January 19, 2017

Several Pat Signals

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Pitt got three more verbals in a roughly 24 hour period. Only two are known, though.

The first, was Jason Pinnock. A cornerback from Connecticut. Pinnock was a Boston College commit, but after a senior year that saw interest in him rise he decommitted. Pitt offered him and both Syracuse and Notre Dame were showing interest. Pinnock was supposed to to take a visit to South Bend, next week but has since cancelled his remaining visits.

His star rating is not high. has him updated to a 3-star, but the other recruiting sites say 2-star. At 6-0, 180 pounds, he is along the physical lines of what Coach Pat Narduzzi wants in his corners. Obviously, he is not going to see the field right away.

The next one came from Florida wide receiver Michael Smith. Another late riser in recruiting.

The 6-foot-2, 205-pound wide receiver began seriously considering Pitt following an official visit to the school on December 9th.

Smith chose Pitt over offers from Notre Dame, Indiana, Georgia Tech, and Washington State, among others. Pitt offered Smith upon visiting his high school on December 3rd. The Panthers’ coaching staff stopped by Vero Beach (Fla.) High School, located nearly midway between Miami and Orlando, once again on December 7th. Smith’s weekend official visit to Pitt put the Panthers ahead and despite a late offer from Notre Dame and another official visit to Georgia Tech, no other school could overcome Pitt’s lead.

Smith is Pitt’s third wide receiver commitment in this class, joining Bethlehem (Pa.) legacy recruit Darian Street and fellow Florida native Dontavius Butler, who plays at Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage. Along with Butler, linebacker Albert Tucker, defensive back Damarri Mathis, defensive end Deslin Alexandre, and offensive tackle Jerry Drake Jr., Smith is Pitt’s sixth commitment from the state of Florida in the 2017 class.

For a long time, Smith was unranked by and had not yet been evaluated by a member of the network. That is largely, due to the fact that the big-bodied wide receiver posted only five catches for 100 yards and one touchdown through his first three seasons of high school. However, after a monster final year, Vero Beach’s best-kept secret earned three-star status.

As a senior, Smith exploded; he set single-season records in the Treasure Coast region with 24 receiving touchdowns and 1,561 receiving yards. Smith also recorded 67 receptions on the year. By some reports, Smith led the state of Florida in receiving touchdowns, although stats are not officially compiled by the state at this point in time.

He’s also a 3-star on 247, while has him unranked/unevaluated and I don’t know that ESPN even has him in their database.

Then there was the third Pat Signal. But at this point, no recruit has come forward to claim the honor. That leaves speculation. Rampant, random, uninformed speculation.

Less than 2 weeks to Signing Day at this point. There will likely be maybe 2-3 more commits. By all metrics, it is shaping up to be another solid class. Again with the large amount, looking at redshirts.

Final note, terms of former OC Matt Canada’s deal with LSU have come out. He stands to make at least $1.5 million per year for 3 years. That makes him one of the highest paid assistants in the country. Between him and DC Dave Aranda, the Tigers are banking on their coordinators to make things happen on the field, while the head coach recruits and is colorful.

Pitt reportedly went up to $1 million, but there was no way they could or should have come close to what LSU gave him. LSU also paid Pitt $375,000 to buy out Canada.

Tx panther, you always make sense.

Comment by Goalie44 01.21.17 @ 5:39 pm

A multi-use stadium (maybe domed) would be a year round asset to Pitt and the city. College kids love concerts, game venues, etc. Also track and field, hockey, soccer, lacrosse will attract kids if only as a place of entertainment away from studies.

Comment by Frank MD 01.21.17 @ 6:59 pm

FrankMD, that (a renovation to Pitt stadium involving a dome) was on the table and it was shot down for costs and they could not add seats…as I said above, tearing down Pitt stadium was a colossal mistake to the point of being incompetent. A 50,000 seat domed stadium was the “homerun” answer for Pitt BB, FB, Track, gymnastics, the students, alumni, Oakland and the entire UofP community. Our leadership thought small and cheap instead of bold and confident. A real damn shame. For all of the good that Nordenberg did, and there was plenty, he was really short sighted and unqualified when it came to managing his multimillion dollar athletics program.

