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January 31, 2017

7 pm ESPN2  if you dare.

Had to work overnight the last two nights. The kids are stir crazy with two straight snow days bumpin g out the weekend. It’s been like an extended Sunday afternoon evening for them with that expectation of going back to school the next day. Each day. Wife has been home sick. And somehow thinking about Pitt basketball is the thing bringing me down.

Even the game notes seem depressing. I mean, when the game notes can’t spin positive…

So, yeah. I’m going to watch. I can’t help myself. It’s too late for me. Save yourselves. Do something else tonight. Use the open thread to talk about signing day for football or something.

Well it was great Pitt didn’t get blown out, I wouldn’t put much belief in this game. GEt this:

In 1988, Stallings was hired by ROY WILLIAMS, who had taken over at Kansas after Larry Brown’s surprising NCAA Tournament championship.

This was nothing more than, RoyBoy not making an old asst coach and old friend look any worse than he has the last month.

Nothing more…nothing less.

Comment by EMel 02.01.17 @ 1:31 am

Yea it works that way.

Comment by EMel 02.01.17 @ 1:31 am

Stallings < Disciple < RoyBoy

While Stallings was at Kansas under Huckleberry Hound, Kansas went to 2 Final 4's in those 5 years.

Comment by EMel 02.01.17 @ 1:35 am

I highly doubt any coach would tell their players go easy on opposing team because their coach is a good guy.

Comment by Goalie44 02.01.17 @ 2:10 am

What’s it to RoyBoy…they still get the W, and his old pal Stallings has a little less heat on him.

It’s done all the time.
Remember it’s a coaching fraternity and then add in the Disciple factor.

Comment by EMel 02.01.17 @ 3:13 am

You don’t actually think, UNC is only a basket or two better than Pitt.

But if you that’s alright.

Comment by EMel 02.01.17 @ 3:15 am

I don’t , but i I also don’t believe in conspiracy theories as well. Pitt beat Maryland and Virginia. Any given night.

Comment by Goalie44 02.01.17 @ 4:36 am

Pitt’s only hope is that it shoots well from outside. It can’t rebound or defend or drive to the hoop or feed the low post.

Now, the next game when Cam goes 2 for 13 from the 3, it will be SOP (2017 version)

Comment by wbb 02.01.17 @ 7:40 am

I think I have come to realize that good/great teams:
1. Shoot over 50%, 40% of the time
2. Hold the opposition to 40% shooting, 50% of the time.
Combine the two and you win the vast majority of games because at least one of the two happens, and thus you have a fighting chance of winning.

Too bad this Pitt team is utterly incapable of the second of the two. Games like last night, when they shoot over 50%, they still lose.

Comment by DD 02.01.17 @ 7:46 am

Ah the Reynolds shot, not the Jermaine Dixon dribble into a trap, turnover and foul with Pitt up.

The Reynolds shot took place in 5 seconds, not 3. Watch 21st time. Raftery notes during the call that there is plenty of time to execute.

Jermaine Dixon denies the pass on the outside (sideline) rather than the inside and actually moves directly in front of Reynolds as the ball is being passed in allowing Reynolds to roam freely behind him. Young plays directly behind Cunningham on inbound catch and allows him to go straight up and get it. Dixon trails the entire play and makes no attempt on the ball when Reynolds gathers near the foul line. Blair completely caught flatfooted at the foul line and meekly waves at the ball as Reynolds goes by, missing ball by a foot. Finally Gilbert Brown standing in the lane with his arms up over his head while Reynolds floated the ball over his outstretched arms. Brown takes Reynolds knee to the chest dislodging him and clearing space.

It seems to me in that whole sequence that Pitt’s players were playing/hoping for OT. That passivity in execution led to the loss.

Comment by Barvo 02.01.17 @ 10:04 am

~ Goalie44

What are your thoughts on the Creepy Valley case Pedo case that went on for decades?

Conspiracy or not ?

Comment by EMel 02.01.17 @ 10:41 am

And then you tell me, why the Creepy Valley 3 have never been put on trial.

Another Conspiracy Theory pal ?

Comment by EMel 02.01.17 @ 10:43 am

i don’t have all the facts, so i really don’t know. you don’t wear a tin foil hat and believe the government is watching your every move.. do you?

Comment by goalie44 02.01.17 @ 2:05 pm

Dont be perjorative with me and I won’t insult you OK

Comment by EMel 02.01.17 @ 2:09 pm

Always the same bs…bring up anything and I’m wearing a tin foil hat.

Saves any discussion and back and forth …right.

Comment by EMel 02.01.17 @ 2:11 pm

A, I don’t know what the word means and b, I really don’t care if you insult me.

Comment by Goalie44 02.01.17 @ 2:18 pm

And I am with the government and we will definitely watch you now.

Comment by Goalie44 02.01.17 @ 2:21 pm

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