February 28, 2017

9pm, ESPNU.

As disappointing as ending up in the NIT is, there is one thing more embarrassing. Not even being able to qualify for it. To make the NIT, a team has to finish with a record at .500 or better. Pitt is poised not to make it, if they can’t win at least 2 games. With only 2 regular season games left and the ACC Tourney, the odds are getting longer.

Pitt is still looking for that second ACC road win (Boston College still counts). Georgia Tech is trying to clinch a first round bye in the ACC Tournament and possibly get into the ACC Tourney.

Like Pitt, GT is changed coaches last year. Like Pitt, they plucked a coach who had his job status in question — but for contract issues that might have helped keep him in place. Unlike Pitt, Josh Pastner has proven that he learned something from leaving his old job. Recognizing something that has escaped Pitt all season.

The Yellow Jackets have not been as bad as Pastner envisioned. They are fourth in the ACC in scoring defense (66.6 points per game) and center Ben Lammers leads the conference with 100 blocks, nearly double the total of the player in second place, Louisville’s Anas Mahmoud.

“We hung our hat all season on defense,” Pastner said, “because for us, that doesn’t take a lot of skill. Offense is very skill-oriented, and that’s where we struggle.”

But is it fun?

GT was picked to be second-worst in the ACC — BC keeps the basement dry for everyone else. They’ve managed to overachieve. Some surprising upsets — UNC, ND and FSU — as they have been very strong at home. 6-2 at home, 1-7 on the road.

Josh Pastner still has the hyperbole of his mentor, John Calipari.

The fact his team is in the conversation for an NCAA tournament berth fewer than two weeks from Selection Sunday and in position to finish with a non-losing record in one of the deepest conferences in recent memory never ceases to amaze Josh Pastner.

Actually, if you ask him, the Georgia Tech coach will take the rhetoric a step further.

“I literally think it’s a modern miracle and the eighth wonder of the world,” he said Monday. “Because if you would have told me that back in April at our first workout and through the summer, you would have to be checked out because you’d be like ‘Wait, what is this guy talking about?’ ”

He does make it easy to be disliked, doesn’t he?

Ryan Luther probably won’t play, but really, he’s getting closer. It would be nice for Luther to finally get back on the court. But, really, he isn’t the reason Pitt has been such a struggle. And he won’t be much of a difference in his return.


Nice comparison of fortunes.

I find it interesting that KS supporters now point to the preseason predictions as evidence that the Pitt team has landed pretty much right where they should be and therefore KS has done okay. Pitt may very well finish in 12th place. However they could very possibly do so while finishing 4-12 and a distant twelfth place.

Interesting that GT has at least 11th place locked up after having a preseason prediction of 15th.

I have often wondered whether the preseason predictions took the past performance of KS and JP into account and lowered expectations accordingly.

I watched some of the VT-Miami game last night. The announcers mentioned that Miami is an unusual team that has somehow been successful despite having a negative assist-turnover ratio. They spoke of how Miami doesn’t have a true point guard this year but have been making due and compensating with a number of talented wing type players. I found it amusing that supporters of KS continue to cite the lack of a PG this season as a reason for the failures this season. You may recall that Pitt lost the now great James Robinson due to graduation.

Finally, Bryce Drew, who replaced KS at Vanderbilt, has Vanderbilt somewhere on the bubble this season. Vanderbilt probably needs to win one of their final two against Kentucky (away) or Florida (home) to be in. No small task, but certainly interesting. Vanderbilt currently sits at 9-7 in conference and 16-13 overall. Vanderbilt returned 6 of their top 8 scorers from last season. However they lost their two top scorers, Wade Baldwin and Damian Jones, from last season to the NBA. Baldwin was a point guard. Vandy made the tournament last season in the play in game and was beaten by 20 points. Food for thought.

A lost season for Ryan Luther. It would be a miracle if he were able to contribute anything meaningful after having been out for so long.

