January 10, 2018

7pm ESPN2.

Okay, this is possibly the worst Duke team defensively under Mike Krzyzewski. It is also, quite possibly the best offensive team he’s ever had. Frankly, Duke has just overwhelmed opponents on offense.

Pitt, for all the love other coaches give Kevin Stallings for his skills regarding offenses, is not a good offense. In no small part to the problem of turnovers at a ridiculous rate. Something that destroys any offensive rhythm and efficiency.


Hold On To The Damn Ball

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There was some good news from the VT game on Saturday. Players found some range from outside the arc more consistently. There was a lot more fight inside for rebounds. Despite the final score looking like a blowout, Pitt kept it tight most of the way.

Turnovers, though… Jeez. I don’t know what to say right now. This team just does not take care of the ball.

Turnovers yet again undid the young Panthers. In a losing effort, they were forced into 17 miscues, off of which the Hokies got 22 points. A Virginia Tech team that thrives at a quick pace was regularly handed opportunities for fast breaks and easy baskets.

For Pitt, it’s not a one-game exception, either. In its past four games, the last three of which have come against ACC teams, it has been forced into 72 turnovers, an average of 18 per game. Those 72 turnovers have come on a combined 281 possessions, meaning 25.6 percent of its trips down the court have ended in a turnover. On the season, Pitt has turned it over on 21.8 percent of its possessions, the 44th-worst mark among 351 Division I teams.

Perhaps no Pitt player has struggled with turnovers more consistently than Carr, in part because the freshman point guard has the ball in his hands more than most any other player on the team. He has been forced into turnovers on 28 percent of the possessions in which he is on the court and was forced into six turnovers against Virginia Tech, the sixth time in 16 games he has had at least five turnovers.

I don’t even know where to begin.


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