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January 17, 2018

Pitt 2018 Football Schedule

Filed under: Football,Schedule — Chas @ 3:10 pm

We’ve known the opponents for a while. Just not the order.

We now have the order. Other then the ND game, times are TBA.

Sept. 1              Albany 

Great Danes head coach Greg Gattuso was an assistant at Pitt from 2005-10.


Sept. 8              Penn State

Pitt won 42-39 at Heinz Field in 2016, while the Nittany Lions triumphed last year at Beaver Stadium, 33-14.


Sept. 15            Georgia Tech*

For the second consecutive year, the Panthers will open ACC play against the Yellow Jackets.


Sept. 22            at North Carolina*

The last seven games in the series have been decided by an average margin of 4.0 points.


Sept. 29            at UCF

The Golden Knights were the lone Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) team to finish with an undefeated record last year.


Oct. 6                Syracuse*

The Panthers have won 13 of the past 16 games against the Orange.


Oct. 13              at Notre Dame

Pitt makes its first visit to South Bend since 2012, when the Panthers fell 29-26 in triple overtime to the eventual BCS runner-up. The 2018 game will be a national NBC telecast at 2:30 p.m.


Oct. 27              Duke*

Darrin Hall rambled for 254 yards and three touchdowns in Pitt’s 24-17 win at Duke last year.


Nov. 2 (Fri.)    at Virginia*

Pitt is 4-1 against the Cavs since joining the ACC in 2013.


Nov. 10             Virginia Tech*

Since the stadium’s inaugural season in 2001, the Panthers are 4-1 all-time against the Hokies at Heinz Field.


Nov. 17             at Wake Forest*

The Demon Deacons seek a third consecutive bowl victory in 2018.


Nov. 24             at Miami*

Freshman QB Kenny Pickett accounted for all three touchdowns in Pitt’s 24-14 shocker over the No. 2 Hurricanes to close the 2017 regular season.

Here’s a simpler looking layout.

Yes, this is a difficult schedule. If you look at the rest of the ACC, no one even comes close to matching that non-con.

What jumps out at me is no Thursday home game this year. In fact the only non-Saturday game is a Friday night at Virginia.

Also, Pitt plays 8 straight weekends. No bye week until mid-October. After the ND game.

Three straight home games to start the season and it ends with two roadies that finishes down in Miami.

There’s no way I can even begin to consider the potential wins and losses at this point. No idea how much of a drop-off UCF will have. Same with Penn State now that they had to change OCs and Saquon Barkley is gone. ND lost both coordinators after having to change them the year before. How improved will Virginia be? Or Duke? Or UNC? VT has another weak-ass schedule, so how good will they really be? You mean I now have to be aware of Wake Forest?

In future schedule news, Pitt announced the 4-game series with West Virginia starting in 2022 has a new game day. It will be the season and home opener for Pitt on September 3, 2022. Yeah, it’s still 4 years away, but adjust your schedule accordingly.


Comment by fred filopek 01.17.18 @ 5:44 pm

Why can’t Pitt schedule Georgia Southern and Old Dominion instead of Notre Dame and. U C F?

Comment by fred filopek 01.17.18 @ 5:51 pm

Folks, close to the same results as last year. Maybe 6 0r 7 game wins.
I like how they announced the date of the West Virginia game FIVE years from now.( does it really rate an announcement?) I guess I now have 5 years to arrange my “access transportation” to the game. Thanks for the advanced notice.
Will be at the UCF game in Orlando, love the sun.

Comment by Pitt Dreamer 01.17.18 @ 6:36 pm

When was the last time there wasn’t a home game on a Thursday? I’ve had season tickets since 2001 & I cant recall a single season without one. They’re a pain in the butt to get to & it would be nice if we only had one every 3 years or so.

Comment by Nick 01.17.18 @ 7:20 pm

Six wins seems to be our comfort zone.

Comment by 2$Chuck 01.18.18 @ 1:06 am

No this will be a much better team in 18, 8 wins is very possible, they finally have a QB who is a legitimate threat to throw the ball accurately and has the mobility to escape if needed. Kenny Pickett is the real deal.