Comment by Barvo 02.28.17 @ 2:30 pm

Sorry I meant Pitt could finish 4-14. They’re already 4-12. Duh.

Comment by Barvo 02.28.17 @ 2:32 pm

Reasonable expectations with 4 seniors, 2 of which are among the highest ACC scorers, would be midle of the pack .. even without legit PG and center.

The problems begin at the top and flow down.

Wouldn’t bother me to see KS fired but would certainly surprise me. 2 more years at the helm and then he should be shown the door unless continued improvement is realized … including NCAA appearance in 3rd year.

Comment by wbb 02.28.17 @ 2:43 pm

Barvo, no doubt Vandy is laughing at us now … just as Nebraska laughed at us a few years back

Comment by wbb 02.28.17 @ 2:53 pm

@Barvo – perhaps you were considering a mercy rule of sorts.

Comment by Pitt Dad 02.28.17 @ 2:59 pm

Pitt will be picked for last next year.

So move over BC, you have a you basement dweller.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 3:05 pm

^new basement dweller^

Very good job BoT, Gallagher and all involved.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 3:06 pm

Lex Luther brought some intangibles off the bench, that no one else supplied.

Just don’t ask me what they were. wink wink

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 3:14 pm

Unless we draw BC in the ACC tourney, I doubt this crew will win another game.

CBA or CBi, whatever that 3rd thing is called.

Stallings Invitational more appropriate.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 3:20 pm

Price check aisle 5. Price check. Men’s shoes, Kevin can you help please.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 3:26 pm

wbb – define continued improvement because next year will be rough and the year after that only slightly less rough. Year three with next year’s freshmen will be his litmus test.

It’s why now is the perfect time to cut ties if Pitt’s going to do it. Otherwise, he’ll be here at least 3 more years. If he doesn’t work out by then, Pitt is back to square one. It will be a roster of 6-8 Seniors with a new coach and a wholesale rebuild the following year.

Stallings era:

Year 1: This year #Disaster
Year 2: 6-8 freshmen #Disaster
Year 3: 6-8 sophomores #SlightlyLessDisaster
Year 4: 6-8 juniors #MakeOrBreak
Year 5: 6-8 seniors
Year 6: Rebuild roster … again

If a new coach comes in after year 4, they’re already set up for failure. If Stallings isn’t let go now, it would take unmitigated circumstances to let him go before the end of Year 4.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 3:57 pm

I just can’t see Pitt letting Stallings go, even though he didn’t rise to the occasion this year.

Let’s be honest, at best Jamie squeaks out enough games to get into the tourney.

Stallings lost his point guard before the season started, lost his sixth man, early in the season, benched Artis for Duquesne and had an ineffective Young after his face got blown up..

Yes Young and Artis are solid ACC players, but Jeter and Jones are timid and disappear most of the time, Jeter gets in foul trouble when he tries to get aggressive. Cam Johnson is fine when he is hot, but most of the time he is not and has long cold spells.

Stallings was brought in because of his rep as a recruiter, so I don’t see Pitt giving up on him this year.

So while I can agree with TT, I don’t see it happening. Hell they may not even have an AD by signing day.

Comment by gc 02.28.17 @ 4:12 pm

So next years starting lineup includes Johnson, Luther, and three new guys. Does anyone on the current roster win a starting job? Maybe Nix if he has a MaGhee or Tory Morris like transformation. Loses 30 or 40 lbs and gets in condition. How many seven foot guys can’t dunk?

Comment by gc 02.28.17 @ 4:18 pm

gc – how about this BB line-up?

Nix – 5
Manigault – 4
Luther – 3
Johnson – 2
Kithcart – 1

Comment by Erie Express 02.28.17 @ 4:49 pm

gc – I don’t see it happening either. I’m just saying that the timing is right to do it now.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 4:53 pm

I think as of now we play Clem in first ACC tourney game on Tuesday. Might as well stay in NYC if we lucky enough to get NIT bid.