Comment by HbgFrank 01.21.17 @ 8:28 pm

Two loses in a row for the hoopies…

Comment by Jackagain 01.21.17 @ 8:32 pm

The update to Pitt stadium was $55 million, it included a dome and a gutting of the stadium and additions of luxury boxes. A big screw up but the biggest screw up was Bozik running off Jackie Sherrill and we all know what has happened since then.

Comment by WLAT 910 radio and the big beat! 01.21.17 @ 8:36 pm

And tcu I believe

Comment by Goalie44 01.22.17 @ 6:57 am

Pat Signal fired. JUCO DT, Kam Carter committed.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 01.22.17 @ 12:18 pm

former 4 star athlete from MD. Now hes 300 pounds. Dismissed from Nitter Nation last Spring for rules violations. Good pick-up despite the baggage. For all we know he reported a shower incident and they kicked him off the team for it.

Comment by TX Panther 01.22.17 @ 12:52 pm

I’m good with Heinz. We have an easy in & easy out parking lot with almost no wait at all. Plus it’s under the express way so rain won’t affects pre-game beer drinking.

We tailgate whenever there’s a late start and have the space to do so (all the new parking garages scare me)

I like the club seats. If it’s cold or hot I go inside for a couple of minutes and right back out.

The food and drinks are there (over priced) but hit the spot on a noon start.

There are plenty of places to hang out on a bad tailgate weather. Nice selection of bars near Heinz.

I don’t think much of this would be possible in Oakland. There is no easy way in or out of there on normal traffic days.

Comment by Tony in Harrisburg 01.22.17 @ 1:07 pm

TX -lol. You speak the truth.

Tony – exactly. Most alumni prefer Heinz for convenience. I much prefer a side visit to Oakland without the game traffic. Plus better bars and tailgating. Heinz does lack the Pitt experience, which was a huge oversight when the deal was cut. Pitt went cheap. They need an Uncle Sam’s concession for Pitt game days though.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 01.22.17 @ 1:32 pm

Any plans for a SMPC would address parking, transportation and traffic. Its not what is there now but what will be there in the future.

Heinz will need major renovations in 10-15 years. I’m a believer that the Steelers will want a retractable domed stadium by then. It makes for a better viewing experience. Pro teams need to compete against cozy sofas, climate controlled homes and 70 inch screen TV’s with live streaming info. The only thing a stadium gives you are the smells and loud/obnoxious fans sitting behind you. The sight and sounds are just as good or better on TV.

Any County outside the city would kill to have the Steelers break ground for their new stadium and afford them tax breaks and other goodwill items. And the Rooneys wont be around forever. There are multiple owners of the Steelers now and their ties to Pittsburgh are not nearly as strong.

I do believe domed stadiums are the future with the ability to be multi-purpose via moving seating in and out and easily re-configuring the layout.

The only way Pittsburgh gets a Super Bowl, BCS game, World Cup game or Final 4 is by building a new stadium…retractable dome.

But for now, lets enjoy the amenities of Heinz, the yellow seats and the crappy Pitt script at the 50. Enjoy the tailgating and relative ease of getting in and out. Continue to point out the Cathedral in the distance to visiting fans and tell them Oakland is our home…not the North Shore.

Comment by TX Panther 01.22.17 @ 1:45 pm

How do you know most alumni prefer heinz? I have never been asked. Mark me down for a no.

Comment by Goalie44 01.22.17 @ 2:53 pm

Everyone knows an on campus stadium is better, but until there’s a viable option, this is just another boring, wasted topic to complain about. Move on.

And welcome Kam, position of need!

Comment by 1618mt 01.22.17 @ 2:54 pm

I agree the discussion is not time worthy, but all of the points made come from an alumni perspective. Poll the students, of which many of us were at one time, and see what they think about it. Whether we prefer Heinz or not, they got screwed.

Comment by wally 01.22.17 @ 3:22 pm

Its a tangent just like when a beautiful girl walks by.

We’ll be talking more about this girl come Fall. For now, its fun to fantasize.

Comment by TX Panther 01.22.17 @ 4:03 pm

Screw the students. Who cares about them? In 4 years they become alumni. Well, maybe half of them.