Defense will be much better, they are a bit over scheduled regarding non conference, @pitt dreamer, I do believe you could have a few followers from this blog and the POV going to the game. Let’s tailgate!

Comment by WLAT 910 radio and the big beat! 01.18.18 @ 7:32 pm

Tough schedule for sure, but definitely a chance for 8-9 wins there, and maybe more. We can beat Penn State and ND for sure, but GTech looks like a tough game right after PSU — there a pain anyway with the triple option but could be a come down after getting jacked up for the prior week. Miami is always tough, esp. on the road, but I don’t seen anyone else we can’t put a beating on…if Pickett stays healthy, along with a complimentary running game with Hall and Ollison, I see big big things from him.

Comment by Matt N. 01.19.18 @ 5:34 pm

WLAT — I like our defense next year too…esp. with Wirginis coming back and our depth on the D. line. The DBs seem to have talent but Maddox and Whitehead were good last year, so the new guys are gonna need some coaching.

Comment by Matt N. 01.19.18 @ 5:37 pm

Pickett played one full game against Miami and surprised them. That is not going to happen this year. He may be a better QB than what we have seen but still very little experience. I don’t see Pitt being in any game with Penn State, ND or Miami.
Georgia Tech and or Virginia Tech most likely a loss too. Watch out for Wake Forest and UCF.
Pitt is not a good football team by any stretch, lucky to hit 6 wins this coming year. Penn State, ND and Miami will most likely be rated top 10 preseason. Their recruiting is far superior to what Pitt brings in. Pitt is still looking for “grad transfers” to fill slots. Getting to be pathetic.

Comment by Pitt Dreamer 01.19.18 @ 11:30 pm

Damn Dreamer — you need to change your handle to “Pitt Nightmarer”. Have some confidence, we are going to be competitive next year for sure and Pickett may have “surprised” Miami but he still had to make the throws and shake tackles like he did. Dinucci was new last year too but didn’t ‘surprise’ anybody because he wasn’t very good.

No doubt its a tough schedule but keep hope alive!

Comment by Matt N. 01.20.18 @ 1:09 am

Matt, I never said that they were good dreams. I just don’t see a win with PSU, Miami or Penn State.
Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech are better teams against Pitt. Wake Forest and UCF are not by any means a sure win either.
I like Pickett a lot and hope he does develop, he no doubt will be key to a successful season.

Comment by Pitt Dreamer 01.21.18 @ 4:16 am

Yes, for sure a tough schedule, but we had some really shaky QB play last year and still won five — if Browne had gotten off to a better start, or Dinucci had more talent, we would have beat ‘cuse and Vtech for sure, and probably UNC. If Pickett and this new guy, who apparently is pretty talented, can play up to expectations, I see us challenging in every game…esp. if Hall and Ollison push eachother into good seasons.

Comment by Matt N. 01.21.18 @ 2:28 pm

Defense my boy, you have to be able to stop some teams. They were better last year but not near enough to stop the teams I mentioned.

Comment by Pitt Dreamer 01.23.18 @ 12:06 am

I see where Heather L. announced a hall of fame to be set up somewhere ( they don’t know where yet LOL.)
Again, this is another waste of time and money on useless “crap”. All resources should be placed on the present situations to improve win loss records. Football, both men’s and women basketball and now wrestling.

Comment by Pitt Dreamer 01.23.18 @ 12:15 am

Pitt will Pitt. 6-7 wins.

Comment by Pitt of Glory 01.23.18 @ 11:28 am

Agree, focus on what will win games not look good on an AD’s resume as a “look what I did”. Our schedulers still are not with it or they just want to make some money off the local land granters. They also know which years ND is on our schedule because their rotation is part of their ACC deal in football. Our Ad’s need to make sure we do not load upall at one time.

Comment by Pitt60 01.28.18 @ 4:43 pm

It all starts in the trenches. How the Oline goes, the offense will go. If we can protect KP, he will be fine. If he gets injured, we’re in trouble. Hell, we haven’t even named an Oline coach yet so who knows.

Comment by ROC2 02.05.18 @ 7:54 am

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