Comment by Frank MD 02.28.17 @ 4:58 pm

This is what I see.

1. Aaron Thompson
2. Cam Johnson
3. Wilson-Frame
4. Luther
5. Mack Dione (not committed yet)

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 5:03 pm

I see….

1. Steve Madden
2. Richie Rockports
3. Cole Haan
4. Johnston Murphy
5. Bruno Magli

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 5:28 pm

TT – do you mean Mbacke Diong for the 5?

UPitt – I fell over laughing when I read your starting five for next year. My wife jumped in and added the bench players –

Buster Brown
Kenneth Cole
Vince Camuto
Calvin Klein
Michael Kors

Watch Trump or Pitt BB tonight? No brainer for me – my wife thinks I’ll flip channels back & forth…

Comment by Erie Express 02.28.17 @ 5:41 pm

EE – Magli is an Italian Transfer with a high ceiling! :)

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 5:49 pm

LOL Camito is deadly behind the arc! Your wife sounds fantastic! When is our golf event?? Are when the only D1 football team but has not decided on a date for the effing spring game?

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 5:50 pm

I see….

1) Aaron Thompson
2) Cam Johnson – Wilson Frame
3) Shamiel Stevenson
4) Luther
5) Terrell Brown

Erie, no way KS plays only Dixon’s kids. With that lineup Pitt wins 2 ACC games. Your 2nd lineup might get 3 wins though….

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.17 @ 5:59 pm

Pitt was a marginal NCAA team last year. Why would anyone expect them to get there this year when there was no talent coming in. Oh, yes as I read on this site, the Seniors should have been better this year. What does that tell you if you are waiting for seniors to get better. If they are not as good as they can be by the time they are in their 2nd or 3rd year they should not have been a D-1 recruit. This team is what it is, not very good regardless of who the coach is.

Fact is the better coaches do not want to come here. Very few recruits in the area and the completion with the blue bloods in the ACC.

Question is if Stallings goes who would you bring in that would take the job. Not sure they could get anyone better. Beware of what we wish for. His current recruiting class looks better than JD brought in his last 4 years. Got to give him a shot to see what can be done with his own players. Time will tell.

Maybe if they hired Upitt we could be expecting a Final 4 this year!

Comment by JP 02.28.17 @ 6:25 pm

JP – Bryce Drew wanted the job – Fact. That alone is 10000% better than Grandpa Rockports.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 6:38 pm

Grandpa Stallings had 2 NBA Players last year and they lost the play in game in the NCAA’s.

This turd would love with Lebron and then blame Lebron after the game.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 6:39 pm


Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 6:39 pm

Upitt – Why are you obsessed with Bryce Drew? He’s not a next level coach.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 7:42 pm

Tossing – and Stallings is????

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 7:46 pm

Upitt – not at all. It was a terrible coaching market last year. Stallings was the absolute bottom of the barrel in the selection but there were no sure things. Once Archie said no it was obvious Pitt fucked up letting Dixon walk.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 8:04 pm

Revis released by Jets.

Carson St. fight a factor.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.28.17 @ 8:05 pm

To think what could have been if the Jets did not JUMP up in front of the Steelers one spot to draft him.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.28.17 @ 8:08 pm

Ode to Darrelle Revis.

link to

Comment by PittofDreams 02.28.17 @ 8:13 pm

Note to Steeler personnel: Stay out of South Side after 10:00 PM.

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.17 @ 8:19 pm

Indiana is 16-13 & 6-10 in the weak B1G, the same as OSU with Thad Matta. I wonder how they like Tom Crean there who’s been at Indiana long enough to build a program? I wonder what these coaches make a year?

Oklahoma is 10-19 & 4-13 in the conference, about the same as Texas with Shaka Smart.

I wonder where these clowns sell shoes because they’re all doing as bad or much worse that KS with their own top recruits. Zappos is calling…

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.17 @ 8:54 pm

Waiting for the next episode of “Offensive Genius” to be on full display only this time in Georgia.

