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September 9, 2017

Open Thread: PSU-Pitt

Filed under: Football,Open Thread — Chas @ 1:50 pm

3:30, ABC.

Pitt is a heavy underdog.

Penn State is ranked #4 nationally, Pitt is unranked.

PSU looked great at home against an overmatched opponent last week. Pitt, not so much.

Nit partisans are highly confident in this game. Ranging from blowout win to a mere tune-up.

Pitt fans won’t be surprised by a loss, but won’t exactly view it as an impossibility to pull off a win.

This is the biggest change with Head Coach Pat Narduzzi and what Pitt did last year. With Narduzzi in charge, there is a sense that Pitt, at worst, has a chance.

Up until last year, Pitt at best was merely winning the games it should and was barely 50-50 in the games that could be considered toss-ups.

And it was reflected in the fans’ view. We were mostly resigned to knowing the games Pitt would win, lose and meh on the rest.

It can make the losses hurt a bit more, but now there is a lot more belief that Pitt can win any game. That’s even with the glaring flaws and issues. With injuries, suspensions and waiting for the recruiting to catch-up.

There is a chance.

Max Browne is garbage.

Comment by Coach Ditka 09.09.17 @ 2:49 pm

it’s crazy how psu can go from just about getting the death penalty, to top 4 in the country. pitt is still stuck in neutral.

Comment by goalie44 09.09.17 @ 2:53 pm

so much for the vanilla game plan last week…

Comment by goalie44 09.09.17 @ 2:53 pm

goalie– it’s called recruiting.

Comment by Isnore 09.09.17 @ 3:00 pm

Browne looks better Weah should have had that. Would like to see someone other than Hall get some carries

Comment by Steve h 09.09.17 @ 3:04 pm

BAd T O. PS not ready

Comment by DocJlk 09.09.17 @ 3:04 pm

team really looks ready.

Comment by goalie44 09.09.17 @ 3:11 pm

If I hear Matt Canada’s name one more time, I’m gonna puke.

Comment by Panther Pride 09.09.17 @ 3:19 pm

Moss looks better than Hall. State played a lot of D in that 1st qtr

Comment by Steve h 09.09.17 @ 3:21 pm

They are in this game, they plays are there they are just not executing

Comment by WLAT 910 radio and the big beat! 09.09.17 @ 3:38 pm

Max Browne sounds like something you make on the toilet after you ate too much.

Comment by Panther Pride 09.09.17 @ 3:38 pm

Really need receivers to stop dropping well thrown passed

Comment by HbgFrank 09.09.17 @ 3:39 pm

Too many mistakes, penalties, dropped passes and turnovers. Not sure who’s fault on the interception the receiver stopped in his tracks.

Comment by WLAT 910 radio and the big beat! 09.09.17 @ 3:44 pm

They are in this game

Comment by WLAT 910 radio and the big beat! 09.09.17 @ 4:08 pm

If they had caught a few drops they might be winning. Pitt 150 total yards assbags 108

Comment by Steve h 09.09.17 @ 4:20 pm

Pitt is in the game. Gaining confidence. Its now time for the Pedos to start making the mistakes. We are hanging in there.

Comment by TX Panther 09.09.17 @ 4:21 pm

Seems like there is holding on almost every play by Ped State. But never called!

Comment by 17YearsAtPitt 09.09.17 @ 4:23 pm

Put someone other than Henderson back on punts his head is up his ass

Comment by Steve h 09.09.17 @ 4:33 pm

Holding by PSU to the extreme
Browne’s passes either dropped or sailed high
Henderson bottled up

Still, the defense has played well enough to keep us in

Comment by KeyboardKev 09.09.17 @ 4:55 pm

Nice to see some mobility with Ben at QB. Browne looks like he’s wearing cement shoes.

Comment by Coach Ditka 09.09.17 @ 5:22 pm

Win or lose, ped state is not the #4 team in the country.

Comment by Coach Ditka 09.09.17 @ 5:23 pm

Fire Narduzzi.

Start DiNucci!

Comment by PittofDreams 09.09.17 @ 5:39 pm

That was no safety. Crooked officials as usual.

Comment by 17YearsAtPitt 09.09.17 @ 5:41 pm

blame the ref’s..why not..

Comment by goalie44 09.09.17 @ 6:22 pm

Fire narduzzi? Are you insane??

