

I’d rather give my money to you than some politician. Love the blog.

Comment by TX Panther 04.02.12 @ 10:49 am

You provide a valuable service especially to us out-of-state Pitt fans. I will be sending my money.

Comment by Houston Panther 04.02.12 @ 11:14 am

@Justinian — You rule; I’m the one who has to go upstairs during Desperate Housewives to watch the Steelers… Bravo to you!

@Chas — Your work on this blog is much appreciated. We blogger’s don’t always agree on matters concerning Pitt athletics, but one thing is for sure, you do an amazing job keeping us updated on Pitt sports, something we all appreciate. Keep up the good work. HTP!

Comment by MariettaMIke 04.02.12 @ 11:45 am

I hope your PayPal doesn’t use Global Payments

Comment by wbb 04.02.12 @ 12:47 pm

My sentiments exactly, HouPa. Chas you should have just received my $$. Thanks for all you do.

Comment by cnorwoodaz 04.02.12 @ 1:09 pm

The service you provide is greatly appreciated in North Fla.

Comment by PITT in Fla 04.02.12 @ 1:54 pm

THANK YOU!!! Your work is greatly appreciated!!! Check in the mail & Hail to PITT

Comment by DC33 04.02.12 @ 4:24 pm

Chas – Cannot thank you enough for all you do. Payday is Friday and a check will follow.

Comment by Dan 72 04.02.12 @ 4:27 pm

Hells fire, you should ask again at the start of summer camp. Will pony up myself. Great work!!!!

Comment by SFPitt 04.02.12 @ 9:26 pm

I’ll knock my price down from $.10 per word to $.5 per word from now until the end of Training Camp.

As a bonus I will limit my articles to 1500 words in length throughout the season, unless Sunseri sucks then that constraint is out the window.

That should help with your cash flow.

Comment by Reed 04.03.12 @ 6:41 am

^^^ Plus I’ll eat the travel costs myself.

Comment by Reed 04.03.12 @ 6:43 am

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