Comment by Tony in Harrisburg 02.28.17 @ 8:57 pm

Pitt players too !

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 9:02 pm

Don’t forget Hush Puppy…

Comment by Lastrowofsection4 02.28.17 @ 9:02 pm

Agree with TT’s analysis at 3:57pm.

To bad Pitt is run by those close to the anal canal.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 9:04 pm

Choices choices??

Pens vs. Stars?

Squirrels having sex?

Paint Dry?

Stallings getting smoked by Pasteur?

Hmmmm. I say Pens.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 9:12 pm

Hushpuppies. LOL. Screw Stallings and his weak ass recruiting class.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 9:12 pm

Just think where we’d with without an assist from Oregon St. I shudder to think…

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.17 @ 9:13 pm

Jack – Gallagher needs an evaluation at Western Pysch. Herman looks like a bad version of a Funeral Home Salesman who tries to pull a fast one when you are sad and grieving. What a turd. It is nice he is taking care of his Mom. From 9 hours away. Gallagher must be the most gullible man in the world.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 9:17 pm

Nice comeback…

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.17 @ 9:19 pm

UPitt, the word was Herman could get donations to increase. Instead he only increased our blood pressure…

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.17 @ 9:21 pm

A Luther sighting…

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.17 @ 9:24 pm

Jack – Sales 101. Don’t call your customers yinzer pieces of shit that resemble noise. I wouldn’t give that moron 10 cents. But I’d give lots to a Pittman with a plan.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 9:31 pm

Tossing – Drew and Vandy smoking UK! LMAO. Proves he is a turd.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 9:32 pm

Did Herman do anything well?
Everything he touched turned to shit, even the script ( started by Smiley) was staggered and fragmented.
I don’t see how Herman could have done a shittier (new word alert) job.
And did we pay a search firm for him? I could go out in my yard right now, grab a dog turd, throw a tie on it, and without question it would outperform Herman.

Comment by Gasman 02.28.17 @ 9:37 pm

Again, thank you Oregon St.

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.17 @ 9:38 pm

I watched 4 mins and this is the worst bastketball I ever saw. God both teams suck.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 9:38 pm

Gas +1.

That dogturd would be a way better hire than pumpkin Head

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 9:39 pm

Pitt’s up and MY can’t buy a shot.

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.17 @ 9:43 pm

Artis still has no clue how to hold for the last shot. He has to pass the ball early and get the ball back on a pass.

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.17 @ 9:45 pm

wow jamel artis is the worst ball handler in the acc and he’s are point guard

Comment by PittPanFan 02.28.17 @ 9:46 pm

@Gasman If you read Anson Whaley at Cardiac Hill or Paul Zeise, Herman walked on water during his time at Pitt.

Wow, abysmal shooting stats in the first half.

I missed at least the first 10 minutes of the game. Why did KS do a wholesale bench substitution? The play by play guy suggested it was lack of effort by the starters. That’s funny if true because he’s several games too late with that ploy. Probably should have gone to that first rather than the public floggings in the press.

Comment by Barvo 02.28.17 @ 9:51 pm

hey we’re winning…i see the scubs are 0 for 5, 0 assists and o rebounds. Other than Lex

Next years team baby.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 9:52 pm

Barvo – Those morons and Zeise is are Kool aid reporters who havent asked a hard question in 10 years. They are happy eith the cold cuts they are given on saturday.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 9:56 pm

Walked on water?
Alienated alumni.
Pissed off boosters.
6-year contract for go-gettem Stallings.
Reduced hoops attendance.
Secured a shitty bowl…two years in a row.
The list goes on.

Comment by Gasman 02.28.17 @ 9:58 pm

Extended a sub .500 baseball coach. Hired pele who won 2 games in soccer. It is comical this turd touches anytjing and it turns brown.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 10:04 pm

I heard the local brick layers union is picketing this game….