Comment by DocJlk 09.09.17 @ 6:26 pm

Blame Narduzzi… Well Deserved.

Comment by PittofDreams 09.09.17 @ 6:27 pm

Tino, I mean Ben is not the answer

Comment by DocJlk 09.09.17 @ 6:27 pm

We covered. I’m fine with that. But…this team is not going to win more than 6 games this year. Yes – transition year but I’m not sold on the coaching abilities of this staff nor the recruits coming into the program. Thank God I’m surrounded by Aggies and not Nitters.

Comment by TX Panther 09.09.17 @ 6:28 pm

The reason you play cupcakes week 1 is to work on your schemes & try to get some rhythm. Narduzzi needs to worry less about having the plays on film & a little more on having his team ready to execute the gameplan. That was a sloppy team that repeatedly shot itself in the foot & could have greatly benefitted from running the plays in an actual game before today.

Comment by Nick 09.09.17 @ 6:47 pm

tx, year three should not be a transition year, there should be marked improvement by year three.

Comment by goalie44 09.09.17 @ 6:54 pm

6 wins? They are a bit over scheduled but 8 is still a possibility this team didn’t quit today and will improve as the season progresses.

QO looks good he should be featured more.

Comment by WLAT 910 radio and the big beat! 09.09.17 @ 7:30 pm

I believe that the team will improve as the year progresses. We’ll have a different QB though. I also believe year 4 is the make or break year for Nard Dog. No excuses next year. I get the feeling he can be as dumb as Wanny sometimes.

Comment by TX Panther 09.09.17 @ 7:47 pm

2-10 unless they move to Pickett!

Comment by Dan 72 09.09.17 @ 7:53 pm

Ya… let’s move to Pickett. A Guy nobody has seen play.

Comment by PittofDreams 09.09.17 @ 8:22 pm

Funny stuff this Pitt Blather…

3rd Year for Chyrst was do or die.

3rd Year for Narduzzi is a “transition.”


Comment by PittofDreams 09.09.17 @ 8:27 pm

And oh, by the way… Penn State Coach Franklin says after the Game that Pitt looked at last year’s win against PSU as REALLY BIG!

But beating Pitt this year to Penn State is like beating Akron.

Choke on that one as you ponder how good of a job Narduzzi is doing.

Comment by PittofDreams 09.09.17 @ 8:31 pm

Franklin sounds as dump as Trump

Comment by TX Panther 09.09.17 @ 8:43 pm

dumb but he is also a douche and a deuce.

Comment by TX Panther 09.09.17 @ 8:43 pm

Its not like Franklin is doing a great job either if you look at his track record. Pedos are still bitches to Michigan and tOSU.

Comment by TX Panther 09.09.17 @ 8:44 pm

You choke on that one while you ponder why you guys want so badly to keep playing these dicks. That attitude right there is why Pitt should move on & call wvu.

Comment by Nick 09.10.17 @ 12:09 am

I do not like Max Browne at all. The guy look uncomfortable and not at all in control. No mobility, no quickness, throws seem to float. Dinucci may not be the answer but man at least he looked ready and confident out there. Narduzzi is going to have to forget about hurt feelings and prepare the qb for next year.

Comment by Coach Ditka 09.10.17 @ 6:36 am

Agree with Nick…get WVU on the schedule.

Comment by HbgFrank 09.10.17 @ 10:35 am

Dinucci is not the answer either. A better answer is on their roster currently. But I’m afraid we will have to wait until next year to see him play.

Comment by pa1702 09.10.17 @ 10:53 am

Some of you Blatherites rack me up. When Paul Christ was Pitt’s head coach, you celebrated his leaving Pitt because you claimed he could not coach; he seems to be doing just fine at Wisconsin. Now you berate Coach Narduzzi.

Pitt was out classed yesterday but tried and just made too many mistakes. The coaching is fine, the players need to execute their assignments properly.

Comment by MariettaMike 09.10.17 @ 10:57 am

That’s crack not rack. This blog is having issues.

Comment by MariettaMike 09.10.17 @ 10:59 am

The problem is not Franklin.

The problem is that Narduzzi has not recruited nearly well enough, has not coached Defense nearly well enough and has now thrown in his lot with a Quarterback who has been proven to be a failure at this level.