Comment by rayhpgh 01.23.17 @ 7:58 am

Heinz just lost more of its luster.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.23.17 @ 9:07 am

I used to walk the hill to games Now I’m 50 years older and Heinz Field has more for me enjoy. Parking seats with backs ( unlike ND and PSU ) comfort of easy walking easy departure If you feel the need to fill the seats have administration give whole lots of tickets to high schools in western Pa The kids would have great experience and Pitt gets exposure to possible future players and students. Win win situation. Those of you who don’t like yellow seats empty all programs are facing these issues Except the few on top Tv revenues make games 3 1/2 hours long some approaching 4hours. Top games moved to 8 o’clock pm starts. Game over at 11:30. Drive 3 hours home after long day. It’s tough. You miss the campus take a Friday before the game to visit. Just my thoughts. H2P

Comment by Friends of Pitt 01.23.17 @ 12:19 pm

Goalie – I speak from experience. Going to both stadiums past and present and talking to other people. Definitely not all alumni feel that way. I made sure to state that in an earlier post. Heinz provides a convenience that Oakland doesn’t. I’m not adamant against an OCS. I’d love it too. I’m only implying that Heinz is not the disaster some think it is … including for the students. They got screwed but it’s been almost 4 generations of students that never experienced it now … they don’t know what they’re missing.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 01.23.17 @ 3:34 pm

ok but you are speculating with that statement, but i do agree with you that it is not a disaster.

Comment by goalie44 01.23.17 @ 4:30 pm

Goalie – yeah – that’s all I was implying. I wasn’t campaigning against an on campus stadium. Some make Heinz out to be this terrible thing though yet the players and recruits love it. The coaches seem to like it and it has a convenient factor Oakland doesn’t have. If they can make something work on campus, awesome. I have my doubts but I’ll support it.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 01.23.17 @ 4:36 pm

i wouldn’t even mind off campus, but ours, and more intimate.

Comment by goalie44 01.23.17 @ 4:43 pm

This is probably a minority opinion but I don’t care where the game is played. Pitt Stadium, Heinz Field, the Wolverina in Turtle Creek, I don’t care . I’ll be in my seat when the drum line marches out on the field for the pregame performance.

When Pitt Stadium was home we bitched about attendance and blamed it on lousy parking, lack of easy access, bleacher seating, crappy restrooms, no concessions and on and on and on. And the committed fans showed up.

Now at Heinz, where we have relatively easy access, adequate parking, comfortable seating, ample restrooms and concessions, we bitch about attendance and blame lack of atmosphere, the on-field logo, distance from campus and on and on and on. And the committed fans still show up.

The basic problem is that there are not enough die hard fans to fill a big time stadium week in and week out.

Winning will make a difference. Consistently winning year in and year out for a decade or two could make a big difference. I hope that is in the cards but past history says otherwise.

And by the way, I’m an alum and I watched many games in Pitt Stadium from 67 on and I’ve had season tix at Heinz since it opened. I loved the old dump on cardiac hill. I have a piece of Pitt Stadium turf mounted and hanging on the wall in my bedroom. But I’m fine with Heinz.

Comment by dinosaur 71 01.23.17 @ 4:55 pm


is it difficult to water?

Comment by goalie44 01.23.17 @ 5:38 pm


I’ll agree with you about one thing, there isn’t enough die hards to fill the stadium and unfortunately Pittsburgh is a bandwagon sports town, so hopefully we start winning and get some seats filled

Comment by Keith 01.23.17 @ 7:12 pm

goalie – no but mowing it is a challenge.

Comment by Dinosaur 71 01.23.17 @ 8:18 pm

Green Bay is out of the playoffs so if their is anything to the Alex VanPelt rumors for OC that should resolve itself quickly.H2P

Comment by Pitt60 01.23.17 @ 10:02 pm

The OCS debate again. What’s the one thing you can’t deny about renting a stadium that seats 68,000 when you only need 40 to 45,000 seats In the first place?

Comment by Dr. Tom 01.24.17 @ 8:45 am

Reportedly, Roethlisberger thinking about possible retirement.

If it comes to be, Pitt could soon find itself no longer being the only Football Team playing before EMPTY Yellow Seats at Heinz.

Comment by PittofDreams 01.24.17 @ 1:25 pm

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