Comment by Jackagain 02.28.17 @ 10:06 pm

Odds that we break 40 points tonight?

Comment by OrlandoPittAlum 02.28.17 @ 10:18 pm

Luther isn’t a D1 player either but he atleast tries.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 10:18 pm

Lex is connected though, so that counts for something. 😉

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:19 pm

Top 5 offensive coach in the country.
I am just too stupid to recognize it.

Comment by Gasman 02.28.17 @ 10:21 pm

LOL Gas. I wouldnt hire Turd Stallings if I was the AD at Geneva.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 10:26 pm

I’ve seen 7th grade girls re teams take care of the ball better than Pitt. Do they ever set a screen for each other???

Comment by Dan 72 02.28.17 @ 10:27 pm

We could of had Bryce Drew. We hired A life long bever been.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 10:29 pm

@Gasman You’ll get no argument from me supporting Herman.

@UPitt Herman also extended Suzie McConnell-Serio after making the NCAA tournament her first season. SMS has since had two poor ACC conference seasons and her former school, Duquesne, has been the city champs three years in a row (I believe).

@UPitt Zeise is a major fanboy of KS. He likes the exciting brand of basketball.

Vandy still up 9 on Kentucky.

Comment by Barvo 02.28.17 @ 10:31 pm

Barvo – Exciting and Stallings is like saying Cold and molten Lava.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 10:36 pm

Pitt’s players look like men compared to the GT kids.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:46 pm

the men have already peak though

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:47 pm

I just turned it on..oy vey

in time for a GT slam

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:48 pm

LMAO. Stallings Apologists. Enjoy this old dicksock. A day gturd in Gasman’s yard has better coaching accumen. We are worse than BC.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 10:48 pm

If this Pitt team had to go to confession for the myriad of basketball sins they commit, they would never have a Sunday free!!

Comment by Dan 72 02.28.17 @ 10:48 pm

where’s Fuller BrushMan ?

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:50 pm

Could of had Pasteur. We paid 2.2M for grandpa.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 10:50 pm

Stallings and his assistants look like people you see at Walmart at 2am

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 10:51 pm

i guess Artis is like 24 yrs old

so it is men against boys, but our men aren’t very good.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:51 pm

like i posted earlier unless we draw BC we won’t win another game this year.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:52 pm

I hear Jamie laughing his ass off down the street. Great Job Pumpkin Head Barnes.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 10:54 pm

lol upitt…never see anyone in slavmart in a suit…come on

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:55 pm

my voice is low….but debbie antonelli’s might be lower……smh…wtf

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:56 pm

lol….”offensive genius” Pasternik talking about FullerBrush..

These are like talking points u see on the newscasts…no more no less.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:57 pm

Take the suits off those rejects and put them in sweats and house slippers. Stallings especially and that mullet asst coach of Stallings.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 10:57 pm

oooooo baby like those GT cheergirlies

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:58 pm

lol….prison slippers. a badge of honor in walmart and da hood

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 10:59 pm

Upitt – I don’t like Stallings and I’m advocating for his firing in addition to protesting the hire from the get go. I don’t think Bryce Drew was the answer though. I don’t see him as an upgrade over Dixon and maybe a marginally better hire over Stallings. BTW, Vandy just lost a 19 point lead ala Pitt.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 11:05 pm

Emel – LOL. This dicksock makes 65K a game. Let that sink in.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:05 pm

So Clemson has two home games remaining against NC State and BC. Probably safe to say that they will finish ahead of Pitt in 13th place.

NC State and Pitt will likely finish 4-14. Pitt loses tiebreaker due to loss at NC State and finishes in 15th place.

Pitt’s previous lowest showing in conference play was 2011-2012 (CBI year) when they finished 13th in the Big East. However they were only 1 game out of 11th.

It’s not Stallings’ fault. I’ve heard James Robinson’s jersey will be raised at The Pete next season.