The GOOD news is the last one can be changed.

Comment by PittofDreams 09.10.17 @ 11:05 am

What’s DiNucci played… 2 maybe 3 Quarters of football?

And we are certain he’s not the answer.

Hilarious stuff.

Comment by PittofDreams 09.10.17 @ 11:08 am

Narduzzi needs to commit to DiNucci. Get him the Reps in practice. Let him make some mistakes without being yanked.

Then after a couple of Games we’ll all have a better idea of who and who is not the answer.

Comment by PittofDreams 09.10.17 @ 11:09 am

Some are practice players, some are gamers. Browne looks great in practice. Notre Dame has the same problem with its QB, and loses a lot of games. The importance of QB play anywhere at any level cannot be overestimated.

Comment by 66Goat 09.10.17 @ 11:30 am

Chas, look for an email soon. Hope all is well… Also, visit the POV tailgate in Red 5A when next you go to a game.

Comment by Reed 09.10.17 @ 1:17 pm

Give the other QB’s reps but I think Browne gives Pitt the best chance to win ACC games given his experience. There are however more talented 3 and 4 star QB’s on the roster.

Comment by TX Panther 09.10.17 @ 5:55 pm

I’ve seen Pickett play. 3 days in Spring. Heads and tails our best QB

Comment by Dan 72 09.10.17 @ 5:59 pm

Give Ron Cook credit…had the stones to call an ass (Franklinstein) an ass in his column in P-G today..H2P!!

Comment by Jerry S 09.10.17 @ 6:03 pm

Okay, so we all realize now that Chas doesn’t read his own blog. Multiple times commenters have mentioned the 50 comment limit and nothing has happened. That’s why I’m done. Good luck!

Comment by panther94 09.10.17 @ 8:13 pm

Agree… It’s been a good ride.

Guess I might just have to do the POV thing.

Comment by PittofDreams 09.10.17 @ 10:43 pm

Yeah I don’t get it either. Chas obviously puts time, thought, and effort into his writing. To not look at the comments ever seems nuts. Maybe the 50 comment thing can’t be fixed or requires some sort of an upgrade that he isn’t willing to do. Or maybe he truly has no idea this is even happening? But if Chas reads the comments, multiple people have pointed this out and some kind of response would be nice. I don’t get it?

It’s a shame because I like this blog and I like Chas’s writing. I also really enjoy reading what you guys have to say and the dialogue between us. But with comments resetting after 50 it makes it difficult. What really sucks is come basketball season. Chas is as good as it gets when it comes to hoops.

Chas throw us a bone buddy. If not I fear Pitt Blather’s days may be numbered…

Comment by Pap76 09.10.17 @ 11:35 pm

R.I.P. The Blather

30 comments on State Penn game day?? Its been a good ride but it’s clearly over.

Comment by Coach Ditka 09.11.17 @ 8:17 am

Hey, I’m right here

Chas Rich

Comment by wbb 09.11.17 @ 10:04 am

+1 wbb

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 09.11.17 @ 11:17 am

I sent an email explaining problem. (Located at top of right sidebar.)

Someone else may need to email.

Chas has a twitter account ( @chasrich27 ). twitter account just below email address, I don’t have or use twitter. Just read Chas & then Dokish.

Comment by PITT-cocks Fan 09.11.17 @ 11:46 am

You guys can be brutal SOB’s

Comment by TX Panther 09.11.17 @ 4:26 pm

I hate to say it, but I guess I’ll see you on PittPOV. I’ll check back for basketball season.

Comment by panther94 09.11.17 @ 10:36 pm

Has anybody reached out on Twitter?

Comment by JoeP 09.12.17 @ 9:22 am

Dead sight. Too much neglect. Just like our football program for the last 35 years

Comment by Kvah 09.12.17 @ 3:21 pm

We don’t need more than 50 comments. After UPitt has his say the rest are unnecessary 🙂

Comment by 2$Chuck 09.12.17 @ 9:13 pm

Stop by the POV tailgate Saturday… directions on the OOV blog…need to get a headcount

Comment by BigB 09.14.17 @ 6:20 pm

I still enjoy this site. I’ll read anything Pitt football. Thanks for the effort. It’s more than I do

Comment by Kvah 09.14.17 @ 7:17 pm

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