February 18, 2017

Sartorially speaking, I mean.

4pm, ESPN2.

It’s the retro game. Old colors to go with the Script. Sucks when that seems to be the best thing to say about this game.

FSU is deep and very good. The one caveat is that FSU is a very different team on the road then at home. 7-0 at home. 2-4 on the road in the ACC.

It says something that both major media outlets (can’t call the Trib a paper anymore, can we) have articles today that barely mention the fact that there is a game today.

There should be some curiosity as to how Pitt responds. They blew the last game. Their coach went off on them publicly — again — after the loss. It’s a senior-laden team playing their second-last game at the Pete (not counting a possible NIT game, for which even homecourt hardly seems a lock — let alone qualifiying).

There is at least that intrigue to see how Pitt comes out (in both halves) and plays.

Feel the fun and energy.


Keith, no offense but it was Ben Howland that was the lucky one in the relationship…Cmon, he was the HC at Northern Arizona! He got to move to the BE and recruit to a soon to be opened Pete.

Comment by HbgFrank 02.20.17 @ 5:56 pm

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