Watching Vandy/Kentucky game. Vandy down 2. The announcers are drooling over Drew and talking about how he had Vandy headed in the right direction and on an upswing. Nice.

Comment by Barvo 02.28.17 @ 11:07 pm

Tossing but at least they were in the game. Pappy sears Roebuck would lose by 45.

Any new coaches getting canned this year? I’d hire NC States Guy or Thad.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:07 pm

Vandy is playing Kentucky in Lexington. They’re not the first to lose a lead like in these circumstances. Nobody claimed young Bryce was Pitino, Williams or Coach K (yet).

Comment by Barvo 02.28.17 @ 11:10 pm

Cadaver > Stallings

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:13 pm

Upitt – Pitt was in a game against UNC (80-78). They beat UVA, Syracuse and FSU. UNC is ranked higher and a better team than UK too.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 11:19 pm

Quit defending him TT. He won 4 ACC games. Enough. He sucks.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:22 pm

I hear no announcers saying FullerBrush will take anywhere.

If they did it would be (although they never say this since Stallings is a long tenured coaching fraternity member)….into the cellar.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 11:23 pm

Barvo – I’m just saying Drew would have been an uninspiring pick too. He really hasn’t done much. Archie was the only guy worth pushing Dixon out for … last year. It was not a good pool of coaches. Upitt makes him out to be this up and coming hot coach … he’s not. He ended up at Vandy.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 11:23 pm

^will take Pitt anywhere^

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 11:24 pm

Upitt – he does suck. I’m not defending him. I’m just saying Firing Dixon for Drew would have been dumb too.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 11:24 pm

Pitt shot an inspiring 37.7% from the Field…against lowly GT.

Even though like I said it looked like Pitt’s men against GT boys in maturity.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 11:26 pm

Dixon wanted out as much as Pitt wanted to make a change.

Nobody likes seeing what they helped create….come tumbling totally down.

He got out, while the getting was good.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 11:27 pm

If Stallings was smart he’d totally purge the roster.

Start with 15 fresh new bodies.

Else the cancer developed could spread to the noobs

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 11:30 pm

Emel – I would to knowing I had to work for pumpkin head

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:31 pm

Lorena Bobbit’s Husbands Weiner > Stallings

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:31 pm

1978 Brissel Vaccum > Stallings

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:32 pm

And if Pitt was smart….they’d purge Stallings.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 11:32 pm

Purge the entire AD staff and All Coaches except Narduzzi.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:33 pm

Doesn’t matter who the next basketball coach is of this program, pitt fans won’t be happy unless either of the Miller’s are here, pitino, calapiri, or self come

Yeah, that’s how unrealistic pitt fans are

Comment by Keith 02.28.17 @ 11:33 pm

lol upitt

So you buying drinks in our Charlotte meetup ?

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 11:33 pm

Dog’s Taint > Stallings

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:33 pm

Yes. Sunday Night dinner and let’s go smoke cigars at a gentlemans club.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:34 pm

Use the word gentleman loosely. LOL

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:35 pm

Emel – you’re getting your wish. 6 kids already and still recruiting. One kid already is being pushed out. Two more likely. Despite what Upitt says, they actually have a decent class coming in. He needs two really good kids (top 50) in 2018 to compliment them but a foundation will be there. I have my doubts Stallings can coach them up though.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 11:35 pm

Keith keep
Swinging off his sack and tell everyone how lucky we are. It’s ok but you can’t fool me, Emel, Jack or Gasman. Hell
Even Dan 72 knows better. Stallings sucks.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:36 pm

Again after a disgusting loss nothing is said about barnes

Id love if Barnes sat on the bench of these games so pitt fans could spew their venum where it actually belongs

Comment by Keith 02.28.17 @ 11:36 pm

Tossing – These kids are morons if you would want to play at this dumpster fire. They will win 2 games next year in ACC. 3-5 k a game

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:38 pm

I am not a StAllings supporter, that’s probably the 10th time I’ve said that!!

Comment by Keith 02.28.17 @ 11:38 pm

Keith – I hate that pumpkin headed fuck flr
Than Grandpa Stallings.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:39 pm

You act like it. Trying to be voice of reason about him. Fire his asss and make a stand.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.28.17 @ 11:39 pm

Stallings is overhauling the roster, and I bet there’s more to come

Comment by Keith 02.28.17 @ 11:42 pm

Right TT…it’s not a bad class, not never know how any of these classes turn out.

Sometimes in the past we thought we had a good one and it didn’t turn out that way.

I have serious doubts as well about the so-called ‘offensive genius’.

As I do btw about the ‘defensive genius’. But at least that guy has energy, passion, etc.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 11:44 pm

Keith – Upitt keeps saying I’m defending him too. Lol. Stallings has put players in the NBA and Pitt offers a lot of playing time. Stallings bears a lot of blame but let stand not pretend the culture hadn’t soured before he got here. The problems have been magnified under Stallings so he gets plenty of blame but the problems already existed.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 11:46 pm


And who exactly was lining up for the job???

Pitt became undesirable in a blink of an eye!

And even more so after Stallings was hired, no one liked the bire, I sure didn’t

But pitt became a slow burning golden brown marshmallow of a program for the last few years

Can we recover? Did Barnes set us back even longer?

Comment by Keith 02.28.17 @ 11:48 pm

Emel – no argument from me. This class alone will not be great. It needs to add some elite talent. I have the same concerns about them maximizing their potential under Stallings. On paper I like the class though.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 11:48 pm

I can’t help but think how good Buzz Williams would be at Pitt. The gig opened up a year too late.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.28.17 @ 11:51 pm

Yep Buzz has the tough look, blue collar, hard nosed look of someone who should coach Pitt.

Stallings is younger than me, but looks like he could be my father.

it’s just not a good look for us.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 11:54 pm

Funny, that part of Virginia is no hot bed of talent, has little to no bball success unless you went way back to the Dell Curry, Bimbo Coles era of VT….yet it didn’t stop Buzz from taking that job.

Are you seriously telling me, Pitt’s job is thought less of…. than VT’s ?

That nobody wanted to come to Pitt. I find that hard to believe.

I don’t think it was offered to many at all(maybe none), herman was going to use his pac 12 bud’s search firm and there was no search at all. Stallings was already a client of that search firm.

this was all pre-determined in my mind.

Comment by Emel 02.28.17 @ 11:58 pm

And that is all on the BoT & Gallagher for letting that happen.

Herman got his cut, the Search Firm got their couple Hundred K, their client got Guaranteed Millions and got to save face by not being Fired.
Which probably would have either killed his career totally or he would have wound up in C-USA or the Sunbelt.

Comment by Emel 03.01.17 @ 12:02 am

Virginia Tech went after a guy and hired him. They had a fucking plan, they identified there man and got them. Zero leadership zero proactiveness at pitt. Mark my words stalling is gone by the end of 2018.

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.01.17 @ 12:05 am

Last but not least Dixon makes the NCAA tournament with this team. Fact. Stallings couldn’t win a fucking game at the YMCA in Squirrelhill

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.01.17 @ 12:07 am

You mean the Ikes. lol

Comment by Emel 03.01.17 @ 12:08 am

Emel – it was rigged from the beginning for Stallings. Stallings put out feelers when he knew he’d be fired. Barnes found out via his former boss’s (and the guy who hired Stallings at Vandy) search firm and gently nudged Dixon out the door.

It’s all explained here … link to

There was no search. It was pure cronyism.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 03.01.17 @ 12:10 am

Yep yep TT

And the Search Firm owner was former AD at U of Washington who had hired Stallings into his first bigtime job as Associate AD.

Reeks of cronyism.

But again Pitt let it happen. When they are the ones who invested upwards of $200 mil into the bball program. Of course it wasn’t really their money. Someone else’s.

Comment by Emel 03.01.17 @ 12:13 am

er hired Herman into his first bigtime job as Associate AD at U of Washington (Huskies).

And that is why I say, Herman was brought into town (like a hired gun) to relieve Pitt of Dixon’s 10 year contract.

Pitt knew Dixon was well liked in the community and had had great success obviously, so they needed a ‘hired gun’ to do their dirty work.

then like all ‘hired guns’…they leave town after their work has been accomplished.

Comment by Emel 03.01.17 @ 12:17 am

Also explains why Herman had the arrogance with Pitt alum and why he had no problems calling them ‘noise’.

He knew his time at Pitt would be short. And didn’t care. Again like all ‘hired guns’ are.

Comment by Emel 03.01.17 @ 12:19 am

KS is allegedly a great offensive coach … yet this offense continues to be abysmal. They is one option – hit the perimeter shots. Otherwise, nothing .. no other alternatives

Comment by wbb 03.01.17 @ 6:52 am

The offensive genius narrative by opposing coaches almost seems like a coaching fraternity joke …yet they all say it with a straight face.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 03.01.17 @ 7:46 am

Kevin offends me, and most Pitt fans, every time we see him on the Pitt bench.

That’s his only genius.

Comment by Tony in Harrisburg 03.01.17 @ 8:00 am

Coaches and the fraternity take care of each other. Only way to trick people out of millions. Cronyism.

Comment by Upittbaseball 03.01.17 @ 8:08 am

So the latest from Stallings:

Team…..”lacks coachability”…….

This just in for those who think this guy will win once he gets his own recruits:

The only way to guarantee failure is to blame somebody else for your lack of success.

I actually feel sorry for those willing to invest in the future with this feckless loser… are setting yourself up for a long trip down misery lane. Even if you can somehow recriut elite talent, what difference does that make if he can’t coach (um, lead) them?

And for those who want to believe otherwise, a perfect example can be found if you Google the last coach at Vanderbilt, a university in Nashville, Tennessee. He recruited some bad ass prospects, but couldn’t get them to play as a team and, ya know, win.

What was his name again? WAIT A MINUTE#$$#@// $@$^

Comment by wally 03.01.17 @ 9:08 am

It’s all right there in front of us guys. Even if it is painful to accept:

Lack of leadership skills + a mediocre track record + lack of a second chance to make a first impression
+ absence of a winner for a boss = bet the house on lack of success.

Comment by wally 03.01.17 @ 9:28 am

@TT I agree Bryce Drew hasn’t yet really accomplished all that much. He put Valpo in the NCAA tourney twice and the NIT twice during his five seasons there. They finished first in the Horizon League every one of those years. His overall winning percentage was 71%. Now compare that with Stallings last five years at Vanderbilt. Beyond that Drew was a successful D1 player and former NBA player. I have to believe he’d be looking pretty good to recruits.

Stallings “pipeline” to the NBA is a joke. There are 3 players remaining in the NBA from his greatness. Festus Ezeli has never been much of a contributor and may never play again. Wade Baldwin has only logged 13 minutes of playing time since the start of the year. Damian Jones has only logged 12 minutes of playing time since the start of the year. DeMarre Carroll doesn’t count for KS. He transferred to Missouri for his last two seasons before entering the NBA.

I’d say that Dixon has placed more lasting talent in the NBA than KS. They just weren’t first rounders.

Comment by Barvo 03.01.17 @ 9:59 am

Good point Barvo….the NBA pipeline tripe is akin to the ‘offensive genius’ rhetoric.

Like those in the news media, and pols, they believe if you repeat this tripe often enough, ppl will begin to believe it.

Marginal NBA player is an apt description of anyone that came out of Vandy during Stallings tenure there.

Comment by Emel 03.01.17 @ 2:06 pm

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